Spring/Summer 2015 - The Supply Line

Spring/Summer 2015
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Crescent Electric Supply
Company serves electrical
professionals with products
and solutions to meet electrical
and data communications
needs. With a wide breadth of
product and industry expertise,
Crescent Electric provides the
right solutions for the evolving
electrical markets and emerging
technologies in Datacomm,
Energy and Industrial solutions.
The goal is to achieve total
customer satisfaction by
delivering high-quality products
and value-added services.
At Crescent Electric Supply Company, we are dedicated to helping your business
succeed. We bring you cutting-edge electrical products from the most respected
manufacturers in the industry. This issue of The Supply Line highlights new,
innovative and game-changing products from some of these manufacturers.
Our team is built with people trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the
industry. Our sales and project management teams work with you on your project
from start to finish – finding the right solutions to meet specifications, helping you
contain costs and providing long-term sustainability.
With today’s complex landscape of electrical solutions, Crescent is the resource
to help you with your next project. Stop in to your local branch, or call to arrange
for an on-site meeting to learn how Crescent can help with your electrical and
datacomm needs.
Kevin Richard
District Manager, Alaska District
Kevin Richard
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Wayne Hearne
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Counter Sales Representative
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Inside Sales Representative
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Due to the franchise restrictions, all items
may not be available at every location and
may be substituted where appropriate.
We reserve the right to limit quantities
and correct typographical errors.
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Powered for
With the evolution of lighting, power management and
alternative energy, the energy market is a growing demand
in today’s economy. That’s why Crescent Electric provides a
trained staff of Energy and Lighting Specialist and premier
product lines for all aspects of energy efficiency.
Lighting Solutions/Retrofits
Power Management
Energy Savings
Alternative Energy
Product Recommendations
ROI Analysis
No-obligation Energy Audits
■ Fixture and Lamp
Recycling Programs
Call Us:
to see how Crescent Electric can help you save
energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions:
Kevin Richard | (907) 562-2800
[email protected]
District Manager
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Local Industrial
Specialists and field support
Technical Support Center for engineer-
ing applications
Energy saving
Process improve-
ments and machine throughput
Inspection, sensing
and data logging
Power quality, moni-
toring and mainte-
The industrial market is always looking for ways to promote
energy savings, increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and
save money. Crescent offers local, industrial specialist and
field support as well as a Technical Support Center for
engineering applications.
Call Us:
Control and automa-
tion solutions, prod-
ucts and training
Local inventory and daily deliveries
to see how Crescent Electric
can help save energy, time and
maintenance costs:
Marty Odsather | (907) 562-2800
[email protected]
District Sales Manager
In the low-voltage market it’s essential
for you to have the latest products
Structured wiring
moves, adds and
and resources. That’s why Crescent
provides you with Datacomm Sales
Managers, Account Managers, and an
Inside Support Team to help you find
the right products from our premier
product lines for all aspects of lowvoltage installations.
Audio/video solutions
Automation controls
Call Us:
to see how Crescent Electric can hook you up
with the latest technology and advances:
Kevin Richard | (907) 562-2800
[email protected]
District Manager
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Latest in control access
Security innovation
Fire Barrier Rated Foam
•Faster installations: reduced
set-up times bringing additional
firestop materials to the job site
•Less mess: Minimize getting
“that red stuff” on clothes,
walls, floors etc
•One product: No need
for additional tools and
firestop products
•Easy to use: Pull the
trigger and go
Performance Plus Wire
•Four connectors replace
seven standard connectors:
Saves time on the job
and reduces inventory, offering
a broad wire capacity and taking
few sizes to get the job done
•Flexible skirt: Covers the overstripped wires,
providing increased protection
Comfort Grip and Gripping
Material Work Gloves
Light and flexible with nitrilecoated palm for lightto medium-duty jobs
•3M™ COMFORT GRIP CUTRESISTANT GLOVES: Mediumduty gloves for greater cut,
puncture and tear resistance
SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear
•3M Pressure Diffusion
Technology: Allows temples to
naturally adjust to individual
head sizes
•Self-adjusting feature:
Eliminates need to stock
multiple frame sizes at worksites
Hard Hat H-800 Series
•Smooth, easy turning ratchet
suspension: Comfortable
suspension sits lower on head
to help reduce pressure points
and increase safety, especially
when looking up and
bending down
•Optimized comfort with 3 levels
of adjustment: 4- and 6- point
suspension combinations
Scotchlok™ Terminal
•Broad line of 3M™ Scotchlok™
terminals, lugs and connectors
•30 years of field-proven
effective and reliable
•Most UL listed and CSA
certified, where appropriate
•Designed for easy installation
without hang-ups or twisting
Duct Tape
•3M rubber adhesive to stick fast
and stay fast on many surfaces,
even irregular surfaces
•Strong moisture resistant
backing for long term
performance in moist and humid
•Tears easily straight across
and down without curling
•Tack-free edges
Scotch® Barricade Tape
•Scotch® Barricade Tape 300
Series: Durable polyethylene
plastic, bold 2" letters, long
roll length, will not tear easily,
attracts attention. Available in
various sizes, thicknesses and
with different warning signs.
Featured Products
•3M™ Construction/Industrial First Aid Kit, 118 pc
•3M™ Hi-Viz Construction Vest
•3M™ Peltor™ Earmuffs X Series
•3M™ Digital WorkTunes™ Hearing Protector
and AM/FM Radio, featuring Voice Assist
Heat Shrink
•Full thin wall and thick
wall product line
•From a manufacturer
known for high quality
insulation materials
and tapes
•Made in USA
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Indoor LED Troffer/TRLED™
•Replaces outdated fluorescent
troffers, one-for-one
•Available in 2x2 and 2x4
•37 Watt and 50 Watt models
in 3 color temperatures
•Up to 94 lm/W
•0-10V dimming standard
on all models
•100,000-hour LED lifespan
•5-year warranty
Area Light/ALED150:
•Replaces 400W MH area lights
•66% energy cost savings vs. HID
•100,000-hour LED lifespan
•Type II, III and IV distribution (also available as a wallpack)
•Slipfitter mounting option available
•Available with a wall mount for use
as a wallpack on the side of buildings
•Bi-level operation and 0-10V dimming options (optional)
•5-year warranty
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Hazardous Lighting/HAZLED™
•HAZLED is a Class I,
Division 2 LED fixture that can
be wall, ceiling or pendant
•Available in 26 Watt (
replaces 70W MH) or
42W (replaces 100W MH)
•Class I, Division 2,
Groups A, B, C, D
•IP66, UL 1598, UL 8750
and UL 844 ratings
LED Sensor Lights/
•Perfect for commercial
or residential properties
in which proper security
lighting is paramount
•Sensor with 180˚ detection pattern at up to 30 ft.
