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Power Quality Engineering
Steel & Iron Factories
Rolling Miles
Mining Industry
Paper Industry
Automotive Facilities
Cement Plants
and All Heavy Industries
Power Quality Applications
Energy Quality, Harmonics and Compensation
• P reservation/maintenance of the nominal network voltage level and
frequency within target limits
• Perfect maintenance of the sinus wave form at 50 (or 60 Hz) frequencies
• Preservation of momentary, temporary or permanent rises, breakdowns,
interruptions, vibrations, harmonic and other disruptive factors within
defined limit values
• Maintenance of produced, transmitted, consumed and released powers
at a maximum efficiency and equivalence
from production to transmission, transmission to distribution, from distribution
to the end user at all points of the system and at any time in the electric energy
systems can typically be described as energy quality, and the assurance of
quality requires many factors, applications and systems.
MST Elektroteknik is your reliable solution partner in all processes from the
first to the last point of energy production, from measurement and analysis
to application and solutions with its expertise and technical know-how in
operations and all industrial processes.
Quality cannot be determined, classified, compared, interpreted and/or solved
without measurement and/or analysis. Solutions and applications also require
measurement and/or analysis.
MST Elektroteknik implements fast, efficient and economic solutions using
its 20 years of engineering and field expertise in different operational and
industrial facilities starting both from the project phase in designing solutions
aimed at energy quality and the measurement, analysis and solution of energy
quality problems of already running operations and facilities.
As MST Elektroteknik, our systems and installations for energy quality can be
classified in 2 main parts: Low and High voltage;
Our solutions and analyses installed in low voltages below 1kV;
• Conventional standard compensation systems and solutions
• Solutions with multi-staged automatic and/or stationary type shunt
reactor systems
• Low adjustable harmonic filter compensation systems and solutions
• Low adjustable harmonic filter electronic switching (thyristor)
compensation systems and solutions
• Fully adjustable local and central type harmonic filter systems and
• Fully adjustable passive filter systems and solutions (3rd, 5th, 7th
harmonic fully adjustable filters)
• Neutral busbar/line filtering systems and solutions
• Parallel Active Filter systems and solutions
MST Elektroteknik [Microelettrica Scientifica Turkey]
• S olutions with IGBT-based harmonic and bidirectional compensation
• Serial shock bobbins for loads including motors, drivers etc.
• Insulated energy solution and systems in risky environments for
prevision devices and equipment
• Our solutions and analyses installed in medium and high voltages over
• Open type or metal cabin type stationary type capacitor banks with
regular disconnectors and/or fuse disconnector
• Open switchgear type low adjustable passive harmonic filter or current
limiting reactor stationary type capacitor bank systems
• Open switchgear type low adjustable passive harmonic filter or current
limiting reactor automatic capacitor bank systems
• Breaker or contactor low adjustable passive filter or current limiting
reactor capacitor bank systems in metal cabin
• Fully adjustable harmonic filtering focused capacitor bank systems (2nd,
3rd… etc. filter systems)
• Energy Electronics based STATCOM and SVC systems
• Shunt Reactor Systems and special energy transformer solutions
• Fully automatic, graded or stationary, filter or non-filter, custom design
compensation and filter systems and solutions designed to operate
in external settings, high temperature and heavy conditions, and
acclimatized in iron sheet or concrete kiosk.
Power Quality Record and Analysis
Energy consumers becoming “free consumers” and the creation of a energy
exchange resulted in the need for questioning the quality of power, the product
to be exchanged in this market. We offer custom solutions for measuring,
monitoring, analyzing and reporting the quality of energy from the production
points up to the consumption points.
