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The Secret to Successful Publishing


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WRITING ................................................................................................................ 9

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PAPERBACK BOOK DETAILS .................................................................................. 20

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IMAGES ................................................................................................................ 23

OTHER ELEMENTS ................................................................................................ 24

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THE PROCESS ....................................................................................................... 27

RIGHTS ................................................................................................................. 33

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The Secret to Successful Publishing


STARRY NIGHT PUBLISHING is pleased to offer professional-quality publishing services, in multiple formats, for anyone, from the first-time writer, to the professional author.

We try to get every book finished and ready for publication within three weeks

(twenty-one days), however, the process is often slowed by a lack of understanding of that process by the person submitting the work. This guide will hopefully help to make things go smoother.

To get the most out of our services, and have your book turn out just the way you want it, we are offering this guide, with suggestions for formatting, and instructions to guide you through the publishing process.

We do all types of books, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, yearbooks, manuals, and everything in between. We do paperback books, eBooks, CDs, and DVDs for release on Amazon and other sites. We also print hardcover books, but only for your use, and not for retail, as they simply don’t sell. We do not print brochures, or pamphlets.

Up until recently, I spent the better part of three decades as a teacher of students with special needs. I have also spent time as a video game designer, website designer and graphic designer. I have also had six books published up to this point with more on the way. Getting a book published is always exciting, but often to do so, you end up facing rejection after rejection from the big publishers who only want to sign best-selling authors. You also run into the same rejection while attempting to secure an agent.

I got tired of receiving upwards of 90 rejection letters per book, so I tried one of the vanity publishing companies, which was a huge mistake. We don't charge a large sum of money. Some of the other companies such as Author House can charge up to $15,000 per title. What do you get for your money? 20 copies of your book. That's it! Other companies offer to publish you for only $99, but you end up doing all of the work yourself.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

That's fine for someone with a degree in computer science, but the average person doesn't even know about some of the advanced features in Word or how to use them. The average person doesn't have the know-how, or have the software to convert the files for use on the Kindle or Nook. The average person doesn't know how to design a professional-looking cover or the interior of their book. And the average person doesn't have the time to learn how to do all of this and actually get it done.

That's where we come in. I decided to form my own publishing company to assist those people who wish to write because they have a story to tell. My goal was to offer a good product at a good price; nothing more. I feel badly for people who are being taken advantage of by the vanity publishers and paying $15,000 to get one book published. It's simply not fair. I recruited others in this area who I had known through various networks: graphic artists, web designers, etc. and set up

Starry Night Publishing (named after my favorite Vincent Van Gogh painting).


The Secret to Successful Publishing


With Starry Night Publishing, you control the publication date. With the big publishers, it can take up to three years to make it into print, if at all. We'll have you up for sale in under a month. You control the content. The big publishers are very picky about what THEY want to publish. Right now they seem to be obsessed with books about sparkly vampires. You control the price. You retain 100% of your rights, so if someone decided to make your story into a movie or if you decide to publish elsewhere in the future, it's your choice. Why allow someone else to control your work? With us, you are in control.

What the big publishers are terrified of, is the demise of the print format. Kodak went under because they couldn't adapt to the changing market. They ignored digital photography and stuck with film, even as the ship was sinking. Now they are bankrupt, a mere shell of the corporation they once were.

The big publishers are scared of losing their power. For years they made all of the decisions, over who could see their work in print and have a place on the bookstore shelves. The average person would submit a manuscript and not even stand a chance of having it read.

Many publishers forced you to get an agent, which was just as frustrating as trying to get published. The agents were receiving so many submissions, that they could afford to be picky as well. They only want to represent big-name authors who have their own library of written works. However, those big-name authors already have publishers and agents. For the rest of us, it becomes a "Catch-22," as they won't publish us until we become a big name and we can't become a big name until we become published.

We are also at the mercy of a particular person's tastes. If someone wants to feed the hunger for sparkly vampires, then they will read the manuscript that satisfies that need. Whether or not the book is a literary masterpiece, has little bearing on their decisions.

You know who deserves to succeed? You do. The person with the story to tell.

You deserve to be successful.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Let's face facts, modern technology has given you opportunities to get published that you might not have had before. Many e-book publishers have opened up the gates, allowing you inside the world of publishing. Some of them are legitimately there to help you. The only drawback is that you have to do all the prep work yourself, and if you don't know much about the advanced features of Microsoft

Word, you're going to be lost.

Other companies are out there to take your money. Author House has been around as a "Vanity Publisher" for a while. They charge you as much as $15,000 for a publishing package and Friesen Press charges $2,500, none of which guarantee you any sales. While I am not suggesting that they don't have a right to make a profit, you would have to sell about 5,000 books to justify the cost, and while I don't mean to be a pessimist, that is highly unlikely.

Book Baby charges $599 for a publishing package, but then you end up paying a

$19 annual fee, $59 for file conversion, $19 for an ISBN, $279 for a cover... Well, you get the idea. Primedia charges you $1 per page. That can add up quickly if your book is a long one.

That is the primary reason that we decided to get into the business on our own. I have had multiple books published, but have always been at the mercy of the publisher to decide on the cover, decide on the price, provide only 5% royalties, which get shaved off even further if you have an agent, who would take 20% of your 5%. That leaves only 4% for you, which the government taxes as income!

Do you really want to settle for a mere 1%? Do you really want the book done their way? Do you really want to spend $15,000 just to get a few copies of your book? Do you really want to spend a lot of money on an e-book conversion program and then have to learn how it works? Do you really want to spend all your time formatting, proofreading, converting, designing a cover, learning how to use Photoshop, and then promoting your own book because no one else will?


The Secret to Successful Publishing

At Starry Night Publishing, we are offering to take your manuscript file, create a professional-looking cover, create an interactive table of contents for the ereaders, compile your text, images dedications, etc. into the appropriate format, convert your files into epub, mobi, etc. for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, etc., take care of the copyright information, assign an ISBN, allow you to keep 100% of your rights, distribute your story worldwide on, Barnes and Noble .com, the Starry Night Book Store, the Apple Store, etc., promote your work with your own author page on our site and Face Book and write you a check for your royalties for only $399. For $649 we will also publish your book in paperback format with the same deal as above. There are no other hidden fees involved!

You don't pay extra for a cover. You don't pay extra for the Kindle format. You don't pay extra to keep it in print. Everything is included!

We are not charging you to be published. We are charging for the formatting, file conversion, cover design, distribution, etc. After all, we need to stay in business too. We do not take a penny of your royalties. They are yours! You receive whatever Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Apple is paying at that time, which can be as much as 75%. After all, they need to have some incentive to feature your work...

Our team of editors, graphic designers and published authors know what needs to be done to get your work ready to print and we do it all for you in the highest possible quality, at a fair price without holding you hostage.

We really are here for you. It really is a simple as sending us your file and collecting your royalties. Please join us in our publishing journey. We would really appreciate an opportunity to serve you. Give us a chance to show you what we can do and show the big publishing companies that you can get published without kissing their, you-know-what, and spending a fortune. You won't be disappointed or feel taken advantage of.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Now, here are a list of Dos and Don’ts. Some of these should be common sense, but believe it or not, they happen all too often. Be professional. This is a business. If you want your book to be received warmly, then you need to behave like an adult. We don’t mean to be rude, but we are busy working on books and do not have time to chit-chat about unrelated issues, or to address questions that are already on this list.

We do not write press releases, design bookmarks, act as tax consultants, or serve as telephone therapists. You may call if you have a business-related issue with us, during regular business hours. When you pay either the $399, or $649, you are paying for a service, which includes the above. You are not paying to publish, but covering the cost of the ISBN, distribution lists, etc. Don't bother asking for a halfprice discount because you think you did a "good enough" job proofreading it yourself.

