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How to order a replacement DiXell controls from Weiss Instruments.
First determine if the control needs replacement or possibly adjustments or just replacement probes. If
the appliance is less than 12 months old, and there may be a warrantee issue, you MUST go back to the
OEM for replacements, and you MUST return the control, do not “field scrap.”
Common Message codes on the display: (refer to the instruction manuals for more details)
Room probe failure
Check connections / Replace Probe
Evaporator probe failure
Check connections / Replace Probe
Maximum temperature alarm
Door open
Set Point or HY too high
Compressor / system problem
Control relay failure
Minimum temperature alarm
Set point or HY too low
Output from control stuck ON
Door open
Serious Control issue
Close door
Check Set Point
Check Compressor
Put Meter comp. output, if no output then
change control
Check Set point and HY
Meter output and if always ON change
Close door
Change control
Temp Probes (thermistors)
PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) 1000 Ohms at 72°F
White Wire (older standard)
NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) 10,000Ohms @72°F
Black Wire (newer standard)
Probe P/N’s
¼” x 1.8” Nickel/Brass NTC sensor 1.5M (5ft)
¼” x 1.8” Nickel/Brass PTC sensor 1.5M (5ft)
Other standard lengths include:
2.5M / 8’ 2”
4.5M /14’ 9”
6.0M / 19’ 8”
ALL controls can use either Probe, check manuals to change Probe Parameter. Keep probes on a 45°
upward angle especially evaporator probes. Probes are not polarity sensitive, and generally there are
either two (for one probe) or three connections (for two probes with one common, typically pin #11)
To order a new Control:
• FIRST determine the Control P/N.
• You should have the complete P/N BEFORE calling Weiss Instruments @ 1-631-207-1200.
• The XRxxC Series is now replaced by the XRxxCX Series. In order to convert from the old to
new series we must first determine the original part number. You can find the “How to Order”
forms on the Controller pages of the website. Use the pictures below to help you locate the part
Controller P/N Breakdown:
Control P/N consists usually of two sections, you need BOTH to order a replacement
Control P/N
Voltage / Probe / Options/ °F / Comp Relay Amps
Old Prime Series: XRxxC, where xxx= 10,20,30,40,60
100 Series: XRxxxC, where xxx = 120, 160, 170
Applications and Part numbers:
Heating / cooling or simple T-Stat: XR10
Medium Temp w/ off-cycle defrost: XR20, 30 / XR120
Low Temp w/ Defrost: XR40
Low Temp w. Defrost & Fan (& alarm): XR60 / XR160/ (XR170)
Common labels and where the P/N’s Date Codes and Software Versions are located.
P/N: XR60C-4N1F3
DATE CODE: 25/2004
P/N: XR20C-4N1L1-E
DATE CODE: 39/2004