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Spring 2010
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First Contract Win Announced for New 3D Visualisation Tool
launched at Subsea UK
Celebrating a good year
so far
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Drawing blood from new
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Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT) announced its first contract win for its latest
3D visualisation technology, SIM Reservoir when it launched the product at Subsea UK in
February. This significant order demonstrates the growing capabilities of KOGT within the
sector as the leading integrated simulator solutions developer.
The contract will see KOGT provide one of the largest National Oil Companies in the Middle
East deploy 14 licenses for the new upstream software tool across its global operations.
This first order, placed in December 2009, shows how major oil companies are recognising
the considerable benefits the technology can bring to reservoir development.
KOGT has taken an industry lead by being the first simulation and visualisation solution
provider to take advantage of cutting edge screen technology where interactive 3D can be
viewed on the screen without using 3D glasses. This is a game changing solution ideal for
a collaborative setting. When used this way SIM Reservoir helps small teams by simplifying
and improving the decision making process of defining the optimal well placement to
maximize oil recovery, without the need for large and expensive 3D cave solutions.
“SIM Reservoir is expected to see significant growth within the UK market following a
£2 million investment in sophisticated 3D visualisation technology last year,” comments
Mark Baldwin, Sales Manager at KOGT. “The development of SIM Reservoir is a strategic
milestone for the expansion and continued success of KONGSBERG into the North Sea oil
and gas business.
“This next generation reservoir simulation tool is designed to improve decision making
and efficiency during post processing of reservoir simulations. Using 3D gives added
information with regards to depth and distances of the objects being viewed which is
invaluable in an environment where the slightest of inaccuracies can be costly.
“Subsea UK was an ideal platform to showcase this technology to a wider audience.
Following the contract with the Middle East NOC, we’re already in talks with several
major UK operators and are very encouraged by the initial interest we’re receiving in SIM
Celebrating a good year so far
What is it?:
Welcome to the first edition of Innovations
a corporate newsletter produced by
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT)
UK – part of KONGSBERG Group.
Ledaflow® is the product of a decade of
collaboration between Total, ConocoPhillips
and SINTEF and has been further developed as a
unique integrated tool for oil & gas engineers by
the experts at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.
It’s a true next generation solution that meets
significant market demand for improved dynamic
multiphase flow simulation.
For those with limited knowledge about
KONGSBERG, it is an international,
knowledge-based group that supplies
high-technology systems and solutions
to customers engaged in the oil and gas
industry, the merchant marine, and the
defence and aerospace industries. In
2008, KONGSBERG had a turnover of NOK
11 billion (over £1.2 billion) and 5,243
employees in more than 25 countries.
With offices in Aberdeen and Portsmouth,
KOGT continues to develop innovative,
reliable decision support tools for the oil
and gas industry.
This is set to be an exciting year for us.
We have just launched our latest 3D
visualisation tool, SIM Reservoir, to the UK
market at Subsea UK in Aberdeen and have
already received a lot of interest from North
Sea operators. Meanwhile we have secured
a deal which will see us provide one of the
largest national oil companies in the Middle
East with 14 licenses for this new upstream
software tool.
After a decade of collaboration between
TOTAL, ConocoPhillips and SINTEF, our
next generation flow assurance simulator,
LedaFlow®, is in its final stages of product
release testing. When combined with our
K-SPICE tool this provides a Field Simulation
solution unique to the upstream industry
We are the only vendor currently able
to provide a suite of proprietary tools
that deliver integrated facility simulation
systems and services through all stages of
the asset lifecycle - from feasibility studies
Career Profile
Product Focus
Why was it developed?:
With offshore production becoming more
complex and future oil discoveries expected to
be in deepwater and Arctic environments, it was
identified there was a need for a more accurate
multiphase transport simulation tool.
to operation and maintenance, with
flow assurance throughout every stage.
I’m also pleased to announce that the
investment in a new training centre at
Westhill in Aberdeen has paid off. More
than 360 delegates have been trained
on Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies
or Kongsberg Maritime courses since
it opened just over 6 months ago. This
success has led to our decision to grow
the existing course portfolio and expand
its oil and gas specialist courses by
launching simulated training covering;
reservoir visualisation, multiphase flow
solutions and process control.