• Energy quality record and analysis functions
• Precise collection and recording of energy values (Quality Record)
• Monitoring energy quality
• Reporting energy quality
• Custom functions
Flexible STATCOM Solution
for Energy and Industry Markets
• Active circuit breakers for active front end (AFE) functionality
• Highly dynamic control properties
• Configurable reactive power characteristics
• Individual customisable with scalable, modular performance levels
• The easiest operation with internally developed service software and
user-friendly interface design
• Support of the common field bus systems (CAN, PROFIBUS, ETHERCAT
and others), binary interfaces also available
• Adjustable high dynamics of reactive power compensation
• Independent adjustment to the network requirements by an intelligent
electronic control system (drive control unit)
• Active Harmonic Filtering
by PowerCOM Statcom Solution
PowerCOM improves quality in all types of electrical networks. These meet a variety of requirements,
such as optimising the mains voltage as well as compensating reactive power transfer, harmonics,
flicker, sag and swells.
Ensure Stable Grids
High energy quality, reduced energy costs and stabilisation of the grids are just some of the new requirements that electricity consumers
nowadays have.
Industrial applications require a stable grid for safe operation. In particular, consumers who do very precise work must be protected
against mains fluctuations or outages. On the other hand, they may not burden the grid themselves, e.g. due to reactive current outputs.
With the use of regulated PowerCOM statcom Solutions, the grid operator’s grid connection conditions can completely be fulfilled. At the
same time, the efficient, reliable operation of machinery and equipment is assured.
A ctive grid compensation to ensure quality in production processes
Measures to support the power system
Active harmonic compensation for best possible grid quality
Individually customisable with scalable, modular performance levels
Flicker compensation against negative feedback in the network
Reduction of the total harmonic distortion factor (THDi)
Reactive power management for the entire system with the adjustable power factor cos φ
Reactive power deployment at LVRT, symmetric or asymmetric
MST Elektroteknik [Microelettrica Scientifica Turkey]
Customer Benefits
Block diagram
Optimised grid quality and reduced burden on operating equipment
through customer-specific compensation systems
Stabilisation and support of the public or industrial grids through active
harmonic management
Reduced energy costs through compliance with the contractually agreed
performance factor
Reduction of losses in transmission and distribution grids as well as in
industrial plants
We build and test every system at PowerTech:electrically, thermally,
mechanically and also with regard to the electro-magnetic
compatibility. PowerTech also operates a private, state-of-the-art
test field for load testing with air or liquid-cooled systems and for
the simulation of artificial grids.
PowerCOM can be used as permanent or temporary solutions. For
temporary use, the is only active in the event of a line-side voltage
drop when it initiaties the required filtering. For line-side reference
conditions, they remain in stand-by operation.
PowerCOM solutions meet divers technical and mechanical
requirements. Their modular design guarantees a high degree of
flexibility and an excellent ability to integrate in control technology
and communication systems.
Rated voltage
IGBT-based four-quadrant technology voltage link
Rated voltage range
3 AC 380-690 V
Line frequency
50 Hz/60 Hz
Rated power range
300 kVAr up to 6 000 kVAr
Forced air cooling, optional liquid cooling
Response times
Protection rating
< 1 ms in online mode
Profibus DP (RS 485), Ethernet, CAN, USB
interface, digital in/out, potential-free
indication contacts
Electronic control systems
Power module with air cooling
PowerCOM compensate for harmonics throughout the network and ensure the supply of consumers with electricity at reference
MST Elektroteknik [Microelettrica Scientifica Turkey]
SCS Series Capacitor Banks with Harmonic Filter
CS Series Contactor Switched Capacitor Banks with Harmonic Filter
Basic features of SCS Series compensation systems are in the below;
Main features of CS Series compensation systems are as below;
• T hese compensation systems are special because of the equipment that
uses for switching. In this compensation system capacitors are switched
on and off with static switching which contains thyristor- diode packets
instead of contactors.
• While switching (ON/OFF) there are no any transient situation, over
current and voltage transient.
• Thanks to milliseconds respond time in low voltage, it can be realized real
time reactive power compensation.
• It contains harmonic filter reactors. It can work without effected by
harmonic loadings and inrush.
