AABFEIO Graduate - Research Paper Awards The

AABFEIO Graduate - Research Paper Awards
The Association of Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers of Indian Origin (AABFEIO) is
inviting research papers for its Graduate Research Paper Awards, which will be presented at the
dinner meeting of AABFEIO during the 2016 ASABE annual international meeting. These
awards have been instituted to recognize excellence among members in the conduct and
presentation of research related to agricultural, food and biological engineering. Awards are
made in two categories: Ph.D. and M.S. Contestants in each category will submit a research
paper that will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The first place winner in each category will be
recognized by a plaque and $100 cash prize. A certificate of honorable mention and $50 cash
prize will be awarded to the second place contestants in each category. Contestants may submit
their ASABE conference paper for this competition. However, the paper must meet all the
guidelines of this competition.
Contestants must be enrolled in an agricultural/biological engineering or related graduate
program for a minimum of 6 months during the period July 30, 2015 to July 30, 2016
Contestants must be members of ASABE
The student competing for this award must be a member of the AABFEIO
Note: If author is not a current member, he/she can get the membership before the submission
Competition Guidelines and Rules:
To participate in the competition, students must submit a research paper written as per
ASABE guidelines for the ASABE annual meeting in addition to addressing the judging
criteria for this competition. Contestants should carefully read ASABE’s guide for
authors (http://www.asabe.org/publications/authors.aspx) and use ASABE’s template for
annual meeting papers. (http://www.asabe.org/publications/authors/manuscript‐
Along with the research paper, each contestant must submit a letter of support from his or
her major advisor. This letter will serve as proof of enrollment. The letter of support and
research paper must be submitted electronically as a PDF file by May 6, 2016 to the
competition chair Dr. Deepak Kumar at [email protected] with a copy to Dr. Aavudai
Anandhi at [email protected]
Judging criteria for the submissions are shown below.
The chair of the competition will appoint a panel of judges comprising of ASABE
members from various divisions of ASABE. Each entry will be evaluated by a minimum
of two judges. Average scores will be used to identify the top two entries in each
category. In case of a tie, scores of the third judge, recruited specifically, will resolve the
issue. The recipients will be expected to attend the annual dinner meeting of AABFEIO.
Winners of first and second place in each category will be announced during the dinner.
Judging Criteria and Score Sheet:
score (%)
Justification and relevance of research including a clear problem
Appropriate and sufficient review of relevant literature
Clear and concise research objectives
Description of methods, materials and theory appropriate to the
Presentation and interpretation of experimental results
Discussion of results, significance of work, and avenues for future
Organization, quality, and appropriate use of figures, tables, and
Overall quality of writing and readability
Adherence to ASABE formatting guidelines
score (%)