•Time settings from 5 to 15 minutes
•Adjustable photo and motion sensitivity
•Manual sensor override disables motion detection
•Energy Star® certified; helps qualify for utility rebates
•10-Year warranty on full fixture & sensor assembly
•High output high bay with
a stunning 10,000 lumens
of LED
•Designed for lighting large
warehouses, manufacturing
facilities and gymnasiums
•DLC listed
•131˚F (55˚C) maximum ambient
•100,000-hour LED lifespan
•5-year no-compromise warranty
•Perfect for residential and
commercial lighting applications
•Available in single or
dual-head configurations
•Single head equivalent to
75W BR/halogen/wide flood
•Reduces energy consumption by 83%
•Available in bronze, white,
black and verde green
•The 8-Watt LFLED LED
landscape light replaces
50 Watt MR16
•Available in 4800K (cool),
4000K (neutral) and 3000K
(warm) color temperatures
•Offered in architectural bronze,
black, white and verde green
•5-year LED warranty
•Suited to brush a wide stroke
of smooth light across a canvas
such as a billboard or large
building façade
•CANVAS 78 Watt replaces 250W
MH with over 8100 lumens and
high 92 lm/W efficiency
•NEMA Type 6Hx4V ideal
for signage and facades
Downlights/RDLED 2-inch
•Has an aperture that’s just
over 1" wide
•Perfect for upscale residential
or commercial spaces
•8W replaces 50W MR16 with
energy savings of 82%
•Up to 696 lumens, 79 lm/W
•100,000-hour LED lifespan
•Contemporary low-profile
design available in square
or round
•At only 9 Watts, SKEET
delivers nearly 800 lumens
and replaces up to 100-Watt
incandescent bulbs
•Fits on standard junction
boxes, mounts flush to
ceiling or wall
Fuses Made Simple™
•Three tiers of protection –
each offering distinct levels
of performance benefits –
help speed up selection
•Inside these three protection
tiers are four distinct fuse
families (yellow, green, black,
and gray)
•UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized
modular DIN-Rail design and
rejection feature makes it easy
to install and maintain
•Optimum 20kA nominal surge
current protection for the United
States and Canadian markets
•1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pole versions
to match application needs
•IP20 finger-safe for
greater safety
BSPD High Capacity Type 1 SPDs
•120kA to 400kA surge
current capacity ratings meet
the requirements of larger
switchboards and electrical
•UL maximum 20kA nominal
discharge current rating and
200kA SCCR meet most system
Rotary Disconnects Open and Enclosed
•UL 98 Listed fused and
non-fused for main
disconnect or branch
circuit protection and UL 508
Listed for motor applications
•Easy-to-install accessories
make it simple to configure
each disconnect switch for
the desired application
Type 1 SPDs
•UL Type 1 1449 3rd Edition
Listed for easy specification
and installation
•Consisting of 20 voltage
and system specific versions
to match most system
and equipment needs
•easyID™ LED indicatiors allow
quick and easy check of the
SPD’s status
Modular Knifeblade Fuse Blocks
•Modular, snap-together design
provides tool-less assembly of
multiple pole blocks to save
inventory and reduce
assembly time
•All fuse blocks meet the
UL creep and clearance
requirements for industrial
control circuits
Modular Ferrule Fuse Blocks
•Modular, snap-together design
provides tool-less assembly of
multiple pole blocks to save
inventory and reduce
assembly time
•DIN-Rail and panel mount
versatility allows one product
to be used for multiple applications
and lowers inventory cost
Compact Circuit Protector (CCP)
•2/3 the space of traditional fusible
switches and provides 200kA
•Small footprint saves panel
space, with ratings up to 100A
•Finger-safe construction and
lockout/tagout capability for
added workplace safety
•Up to 200kA SCCR helps
achieve high assembly SCCR
Power Distribution Fuse Blocks
•Uses up to 50% less space and
reduces installation time and
labor by 33% when compared
with traditional solutions
•Reduced watts loss lowers
overall operating temperature
•Optional see-through IP20
finger-safe covers enhance
safety with lockout/tagout
Modular Fuse Holders
•Easy application color coding:
yellow for PV (1000Vdc), red
for IEC (690V), and black for
UL (600V)
•1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pole versions
•Finger-safe, high SCCR rated,
Class CC, J, midget, and 10x38
IEC size fuses
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MicroSet® Dual Tech 2000 sq.