We do NOT give relationship advice, or make constant changes to the content of already published books. Please make certain the book is the way you want it when you send it to be published. The author needs to take responsibility for the quality of their work, by running a spell check, and proofreading for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The author needs to take care of fact checking, rewriting portions of the book, or re-ordering chapters. We don't know your dog's name, or the name of the restaurant you met your boyfriend in, so if you get that wrong, we certainly aren't going to catch it.

Sometimes it helps to have another set of eyes look at your work. Ask a friend to read it, or hire a professional editor, or proofreader to help.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


First, we are going to assume you are interested in writing and publishing a book, or eBook. The first step in the process is making the decision to actually sit down and create something. If you are at the point where you are just beginning, it is too early to begin searching for a publisher. Publishers are here to help you get your finished book into print, not help you write it.

If you do need assistance with the writing process, there are many books on the market that give helpful tips. Two of the best are “Secrets to Writing Well –

Volume 1” and “Secrets to Writing Well – Volume 2” by Richard S. Hartmetz.

They are available in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon.Com, Barnes &

Noble, and many other booksellers. These books help simplify the process of writing, giving assistance with plot, character development, setting, and many other aspects of creating a well-written story.

It is up to you to make certain that the book is well-written and complete. The publisher is only interested in a finished work, not a work in progress, or pieces of that work. If you don’t think the book is “good enough,” perhaps you should have someone else take a look at it. It is always a good idea to have an impartial and honest pair of eyes give you a second opinion.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


A proofreader is assigned to check an already-finished product, attempting to locate and correct typographical errors of spelling and punctuation. They are not tasked with revising a document. In truth, it amounts to little more than what

Word’s “spell check” function does, though that program won’t determine if to, too, or two is the correct choice, just that it is spelled correctly.

The proofreader looks for lack of consistency in fonts and spacing, acting as the final quality check, before the work goes to the printer. This takes place after the copy-editing stage, so the proofreader does not re-write, or change the way the document is written. Nor is the proofreader responsible for consistency and accuracy in the content of the text.

The basic proofreader checks only for spelling typos and repetition of small words. The editorial proofreader checks for errors in usage (there, their, they’re), hyphenation, grammar, and subject-verb agreement, to make certain they remain in the correct tense.

A proofreader may be expected to complete ten pages per hour, at a rate of $4 per page, making an 800 page novel cost $3,200 and take around 80 hours, or ten days. This however, is not copy-editing, which is much more intensive, much more costly, and should be complete before the proofreader even receives the book.

An editor is the person who acquires a book for a publishing company. They wade through the piles of submitted manuscripts and decide which ones are worthy of publishing. After that, they become the project manager, starting the book on its way through the publishing process. The editor does not actually edit the work.

The do not look for typos, as it is not their job. They might suggest an alternate title for the work, or even suggest something to spice up the plot, but then they pass the work on to the real workhorse, the copy-editor.

Most copy-editors suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). They are individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe literature and the English language in all its vague, eccentric wonder. To them, a manual of style is equivalent to the Bible, creating a set of rigid rules to live their daily lives by.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

The copy-editor is responsible for catching all mistakes. Period. The process is much more in-depth, requiring someone with incredible skill, experience, determination, and patience. The copy-editor might be responsible for checking facts, although many companies have fact checkers. They fix spelling, punctuation, grammar, fix legal issues, make revisions to improve the flow and structure of the story, makes syntax smooth, checks for consistency in made-up words, removes sentences, rewrites paragraphs, cuts down on wordiness, and take care of the endless details that most people aren’t even aware of.

A copy-editor might make a determination about the suitability of the text for the intended audience (Is it too racy for children?), or the length of the work (Is it too long, or too short?). They will determine the page count, the placement of illustrations, add headings, chapter breaks, or a table of contents. In short, a copyeditor is responsible for the five Cs, making certain the manuscript is clear, concise, consistent, correct, and comprehensible.

As with proofreading, there are different levels of copy-editing. Baseline copyediting is similar to proofreading, though it requires a more thorough check of grammar rules. Standard copy-editing includes checking for style and consistency, and adjusting a table of contents. Substantive copy-editing requires rewriting text, to improve the flow, and enforce a uniform level, tone, and focus. They adjust passive voice to active, rearrange sentences to improve readability, and add missing articles (the, an, and a).

An editor can charge $300 per page, which for an 800 page novel would add up to

$240,000. Yes, nearly a quarter of a million dollars! Of course, that is for an experienced copy-editor, and most novels are not 800 pages. Still, for a 200 page book, at the rate of $80 per page, you are still looking at $16,000. That might not seem like a deal, but it really is.

Now, a copy-editor still does not rewrite or restructure the text in depth, ghost write, handle cover design, create an index (believe it or not, there is actually a

Society of Indexers, no really…), do research, or handle copyright permissions.

These are all extra.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Indexing generally costs $8 per page, layout costs $15 per page, and ghost writers charge an average of 50 cents per word. For a 200,000 word manuscript (around

800 pages), that would cost an additional $100,000. Yikes!

We are not even going to cover content-editing, which is a whole other ballgame.

These people are brought in to add things that are left out, rewrite entire sections of content, and even create some content. You couldn’t afford one of these. They work for the big book companies and make six-figure salaries.

Fact checkers charge $40 per hour, copyright permissions people make $50 per hour, people who type in work get $5 per page, researchers ask for $75 per hour, and high-level editors can charge more than $100 per hour! Though it sounds like a lot, it is still small compared to fees charged by attorneys, accountants, or even plumbers.

So, all said and done, what would it cost to publish your own book, if you did it yourself? Let’s look at a 100,000 word manuscript (around 400 pages).

Proofreading would cost $1,600, content-editing would cost $32,000, layout would cost $6,000, and that is assuming everything is in good order to begin with.

The truth is, though many authors today are unwilling to accept this: You are responsible for the overall quality of your own work. There is an old saying in the computer world “Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).” If you haven’t taken the time to write properly, check your work, or even run a simple spell check on Word, before submitting it to a publisher, then it will show.

Proofreaders and editors are people too. They make, or miss mistakes. The more mistakes that are in your work, the more likely it is for them to miss something, the longer it will take, and the more it will cost, based upon their hourly rate, of up to $60 per hour.

But, let me add; these people know their stuff. If they tell you something needs to be capitalized, or hyphenated, it does. Period. If they tell you that a comma needs to follow a word, it does. Period.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

There are difficult authors, who, because they have written one book, think of themselves as professional authors, and want their magical words treated like a golden text handed down from God himself. These people need to get over themselves and let the proofreaders, editors, and publishers do their jobs. They want to turn out the best work they can as well, as their reputations are on the line also.

And, they also provide a fresh set of eyes on a piece of work that the author might have become too close to. They will add a professional finish to the work, making it a cut above the rest.

At Starry Night Publishing, we do not offer content-editing. If we see something glaring, then we will tell you. We will not write your book, or rewrite your book for you.

If we make a correction, then it is necessary. Do not contact us, complaining that

“You put commas in my work.” I was an English Teacher for twenty-nine years, and taught many writing workshops. It might be your story, but our company name is on the book as well.

If you submit a document that has not been properly self-edited, and is poorly written, it will take us longer. We do a cursory check of the work, as we have many other clients, and attempt to get the work ready for publication within a three week timeframe. Do not attempt to include fancy formatting, or special fonts, or insert breaks, or type a series of spaces to indent, or use unusual text sizes, as these will need to be removed to make the book compatible with industry standards, and will add to the time it takes to prepare it.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


This brief formatting guide will provide tips to make certain your files are ready for our printer. We will cover some basic book structure and design elements that need to be addressed in your file before you submit it.

