The Hercules Trophy challenge is a global success

The Hercules Trophy challenge is a global success
Unique Combination of Sports, Fun and Networking
One Day • Teams of 7 Players • 12 Challenges • No judgments!
Expose your Brand!
Ever thought of becoming our sponsor? Hercules Trophy is an
exceptionally powerful engagement tool for companies to reach
their target audience. Grab your chance to reach out to our fans:
thousands of business professionals from different sectors, levels and
nationalities. It’s a very rewarding way to present your brand to the
corporate world. We have a mailing list of up to 70,000 loyal, active
business people and nearly 1,200,000 unique visitors per year on the
Hercules Trophy website. Just imagine the ROI!
Don’t hesitate to ask for the details of our sponsor packages (Title
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Come as a company leave as a team
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That’s exactly what the Hercules Trophy challenge is all about. Looking for a unique way to create employee engagement and to show
your appreciation towards your employees? No need to look further!
The Hercules Trophy challenge is the ultimate corporate
teamchallenge through sport and entertainment.
Olympic Park, Munich
June 28th 2014
A super-charged inter-company team challenge that
builds camaraderie, embraces networking and
promotes company loyalty
Get to know your colleagues and
customers in a crazy, ‘teamy’ way.
The coolest corporate team challenge that revolutionizes
the team building & corporate event market since 1999.
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Sport has the power to unite and connect
(business) people from different backgrounds.
Challenge your customers to compete
you. or to join your teams
Charity and CSR
No athletic skills required.
Contact us for your corporate packages.
“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a
way that little else does.“ Nelson Mandela
At Hercules Trophy, we honestly believe that we can have a positive impact on organizations and even on the society, by combining networking, CSR, entertainment and sports in our very specific
way. With the Herculix Foundation we want to inspire our fans to
create a more balanced world and to be generous. We offer online
fund raising opportunities to support sports projects in the countries
where the Hercules Trophy is organized.
® H e r cu l e s Tr o p hy. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r ve d .
Safmarine Hercules Trophy
S&K Marketing GmbH
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 25
80809 München
S a f m a r i n e H e rc u l e s Tro p hy
w w w. h e r cu l e s t r o p hy. co m
S a f m a r i n e H e rc u l e s Tro p hy
Very popular event with a phenomenal
91% repeat attendance rate.
w w w. h e r cu l e s t r o p hy. co m
A unique combination of team building, networking, CSR and entertainment.
H e rc u l e s Tro p hy M u n i c h
You ’d better be part of it!
The Coolest Corporate Team Challenge on the planet!
Networking 2.0
All day music and more
The Hercules Trophy interactive website is our central meeting point for participants
and fans across the globe. It supports the entire concept, guiding your team(s) through the
process, preparation and follow-up with minimum hassle. Our web platform also hooks up
to social media environments such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Hercules
Trophy added a whole new dimension to team building and networking. The Hercules vibe
lasts so much longer, because of the loyal online Hercules fan community. Genuine 2.0.
The action is surrounded by lots of surprising eye-catchers and a live DJ all day long.
They create the typical Hercules feel good
vibe for all participants as well as the many
supporters. The quality catering makes the
unique experience complete.
Flawless organization
Award Ceremony and …
Best Party of the Year!
Hercules Trophy challenges are famous for their strictly planned organization. From the
registrations at arrival, to the planning of the team activities, the breaks, the catering and
the transport between locations: no waiting queues, continuous amusement and instant
Celebration is a key element of the
Hercules Trophy concept. An official Award
Ceremony and dinner are the finishing touch
of the energizing day. And then … it’s time
for people to hurry to the dance floor for
the most smashing party of the year
powered by our resident DJ’s!
Total madness from early in the morning!
The pumping up Opening Ceremony with professional fitness instructors and all
participants performing the legendary Hercules dance, a crazy flag parade and the
lightening of the Hercules fire. You’ll never forget it!
Inter-team competition
“Hercules Trophy is the best team building
activity we’ve ever attended. Believe me ... When
you participate once, you’ll keep on participating
year after year!”
Bjorn, Adecco
Hercules Trophy is a celebration of our natural, competitive instinct for winning.
But winning a team contest is only possible when you build trust in your team,
flexibly cope with conflicts, and commit to each other. We know that inter-company
competition helps a lot to find the right drive to excel and win. That’s
why we introduced special prizes for the Most Congenial Team, Fair Play Team, Best
Team Picture, Ladies Team, Kindest Team and Coolest Team!
“This event is one boost of adrenaline from the
very start till the end. Loved the party!”
Peter, Deloitte
Business benefits
Beyond the fun, energy and feel good factor, Hercules Trophy also has a serious
business purpose. Committed employees are more productive, more
profitable, more customer-focused and less likely to resign. If you
are looking for a way to thank your staff, give their motivation a boost and drastically
improve the teamwork within your organization, Hercules Trophy is the event you
need! Also the business effect is guaranteed. You will meet peers in a very informal
atmosphere. Networking in shorts. No obligations, only opportunities.
“The benefits of this day will resonate
throughout the company long after our bodies
are healed!”
Matthew Tyler, Estée Lauder
Hercules Village
“A marvelous, extraordinary event. Team building
and company branding are guaranteed.
The organization is SUPER.”
Koen, DHL Global Forwarding
Fun for teams of 7
All it takes to participate is at least 1 team of 7 motivated people who want to have
outrageous fun. And guess what? You don’t have to be an athlete to compete! What
you need is an original team name, a funny team picture, your favourite team song and a
personal slogan. And to try your utmost to surpass yourself. Why not invite your
customers in your teams or challenge them to beat you?
We want to be 100% sure to amaze your guests. Your employees and their
families, but certainly your customers, partners and other business relationships
too. Our Hercules Village located on the epic venue of Olymic Park has a stylish,
corporate look, with attractive catering facilities. The Award Ceremony as well as
the party also take place in the Village. It is the central networking point and the
place to be to feel the excitement and the thrill!
“Stepping out of the ordinary, into an
atmosphere of friendship and competition.
Out of this world!”
Vincent, Nokia Siemens Networks
Competition: 12 labours of Hercules
All teams compete in 12 extremely awesome sporty challenges in a perfectly
planned and safe environment. 30% of the scoring has nothing to do with sport!
Unforgettable for clients and employees
Is customer loyalty important for your organization? Unite your clients and
your colleagues through an experience they will never forget. The Hercules Trophy
will expose your brand , make your employees never want to leave and your clients
will be customers for life.
“The colleagues of the past are now the friends
of the future!”
Koen, CG Power Systems
CxO pétanque tournament
In the afternoon, a “pétanque” tournament in real French Riviera style is organized for the
CEOs of the participating companies. The networking highlight of the day!
® H e r cu l e s Tr o p hy. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r ve d .
Proven - Outstanding - No judgments
Come as a company - leave as a team
S a f m a r i n e H e rc u l e s Tro p hy
® H e r cu l e s Tr o p hy. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r ve d .
S a f m a r i n e H e rc u l e s Tro p hy
® H e r cu l e s Tr o p hy. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r ve d .
S a f m a r i n e H e rc u l e s Tro p hy