ft. (360°) with daylight sensor,
single relay or dual relay, 120347 VAC 50/60Hz - Sensor
• Motion sensing lighting control
• Energy savings and convenience
• MicroSet® self-adjusting time
delay and sensitivity
• Built-in light level sensor
• Units available for control of
single or two separate loads
MicroSet® Dual Tech Wall
or Corner Mount Occupancy
Sensor with Daylight Sensor
•Motion sensing lighting control
•Energy savings and convenience
•MicroSet® self-adjusting time
delay and sensitivity
•Occupancy or Vacancy
•Products tested to NEMA WD
7 – 2011 Occupancy Motion
Sensors Standards
Slide Dimmer
• Preset feature allows user to
return to previous light level
when turning lights on
• Integrated full-slide control
for easy, precise operation
• Can be wired as single-pole
or three-way
• Neutral is not required
for installation of device
lectrostatic discharge
•0-10V units available
•LED/INC units available
120/277V PIR/Single Level
Wall Switch Sensor
• Replaces single or
multi-pole switches
• No neutral wire
• Integral daylight sensor
• Choice of manual on or
auto on operation
• Sensor must have direct line-ofsight to person making motion
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120-277V – Roomer Controller
System Room Controller Base
Unit, three relays, three dimmers,
one emergency output
• Click & Go ready,
RJ45 connections
• Preconfigured for automatic
functionality upon power-up
• Manual or automatic On, bi-level,
tri-level and dimming control
High Bay Fixture or Junction
Box mounted OEF
Occupancy Sensor
•Applications up to 40'
for mounting height
•Built-in power supply and relay
•No minimum load required
•Fits a standard ½" knockout
Decorator Dimmer
• Preset feature allows user to
return to previous light level
when turning lights on
• Integrated full-slide control
for easy, precise operation
• Can be wired as single-pole
or three-way
• Faceplate is removable to
allow for three color changes
• Electrostatic discharge
•0-10V units available
•LED/INC units available
Metalux SkyRidge™
• Natural choice for today’s
commercial environments
• Available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4'
recessed versions
• Leverages our patented
WaveStream LED Technology
with AccuAim™ optics
• High performance efficiency up
to 109 lumens per watt (lm/W)
Lumark Caretaker™
• Industry leading 5,212
delivered lumens
•Greater than 85% energy
savings over HID
• 72,000 hours of
maintenance-free use
•Replaces up to 175W HID
• Easy installation – universal
wood pole and wall bracket
and removable power tray door
• Five year limited warranty
Metalux Encounter™
• Optimal light uniformity,
resulting in soft, natural light
for superior visual comfort
• Available in 1' X 2', 1' X 4', 2' X 2'
and 2' X 4' recessed versions
• Leverages our patented
WaveStream Technology with
AccuAim™ optics
Metalux SNLED (Striplight)
• Storage/utility areas, coves,
displays, shops, tasks
and general area lighting
• Base, Lensed and Reflector
model options
• 8’, 4’ and 2’ product
• High efficacy up to 116 lm/W
• Typical 85+ CRI
• Class 2, 24V DC constant driver
with standard 0-10V dimming
Lumark Night Falcon™
•250W & 400W metal halide
flood light replacement at
85W and 129W respectively
•6 X 6 wide distribution
•Trunnion and Slipfitter
mounting options
•Integrated sensor – dimming
and occupancy option
•0-10V dimming option
•NEMA twistlock photocontrol
receptacle available
Halo RA4 & RA56
•Adjustable gimbal offers 35°
tilt and up to 360° rotation
•Retrofits existing 4", 5" or
6" housings with screwbase
adapter included
•Torsion spring or friction
blade mounting
•Use with 5" H550 and
6" H750 LED housings new construction and remodel
•Damp location listed
Sure-Lites Pathlinx System
•Thin profile LED emergency light
with AccuLED Optics allowing
for expanded spacing making it
unobtrusive and more
•EZ Click – RJ45 connection
reducing equipment,
materials and labor costs
•Expanded remote capability
Lumark Crosstour™
•10, 20, 30, 50 and 85 watt
replace up to 400 watt
metal halide
•Versatile wall, surface,
pole, bollard, inverted, slim,
low-profile LED design
•Easy installation with secure
lock-hinge and single-point
Halo RL4 and RL56
• ENERGY STAR® certified
• Halo White or Satin Nickel
trim and baffle finish
•Retrofits existing 4", 5" or 6"
housings with screwbase
adapter included
• Use with 5" H550 and 6"
H750 LED housings - new
construction & remodel
Halo SLD Surface
• WaveStream™ LED Technology
- Downlight “cone of light”
•Transform a ceiling junction
box into a downlight with
SLD - the ultra-thin luminaire
that’s less than 1-inch profile
• Lumens: 675 (6-inch model),
650 (4-inch model)
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DR Series - 6" & 4"
LED Retrofit Downlights
•Utilizes Cree TrueWhite®
Technology (90+ CRI)
•Replaces up to 65W BR30
•625 lumens (6"), 575 lumens (4")
•CCT: 2700K
•Designed to last 35,000 hours
•Wet rated, Dimmable to 5%
•5-year warranty
•Applications: Recessed lighting in
both new and retrofit residential
and light commercial settings
ZR Series - LED Troffers
•90 CRI
•CCT: 3500K, 4000K
•LPW: 90-150
•0-10V dimming control
(standard) or SmartCast™
Technology (optional)
•Cree TrueWhite® Technology Designed to last up to
75,000 hours (standard)
and 100,000 hours (HE)
•Applications: Education, Healthcare and Office settings
CXB Series - LED Hi/Low Bay
•Minimum 80 CRI
•CCT: 4000K, 5000K
•Delivers 18,000 or 24,000
median lumens
•One-for-one replacement of 250W and 400W HID luminaires and multi-lamp fluorescent
low-bay and high-bay fixtures
•10-year limited warranty
•Applications: Grocery, gymnasium, industrial, retail and warehouse
UR - LED Linear Retrofit
• 102 Lumens per watt
• 3600L at 36W or 4500L at 44W
• CCT: 3500K or 4000K
• Designed to last
50,000 hours
• Controls: step
level to 50%
• 7-year warranty
•Replaces linear
fluorescent systems
LED Lamps
•A19 & A19P 40W equivalent at 6W
•A19 60W equivalent at 9.5W
•A19P 60W equivalent at 11W
•A19 75W equivalent at 13.5W
•A21 100W equivalent at 18W
•BR30 65W equivalent at 9.5W
•PAR38 Spot & Flood 90W
equivalent at 18W
•MR16 50W equivalent at 8.7W
EDGE - LED Area/
Street Lighting
• Remarkable illumination
redefines high output illumination
• Slim low profile design
• UL wet listed
• CCT: 5700K or 4000K
• Replaces up to 1000W MH fixtures
T8 Lamps
•T8 Linear 20W at 1700 & 2100 lm
•CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K,
5000K (varies by lamp)
•Designed to last 50,000 hours
•Dimmable, 5-year warranty
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XSP - LED Street Light
XSP: Replaces 70W to 400W HPS
XSP1/ XSP2: replaces up to 100W/
replaces up to 150W
• 10-year warranty
• Horizontal tenon
• 120-277V, 0-10V dimming option
• UL wet listed
CPY - LED Canopy
• 80W or 122W
• Flat or drop lens
• CCT: 4000K or 5700K
• 0-10V dimming
• Designed to last up
to 55,000 hours
• Replaces up to 320W HID
• Direct mount or hook and
cord/pendant mount
• 10-year warranty
•Applications: Industrial, Parking
Structure & Petroleum
LED Surface Ambient Luminaires
WS Series - LED Surface
Ambient Luminaire
•Up to 6,300 lm
•CCT: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K or 5700K
•Replaces linear fluorescent
lamp systems
LS Series - Surface
Ambient Luminaire
•90 CRI
•CCT: 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
•Replaces linear fluorescent
lamp systems
VG - LED Garage Luminaire
• CCT: 4000K or 5700K
• 3,700+ lumens
• Five mounting options
• Occupancy sensor option
• Multi-Level option
• Replaces up to 175W
Metal Halide
• UL wet listed, IP66 rated
• Type 5M and Type 5W distribution
• 10-year warranty
•Applications: Industrial, Parking
Structure & Petroleum
TMCX II Cable Glands
•1-1/2"–4" sizes available in Q1!
