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Peeter Ross, MD, PhD
Peeter Ross´ overview
Professor in e-health and senior research scientist at eMedicine Laboratory of Tallinn
University of Technology, Estonia;
e-health expert at Estonian E-Health Foundation;
Radiologist at East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia;
SMIS International OÜ. Founder and member of the board;
OÜ Safe To Act. Founder
Director of R&D at East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia
Member of the Supervisory Board at Estonian E-Health Foundation
Member of the Supervisory Board at Estonian Health Insurance Fund
Head of Diagnostic Clinic at East Tallinn Central Hospital
Peeter Ross´ summary
Peeter Ross is an e-health professor and senior research scientist and head of eMedicine Lab of
Tallinn University of Technology. Peeter also serves as an e-health expert at Estonian E-Health
Foundation and holds radiologists position in East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia. He is a founder
and member of the board of e-health and radiology consulting company SMIS International OÜ and
OÜ Safe To Act.
Dr. Ross has previously worked as a Director of R&D and a Head of Diagnostic Clinic in East Tallinn
Central Hospital. He has been a member of the supervisory board of the Estonian eHealth
Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.
Peeter Ross studied medicine in Tartu University, Estonia, and in Helsinki University, Finland 1985-91.
He has graduated from Tartu University (1991) as a medical doctor. Dr. Ross completed residency in
radiology in Tartu University in 1996. He studied radiology in Oulu University, Finland, and in Armed
Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, USA, as well as health care management in INSEAD,
France. Peeter completed his doctoral studies in Tallinn University of Technology in 2011. The topic
of the thesis work was data sharing and shared workflows in medical imaging.
Peeter Ross has participated actively in designing and implementation of Estonian nation-wide
Health Information System. He has also been involved in EU funded eHealth projects InterregPacs,
Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, Regional Telemedicine Forum, epSOS, eMedic, SUSTAINS,
Momentum and MasterMind. Peeter Ross is a past president of Estonian Society of Radiology (20052011).
As the professor and senior research scientist in Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, Peeter
Ross is responsible for research of healthcare innovation and use of digital applications in health
domain. He has been one of the main designers of masters´ and doctoral program in healthcare
technology and healthcare engineering.
List of key publications
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