What does it do?:
LedaFlow® exploits the power of highperformance computing to support decisions
in real-time. It is seamlessly integrated with
the K-Spice® dynamic process simulation tool
and suite of solutions for digital oil fields and
integrated operations. Being based on rigorous
multiphase flow models, LedaFlow® provides a
step change in fidelity, quality, accuracy and
flexibility over current generation multiphase
flow simulation technology. It is built
using detailed three-dimensional physical
modelling and has been validated against
the best available, most comprehensive
experimental data.
The Developer:
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies is the
only vendor currently able to provide a suite
of proprietary tools that deliver integrated
facility simulation systems and services
through all stages of the asset lifecycle from feasibility studies to operation and
maintenance, with flow assurance throughout
every stage. Kongsberg pioneered the delivery
of integrated flow assurance systems and is
market leader in supplying robust, accurate,
field-proven systems – 80 solutions have so far
been implemented world-wide.
For more information on LedaFlow®
please contact Mark Baldwin on
We will be at various industry exhibitions
over the coming year, such as, IDOC,
OTC, ONS and ADIPEC, so please come
and visit our stand to find out more
about how our products and services
can help you optimise your processes to
realise increased recovery.
Mike Topp
Managing Director (UK)
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies
Aberdeen training centre on track for
success after launch in July 2009.
process automation and process simulation
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies and
Kongsberg Maritime are pleased to
announce that the new training centre at
Westhill, which opened its doors last year,
is well on its way to surpass revenue of one
million pounds in the first 18 months of
Dave Garner, Customer Support and
Training Manager at Kongsberg Oil and
Gas Technologies, comments, “Meeting,
and indeed exceeding, the needs of our
clients is at the heart of everything that
we do and it is this ethos that has resulted
in our fantastic success over the last six
months. The centre supports customers
of Kongsberg systems as well as offering
generic training courses, from basic to
advanced level, using our ASSETT® generic
oil and gas simulator.”
More than 360 delegates have been trained
at the centre - the largest of its type in the
UK – from the UK and much further afield.
And further jobs are expected to be created
in 2010 as the centre reveals plans to grow
its existing course portfolio and expand its
oil and gas specialist courses by launching
“Our team of experts travel across the
globe to run our courses which is ideal
for companies that have divisions in different
countries. Conversely we’ve had delegates
from Australia, Germany, Poland and Norway
attending the centre for training, thanks to the
reputation and capability that we’ve managed to
build in a relatively short space of time.”
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies courses provide
specialist training on its suite of products from
basic familiarisation to advanced operator and
technical courses. The centre makes extensive use
of its advanced simulation systems and specialist
individual consoles to provide realistic training
scenarios, which would otherwise be difficult
to replicate. Courses are led by instructors with
extensive, direct experience of Kongsberg
Kongsberg’s training centre is located at
15 Abercrombie Court, Arnhill Business Park,
Westhill, Aberdeen.
Drawing Blood From New Born
Babies … To Playing A Giant ‘Sony
PlayStation’ For A Living
David Garner
Position/Job Title
Customer Support and Training Manager at
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies working
between the facilities in Aberdeen and
HNC (Higher National
Certificate) in Medical Laboratory Science.
I am an NVQ A1 assessor… and I’m also a
fully qualified FA football referee.
Getting There
Following my degree
I started work in the NHS in Hull where
I worked for ten years. I worked in
Haematology and did my fair share of night
shifts and emergency call outs. It was during
that time that I developed an interest in both
computers and training and developing staff.
In the late 70’s and early 80’s computers were
just taking off in the office environment and
I dabbled in writing programmes. In 1988 I
moved to BP as part of the commissioning
team for an acetic acid/acetic anhydride
plant. I began there in the control room
where I continued with shift pattern
working. Part of my job involved working
on dynamic simulation and I managed to
inveigle my way into being involved in that.