•True two-piece design for rapid
trouble-free installs
•Chico® LiquidSeal liquid
compound with fast gel and
cure times, reduces return
to service times
•Nickel-plated brass and
stainless steel increase
corrosion resistance
Champ LED Family
•Hazardous rated and ordinary
location models ranging from
3,000 to 25,000 lumens for
a wide variety of mid-bay
and high-bay applications
•60,000 hours rated life and up
to 170,000 hours of economic
life eliminates maintenance
•Up to 77% energy savings over
HID fixtures
•Safe, reliable heat transfer
Quick-Lok™ Pro (MCQ)
•Easy, tool-free installation
•Integral insulated throat
bushing provides protection
for wire insulation
•Wide range of styles
and configurations to meet
customer requirements
and preferences
FMV LED Floodlight Gen II
•40% smaller
•12 pounds lighter
•Up to 10 times longer life
and 70% reduction in power
consumption compared to
equivalent HID floodlights
•Globally certified floodlight
•-40ºC to +65ºC operating
temperature range
Liquidtight Fittings
•Provides protection in
wet locations
•Available in various
configurations in various trade
sizes and materials
•Hex surface on gland
nut and body
•Thermoplastic elastomer sealing
gasket effectively seals out
water, oil, dust and dirt
•Locknut bites into box
Industrial High Bay Gen II
•Replaces 175W -1500W MH
or 4/ 6/ 8 lamp T5HO’s for
industrial locations
•Modular design with 6 models
between 8,000 and
64,000 lumens
•Aisle optic option
•Efficacy of 115 lumens per watt
•DLC compliant for
utility rebates
Myers Hubs
•Expanded trade sizes
to include 2½" - 4" in zinc
and stainless steel
•Expanded operating temperature of -15°C to +120°C
•Expanded and updated
certifications to current
applicable standards
Type U Conduit Bodies
•4-to-1 SKU reduction, simplifying
•LL, LR, LB or factory 90
with a C fitting
•Enhanced pulling speed Mimics sweeping bend of a
factory 90 elbow, easing hand
and mechanical wire pulling
V-Spring Telescoping Light Pole
•Increases safety and decreases
labor costs associated with
lighting installation and routine
•Spring-assistance allows luminaire
to be lowered safely and easily
•Allows for all work to safely take
place on the platform or walkway,
eliminating the need for portable
ladders and fall protection
Linear LED Luminaires
•Replaces fluorescent T12,
T8 and T5HO lighting in harsh
& hazardous applications
•Industry’s best efficacy of up
to 130 lumens per watt
•Industry’s lowest profile (2.7") linear fixture
•Seven versatile mounting options
•Long life and superior thermal performance
– 60,000 hours lifetime @ 65°C
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CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System
•Provides optimal support for
high-performance data cable, up
to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6,
Cat 6A, Cat 7 and fiber optic
•Typically requires less
time, labor and material for
installation compared to cable
tray systems
•Requires no screws, rivets or
special tools for assembly
•Push/pull keyless release allows
easy adjustments
•System supports both 1.5 mm
and 2 mm cables
•Low-profile locking device
minimizes visual impact with 10
end-fittings to choose from
•Cable spread of 90 degrees
allows positioning the device
closer to the load
CADDY® ROD LOCK Telescoping
Strut Replacement TSR20038RL
•Easy “push-to-install” design
allows installers to simply push
the threaded rod through the
mounting hole, instantly holding
it in position
•Ready to use out of the box and
eliminates the need for cutting
sections of strut
•Works with SCH Single-Piece
Strut Clamps
Rod Mounting System
•Prefabricated assemblies easily
lift and lock into place, helping
to save time and money
•Works with slightly damaged
threads and minor burrs
on the threaded rod
•The family has many
applications to attach to beam,
wall, roof decks, and strut
CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook Trees
•Provides optimal support for
high-performance data cable,
up to and including Cat 5e, Cat
6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and fiber optic
•Ready to use out of the box,
saving installation time
and labor
•Requires no screws, rivets or
special tools for assembly
•Meets ISO®/IEC 14763-2, TIA
568-C and TIA 569-C
Electrical Assemblies
•Complete assembly that is
ready to use right out of
the box and installs with
just two screws
•Open-back design offers faster
and easier access to install
conduit connectors or wiring
•Box remains fixed in place
when mud ring is removed
(on applicable models)
Theft Deterrent Composite
•Inner copper stranding is tinned
for superior corrosion resistance
•Inner copper core provides
increased conductivity
and flexibility
•More flexible and easier to work
with than copper clad
steel conductors
Ground Enhancement Material
•Maintains constant resistance
for the life of the system once
in its set form
•Performs in all soil conditions
even during dry spells
•Does not require periodic
charging treatments or
Telescoping Strut Replacement
•Ready to use out of the box and
eliminates the need for cutting
sections of strut
•Captive threaded nuts enable
fastening to threaded rod
supports without loose parts
•Clearance holes help quickly
create multi-level trapeze
Welding Material, F20
•Mixture consists mainly of
copper oxide and aluminum
•Primarily used in grounding
and bonding applications
•Integrated welding
material package
•Color coding by size
for easy identification
•Electronic ignition
Complete Home Surge
•Industry’s most complete line
of products means there is no
need to search elsewhere for
all the necessary components
•Available in Micro (Good),
Max (Better) and Ultra (Best)
series levels
•Add Cable and Telephone Line
devices for complete protection
CH PON breaker
•Plug-on neutral clip eliminates
the pigtail and saves up to 25%
per AFCI/GFCI installation time
•Advanced electronics effectively
reduce nuisance tripping
•Standard diagnostic LED
indicating 1 of 7 trip codes
•Mechanical flag for trip
•Industry exclusive 2 position
handle with simple 1 step reset
•Limited lifetime warranty
Class 1 Reconditioning Services
•Class 1 Reconditioning
is a unique process that
incorporates specific steps
to ensure the highest level of
reliability and performance for
power circuit breakers
•Incoming Inspection, Test and
Data Collection
•Complete Disassembly
•Component Specific Cleaning
•Final Test per IEEE/NEMA
Series G—Global Molded Case
Circuit breakers
•Increased performance in less
space than standard circuit
breakers or comparable fusible
•The “G” signifies global
applications: marked with UL,
CSA, CE, and IEC listings
•Field-fit and common
accessories through 630 amps
•Five Series frame sizes in ratings
from 15—2500 amps
60 Circuit Load Center
•Full 60 spaces — listed
for up to 120 poles
•Easy to hang trim via top
keyhole mount on each side
•Additional knockouts along
each side wall for surface
•Easily add breakers with neutral
bars that extend the entire
length of the bus
Eaton’s Pow-R-StockPlus Program
•This stocking program is
intended to meet numerous
light commercial key drivers
and encompasses products that
are typically used in this space
•The Pow-R-StockPlus products
-Dry-type distribution
-Safety switches
-Enclosed control
Customer Manufacturing
Solution Centers
•17 Regional Manufacturing
facilities specializing in
Switchboard, Panelboard
and Motor Control Center
design and assembly
Cleveland and
Juarez Flex Centers
•Provide direct distributor access
to safety switch and transformer
design centers
Shunt Trip switch
•Industry’s first and only safety
switch with remote open
•Enhance personnel safety
and protect equipment in
commercial and industrial
applications with visible means
of disconnect when coupled
with window option
CH and BR Arc Fault/Ground
Fault Circuit Interrupters
•Provides one device for both
AFCI and GFCI protection,
allowing for a single point
of reset
•Offers complete protection
from arc and ground faults
for the entire circuit, including
Eaton’s EESS Start-up
& Commissioning Services
•A detailed and comprehensive
approach to commissioning that can be
tailored to meet customer needs.