• It eliminates possible serial and parallel resonance through harmonic
• In all kind of facilities and process they can be used in 50Hz and 60Hz.
• It continuously keeps power factor in level 1, that’s why it gives excellent
• It provides long life with physical strengths and withstand values 20% over
voltage and 50% over current.
• Compensation system is manufactured and tested accordance with IEC
standards. These systems are economic and practical because it provides
easy installation, manpower and time saving, no additional material, high
level protection against touching, electrical and physical strength. It also
provides increase of power and revision about system.
• Basic structure of SCS Series compensation system is C7s type modular
compensation rack units which have state switch and harmonic filter.
• Modular compensation units are mounted consecutively on withdrawable
or racks.
• Using the modular rack units allows operator to add and modify the steps
in capacitor banks. Thanks to this when a facility come bigger or smaller
than before, operation in capacitor banks such as step changes, increase of
power will be completed easily and faster.
• I n the system capacitors are switching electromechanically by contactors.
• Serial harmonic filter reactors limits distortion of transient situations,
transient voltage and over current, that occurs while switching. Thanks to
this it provides operation safety.
• These systems provide reactive power compensation in low voltage.
They are used in facilities and systems which have slow load changes. In
addition to this they are used in systems which do not need respond time
in millisecond levels.
• Contains harmonic filter reactor. The system can work without harmonic
loadings and inrush.
• It eliminates possible serial and parallel resonance through harmonic
• In all kind of facilities and process they can be used in 50Hz and 60Hz
• It continuously keeps power factor in level 1.
• It provides long life with physical strengths and withstand values 20% over
voltage and 50% over current.
• Compensation system is manufactured and tested according to IEC
• These systems are economic and practical because it provides easy
installation, manpower and time saving, no additional material, high level
protection against touching, electrical and physical strength.
• Basic structure of CS Series compensation system is C7s type modular
compensation rack units which has state switch and harmonic filter.
• Using the modular rack units allows to add and modify the steps in
capacitor banks.
• Modular structure allows easy expansion and maintenance.
Main Differences
Capacitor Banks with Contactor
Noise Level
During mechanic contactor switched on/off it has mechanical
noise. Time to time it can be appeared noise because of arcs
and over current.
Capacitor Banks with Thyristor
It has 20-40 ms delay in working without waiting discharge
time. They works suitable for needed power in real time
During capacitor steps switched on/off, system works soft and
without any impulse. So there won’t be any inrush current and
transient voltage distortion.
This system work without mechanical switching. As a result
system works in a silent. Capacitor steps are operated
continuously and unlimited.
Respond time- Speed
Usually, It has 30-60 seconds delay in working because of the
capacitors discharge.
Number of Switching
With mechanical contactor switching is limited.
In theory it has unlimited switching.
Application Area
It is used in facilities which has less and slow load changes.
And these changes are unnecessary according to the total
It is used in facilities which has rapidly varying load. Also it is
used in facilities which need fast compensation system.
Distortion of Over Current During capacitor steps switched on/ off, frequently it can be
and Transient Voltage
occurred inrush current and transient voltage distortion.
MST Elektroteknik [Microelettrica Scientifica Turkey]
MSC Series LV Capacitor
Compensation Solutions for Railway Systems
There are operations and/or systems affected from high level capacitive reactive
energy and extreme compensation even though they install any compensation
systems and/or capacitors except for operations and facilities where reactive
energy compensation systems are installed with traditional methods using capacitors. Railway applications that comprising kilometers of underground cabling
(particularly light rail, tram and electrical bus-trambus systems) are the most
important ones.
• M
SC Series Low Voltage Power Capacitors consist of metalized
polypropylene film bobbins which are placed in metal casing with different
connection techniques such as series and parallel.
• Metalized polypropylene film is shortly named element. Elements are
totally dry units with no impregnation or insulation liquid.
• MCS capacitors has high mechanical and electrical resistance thanks
to metalized polypropylene film and production technique of element.