Dynamic Simulation is akin to a Sony
PlayStation game. You start with an oil
well and the equipment to process that oil
and gas mixture into saleable commodities,
such as natural gas, and oil for refining
into to petrol, diesel and other saleable
hydrocarbons. If you do it wrong then you
get no score. If you do it right, you make
lots of money and a high score. Every game
is different; you start off with the same
ingredients and equipment but then the
game goes whatever and whichever way
you lead it, including into dark alleys and
dead ends. The idea is with a simulator you
can find the best path to glory, by finding
the blind alleys and dead ends playing
the game, and not in real life. During my
time at BP I moved firstly into the role
of simulator trainer and then became a
learning advisor as an NVQ A1 assessor.
I moved to Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies
at the start of 2009 to my current position,
which was created specifically following
growth in demand for dynamic simulation
in the UK oil and gas industry. My focus is on
further developing KONGSBERG’s training
provision on the energy sector from both
the Aberdeen and Portsmouth KONGSBERG
Best Bits
A huge positive for me in
moving to KONGSBERG is putting my love
of seeing people enjoy and grow through
training into practice daily. My career
in training and development has grown
organically to date and this new position
with its excellent environment for learning
brings together all my experiences to date.
I feel it’s a huge achievement to have
travelled from taking blood from the heels
of new born premature babies to leading
the field in simulation training.
Worst Bits
When the job you do is
the job you want to do it’s not surprising
that there are no worst bits of the job. In my
previous ‘life’, working nights at Christmas
and on my children’s birthdays wasn’t top
of my list of enjoyable bits!
Claim to Fame There are not too many
A list celebs who want a show round of a
simulator, I’m working on it … but I’ve been
host to several distinguished visitors such
as Baroness Blackstone, the then Minister
for Education and Lord John Brown when
he was the CEO of BP. We did have Craig
Charles of Red Dwarf and ‘Corrie’ fame
visit the simulator to make a corporate
video when I worked at BP; he made it look
like he was on the bridge of the Starship
Perks of the Job Having a professional
‘Sony PlayStation type system’ to develop
and train people with. Also having such a
varied role as I get to meet a lot of people,
both colleagues and customers, which
involves a bit of travelling that I do enjoy.
I’m quite happy in a hotel room with a book
and my iPod. Over the years with process
simulation I’ve visited Holland, the United
States, Canada, Greece and Norway as well
as most parts of the UK. In fact, I am just
back from the Saih Nihayda gas plant in
the Omanian desert where I trained four
experienced operators in using the custom
ASSETT simulator we installed. I developed
a training course for them to give to their
trainee’s, trained their instructors and
coached them while they delivered the four
courses to their trainees. I will be returning
there in April for a month to deliver two
more modules and assess the trainees using
the simulator.
Advice to Others Without doubt if you
are lucky enough to have an interest that
coincides with a career, go for it. I’ve been
fortunate that over the last 11 years or so,
first with BP and now with KONGSBERG, I
work in the field that I am passionate about
and enjoy. There is always time to learn
something new, expand on what you know
… and you never know what’s around the
Innovations Spring 2010
Solutions to your Problem
Flow Assurance - Slugging and Hydrates etc
Jonathan Teuten
Pre Feed/concept studies
K - Spice
Mark Baldwin
Detailed engineering studies
K - Spice
Jonathan Teuten
Commisioning - DCS checkout
K - Spice
Donald Brown
Operator Training Systems - OTS
K - Spice/LedaFlow®
Declan Fahy
Production Management Systems - PMS
K - Spice/LedaFlow®
Adam Ward
David Cameron
David Garner
Virtual Flow metering
Training required
Various Oil and Gas
training courses
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Did you know?
In 2008, KONGSBERG’S turnover was 11 billion Norway Kroner
(over £1.2 billion)
KONGSBERG has 5,243 employees in more than 25 countries
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has over 140 process and flow assurance
engineers who have installed over 100 Operator Training Systems and 40
Production Management Systems world-wide for all the major oil and gas
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