Duri- Stain® SB

Duri-Stain® SB
Durisol Stain Sol vent Acrylic
Gemite Prod ucts Inc.
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• Su pe rior wa ter re pel lence
• Main tains sur face tex ture
• Long term color sta bil ity
• Al lows mois ture va por trans fer
• Re duces dirt and sur face stain ing
• Mini mizes ef flo res cence and mi grat ing salts
• Re duces spalling and freeze/thaw de te rio ra tion
Ba sic Use
Duri- Stain SB is a water- repellent stain tested and ap proved for
protection and color finish of Durisol wood-cement ma terial.
Duri- Stain SB pro vides a long term per form ance and uni form
Com po si tion and Ma te ri als
Duri- Stain SB is a one com po nent, in te grally col ored, ready- touse stain that does not chip, peel or flake. Its unique for mu la tion
as sures long term color sta bil ity, ul tra vio let re sis tance,
freeze/thaw re sis tance and al kali and pol lu tion re sis tance. DuriStain SB is water- repellent, but per me able (“breath able”) bar rier
which pre vents wa ter in tru sion while al low ing the nor mal transmis sion of wa ter va por.
should be worn by the ap pli ca tor. For in te rior ap pli ca tion, provide me chani cal ex haust ven ti la tion and use ap proved air line
or positive pressure hose masks. Keep away from chil dren.
FOR IN DUS TRIAL USE ONLY. For ad di tional in for ma tion
on safety re quire ments, ref er to Duri- Stain SB MSDS.
Va ri ety of col ors are avail able, in clud ing Fed eral and Pro vincial col ors. Every ef fort is made to fill each or der us ing the
same batch number, but different batch numbers of the same
color are oc ca sion ally sent to com plete an or der. When ever this
oc curs it is the sole re spon si bil ity of the ap pli ca tor to make certain that only one batch number is used on any one area. Dif ferent batch num bers can not be used on the same wall un less they
are mixed (“boxed”) to gether to en sure to tal color uni form ity.
Pack ag ing
Duri- Stain SB is pack aged in 20 L (5.3 USG) pails and 209 L
(55.2 USG) drums.
Cov er age
Flat Duri sol panel
150 ft / USG
3.7 m2 / L
Ribbed Duri sol panel
100 ft 2 / USG
2.4 m2 / L
The cov er age is only given as guide line and de pends greatly on
the rough ness and po ros ity of the sub strate, ap pli ca tion method
to pro vide sat is fac tory color uni form ity. Carry out field ap plication to determine the exact material quantity re quire ments.
Written approval should be obtained from Architect /Owner
prior to ap pli ca tion.
Stor age and Trans por ta tion
Two years in un opened con tain ers. Store at tem pera tures above
10oC (50o F) and less than 29oC (85 oF). Pack aged 36 pails or 4
drums per pal let.
Meets Fed eral Speci fi ca tion TT- C- 555 B and On tario Hous ing
Cor po ra tion Speci fi ca tions.
Duri-Stain SB should not be used for water re pel lence be low
grade and it will not stop water penetration through hairline
cracks (exceed ing 0.2 mm (0.010 in)), un der wind driven rain
con di tions. Do not ap ply over damp sur faces, or if rain is im minent, or if ei ther sur face or am bi ent tem pera ture is 4 oC (40 oF) or
be low, or when hu mid ity is over 90%. Not for hori zon tal surfaces.
Flash Point
Health and Safety
Flammable in liquid state. Keep away from heat, sparks and
open flame. No smok ing shall be al lowed in or near the im me diate work area. Use ex plo sion proof equip ment. Use only in a
well ven ti lated area. Avoid breath ing of va por or spray mist. For
ex te rior ap pli ca tions an ap proved chemi cal car tridge res pi ra tor
Chemi cal Rea gents
(ASTM D- 543)
Salt Scal ing
(ASTM C- 672 Mod.)
Per meance (ASTM E-96)
Ac cel er ated Weath er ing (ASTM G
26- 95) 2,000 hours Xe non Arc
Salt Spray/Fog (ASTM D- 1645 &
117) 1,000 hr. ex po sure
Sul fide Stain ing
(ASTM D- 1712)
Vol ume Sol ids
42oC (107oF)
ex cel lent color re ten tion and
re sis tance to chalk ing
ex cel lent color re ten tion and no
stain ing (ef flo res cence)
ex cel lent color re ten tion
no scal ing
1131 ng/Pa.s.m (19.7 perms)
0.98 kg/L (8.2 lbs/USG)
Guide Speci fi ca tion and Ap pli ca tion In struc tions con tain ad ditional in for ma tion spe cific to each ap pli ca tion and must be followed. Contact Gemite’s Technical Service for information
spe cific to your application.
