RAD 107 name___________________________ QUIZ 8 1. Given

RAD 107
1. Given that C = 40 farads and R = 1000 Ohms, about how long will it take the capacitor in the
circuit below to charge once the switch is closed?
a) 11.1 hours
b) 40 seconds
c) 25 seconds
d) 4000 seconds
2. A 200 Henry inductor and a 100 Ohm resistor are connected in series an L-R circuit. About how
long after a DC voltage is applied will it take the current is in this circuit approach its maximum value.
a) 0.5 sec
b) 2 sec
c) 200 sec
d) 18 sec
3. The output of a transformer is a sine wave whose peak value is 14.1 volts. What is the RMS
value of the output?
a) 22 volts
b) 19 volts
c) 10 volts
d) 14.1 volts
4. What is the reactance of a 1000-microHenry inductor in circuit in which a 60-Hertz AC current
a) 14 Ohms
b) 2.9 Ohms
c) 11.8 Ohms
d) 0.38 Ohms
5. . Which circuit element has a reactance the rises with increasing AC frequency.
a) inductor
b) capacitor
c) resistor
d) transformer