Surface Mount Modules

Surface Mount Modules
System Overview
Newly designed with an emphasis on aesthetics, AMP NETCONNECT
surface mount modules from CommScope offer a new look at the work area
outlet. They’re available in 2, 4, and 6 port configurations. And whether
you require 10 gigabit applications or secure copper and fiber installations,
our surface mount modules provide a visually appealing, protective
enclosure for virtually all your network connectivity needs.
Surface mount modules offer additional module depth, and port openings. They also allow adequate
space for routing of the newest, large-diameter, 4-pair cable. Each module features integrated fiber loop
management posts, which help maintain and secure optical fiber and proper bend radius. Modules
can be installed on almost any surface, using double-sided foam tape, self-tapping screws or magnets
(available separately).
Convenient side latches allow you to remove module covers without removing the base from the
mounting surface. This speeds MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) without needing to unplug existing,
active connections. For facilities requiring additional security in work areas and classroom environments,
the cover can be screwed shut to prevent unauthorized access. Pre-scored knockouts allow compatibility
with most surface mount raceway systems as well as modular furniture raceways.
• Cable exits located on rear, bottom and both
sides of modules
• Features cable entry strain relief
• Surface mount raceway compatible
• Can be mounted using screws, double sided
foam tape, and magnets
• Magnets are attached to each module
using an integrated holder and are
available separately
• “invisible” icon mounting holes allows the
use of icons for port identification, but remain
hidden until used
• 4 and 6-port versions can be mounted to
both single and double gang electrical boxes
Key Features
• Provided with a die-cut card stock label
and clear label cover, squares of doublesided foam tape, self-tapping screws, and
cable ties
• Accept AMP-TWIST modular jacks and all
SL Series modular jacks and inserts
• Optional, colored, label covers are
available separately
• Can accommodate, larger diameter, Category 6A cables (FTP or UTP)
• Magnets for surface mount modules allow
for easy, flexible placement during and after
installation and are made from neodymium
for superior hold strength
• Can accommodate fiber cable and connectors (MT-RJ, LC, simplex SC, and ST) and includes fiber
loop management
• Cover is secured by latches and screw for additional security
• Magnet mounting protects connections
from damage if cables become snagged
or stressed
• Allows access to jacks and inserts while module is mounted
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Surface Mount Modules
Surface Mount Modules and Accessories
Surface Mount Module
Surface Mount Module Accessory
Part Number
Clear Label Cover, for 2-Port
Clear Label Cover, for 4 and 6-Port
Magnet for Metal Surface Mounting
X denotes color: [ ]-1 = Almond; [ ]-2 = Black; [ ]-3 = White; [ ]-4 = White; 1-[ ]-1 = Electrical Ivory
Strain Relief
Tie Downs
Port Numbering and
“Invisible” Icon Holes
Magnets and Holder
Cable Exit Knockouts
Single/Double Gang
Electrical Box Mounting Holes
Fiber Loop
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