As we might need to make minor changes to formatting, or spelling and punctuation, we need you to send us a Microsoft Word Document. It can be

Word 95, 98, XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013. No other types of files will be accepted. We cannot use files from Publisher, or any other program. Many other programs allow you to export files in DOC format, and this is acceptable.

After you have finished writing and editing your manuscript file, put it aside for a while, then reread it from start to finish, keeping an eye out for spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors that may have escaped notice the first time.

Use Word’s spell-check feature to check for typographical errors as well. Nothing shows a publisher that an author doesn’t care about their own book more than not running a basic spell-check.

Your book should be written in English, as that is our primary language. We do accept books in other languages, but you are the one responsible for proofing it.

The font should be set to TIMES NEW ROMAN 12. In certain circumstances,

GARAMOND, PALATINO, CENTURY, ARIAL, HELVETICA, VERDANA, and CALIBRI may be used. Also, in children’s books, or for headings, a larger, or smaller font size might be utilized.

• The top margin is 0.75"

• The bottom margin is 0.75"

• The inside margin is 0.75"

• The outside margin is 0.5"

• The gutter is 0.13"

• The orientation is portrait.

• Multiple pages are set at Mirror Margins. (Very important!)

• The width is set at 6"


The Secret to Successful Publishing

• The height is set at 9"

• Section start is set at Odd Page.

• For headers and footers Different Odd and Even is checked, as well as Different

First Page.

• Vertical alignment is Top.

• And this applies to the Whole Document.

• Spacing is Single.

• Indentation is First Line .3"

Do NOT insert Section Breaks or Page Breaks into the document. Do NOT include an index, or Table of Contents. Do NOT promote text using the OUTLINE control panel. Run a check for spelling and grammar and fix any errors before you submit your work.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

The margins are mirrored, with a gutter, to allow for binding. Quite often, this looks odd on the computer screen, but makes more sense, once it is in book form.

Using “hard “returns” (the ENTER key) is only for paragraph breaks. Your text needs to remain “free-flowing” in order to accommodate resizing, both for paperbacks and for eReaders.

As the indents are set via the PARAGRAPH control (above), you do not need to use the SPACE BAR to indent paragraphs. Do not center text using the SPACE BAR either, as the center of the page will be changing. You need to use the CENTER command on the toolbar.

New chapters begin on odd-numbered pages, so that they face the reader. This might result in blank pages in the document, but they are necessary.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


In the world of publishing, the “book block” refers to the pages between the covers. There can be three sets of pages: Front Matter, Core Matter, and Back


The Front Matter

is made up of the following elements, in this order. Many of these elements are optional, and most should be on their own page.

Title and Copyright Page


Table of Contents (TOC)


Preface or Introduction or Prologue


The Title and Copyright Page consist of the following:






The Secret to Successful Publishing

The Dedication is optional, and is usually a simple dedicatory statement to an individual, or a group of people:

“To my dear friend Fred, for all your support…”

The Table of Contents can be generated by Word, so it is not necessary to create your own. Having a TOC is also optional, and is not needed in all types of books.

The Epigraph is a quotation that sets the tone for the book. If you utilize a quote, you need to include the credit.

“Education is like a seed, that, when watered with knowledge and experience, grows into true wisdom – Richard S. Hartmetz”

The Preface, or Introduction is an opening statement, or explanation written by the author. A Prologue is a brief section of narrative, which takes place before the events in the main story.

The Foreword (not Forward) is an introduction written by someone other than the author (like an expert in the field).

The Core Matter

contains the meat of the book. It is the story, or the text; the main purpose for the reader picking it up and engaging with it. It might be divided into multiple chapters, depending upon its length.

The Back Matter

consists of the following material:







Author Biography

An Epilogue is a brief section of narrative, which takes place after the events in the main story.

The Afterword is commentary on the book, usually written by someone other than the author.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Endnotes are similar to footnotes, and are numbered, but appear at the end of the book, instead of on each page.

The Bibliography contains a list of source material, used by the author to create a work of non-fiction.

The Glossary defines specific terms in the book.

An Index is a list of important topics within the book, and the pages on which the topics appear.

The Author Biography is the “About the Author” section of the book.

Again, many of these elements are optional, and depend on the type of book that has been written. All of these elements, if included, must be completed before submission, and in their proper location within the Word Document.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


The standard size of a paperback book is 6” x 9” with a black and white interior.

We also offer a color interior, in case you have color pictures, or illustrations. It does not cost you more to have color, however, it might raise the retail cover price of the book. For children’s books, or manuals, we often use an 8.5” x 11” size. That does not affect your cost either.

Below are the minimum cover prices, for 6” x 9” books, based upon the number of pages in the final book:


The Secret to Successful Publishing

The minimum page count for a 6” x 9” paperback book, with a black and white interior is 24 pages, while the maximum number of pages is 825. For a book with a color interior, the maximum number of pages is 475. The maximum number of pages for an 8.5” x 11” book is 625.

We do not charge extra for pictures, illustrations, or number of pages.

If Amazon offers your book for a discounted price, this is a good thing. Some people have wondered if it means Amazon thinks your book is worth less. Not at all. It is because they believe your book is capable of selling more, and are offering it at a discounted price to help with sales. THEY absorb the cost of the discount. It does NOT come out of your royalties.

If you spot your book selling on, listed as USED, or for $100, that does not mean that the other bookseller has purchased copies. There are sellers out there, which offer books that they do not physically have. When an order is placed, they quickly order the book from Amazon and ship it to you, taking their cut. These places are the ultimate middle-men, and take advantage of people who think they are getting a better deal.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


We now offer a hardcover option. For a $199 setup fee, you can request your work in a hardcover format. However, the hardcover books can only be purchased by you. Amazon, etc., will not carry them. Insisting upon this, will not make it so.

You may order as many hardcovers as you like, for the prices on the chart below, plus a shipping charge:


The Secret to Successful Publishing


Images might be photographs, charts, or illustrations that serve the subject, or story. It is important that they appear clear and pleasing, so it is recommended that the resolution of each image be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch).

The standard file format for an image is “JPG.”

Images should not be copied and pasted into the document. You should use the

“INSERT” command within word, then place them where you want, sizing them appropriately, so that they fit within the margins. Although text-wrap might seem attractive on the screen, and in a paperback, that feature is not available in the eBook format.

The color and brightness of a picture might not be the same on a computer screen, as it appears within the book itself. A small amount of variance from book to book is expected, and the color and brightness of the image might vary from print run to print run and day to day, depending on many different factors.

We sometimes have to convert tables and charts to jpg images for eBooks, as eBooks to not allow those elements.


The Secret to Successful Publishing



Typically, the header on even pages contains the author’s full name, while the heading on odd pages contains the title of the book.

Footers contain the page numbers, which are automatically numbered by Word.

The first page (title page) is not normally numbered.


A widow is the last line of a paragraph, when it appears by itself on the top of a page. An orphan is the first line of a paragraph, appearing by itself on the bottom of a page. While not strictly against the rules, it can look awkward, and looks unprofessional. Therefore, where possible, paragraphs should be moved down, until they appear, in their entirety, on the next page.


Paragraph alignment should be set to the standard ALIGN LEFT. Many older books used JUSTIFY, causing large open white spaces to form between words.

This is no longer standard, and is in fact, considered unprofessional.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


There is an old saying, about not judging a book by its cover, but that is actually what most people do. Many publishers charge huge sums for designing a cover for you, or they expect you to do the work.

We will design an appropriate cover for your book, or use a picture that you have provided. However, if you want to assist in the design, we will include the specifications.

As with the interior images, the cover image should be a JPG file at a minimum of

300 DPI. The actual cover dimensions for a 6” x 9” book, would be 6.25” x 9.5”.

The dimensions for an 8.5” x 11” book would be 8.75” x 11.5”. No text is allowed within a half-inch margin around the edges of the book. This is to allow for printing and trimming.