•During this commissioning process,
several building systems are reviewed,
- Mechanical
- All HVAC equipment
- Building automation system
and hardwired controls
- Communication
- Electrical
- Plus many more…
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14 | cesco.com
LED Security Light E2SA
•Provides energy efficiency in a
robust fixture built to withstand
even the harshest elements
•Advanced optical design offers
various photometric options
•Designed for use in outdoor
work yards, roadside commercial
establishments, suburban
developments, and rural areas
•Wattages: 42 and 47
•Lumen range: 3,900-5,600
LED Replacement Lamps
•Replace inefficient
incandescent light sources
•Available in A-Line,
BR30/40, PARs, MR16s,
decorative, plug in
•Recommended for use in
residential, commercial, retail;
including conference rooms,
lobbies, malls, auto dealerships
•Life rating: up to 50,000 hours
•ENERGY STAR® Certified
LED Recessed Cans DI, RI, RS
•Standard retrofit or new
construction options
•Recommended for use in
residential, commercial and
retail; including conference
rooms, lobbies, airports, malls,
auto dealerships
•High lumen packages ideal for
high ceiling applications
•Lumen range: 700 to 4,000
•ENERGY STAR® Certified
•Replaces 250-1500 watt HID
fixtures and 4 to 8 lamp
T-5/T-8 high intensity
fluorescent fixtures
•Recommended for use in
commercial, retail, industrial;
including high and low bay
lighting, racked aisles or open
floor plans, warehouses, cold
storage, gymnasiums, sports
arenas, high ceiling spaces
LED Recessed Troffer
Fixtures BT, BR
•Fits perfectly into
existing drop ceilings
•Uniform light distribution along
the face of the luminaire with
no hot spots or banding
•Recommended for use in
commercial, retail; including
general lighting, ceiling troffer
fixtures, offices and education
•Models in 2x2; 2x4; 1x4 sizes
Fluorescent T-8 & T-5 Energy
Saving Long Life Lamps
•Energy saving T-8 &
T-5 LFL lamps provide
longer life options
•Recommended use in
commercial, retail,
and light industrial
•Extend life cycle of
standard T-8 & T-5 lamps
LED Outdoor Area Lighting
•Superior vertical illuminance
and uniformity, while
minimizing glare
•Life rating: 50,000 hours (L85)
•Color temperatures ranging
from 4000K to 5700K
•5 patterns/8 wattages
•Integral surge protection
Fluorescent T-8 & T-5
Electronic Ballasts
•Designed for use with LFL
lamps for maximized savings
•1, 2, 3, or 4-lamp
•Multi-voltage; 108V to 305V
•Instant start, programmed start
and dimmable
•UL Type CC Anti-Arc
4' T-8 LED Integrated Tubes Direct Replacement
•Directly replaces standard
T-8 linear lamps
•Take your linear fluorescent
(LFL) lamp out of the fixture
and simply install the LED
Integrated tube
•Operates on T-8 instant and
programed start electronic
4' T-8 LED Tubes/Driver
Solution and LFL Refit Kit
•Tubes offer the option to
replace LFL lamps with a tube
and driver replacement solution
•Refit kits convert your existing
LFL fixture to High Efficiency
LFL lighting without needing
a comprehensive reinstall
•Life rating: 50,000 hours (L70)
•UL approved 1598 & DLC listed
CONCEPT™ Type 4:
•Seams continuously welded
and ground smooth
•Doors are interchangeable
and easily removed by pulling
clip-style hinge pins
•Simple easy-to-remove and
install hinge pins with
built-in captivation clip
•Seamless foam-in-place gasket
Type 3R
•White polyester powder finish
with low solar absorption
•Integrated solar shield top
and intake cover
•Active cooling ventilation
system with factory-installed
fan and filter (115 VAC)
•Top front hood exhaust
and door
•Provides excellent chemical
resistance to a broad range
of solvents, alkalis and acids
•Resists cracking and provides
excellent impact resistance
•Removable snap-hinge cover
allows for easy access to cover
and body for modifications
Outdoor Air Conditioner
•Attractive industrial design with
minimal use of visible fasteners
•Cleanable, reusable aluminum
mesh filter protects coils for
maximum cooling performance
•Galvanized sheet-metal cover
for rugged factory and
outdoor environments
•Active condensate management
with heater strip
SF Side-Mount Filtered Fans
•Click-fit design quickly installs
into enclosure wall; no tools
or screws required
•Simple snap-open grille for
easy filter replacement
•Enclosure side wall mounting
•Free air flow from 16 CFM
to 571 CFM
Fiberglas Continuous
Hinge Type 4X
•Compression-molded fiberglass
has outstanding chemicaland temperature-resistance
qualities and exhibits excellent
weatherability and physical
•Fiberglass is easily punched,
drilled, filed or sawed
•Gasket assures water-tight
and dust-tight seal
Type 1 Hinged Cover
•Flush slotted latch operated
with a screwdriver; optional
latches available
•Weldnuts provided for
mounting optional panels
•Butt hinges
•Mounting holes on
back of enclosure
ACCESSPLUS™ Double-Hinge
Wall-Mount Type 1
•Double-hinged for easy
equipment access; center
section provides 19-in. rack
mounting per EIA universal
spacing and is accessed through
the front door or swing the
center section away from the
wall section for rear access
PROTEK™ Double-Hinged
Wall-Mount Cabinet
•Front and rear access to 19-in.