Sur face Prepa ra tion
All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and fully
cured. New Duri sol pan els must be cured for 4 weeks mini mum.
Remove all dirt, dust, efflorescence, curing or form release
agents, ce ment scal ing and pre vious coat ings by brushing, water blast ing or other means. If Duri- Stain SB can not pene trate, it
could debond. Re pair old cracks, open ings and im per fec tions in
the sub strate prior to Duri- Stain SB application.
Duri-Stain SB is avail able world wide. Con tact the manu fac turer for the name of the near est Rep re sen ta tive and cur rent pricing information. When ordering specify the color. The color
suit abil ity and pric ing must be es tab lished by Gemite bef ore order can be proc essed.
No main te nance is re quired. Duri- Stain SB is self- cleaning. The
at mos pheric dust col lected on the sur face can be eas ily cleaned
with wa ter based de ter gent and wa ter. If re pair is re quired, simply ap ply more of the same prod uct.
A lim ited twelve (12) month Ma te rial Re place ment War ranty is
avail able. For com plete de tails con tact Gemite’s Head Of fice.
Mix thor oughly (mini mum 5 min utes) bef ore ap pli ca tion us ing TECH NI CAL SERV ICE
air op er ated (or ex plo sion proof) mixer with a blade ca pa ble of Ad vice on suit abil ity of Duri- Stain SB for spe cific ap pli ca tion,
uni formly mix ing en tire con tainer. Do not thin.
ap pli ca tion in struc tions and speci fi ca tion as sis tance is avail able
from Tech ni cal Serv ice: USA 888- 443- 6483 and Can ada 905Application
Use airless spray equipment capable of delivering 6,980 KPa 672-2020.
(1,000 psi) and 1.9 L (1/2 USG) per minute de liv ery. Heav ier Short Speci fi ca tion
equip ment can be used on larger proj ects. A self- cleaning re- The wa ter re pel lent stain will be a sol vent based, pure acrylic
versi ble tip with ori fice 0.330 to 0.425 mm (0.013" to 0.017") resin sys tem, Duri- Stain SB, as manu fac tured by Gemite Prodand mini mum 40 de gree fan an gle is rec om mended.
ucts Inc.,[USA 888- 443- 6483] [CAN ADA 905- 672- 2020].
Roller and brush ap pli ca tion is rec om mended only for con fined It shall be ap plied as per manu fac turer's cur rent Guide Speci fi caar eas or for edg ing. Brush, roll or spray Duri-Stain SB at the tions and Ap pli ca tion In struc tions. The stain shall meet or exrate suf fi cient to fully and evenly wet the en tire sur face with out ceed TT-C-555 B Standard. It shall show excellent color
sags or runs to pre vent un sightly lap or run down marks. Es tab- re ten tion and fade re sis tance af ter 2,000 hours ex po sure in Xelish break lines con form ing to sur face de sign breaks where pos- non Arc Weather ome ter per ASTM G 26-95. It shall re sist the
oc cur rence of ef flo res cence af ter 1,000 hours ex po sure to Salt
Spray/Fog per ASTM D- 1645 & 117. It shall show ex cel lent reCuring
sis tance to salt scal ing per ASTM- 672 Mod. It shall have a perDuri- Stain SB is air dry- cured. It will be “tack free” within ½ - 2 meance of 1131 ng/Pa.s.m (19.7 perms) per ASTM E-96.
hours and fully cured within 5 - 7 days, de pend ing upon temThe rate of ap pli ca tion must be sat is fac tory and ap proved by Arpera ture and rela tive hu mid ity. It will ac cept rain as soon as it is
chi tect/Owner prior to the start of the proj ect.
“ tack free”.
Clean up
Clean all spray equip ment and hoses im me di ate ly af ter ap pli cation us ing min eral spir its or Xy lol. Ac ci den tal spill age or overspray onto glass, metal and painted sur faces should be im me diate ly cleaned up us ing min eral spir its or Xy lol.
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