Some of the covers on our site might not looks as professional as others. Some authors have a specific idea for a cover in mind and quite often are insistent upon us using a picture that they provide. Sometimes we suggest a different cover, but in the end, it is your book, not ours, and in the end, you have the final say. So, if you decide to do it in crayon…

If your book is about your trip to Hawaii and you took a photograph of Hawaii, then by all means send it and we will attempt to use it. However, if your picture is out of focus, low resolution, or contains copyrighted material, we might not be able to use it.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Copyright & ISBN:

An ISBN, or International Standard Book Number is a unique identifying number added to the book, normally on the UPC bar-code, so that the book can be cataloged, and sold in the most locations.

A Copyright page will be created, and your work will be protected for your entire lifespan, plus an additional 75 years.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


For some reason, much of the publishing process is regarded as secretive, or magical, however, it is anything but. At Starry Night Publishing, we try to make it as easy as possible.

You simply email your Word Document to [email protected]

along with a cover picture, if you have it, and we do the rest. Simple enough?

Now, at our end, things are a bit more complicated. We take your file, format it for paperback (if you purchased that package), provide an ISBN, take care of the copyright information, format it for the various eReaders (if you purchased that package), design the cover, create a table of contents (interactive for eBooks), compile everything and convert the files into several dozen formats. Then we distribute the book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and more than 150 online retailers in fifteen countries. It normally takes around three weeks to complete this process. Calling us, to check on the progress, will not make us work faster.

We cannot use ISBNs that you already purchased, or ISBNs that are associated with another publisher. The International Standard Book Number is specific to title and publisher, and identifies the book in the system.

For people who do not own an eReader, they can read Kindle and Nook books on their computers, using a free downloadable application. There are also apps for this available for use on the iPad and Mac. You cannot have copies of the eBook files. The only type of file we can provide is a PDF.

Each author, within the United States, who chooses the paperback package, receives a free copy of their book. In addition, they can order books from us, anytime they like for 50% of the cover price. If the cover price for their book is

$8, then they can purchase copies for $4 each, plus shipping. If your book retails for $18, then your cost per book will be $9.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

To order a book, simply email us the number you need and we will let you know the total cost with shipping.

The shipping charge is set by the United States Postal Service, and for authors within the U.S. is listed on the chart below, based upon the number of books ordered at that time. The price we charge, is the price we pay, so there are no further discounts available. It takes approximately two weeks from the time payment is received, until the order arrives.

Royalties are paid four times a year. Each outlet pays a different percentage.

Amazon pays the most. Though most publishers take 95%, followed by an agent taking 20% of the remaining 5%, we don’t take a thing. Instead of the 10 cents you would receive traditionally, you will receive around 20 times that.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

However, some overseas outlets take a much larger percentage, as they are dealing with shipping, and import fees. If your book sells in Italy, you may end up with 50 cents. We have no control over this. Each outlet takes a percentage, as an incentive to carry your book. That is part of the business.

The royalty percentage depends on a number of variables:

1. Where did the book sell?

Amazon has online sites in the United States,

Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Spain, and

Japan. Each one offers a different percentage, based upon the cost of printing and shipping the books, plus the monetary exchange rates.

2. What format is the book in?

Paperbacks receive a different percentage than eBooks, as there is the cost of print, binding, and shipping.

3. Was the book ordered directly from Amazon by a consumer, or by a third party, intending to resell it?

Amazon allows certain vendors to receive discounted copies to resell, either in their stores, or on their websites.

So, there really is no way to give an exact "percentage" for all of these variables.

The "average" that each of your paperback books receives is around


, which is around


. Each

Kindle edition



of the


price. That is just for Amazon. Barnes & Noble pays slightly less, and each additional outlet pays their own percentage.

At the end of each month, Amazon sends out a statement, listing all of the titles that sold, the number that sold, and the amount of the royalties. The data is always behind though, to allow for product returns. That almost never happens, but they don’t want to have to ask for the money back.

If a book sells during the month of May, then it will show up in the statement that comes at the end of July. A check will follow at the beginning of August. Because of mounting costs for checks and postage, as well as time constraints, we are only sending out payments for amounts more than $25, and quarterly. For the book that sold in May, the royalty payment will be sent out in September.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

We cannot possibly give you daily updates on how well your book is selling.

Chances are, if you haven’t heard anything, you haven’t sold anything. No, you cannot see the statement, as it would violate privacy laws. It has the personal information on it for every author we do business with. I cannot imagine you would be happy if I showed your information to everyone else.

Nielsen Book Ratings and Amazon Rankings are not necessarily a reliable indicator of sales. A lot of authors begin by setting expectations too high. When a book is published, it is like a raindrop falling into the ocean, one among nearly 36 million that Amazon stocks. Some books never sell more than a few copies, and that has nothing to do with the quality of the story.

There are many wonderful books that don’t sell many copies, and also poorly written books that become bestsellers, so don’t take that as a sign of failure.

Most successful authors didn’t hit the big-time on their first book. Authors such as James Patterson and Stephen King have the big name and have each written more than 400 books.

We can't promise you that you will sell 10,000 books. We can't promise you that you will sell even one. We don’t have a crystal ball, nor do we read tea leaves. No one can make that promise. Any publisher that claims that they can sell a specific number of books for you is lying. It depends on a number of factors, the most important being the quality of the book. If it isn't very good, most people won't want to read it.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Of course there are a lot of really good books that don't get read, and a lot of really bad books that sell a lot of copies, but most of that comes from the second factor, which is the popularity of the subject matter. There are also publishing companies that are not-so-reputable, who actually charge extra money to promote your book. And, please allow me to be blunt, you might think you have written a literary masterpiece, but others might not agree. Some people prefer mysteries, while others like historical pieces. And sometimes, it is simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. The Harry Potter books were not instant hits, but look at them now

I wish I could say that there was a magic pill for book sales, but if there was, everyone would already be doing it. There are times when the movie industry spends millions making and promoting films that no one goes to see. They lose money, write it off, and end up winning Oscars... Children's literature is an especially difficult niche.

As for whether or not your book will end up on the shelf of a store, there is no easy answer. That is pretty much potluck and highly unlikely. That doesn’t mean your book isn’t good enough, just that the amount of competition for shelf space is fierce. Amazon has more than 36 million books on its site, as it has unlimited space on its website. There aren't many book stores left. Borders, Walden’s, B.

Dalton, and most others are gone. A typical Barnes & Noble brick and mortar store, has room for a mere 150,000 titles.

They have to be selective about what they stock, and are more likely to order something from a celebrity author, who already has a big name and a built in audience. That is just the way it is. If you are lucky enough to know the owner of a small, local bookstore, or can talk a local B & N manager into carrying your book, then good for you. They can also special order your book through their in-store computer system. They are in business to make a profit however, so there is no guarantee.

Your book will be on the distribution lists, along with all the celebrity authors, but again, it is like a drop of water in the ocean. And book stores make decisions on an individual basis, so any publisher that tells you they will get your book in stores is lying, as is any store owner who says that they are unable to order it.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

We do some basic marketing for your book, through our network of online connections. We do not launch a multi-million dollar television commercial campaign, with a celebrity spokesperson, take out full-page ads in your local newspaper. Remember, we have nearly 1,500 books on the market at this time, hundreds of clients, and more coming in every day. The primary proponent of any book is the author. No one knows their book as well as the person who wrote it, or has the passion to make it successful.

And there are success stories. We have had four books climb to the top of the

Amazon bestseller list, so far.