rack equipment provided
by three-part design: door,
center section and wall section
•Premium seamless, foamin-place gasket prevents
contaminants from entering
the cabinet
Type 4X
•Manufactured from 14 gauge
Type 304 stainless steel
•20-degree sloped top facilitates
runoff of water and cleaning
solutions and prohibits the
placement of objects on the
top of the enclosure
•Seamless foam-in-place gasket
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WGH LED Wallpacks
•Available in two sizes that
feature a rugged die-cast
aluminum housing with
borosilicate glass lens
•Offered in 4,888
to 10,151 lumens at 4000K
•Designed to provide uniform
light distribution, less glare
and better thermal
DDL Dusk-to-Dawn
Multi-Purpose LED Luminaire
Now available in two
additional models:
•DDL-140L1 offers industryleading 121 LPW and over
5,100 lumens at 43.5 watts,
5000K and 120V
•DDL-56L-4K-1-NA is a lower
cost version luminaire that
completes the line of DDL
LED fixtures with a 30
watt LED system
Prescolite LBSLEDA10L30K WH
Surface Mount Fixture
•Mounts to a standard J-box
•1,000 lumens
•17 watts
•Works with many ELV 2-wire
dimmers for residential and
light commercial contractors
•Round and square versions
•Wet Location listed
F Series LED Floodlights
•Provide energy-efficient
floodlighting solutions
with a wide IES distribution
•Available in four sizes with
up to 16,358 lumens (FXL)
•Ideal for safety and security,
facade, area and sign lighting
•All floods DLC qualified
Hubbell Automation
WASP2 Dimming Outdoor
Occupancy Sensor
•Provides 0-10VDC (Class 1)
dimming of fixtures with user
controlled dimming presets
•Low and high mount lens
options for mounting
between 8' to 45' in height
•Interchangeable twist-on
lenses eliminate field masking
•Features a daylight sensor for
ON/OFF control in daylight
Dual Lite EVHC Series
•High lumen output, emergency
lighting unit in a low profile,
architectural design
•Utilizes fully adjustable,
integrated lamp-heads
•Lamp-heads provide path
of egress in high ceiling/wall
mounting height applications
•EVHC meets Life Safety Code
requirements at up to 83'
spacing with a mere 6 watts
per head
The LED Striplight Portfolio
•LCS Open Striplight, LCL Lensed
Striplight, LCR Industrial Striplight
•2', 4' and 8' sizes
HBL LED Highbay
•Available in a hazardous location version, HBLH,
and a high ambient temperature version, HBLHA
•Ranges from 10,000 lumens to 17,000 lumens
•Up to 100 LPW
16 | cesco.com
Lunabay LED High Bay
•Ideal for lighting retail
stores and light industrial
facilities, gyms and
multipurpose rooms
in schools, etc.
•Ranges from 12,000
lumens to 23,650 lumens
•Up to 95 lumens per watt
•The top cylinder can be
painted any of seven colors
to match interior accents
LED Enclosed & Gasketed Luminaires
•LXEM Medium-Body, LXEW Wide-Body, LXEP Parking Garage
•Offer standard certifications of IP65, IP67, wet label, and food
service listing and IP66 is standard
The LX family of LED Enclosed & Gasketed Luminaires
•LXEM Medium-Body, LXEW Wide-Body, LXEP Parking Garage
•Offer standard certifications of IP65, IP67, wet label, and food
service listing and IP66 is standard
•Nominal lumen range is from 3,000 to over 22,000
with up to 124 LPW
4, 6, & 8 Inch Recessed
Poke Throughs
•Only recessed 4 inch
P.T. on market
•All power & data connections
are made below floor
•ADA approved cover,
only 0.15" rise
•Several architectural cover
•For use on tile,
carpet, & terrazzo
Recessed Floor Boxes
•Full line of recessed floor
boxes from 2-10 gang
•All power & data connections
are made below floor
•Corrosion resistant “green”
version for on-grade
•Common “family” look
on all covers
•Several architectural
cover options
Manual Motor Disconnects
•Dual rated manual motor
controllers & disconnects
•30-100 amp units available
•Variable Frequency
Disconnect units available
•Sloped Top Disconnect for
Food Processing Plants
•NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4X, 4X
stainless steel, & hazardous
location units available
Basket Tray
•Full line of Wire basket tray
•Made in the USA
•100% recycled steel
•Durable 5mm thick vs 4mm
•Low minimums for
freight allowed
•Flat wire tray available
Watertight Wiring Devices
•Newly redesigned
watertight line of devices
•NSF, UL, CSA rated
•UL TYPE 4, 4X, 6P,
IP65, 66, 67
•Mates with Competition,
UL witnessed
•Cone seal on back adjusts
to any cable range & offers
maximum strain relief
Plug Load Controls
ASHRAE 90.1-2010 & CEC
Title 24 Compliant Controls
At least 50% of 15 & 20 amp
receptacles must be controlled
by an automatic device such
as occupancy sensor in:
•Private offices
•Open offices
•Computer classrooms
New eTours
Electronic Tour of facilities
showing where to use
Hubbell products
Currently Available
•Manufacturing Plant Tour
•Healthcare Facility Tour
•Education Facility Tour
•Safety Tour
Twist Lock Industry
Standard Locking Units •Super tough nylon
•Standard, safety-shroud,
& water tight units
•Dual, maximum strength
cord grip
•Catalog number & current
ratings printed on device
AHP1600WRP Harsh
Environment Occupancy Sensor
•IP66, NEMA 4X outdoor rated
•Operating temperature range
from -40˚F to 149˚F
•Photocell & isolated
relay included
•Wall or pendant mount
Advantage Series Switch
Rated Pin & Sleeve
•Mates with existing installed
IEC pin & sleeve devices
•UL 4X, IP69, high pressure
wash at 1000 psi
•Power indicating LED light for
visual verification of power
•NSF certified
•30 amp only
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11-in-1 Screwdriver with Double-Ended Combo Bit
•#1 & 2 combo blade tips
•#1 & 2 square drive bits
•#1 & 2 Phillips 3/16 & ¼ straight blade
•¼, 3/16 & 3/8 Hex nut drivers
•Cushion Grip handle
•Finally, a perfectly shaped combo tip!