Elements receive a treatment in vacuumed and dry environment. In
addition thermosetting resin is used in element prodcution. Bobbins are
coated with resin in a vacuumed and dry environment. So in resin it doesn’t
get any air and humidity because of expansion and sweating.
• Elements can be consisted as series and parallel groups in casing. MSC
Series Power Capacitors are manufactured according to thermic calculation
beside of electrical and mechanical calculation. Also designs are realized
according to the thermal cooling because of the element and temperature
change in casing.
• The metal box for elements is filled with inorganic and fire proof granules.
These granules do not prevent thermal cooling. Also they extinguish flames
in case of a possible defect.
In production of MSC capacitors there are no harmful gas and materials. In
this regard, they provide all the international standards and requirements.
End of their life time, they are subject to recycling.
External discharge resistors are used as standard in MSC capacitors.
Discharge resistors provide voltage reduction between the capacitor
terminals when power failure occurs.
MSC capacitors have perfect current and voltage withstands, as a result
they have long life. They can be used in all kind of compensation and
filtering applications with high performance and safety. They show stability
of high capacity for many years with high quality metalized polypropylene
film and internal fuse. And these metalized polypropylene films have selfhealing ability.
Thanks to MSC capacitors low dielectric losses, they provide compensation
and filter needs of facilities and they keep active power losses in minimum
Product Code
(MSC xxxx)
Nominal Power
Nominal Voltage
Dimension (mm)
MSC 8.33k-48
340 x 70 x 220
MSC 16.66k-48
340 x 70 x 220
MSC 33.3k-48
340 x 70 x 220
MSC 33.3k-96
340 x 70 x 220
Kablo bağlantıları
Wire connections
Metalize polipropilen film
In-house metallised polypropylene film
Metal kutu
Metal Enclosure
Deşarj direnci
Discharge Resistor
Güç kabloları
Power Cables
Isı ile sertleşen reçine
Thermo-setting resin
Kapasitör Elementi
Capacitor Element
MST Elektroteknik, as your professional solution partner with energy flow charr
analysis, harmonic analysis, short circuit analysis, secondary protection relay
selectivity analyses and product/system solutions aimed at all such systems in
railway operations projects in detail and applies the automatic inductive and
capacitive compensation systems in line with working conditions
When the MV cables are energized, it is enough to create capacitive reactive
power. In railway operations, capacitive reactive impact will be permanent while
underground cables are energized.
However, loads including transformer, UPS and similar loads within the operation
also have reactive impacts when they work under low load. Particularly the
inductive reactive energy caused by energy inverters, potential capacitive reactive
energy caused by UPS’s working under low loads, and potential capacitive or
inductive reactive energy caused by ventilation and lighting systems are some
of the most important operational factors that affect total reactive energy and
its distribution within the operation.
The reactive energy flow of a railway operation may vary depending on the
capacitive reactive impact caused by underground cables and how much the
inductive or capacitive reactive energy of other stationary loads (transformer,
UPS etc.) throughout the operation compensate or increase one another. Therefore, the lowest inductive reactive energy compensation system that will be
generally applied and taken as the basis can be calculated based on the reactive
energy flow in the facility’s idle operation criteria. However, in an already-operating railway system application, reactive energy levels and flows can continually
vary during the day depending on the vehicle traffic.
So, it should be considered that the capacitive reactive of the lines can be automatically compensated at varying rates and levels depending on the loading
levels in the operation. As a result, the projected inductive and/or capacitive
compensation systems have to be designed so that they will automatically reply
the loading conditions varying throughout the operational period.
MST Elektroteknik, thanks to years of experience and expertise, runs the AC
main energy and harmonic flow simulations (as well as short circuit analyses
and relay selectivity) of railway operations by licensed developed softwares.
The below criterias are taken into consideration in computer simulations and
analyses carried out on the single line of the operation are considered first to
determine the directions and levels of energy flow.