We are also unable to set up book signings for authors. The reason is, many of our authors reside out of state, making that nearly impossible. And the person who knows you schedule the best, is you. We couldn't possibly coordinate that.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


Most publishing companies own the rights to your book, once they publish it. We allow you to retain 100% of the rights, which means if you ever want to sell movie rights, or sell to another company, you can.

You can have your own publishing imprint on the book as well, for an additional fee. Many organizations wish to be listed as the publisher of their own works, so they opt for this.

We also have the right to reject a manuscript. Our new policy, is that we are not going to be publishing garbage. If you send us a poorly-written manuscript that is so full of errors that it is unreadable, and you don't want to change it, we are going to refuse to print it. If it contains offensive material, we are going to refuse to print it. And if we do make changes during the publishing process, we made them for a reason. If we tell you that your book needs work, we are doing you a favor. Would you really want a substandard book being distributed all over the world, with your name on the cover?

The book needs to be in proper English. We realize that not everyone is going to write great literature, but again, if you need help with writing, ask. That is what we are here for. If you insist upon keeping the manuscript in that form, we are going to refuse to print it.

If you want your own imprint (yourself listed as the publisher) we can arrange that for an additional $150. Otherwise, Starry Night Publishing is listed as the publisher, we place our logo on the back cover and a brief description of our publishing company at the end of the book. That is non-negotiable.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


The manuscript should be complete when you submit it, but if you discover an incorrect fact, which requires changing, you are able to make one change, at a cost of $200. That’s it.

If Amazon prints it wrong, they will replace the books free of charge. If you just decide you want to change something, you will have to pay a $200 fee to the printer, to resubmit the work and set it back up again. There is more work to that, than you might think.

If you want changes after that, or decide to rewrite, or even rename your book, you will have to begin the entire process from the beginning for the original fee.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


The Secret to Successful Publishing


In addition to the fact that PayPal will allow you to pay in monthly installments

(with no interest, if paid within six months), we have recently offered another option:

We now have a publisher page on Pubslush! What does that mean for you?

Allow me to explain. If you can't afford the cost of publishing, or want to expand your book promotions, then Pubslush is for you!

Founded by mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Hellen and Amanda Barbara,

Pubslush is a global pre-publication platform that offers crowd-funding and preorder options for authors and publishers. Like Starry Night Publishing, they were inspired to create a more democratic publishing process after learning about the struggles of authors like J.K. Rowling, whose bestselling series was rejected by the twelve publishers to which it was initially sent. So many great authors have been dismissed to the infamous "slush pile." Their name is derived from their mission to give authors the opportunity to get out of the slush pile, prove their talent and market viability, and successfully publish quality books.

With their specialized focus on the literary world, Pubslush is able to cater their services to authors, publishing professionals and literary trendsetters. Their personalized customer service helps to ensure the success of Pubslush projects and offers valuable tools and services to help campaigners succeed on Pubslush and beyond.

For those not interested in raising funds, they offer the opportunity to conduct comprehensive pre-order campaigns 30-60 days before the release date of a book. Marketing before publication and collecting pre-orders are vital parts of the publishing process and the Pubslush platform and audience allows everyone to take these important steps.

Their Community Pages offer publishers and industry professionals the opportunity to harness the power of readers by creating their own customized pages. Through these pages publishers can raise funds, collect pre-orders and conduct comprehensive pre-publication marketing campaigns.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Inhibited access to literature is one of the greatest barriers to overcoming poverty today, so they’ve developed The Pubslush Foundation as a way to provide books and educational material to underprivileged children without access to literature.

Their model allows the Pubslush community to rally together and share our love for books with those who need it most.

Sign up here! You won't regret it!


The Secret to Successful Publishing


Your book will be marketed on:

Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble.Com, Abe Books, Books-A-Million, Alibris,

Periplus, Bookingham Palace, Bangin' Books, Powell's City of Books,

Booktopia,,, Russell Books,,

Tattered Cover Bookstore, Creation Bookstore, Mireva Online Bookshop,

The Harvard Bookstore (Since 1932), Waterstone's Marketplace, Laurel

Bookstore, Campus Book Rentals, Bookworld, The Drama Book Shop (Since

1917), Scripture Gift and Book Shop, Open Trolley, Vroman's Bookstore

(Since 1894), Alibris For Libraries, Whale of a Tale Children's Bookshoppe,

Cascades of the Rockies Bookstore,, Angus & Robertson (Since

1886), Livaria Cultura,, and thousands of other online retailers and outlets including bookstores,

 libraries, academic institutions, and wholesalers.

Countries of sale include: The United States, Great Britain, Ireland,

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil,

Mexico, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Vatican City,

China, Belgium, Singapore, Indonesia, and The Netherlands.

We distribute through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Lightning Source, and NACSCORP.

We promote your work through our online network, including Facebook and Goodreads.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


1. Is your manuscript complete?

A. Is the Title and Author Name correct?










Have you included an Epigraph, Preface, Introduction, Prologue, or Foreword?

Have you proofread your work?

Have you included an Epilogue, Afterword, Endnotes, Bibliography, Glossary,

Index, or Author Biography?

Have you inserted necessary photographs, charts, or illustrations?

A. Are they 300 DPI?

B. Do you want a black and white, or color interior?

Do you have an idea, or a picture for the front cover?

Have you chosen 6” x 9”, or 8.5” x 11” for your book size?

Do you need your own Imprint?

Have you emailed the Word Document and Cover Image to [email protected]


Have you provided your correct address, for shipment of books and royalties?

* If, and when, you have completed this checklist, you will be ready to publish.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Please Read and Understand This List!

We do ALL types of books.

We do paperback books and eBooks for Kindle and Nook, which are sold by online retailers.

Nook eBooks are only available from Barnes & Noble.

Kindle eBooks are only available from Amazon.

We also do hardcover books, which are only for you, not for sale online.

We do not print brochures, or pamphlets.

We charge $399 to publish a paperback book.

We charge $399 to publish an eBook.

We charge $649 to publish both paperbacks and eBooks.

We charge $199 to set up a hardcover book. You then pay for however many books you want.

You do not need an agent to submit a book to us.

We do not charge an annual fee to keep your book in print.

Our small fee covers an ISBN, a copyright notice, a cover design, a table of contents (if needed), formatting, file conversion, and worldwide distribution.

We cannot guarantee that your book will sell a lot of copies. No one can.

We do not co-write books for authors.

We do not do proofreading or content editing.

We do not have time to chitchat about matters unrelated to your book.

We do not write press releases.

We do not provide bookmarks, or other promotional items.

We do not act as tax consultants.

We do not do fact checking. That is up to the author.

We accept only finished books, not works in progress.

We accept only manuscripts typed using Microsoft Word.

We do not accept manuscripts created using InDesign, Publisher, Works, Acrobat, or any other program.

We only accept books written in English.

There are strict industry requirements concerning the format of a book, including margins, page size, fonts, headers & footers, spacing, indentation, and alignment. If your book does not conform to these standards, we will change it. If you do not want it changed, it will not be published.

Do not send your book in pieces. We are not here to assemble a puzzle.

Make certain your book is correct before you approve the proof. Once you approve it, it will be published.

Once the book is published, it will cost $200 to make changes. You will be limited to 25 changes, and the book can only be changed one time. After that, you must pay for a completely new book.

We set the minimum price, based upon the number of pages in your book. It can be set higher if you wish.

We do not work for Amazon, nor they for us. If they discount your book, or promote it somehow, that is up to them and they absorb the cost.

Images used in the book must be JPG files, at 300 dpi.

There will be ink variations in the printing process, resulting in lighter and/or darker images from time to time. Nothing can be done about that. Amazon will not issue a refund.

Most books will be single-spaced.

Most books will not have justified margins.

Most books will have a font size of 12.

The publishing industry is not Burger King. You can’t always have it your way.