Switch Drive Handle System
•Switch from a drill to a handle in a snap!
•Patented quick release mechanism secures
any driver with a 1/4" hex shaft
•Space saving
•Each set includes the Switch Drive handle plus
a variety of power driver and power nut driver sizes
- #2 Philips and #2 Square 6" Drivers
- 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" power Nut Drivers
All-Purpose Pliers
•Wire stripper and long-nose pliers in one!
•Cut, strip, and loop 8-16 AWG solid
and 10-18 AWG stranded wire
•Shearing holes for 6-32 and 8-32 screws
•Spring loaded for self-opening action
Journeyman Gloves
•For ample comfort and
•Latest high-quality materials
•High dexterity
•Water resistant nylons
•Thinsulate placement
Multi-Groove Fish Tapes
•Low friction, easy feed design
•Fiberglass performance
at 25% lower cost
•Less surface contact when
when pushing through
crowded conduit
18 | cesco.com
Large & Medium Hard Case
•Hard outside shell
and soft interior
•Twin zippers
•Two sizes
•Protect tools, meters
and other tech devices
Wire Pulling Foam Lubricant
•Dissolves clean
•Higher yield than gels or waxes
•One can equal to 4 quarts
•No drips, no stains, no mess
VDV Coaxial Cable Cutter-CCS
•Forged steel blades cut general purpose wire and cable
•Notched blade
•Dipped handles
•Optimized to cut copper-clad steel
•Multi-functional blade
Lighted Tool Bag
•31 pockets for maximum storage
•Removable LED light
•Bright interior for better visibility
•Durable molded bottom protects from the elements
•Illuminate your bag or your workplace
Omni Security
& Automation Controllers
A UL-Listed security and fire
panel, with comprehensive
automation built-in
•Whether Z-Wave, ZigBee,
or UPB, use one controller
to manage all of your
•UL listed for security/fire
in residential, security
for commercial
Lumina Gateway Wireless
Energy Management System
Powerful wireless energy management solution for small
commercial, new construction and retrofit, controlling
lights, fans, shades, pumps, and more
•The Gateway, motion sensor, door/window sensor,
light switch, thermostats, and load control modules
can allow automated control of loads with remote
control from a tablet/smartphone
BitWise AV Controllers
BitWise AV Controllers are designed for customizable
control of sub-systems within home theaters, retail,
restaurants, boardrooms, classrooms, houses
of worship, and much more
•Installers can create custom interfaces for OmniTouch 7,
iOS, and Android
devices, ensuring complete end-user satisfaction
•Utilize RF remote controls, apps, or a dedicated OmniTouch
7 Touchscreen for control over all connected sub-systems
Vizia RF+ Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control
One-touch control of lights, dramatic scene transitions,
timed events and many desirable options to enhance
your home without the need for new wiring
•Utilizes popular Z-Wave protocol for attachment
to capable hubs, controllers, gateways, and security systems
OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen
7” diagonal viewing area
at 800x480 resolution for
control of security, energy,
and entertainment settings
in a commercial or residential
•Designed for the OmniPro II,
Omni IIe, Omni LTe, Lumina Pro,
Lumina and BitWise automation
HLC Powerline Lighting Controls
The HLC product line includes dimmers, switches,
remote controls, and plug-in modules
•HLC is a modular system, so you can easily add
rooms or lights, updating as needs change
•For retrofits or expansion, simply replace the existing
light switch with a Leviton “smart” switch
as communication occurs over existing powerline
Omni-Bus DIN Rail Lighting Control Network
Twenty-nine modules and interfaces provide sophisticated control
over lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, motors, and more in
both residential and light commercial buildings
•Controls CFL, LED, electronic low voltage, Halogen, and
incandescent lighting
•Omni-Bus lighting for 110-120 and 220-240V
•Control up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps and more
with the DIN-Rail style Omni-Bus
Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio Systems
Free stand-alone iOS app controls audio on the patio, in the gym,
or in the kitchen
•Use Bluetooth™ to stream your favorite music throughout every
room. Let anyone be the DJ!
•Now available in an affordable amp only model. Add volume
controls and remote inputs only where desired, since the
amplifier has local inputs as well
Omnistat2 Thermostats
Programmable communicating thermostats control gas, oil,
steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, electric, geothermal,
and heat pumps
•The Omnistat2 can display outdoor temperature
and humidity settings
•A graphical chart can be viewed showing HVAC usage/
energy consumption, sorted by week
•Wireless ZigBee versions available, can be connected
to third-party automation and control systems
•Available in three different colors with an adjustable
backlight featuring 100+ colors
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Digital Inverter Generators
•4-cycle gasoline-powered
inverters provide two
120V AC outlets
•Sizes ranging from
•Quiet operation,
9–11 hours run time
•AC overload reset button
•Less than 3% total harmonic
distortion, safe for sensitive
3250-7500W Portable
•Ideal for wide array
of applications
•Manual and electric
start options
•EPA compliant
•11–14 hours run time
•4-6.6 gallon fuel tanks
•3-year warranty
10kW GENFORCE Portable
•Heavy duty V-Twin engine,
GFCI –protected control panel
and full-cage steel frame
•Electric start, 11-hour run time
•EPA & CARB compliant
•11–14 hours run time
•Less than 5% total harmonic
distortion, safe for sensitive
•3-year warranty
Automatic Transfer Switch
•Residential, agricultural and
light industrial applications
•Single- and three-phase options
•Galvanized steel enclosure
meets ASTM A653
•Available in sizes ranging
from 100-1250 amps
•5-year warranty
Automatic Transfer Switch
•Calculates voltage and frequency
•Single-phase options
•Whole-house power management
•100 amp and 200 amp
models available
•Lightweight (42 lbs.)
