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Wireless Condition Monitoring
Wireless Freedom.
Wireless Condition Monitoring
Wireless Condition Monitoring ope
VIBCONNECT® RF: Wireless condition monitoring and diagnosis
No restrictions, great flexibility and advanced technology – these terms accurately describe our VIBCONNECT® RF solution. This innovative radio-based
online system offers you virtually unrestricted flexibility in the planning and installation of your monitoring solution. VIBCONNECT® RF does away with
costly cabling of the sensors. You also save time
and money during operation, as VIBCONNECT® RF
is fully automated and comes with a self-contained
power source. The system can be extended at any
stage: simply mount the additional sensor units on
the machines, register them at the radio cell and all
programmed measurements are then performed
as required.
See what our wireless systems can do for you!
High plant availability
Low maintenance costs
Greater safety
For plants extending over a large area, the radio cells with up to 50 sensor
units each can be positioned for optimized communication.
Easy to install
Radio signal transfer does away with costly
Self-contained power source (energy harvester, battery, 24 V supply)
3-in-1 sensor for vibration, roller bearing
condition and temperature
Tried and tested
Accurate measurements for condition
monitoring and diagnosis
Separation of radio module and sensors
for optimized signal reception
Rugged, industrial components
Low purchasing, installation and
operating costs
Upgradable with additional sensor units
at any time
Battery life approx. 4 years thanks to
energy-efficient sensor technology and
intelligent power management
Free PC software for visualization,
analysis and configuration
(radio cell)
Wireless Condition Monitoring
ens up new possibilities
Versatile use – easy installation
Typical installation of a sensor unit
The bridge is the core unit of the radio cell, which
receives the measurement signals from the sensor
units and calculates the characteristic values, spectra and envelopes. The data is then transmitted via
Ethernet to the OMNITREND® software platform
for further analysis, reporting and archiving. The
sensor units are provided through the bridge with
the measuring configurations programmed in the
OMNITREND software. The radio frequency is not
commonly used and thus virtually interference-free.
LAN (Ethernet)
Everything at
your fingertips –
The OMNITREND® analysis software ensures roundthe-clock access to the machine condition data.
The software comes with an intuitive interface for
fast and user-friendly analysis and archiving of the
measurements. Its reporting functions highlight
critical conditions and enable you to summarize all
relevant information in properly formatted reports.
Configuration of the measuring functions is made
easy as the software guides you through the various
Sensor unit and sensors
The sensor unit and the sensors are installed on the
machine and connected to each other with short
cables. These components can be positioned wherever the measuring signal is strongest and radio reception is best. Each sensor simultaneously records
vibration, roller bearing condition and temperature,
with minimum power consumption. Between the
measuring cycles, the sensor unit is set to standby
mode to ensure long battery life.
Wireless Condition Monitoring
Technical data: VIBCONNECT® RF
VIBCONNECT® RF Bridge – VIB 7.220 ...
Up to 50 sensors units per bridge
Dynamic range
24-bit ADC
Data memory
256 MB
Radio frequency
868 MHz (Europe)
916 MHz (USA)
Power supply
100 … 240 VAC / 50–60Hz
Protection class
IP 66
VIBCONNECT® RF Sensor Unit – VIB 7.200 ...
Measuring channels
Two synchronised channels. Each channel
allows measurement of vibration and temperature.
Radio range
< 300 m, line of sight
Power management
Standby mode
Operating temperature
– 25°C … +80°C
Power supply (options)
1.lithium batteries, 2x
2.24 VDC
3.Energy harvester, optimized to vibration
frequency 50/60/100/120 Hz
Battery service life
approx. 4 years, at one measuring sequence* /
2 h (*2x vibration + 2x temperature at 20°C)
Protection class
IP 65
VIBCONNECT® RF Sensor – VIB 7.205–2.9
Sensor type
Combined accelerometer / temperature sensor
with low power consumption
Output signal
3.5 mV/m/s²
Vibration measuring range 500 m/s² rms (±10 %)
Frequency range
10 Hz …10 kHz (±3 dB )
Temperature meas. range
– 40°C … +125°C (±3°C)
Cable length
2.9 m
0 ... 95%
Protection class
IP 65
VIBCONNECT® RF as part of the
PRÜFTECHNIK monitoring strategy
VIBCONNECT® RF is an integral part of
the PRÜFTECHNIK condition monitoring concept that includes both portable
measuring devices and online systems.
PRÜFTECHNIK therefore can offer its customers tailor-made monitoring solutions
that suit any machine park, budget and
technical requirements.
PRÜFTECHNIK provides advanced maintenance solutions
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