EBook formatting is different from paperback formatting, and the appearance of the file will vary between devices.

You may purchase additional books at 50% of the cover price, plus a shipping charge.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

It normally takes around two weeks (14 days) for book orders to arrive.

We do not accept credit cards; only check, money order, or PayPal.

You do not receive royalties for books that you purchase from us.

The amount of royalties you receive depends on where the book sells. There is no set percentage across the board.

Royalties are distributed quarterly (March, June, September, and December) if the amount is greater than


If the amount is less than $25, it carries over to the next quarter.

We do not give out sales information until royalties are paid.

The average royalty per book is $2.

Your book will be available to bookstores, but there is no guarantee they will order it.

You retain 100% of the rights to your work.

We are not responsible, if you copy someone else’s work.

You may opt out of the publishing agreement at any time.

Final say on the format of the book is up to us.

You have to pay taxes on royalties.

If you live within the United States, we will give you one free copy of your book.

You must pay for book orders when the order is placed.

Email your Word Doc and JPGs to [email protected]


We are not a 24/7 business. No one is here at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday.

It normally takes three to four weeks from submission to publication.

We do not accept collect telephone calls.

We do not set up book signings.

We are not hiring.

You do not need to form a personal connection with us over the telephone in order to have your book published.

You cannot use an old ISBN for a new book.

PayPal will allow you to make payments in installments.

PubSlush might help you raise money to cover your fees.

We do not act as a reference for job hunters.

Answers to most questions can be found on this list, within the FAQ section of the website, and in

“Secrets to Successful Publishing.” Repeated inquiries on these subjects will be ignored.

You may utilize a penname when publishing a book.

EBook prices are set at $2.99.

If we don’t answer the telephone, we are probably not in the office.

Do not schedule book signings before your book is even submitted. We are not going to push you ahead of everyone else, because you jumped the gun.

We are not going to call or email you every time a book sells.

We are not going to call or email you every time you mail us a check.

We do not return items we receive in the mail.

We do not issue refunds if you decide to go elsewhere down the line. You paid for the work.

We do not offer opinions on religion, politics, or other social issues.

We do not offer book reviews.

Our logo and information go in every book, unless you pay for your own imprint.

Again, we receive your Word Doc, assign an ISBN, place a copyright notice, format it for paperback and eBook, design a cover, and distribute it. That’s it. You are responsible for the rest.

The items on this list are non-negotiable facts, which are set in the hardest stone, because they have to be.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

Starry Night Publishing.Com - Publishing Agreement


Under this publishing agreement, YOU, hereinafter referred to as THE AUTHOR hereby are entering freely into an agreement with STARRY NIGHT PUBLISHING, hereinafter referred to as THE PUBLISHER to publish in the English language, in book form and/or in electronic form, in all countries of the world, your book, hereinafter called THE WORK.


Starry Night Publishing agrees to publish your story.


AUTHOR Right to Ownership

Under this agreement, THE AUTHOR grants THE PUBLISHER limited, non-exclusive rights to print and distribute THE WORK only. THE PUBLISHER acquires no right of ownership to THE

WORK under this agreement, and all publishing rights are reserved to THE AUTHOR.


You retain all rights to your work.


AUTHOR Right to Copyright

THE PUBLISHER acknowledges THE AUTHOR shall own full and complete copyright to THE

WORK. Copyright is maintained by AUTHOR. THE PUBLISHER shall include a copyright notice on THE WORK.


You own the copyright and we take care of the notices.


THE AUTHOR agrees to hold THE PUBLISHER harmless and indemnify THE PUBLISHER against any claim, demand, action, suit proceeding, or any expense whatsoever arising from claims of infringement of copyright or proprietary right, or claims of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, or any other unlawfulness based upon, or arising out of the publication, or any matter pertaining to THE WORK.


If you copy someone else’s work, or lie about something, we aren’t responsible.



If during the existence of this agreement, the Copyright shall be infringed, THE AUTHOR may take such legal action, if necessary, as may be required to restrain such infringement, or to seek damages therefore. THE PUBLISHER shall not be liable to THE AUTHOR for THE

PUBLISHER’S failure to take such legal steps. Money damages recovered for an infringement shall be applied first toward the repayment of the expense of bringing and maintaining the action, and thereafter the balance shall belong to THE AUTHOR.


If someone copies your book, you can sue, and you get the money.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

Term and Termination

THE AUTHOR may cancel this agreement at any time with a written notice. THE AUTHOR may enter into another publishing agreement for THE WORK at any time. THE PUBLISHER shall not, however, refund to THE AUTHOR any portion of the formatting, or file conversion fee, in the event THE AUTHOR cancels this agreement, or enters into another agreement for


This agreement shall extend indefinitely after the date THE PUBLISHER releases THE WORK for publication, if neither party gives written notice that it desires to terminate. THE

PUBLISHER may also terminate the agreement if THE AUTHOR behaves in an unprofessional manner.


You are not bound to Starry Night Publishing. You are paying for the work, so the money doesn’t get refunded if you publish with someone else in the future.



THE AUTHOR agrees to deliver to THE PUBLISHER, a complete story in Microsoft WORD, along with an optional AUTHOR Biography and any additional items such as dedications and images, already proofread, edited, and ready to publish.

THE PUBLISHER reserves the right to reject THE WORK and terminate this Contract, if THE

AUTHOR delivers THE WORK and THE WORK is not accepted by THE PUBLISHER, as being satisfactory.


You send us your files. We will not type it in for you. We can say no, if it’s offensive, poorly written, incomplete, or in the wrong format.



THE PUBLISHER intends to prepare THE WORK for on-demand distribution within ninety

(90) days of the date of this Agreement. THE PUBLISHER also agrees to secure a unique

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for THE WORK. THE WORK will be presented to various online retail outlets, however, there is no guarantee those outlets will carry the book.


We’ll publish your story within 90 days and provide an ISBN. It will appear on Amazon,

Barnes & Noble and many other outlets, but we cannot guarantee that a particular bookstore will stock it.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

AUTHOR Warranties

THE AUTHOR guarantees he/she is the sole owner of THE WORK and has full authority and right to enter into this agreement. THE AUTHOR guarantees THE WORK is original and does not infringe upon any laws or rights, and that THE WORK is not libelous, plagiarized or in any other way illegal. THE PUBLISHER assumes no responsibility for reviewing the editorial content of THE WORK and does not necessarily support the views and opinions expressed within.


You own the rights and we played no role in writing it, or checking facts.


AUTHOR Indemnification

THE AUTHOR agrees to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless THE PUBLISHER against all manner of claims, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, or expenses (including legal fees) it sustains in connection with any breach or alleged breach of the representations set forth above, or in connection with claims by any third party regarding ownership, libel, slander, plagiarism, or privacy.


If someone sues you because you didn’t really write the story, we aren’t responsible.


Terms of Sale

THE AUTHOR is not required to purchase copies of THE WORK. THE AUTHOR may purchase copies of THE WORK in any quantity, either directly from THE PUBLISHER, or any of our affiliates. Orders must be paid for with check, money order, or PAYPAL, at the time the order is placed. All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) or UPS. THE

AUTHOR agrees to pay THE PUBLISHER the actual USPS Shipping Charges for each order and any applicable sales tax.

THE PUBLISHER shall grant THE AUTHOR a discount of 50% off the retail price of THE

WORK, when purchased directly from THE PUBLISHER. The price of THE WORK is determined by the size of the book and the page count. THE AUTHOR shall receive no royalties on copies they purchase from THE PUBLISHER. Royalties are paid only on copies sold to bookstores, libraries, or directly to consumers.


You don’t have to buy copies, but if you do, they are half the cover price. The cover price depends on how many pages are in your book. You have to pay for shipping and sales tax.