•3-year warranty
20 | cesco.com
Air-Cooled Home Standby
•Ideal for homes &
small businesses
•Sizes ranging
from 8-20kW
•Liquid propane and
natural gas options
•Durable outdoor enclosure
made of Galvanneal steel
•3- and 4-year warranties
Manual Transfer Switch
•Learn Function allows user
to monitor power output
of generator
•Learn Function helps determine
available circuit loads
and allows user to monitor
the portable generator’s
capacity to prevent overloading
•Optional inlet box available
Industrial Diesel- and
Gaseous-Powered Standby
•Sizes ranging from 30-600kW
•Heavy-duty John Deere, MTU,
GM and PSI engines
providing years of reliable,
trouble-free operation
•High ambient cooling system
to handle even the harshest
•2-year warranty
Liquid-Cooled Home
Standby Generators
•Ideal for large luxury
homes and businesses
•Provide automatic
backup power
•Sizes ranging from
•Liquid propane and
natural gas options
•Single- and three-phase options
•Corrosion-resistant enclosure
•User-friendly controller
Milbank’s OneSERT Program
•After a natural disaster hits your
area, One-Stop Emergency
Response Team will get you the
power generation product you
need, when you need it
•After-hours call support 24
hours per day, 365 days
per year (800-227–5564)
•Expedited product availability
UT 6-TMC - Resettable
Thermo-Magnetic Circuit Breaker
• Space saving design - compact
width of only 12.3mm
• Wide range of protection
options - breakers range
from 0.5 A to 16 A
• Power distribution made easy
- using CLIPLINE Complete
double plug-in bridge shaft,
as well as push-in bridges
UNO Power
ompact, cost-effective power
supplies with basic functionality
• High power density – up to
100 W of power in a small
power supply
• Saves space on the DIN
rail – as a result of the
compact design
• High efficiency - reduces the
amount of energy consumed
RIFLINE - Industrial Relays
• Push-in wire termination
technology (PT) - helps reduce
wiring time, labor costs and
eliminate wiring errors
• Easy ordering - available as
completely assembled modules
or individual components
• Wide range of relay options can switch currents up to 16A
and the most powerful module
can switch voltages up to 440V
TRIO Power Supplies and Mains
Plugtrab Surge Protection
• Reduced footprint in a cabinet narrow housing design
• Wide-range of applications from -25°C to 70°C
Temperature range
ompensation of long DC
wire runs - made possible
with adjustable output
North American Cordsets
• Rapid delivery of items –
products are locally produced
and normal order volumes
can be shipped from our
logistics center in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania within 1-5 days
• Reduced assembly time up to
90% - with SPEEDCON M12 halfturn rapid interlock system
Basic Ethernet Switch and
High-Speed Ethernet
Protection (SFNB & DT-LAN)
• Suitable for a wide array of
applications - five and eight
port copper versions along
with single fiber port variants
•Protects Gigabit Ethernet up to 10 Gigabit per second
and PoE+ without limiting the
bandwidth of your system
• Wireless Radios for I/O and
Serial Communication
• Simple configuration; used for
wire-in, wire-out operation
• Easy, software-free
configuration for simple
I/O to I/O communication,
programming via the thumb
wheel on the radio makes setup
and installation quick and easy
ST Spring-Cage Connection
• Quick termination - the
spring cage is approximately
30 percent faster than
standard screw termination
UT Screw Connection
• Universal use - widely
recognized throughout the
world, in a wide range of
applications and various
industry segments
VIP Wiring Devices
• Fast, efficient, and error-free
method - of connecting field
devices to a PLC or DCS system
• Saving considerable amount
of time - by utilizing pluggable
components to make controller
wiring a quick, clear, and
error-free process
• Custom configurations –
choose a combination of
the following:
- 12- to 17-inch TFT
touch screens
- Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz,
Celeron 2.2 GHz, or
Intel Atom 1.66GHz CPUs
• Scalable CPU performance
based on application needs
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22 | cesco.com
BLACKBURN® Compression Lugs
• Listed die number on lug barrel
for easy inspection after
successful crimp is applied
olor-Keyed® System indicates
proper location and number of
crimps required on connector
• Colored bands on connector
and matching colors on dies
ensure proper match of crimping
die to connector
RED DOT® Extra Duty
Weatherproof WIU Covers,
Metallic & Non-Metallic
• Comply with NEC Section
406.9(B)(1) and 590.4(D)(2)
for “Extra Duty” outlet box
• “Extra Duty” required for any
installation of receptacles
in wet locations in structures
other than one- or two-family
BLACKBURN® Grounding
• EZGround® Compression
Grounding System
• Designed for direct burial
• Offers safe, efficient alternative
to exothermic welding products
• All-weather alternative
eliminates need for explosive
charges and can be safely
installed in all climate conditions
CARLON® Draft Tight
Non-Metallic Boxes
• Foam gaskets cover cable
entry points and drywall flange,
creating draft-tight seal
• Helps control heating costs
during winter and cooling
in summer
• High-strength polycarbonate
construction won’t shatter when
cold or distort in heat
CARLON® Horizontal Adjust-A-Box
• Horizontal orientation makes
it perfect for mounting kitchen
and baseboard receptacles
• Large 21 cu. in. capacity for
duplex or GFCI receptacles
• Ideal for use with ceramic
tile and baseboards for new
or rework
• Blends well with rectangular tile
RED DOT® Deck Grommet PRO
• Provides safe, economical
access to line-voltage power
in outdoor raised deck
•Hardwired solution using
conventional electrical
wiring devices
• Compact design saves space
and is easily concealed
for decorating purposes
T&B® Commercial Grade
Liquidtight Fitting
•CuLus certified commercial
grade liquidtight fitting
•Sizes: 3/8" - 4" straights,
45’s and 90’s
•3/8" - 2" sized straights are steel;
All other sizes and angles are
malleable iron
Round Floor Boxes
• Capacity of 3-gang box,
affordability of a round
non-metallic floor box
• Innovative design provides
flexibility to configure
any combination of power
and communications devices
STEEL CITY® 5 Square Boxes
• More than double the cubicinch capacity of a standard
4"-square deep box
• Extra room in 5 SQUARE box
reduces likelihood of ground
faults and short circuits
when installing large fire
alarm devices
• Faster and easier to route wiring
and make terminations
Pre-Fab Strut Services
•Custom metal framing
products and services to
help reduce end-user material
and labor costs
•Eliminates the cost of overordering material, on-site
fabrication, scrap disposal
and storage
We also carry products from...
Cablofil® Line
Wattstopper® Line
Wiremold® Line
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