• Different loading and working conditions of the operation,
• Feeding and billing of the facility from one or more points within different
• Periodically deactivating some of the energy sources,
• Emergency scenarios etc. provided by the operator
Dahili sigorta
Fuse link
Plastik kap
Plastic case
Such transportation systems which establish energy transmission/connection
between the distribution/service substations with underground medium voltage
cables and where the lines are very long may exposed to highly extreme high
capacitive reactive impact.
By using computer simulations carried out by various scenarios and working
conditions, the system designs ensure inductive/capacitive compensation of
the system under all conditions and the total power, distribution, installation
criteria etc. of such systems in the operation are determined.
İnorganik yanmaz zehirsiz granüller
Inert and non-toxic granules
Montaj delikleri
Holes for fixation
MST Elektroteknik [Microelettrica Scientifica Turkey]
HV Enclosed Capacitor Banks
HV Enclosed Capacitor Banks
Configuration of Banks
Enclosed capacitor banks designed by MST are used for power factor correction,
voltage support, harmonics suppression and to maximize network capacity in
industrial applications and distributions systems.
Capacitor Banks are constructed in steel-plate or galvanized cabinets according
the requirements of the customer specifications.
Standard construction of the Capacitor Banks includes MST POWER CAPACITORS
(three-phase units or single-phase units in star or double star connection),
According to the requirement, it is possible to include also inrush current reactors
or other protection and measuring devices (unbalance relay, de-tuned reactor,
current and voltage measure transformer etc.)
In case of some complex technical solutions, it is possible to offer automatic
capacitor bank equipped with regulator and vacuum or SF6 contactors etc.
Capacitor Banks are usually formed by an incoming cubicle where the main
circuit breaker, earthing switch and control and protection relays are placed.
There are one or more step cubicles where capacitors, reactors, fuses and switching devices are located. Banks can be manufactured with various options and
configurations to meet virtually all customer needs.
Protection Devices for Typical Systems
• Capacitor units
•Equipped with internal fuses or HV-HRC fuses
Equipped with discharging resistors or with quick discharge
• Unbalance current protection
• Overcurrent and earth-fault protection
• Over and undervoltage protection
• Internal temperature protection
• Earthing switches and protection locks.
Product Features
• M
odular, compact and robust design optimized for easy future expansion
of the system, facilitating transport, storage and installation.
• Galvanized steel enclosure available for indoor and outdoor installation,
with different ventilations, with different ventilations systems. Protection
class ranges from IP30 to IP54.
• Design and testing complies with the requirements of the latest edition
of relevant standards and the specific technical requirements set by the
• Use of simplified design and proven components ensures high reliability
and low maintenance costs.
• Optimized to give a low environmental load by using recyclable materials.
• The banks are are supplied as fully assembled units, factory tested and
ready for connection.
Switching Devices
Vacuum or SF6 contactors and circuit breakers.
Capacitor Banks can be applied with air core or iron core damping or de-tuned
(low pass) filter reactors, depending on the harmonic level of the network and
the number of steps needed.
Capacitor Design
• Capacitor Banks with one-phase capacitors units connected in star or
double star.
• Capacitor Banks with three-phases capacitor units connected in star.
Types of Banks
1.Fixed Capacitor Banks
These banks connected on continuous mode directly to the loads and provides
a fixed quantity of reactive power at all times.
These banks can be permanently connected to the loads or they can be switched
by means of devices located in customer’s switchgear.
2.Fixed Capacitor Banks with switching device
These banks is basically the same as the fixed banks. But they are fitted with a
switching device (contactor or circuit breaker), that allows them to be connected
and disconnected from the network at any time.
3.Automatic Capacitor Banks
Formed by different steps, each one composed of capacitor units, reactors and
switching devices, mounted in a common enclosure.
They can improve the power factor by providing the required amount of reactive
power under varying load conditions.
The operation, control and monitoring of the different steps is carried out by a
microprocessor based controller according to the need for reactive power.
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