You don’t get royalties, if you buy the discounted copies, only if you get them from, etc.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

Editing and Proofreading

THE AUTHOR shall make an effort to proofread THE WORK for spelling and punctuation errors. THE PUBLISHER is not responsible for AUTHOR errors that may be missed, and shall make no major changes in, additions to, or eliminations from THE WORK, without the consent of THE AUTHOR. THE PUBLISHER shall submit the formatted WORK in electronic format to THE AUTHOR, for their approval. THE AUTHOR agrees to approve THE WORK within thirty (30) days of the receipt thereof. If changes to THE WORK are requested after publication, they can only be done one time, and THE AUTHOR agrees to pay a fee of $200 to cover the cost of making alterations.

If changes to THE WORK are requested during the proofing stage, they must be presented in the appropriate format, determined by THE PUBLISHER and once completed, cannot be changed again. THE PUBLISHER will make the final determination concerning matters of formatting.

If changes to THE WORK are requested after publication, there is a maximum of 25 alterations, they can only be done one time, and THE AUTHOR agrees to pay a fee of $200 to cover the cost of making alterations.


We do no co-write, or edit, unless an agreement is reached in advance. Any major changes will be okayed by you. You will be emailed a PDF proof to approve. If it requires changes, you get one shot at fixing it. We have final say when it comes to formatting.

Once the book is approved for publication, you can make one set of 25 changes for $200.

Further changes require a new package.


Cover Design

THE PUBLISHER will design a cover for THE WORK and will consider THE AUTHOR’S suggestions, but does not guarantee it can perform any unusual, or special requests. THE

AUTHOR acknowledges that colors may vary from computer monitor to printed book and that THE PUBLISHER is not responsible for ink variations, either on the cover, or inside the book. You may also provide guidance, or provide illustrations, or photographs, but their use is dependent upon quality and decency. THE AUTHOR is allowed one cover refusal, which

THE PUBLISHER will agree to. Additional cover attempts will cost $100 each.


We design the cover, taking into account your wishes, if we can. We make two attempts, then it costs extra. No naughty pictures though…


Text Format

THE PUBLISHER reserves the right to determine the manner and style in which THE WORK will be formatted and typeset, using styles that are consistent with popular trade books.

THE AUTHOR acknowledges that THE PUBLISHER cannot guarantee it will perform any special, or unusual formatting requests. THE AUTHOR also acknowledges that THE

PUBLISHER can create a Table of Contents for THE WORK, if appropriate, and that THE

PUBLISHER can accommodate end of chapter, or end of book endnotes, such as Author



The Secret to Successful Publishing

In the case of damage to a book, or books, caused by the printer, THE PUBLISHER must be notified immediately and the books must be returned, so that the printer can replace them.

THE AUTHOR acknowledges that from time to time, errors may occur in the typesetting process and that THE PUBLISHER will fix any errors in future editions if the mistake is caused by THE PUBLISHER. THE PUBLISHER will not refund, reimburse, or otherwise replace books printed with such errors. Any additional changes in content, by THE AUTHOR can only be made one time after publication of THE WORK at a cost of $200.


We will work with you when it comes to formatting, but really weird formats might not work and certain industry standards must be adhered to. We will create a Table of Contents if it is appropriate for your book. If you find an error we caused, we’ll fix it in future books, but won’t recall any that have already been sold. If you want changes in the book after it goes to print, you can do so one time, at a cost of $200. If the printer makes a mistake, they will fix them, but you have to return them within 30 days.


Royalties and Licenses

THE PUBLISHER shall pay to THE AUTHOR a royalty of up to ninety percent (90%) of the net profit thereof, on all printed and electronic copies of THE WORK sold, less returns. Profit is calculated from cover price, minus any printing, shipping, taxes, or miscellaneous fees charged by Amazon, other retailers, or the government. No royalties shall be payable of copies furnished to THE AUTHOR or on copies for review, sample, free promotions or other similar purposes, or on copies destroyed.

Royalties shall be calculated by THE PUBLISHER and paid no later than the thirtieth (30th) of the month following the end of each calendar quarter, for sales during that quarter, except that if the royalty amount owed THE AUTHOR is less than twenty-five dollars ($25), it shall be accrued forward until such time as the royalty owed THE AUTHOR equals, or exceeds twenty-five dollars ($25). All payments will be made via PayPal, unless an agreement is reached in advance.

THE PUBLISHER makes no promises or guarantees regarding sales figures. THE PUBLISHER cannot predict, or control how many books will be sold, if any. THE PUBLISHER has no control over book prices set by third party vendors. THE PUBLISHER has no control over product placement by third party vendors.


You get up to 90% of the net profit on your book, which is calculated after Amazon or

Barnes & Noble take their small percentage of the cover price. (We have no control over that, sorry.) If you sell less than $25 per quarter, we don’t send a payment until the amount hits $25. We can’t promise how many books you’ll sell, if any. If Amazon discounts your book, or another shop sells it for a higher price, we are not responsible. Royalty payments are made via PayPal.



The Secret to Successful Publishing


In all instances in which THE AUTHOR shall have received an overpayment of monies under the terms hereof, THE PUBLISHER may deduct such overpayment from any further sums payable to THE AUTHOR in respect to THE WORK.


If you get paid too much, we won’t ask for it back, just deduct it from your next royalty payment.


Tax Withholdings

It is mutually agreed that State and Federal taxes on THE AUTHOR'S earnings, are THE

AUTHOR’S responsibility.


You have to pay taxes. We all do, sorry.



THE AUTHOR may submit graphics in the form of tables, charts, photographs, drawings, or other illustrations in electronic format. THE PUBLISHER does not scan them in unless special arrangements are made in advance. Excessive numbers of graphics may be reduced or added for minimal additional cost. The AUTHOR must own the rights to the graphics.


You can have pictures in your book if you email them to us, but you can’t use someone else’s stuff without permission.


PUBLISHER Discretion

THE PUBLISHER shall have the discretion to determine the retail price, production, format, and appearance of THE WORK. The format and appearance of THE WORK may vary between printings. THE PUBLISHER also reserves the right to decline to publish or revise any book deemed offensive.


We set the price and size unless arrangements are made in advance and we don’t print offensive material.


Damage or Loss of Materials

THE PUBLISHER shall endeavor to receive any disks, manuscripts, photographs, or artwork, but is not responsible for any damage, or loss caused by the United States Postal Service.


If the post office loses the mail, we aren’t responsible.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

Law and Venue

The parties understand this agreement is binding upon their heirs, executors, and administrators. This agreement supersedes other oral, or written agreements, and cannot be changed, or modified except by the mutual written agreement of THE PUBLISHER and

THE AUTHOR. This written Contract contains the sole and entire Agreement between the parties. This Agreement may not be modified, or amended except in writing, signed by the party against whom such modification, or amendment is to be enforced. By signing the following and submitting the required materials, THE AUTHOR agrees to read, understand, and be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


If you should unfortunately pass away, the book will remain in print, until one of your family notifies us, or you contact us in a séance.


The contract constitutes our agreement.

Please read it, before signing.



The parties understand that THE PUBLISHER has the right to include their logo, name, and information upon the finished book, as a form of advertising, unless THE AUTHOR agrees to pay an additional amount to publish under their own imprint.


We include the publisher logo and name on your book, as well as our contact information, unless you purchase the right to include your own publishing company name.



THE AUTHOR agrees to pay THE PUBLISHER an agreed upon, non-refundable amount for the services rendered and for any additional books purchased. STARRY NIGHT PUBLISHING charges $399 for a paperback package, $399 for an eBook package, or $649 for both, unless a special promotion has been offered and agreed upon by both parties. THE

PUBLISHER also offers additional, optional packages, such as hardcovers, CDs, and DVDs, which are available for an additional fee. The amount covers labor on THE WORK, and is non-negotiable and non-refundable, once the service has been performed. THE PUBLISHER will not impose additional fees upon THE AUTHOR, without THE AUTHOR’S consent, or request for additional services not covered under THE AGREEMENT. If THE AUTHOR fails to pay in a timely fashion, their book may be removed from print, and they may face civil actions in order to collect those fees.

THE AUTHOR is responsible for paying for any requested AUTHOR copies, at the agreed upon price, plus shipping and must pay in advance. If THE AUTHOR fails to pay in a timely fashion, THE WORK may be removed from distribution and The AUTHOR may face civil actions in order to collect those fees.


You have to pay the agreed upon amount before publication. You are paying for a service, which includes ISBN, copyright, book cover, file conversion, and worldwide distribution.

Once the service has been performed, you can’t request a refund. We will not charge you any additional fees, unless you specifically request additional services. You have to pay for book orders in advance. If you don’t pay, we can remove your book from Amazon and sue.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

Free Book

THE PUBLISHER may offer THE AUTHOR a free copy of THE WORK upon completion, if THE

AUTHOR lives within the United States of America. This is optional, and at PUBLISHER discretion.


If you live in the U.S., we may offer to send you a free copy of your book.


Shipping Fees

The United States Postal Service determines the postage rates and shipping fees per ounce, for the books. THE PUBLISHER charges the appropriate rates, which THE AUTHOR agrees to pay. These rates may change at any time, by demand of the USPS.

[If you place a book order, you have to pay whatever postage the Post Office sets.]

Sales Tax

Sales Taxes are charged by some states, for goods, not services. If THE AUTHOR resides in a state that collects sales tax on Book Orders, then THE AUTHOR is responsible for paying an additional amount on the total order.

[If you live in a state that collects sales tax on book orders, then we have to charge you, as part of the order.]


THE PUBLISHER agrees to contact THE AUTHOR when necessary, via email, if an issue arises during the formatting process, or for royalty distribution. THE AUTHOR agrees to contact THE PUBLISHER only if necessary. THE PUBLISHER will not give out progress reports, either on formatting, or royalties, except during quarterly payouts. THE AUTHOR is responsible for reading FAQ information on the website, in THE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL



Don’t call us for daily updates on sales. You won’t get them. Royalty information is presented quarterly, when payouts are distributed. If you don’t receive a payment, your book didn’t sell any copies.


Mandatory Agreement

THE AUTHOR understands that THE PUBLISHER will not proceed with the publication of THE

WORK without a signed PUBLISHING AGREEMENT, full payment of any fees, and submission of THE WORK. It is assumed that THE AUTHOR has read and fully understood the terms of the PUBLISHING AGREEMENT.


You need to read, sign, and return this agreement, pay the fee, and submit your work.



The Secret to Successful Publishing

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The Secret to Successful Publishing


Starry Night Publishing

Everyone has a story...

Don't spend your life trying to get published! Don't tolerate rejection! Don't do all the work and allow the publishing companies reap the rewards!

Millions of independent authors like you, are making money, publishing their stories now. Our technological know-how will take the headaches out of getting published. Let "Starry Night Publishing dot Com" take care of the hard parts, so you can focus on writing. You simply send us your Word document and we do the rest. It really is that simple!

The big companies want to publish onl y “celebrity authors,” not the average book writer. It’s almost impossible for first-time authors to get published today. This has led many authors to go the self-publishing route.

Until recently, this was considered “vanity publishing.” You spent large s ums of your money, to get twenty copies of your book, to give to relatives at Christmas, just so you could see your name on the cover. Now, however, the self-publishing industry allows authors to get published in a timely fashion, retain the rights to your work, keeping up to seventy-percent of your royalties, instead of the traditional ten-percent.

We’ve opened up the gates, allowing you inside the world of publishing. While others charge you as much as fifteen-thousand dollars for a publishing package, we charge less than five-hundred dollars to cover copyright,

ISBN, and distribution costs. Do you really want to spend all your time formatting, converting, designing a cover, and then promoting your book, because no one else will?

Our editors are professionals, able to create a top-notch book that you will be proud of. Becoming a published author is supposed to be fun, not a hassle.

At Starry Night Publishing, you submit your work, we create a professional-looking cover, a table of contents, compile your text and images into the appropriate format, convert your files for eReaders, take care of copyright information, assign an ISBN, allow you to keep one-hundred-percent of your rights, distribute your story worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other retailers, and write you a check for your royalties. There are no other hidden fees involved! You don’t pay ex tra for a cover, or anything else. You will never pay to keep your book in print. We promise! Everything is included! You even get a free copy of your book and unlimited discount copies.

In four short years , we’ve published more than fifteen-hundred books, compared to the major publishing houses which only add an average of six new titles per year. We will publish your fiction, or non-fiction books about anything, and look forward to reading your stories and sharing them with the world.

We sincerely hope that you will join the growing Starry Night Publishing family, become a published author and gain the world-wide exposure that you deserve. You deserve to succeed. Success comes to those who make opportunities happen, not those who wait for opportunities to happen. You just have to try. Thanks for joining us on our journey.


The Secret to Successful Publishing


Richard Stephen Hartmetz was born on February 9, 1965, in Rochester, New

York. He began writing at the age of six, and has never stopped. Author of 33 published books, he decided to form Starry Night Publishing, so that others would be able to get their work published, without spending a fortune and having to jump through hoops.

During his 29 year teaching career, Richard worked in the Rochester City School

District, East Irondequoit (at Laurelton-Pardee), spent eight years at St. Margaret

Mary School (in the Diocese of Rochester), and finished up at the School of the

Holy Childhood, working with children with special needs.

While serving as Educational Technology Coordinator at St. Margaret Mary, he was responsible for creating and implementing a curriculum that presented computer skills to students in a Catholic School environment. He was also responsible for integrating homeroom activities into computer lab projects, data collection, assisting other teachers and aides with computer-related problems and running the school’s Think Quest team and Chess Club. Additional responsibilities included creating and maintaining the school’s website, creation of a school ad campaign, maintaining press relations and about fifty other tasks, including the VIDEO CLUB. Mr. Hartmetz also created and ran the school’s haunted house.


The Secret to Successful Publishing

“Mr. H.” coached a record four winning teams in Oracle’s International

ThinkQuest Competition, helping to create websites on The Civil War, Presidential

Facts, and United States Facts. One project, “The History of Aviation and Space

Travel,” placed first in the world, out of 7,000 students in 49 countries. He was honored with the Catherine McAuley Award for outstanding dedication and service, as well as receiving two citations from the Monroe County Legislature and one from the United States Congress. Mr. H. was also included in the Who’s Who of American Teachers, and won a Garden of Distinction Award from the

Irondequoit Beautification Committee.

He attended Pardee Elementary School, Norwood Middle School, Eastridge High

School, Monroe Community College, SUNY Brockport, and Nazareth College of

Rochester. Richard enjoys gardening, writing, reading, collecting coins, bowling, and spending time with his family. He is also a member of the Association for

Supervision and Curriculum Design. He has an Associate’s Degree in Computer

Science, Bachelor’s Degrees in Special Education and Psychology, a Master’s

Degree in Educational Technology, and a Ph.D. in Education. He also maintains a

Certificate in Elementary Education, with an extension in Junior High


In addition to assisting others with the publishing process, Richard has written a series of books on “The Secrets to Writing Well,” hoping that it will aide others in writing higher quality work. He has spent more time in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, than most people who live there, and has a collection of Christmas decorations which includes 850 snowmen, 300 Santa Clauses, 125 nutcrackers, 75 elves, and

30 smokers.

He lives with his son, three houses away from his parents and brother, in a house the family has owned for more than a half-century.