Shamanic Self-Defense

Shamanic Self-Defense
Diagnostic and Protection
Techniques to Remove Negative
Energies for Better Health
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Shamanic Self-Defense
Diagnostic and Protection Techniques to
Remove Negative Energies for
Better Health
Shamanic Self-Defense
Int ro d u c ti o n
According to the Quechua people of the High Andes of Ecuador
tradition, and many other shamanic traditions, like our Earth which
is protected by the energy shield of the atmosphere, the human body
consists of two complementary parts: the physical body and the energy
or illuminating body (also called Aura or Parana). This illuminated
body is described as an egg shaped oval energy field that surrounds our
physical body. It forms by the two energy poles, one above our head that
sends positive ions and the second below our feet that sends negative
ions. They create an energy shield that protects us from the outside
environment. It is believed that in this energy field we store our
memories, traumas, old spirits, and ancestor’s energies.
The shamans assert that all physical, mental and spiritual
health conditions are essentially the direct result of polluted energy
penetration that creates an imbalance in our energy bodies. These
conditions can occur by meeting harmful spirits, through harmful
energy attachments or intrusions sent either intentionally or
unintentionally by another person as in witchcraft.
Bad energy can be easily transferred through words, sounds and
through our mind intention as in curses, jealousy, envy and by the evil
eye. Once that occurs, you can be the transmitter of that bad energy to
your family, friends and clients. It could occur due to a trauma, shock,
or sudden fright that could cause a soul loss. It could simply occur
just by being in or around physical places that contain negative air
or wind energy, like a location of a murder, battlefields, war, natural
disasters, etc. Our illuminated body can be penetrated, or polluted by
our everyday life’s circumstances and outside forces.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Negative energy is referred to as a lower vibration energy that is
stagnant, thick, heavy, without vibrant life force and essentially related
to evil and even death. Positive energy is described as flowing energy
that is fast moving and changing like life itself, and recognized as
higher vibration light.
The Shaman’s sole work is to bring back his client to a state of
balance and harmony. This is the balance between the Earthly heavy
and dark forces and the Heavenly forces of spiritual and light. Opening
the body’s energy blocks and cleansing negativity around it will help
to lift anxiety, depression, fatigue and emotional trauma—opening
pathways for happier relationships, peacefulness, better sleep, higher
energy, better concentration and the attainment of abundance.
It is essential that one practice regular energy cleansing
ceremonies on oneself, home or office. A lot of healers, therapists and
others who work with many clients, after three or four years of practice,
are experiencing fatigue and are surprised to see that their clients
are declining. This is a result of not protecting and taking care of
Cleansing and protection are perfect methods not only for
teachers and healers from all disciplines such as Reiki, massage
therapy, dance, colon therapy, and psychology, but anyone who works
with other people, animals, in an office, a retail environment or
Shamanic Self-Defense
Physical processes for protection
A variety of plants, herbs, resins and minerals’ smoke is an excellent
energy purifier to be used around your body, home or office. The smoke
summons the helping spirits, captures the negative energy particles,
removes and transports them up to the heavens to be dispersed. It also
purify and disinfect the air from dangerous bactirias. The most popular
plants are white sage, sweet grass, lavender, rosemary, valerian root
and other aromatic plants or trees like cider, pine, palo santo and copal.
Start the purification from your head and go down to your toes. You can
disperse it with your hands or with a feather. You can also scatter those
plants and mineral around the house for protection of evil spirit.
Sea salt is a natural detoxifier and absorber of negative energies from
your skin and your environment, due to its hygroscopic ability. It is
used in almost all healing traditions around the world. Rub your hands
and your entire body thoroughly with salt, or take a bath. Place small
bowls with sea salt and water (no need to change the sea salt, just
replenish water) in the corners of your house, under the bed or in your
office. You can also use it without water.
This is excellent for removal of strong emotional problems and spirit
attachments. Spread and rub it on the entire body. It has the ability to
repel negative energies and is used to create a protection circle around
a person, a house, or sacred spaces as a line bad spirits would not cross.
Coal absorbs negative energies, and is also perfect against bad dreams
or nightmares. Ground the wood coal, preferably from a ceremonial
fire, wrap it in natural fabric and tap it over your body or put it under
your pillow.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Take a handful of sea salt and pour it into your bathtub and lay in it
for 20 minutes. You can also add a spoon of baking soda. If you feel
strong negative energies around you, take a bath with sulfur (put sulfur
sticks or powder in water overnight then pour the water into the bath.)
For heavier attachments add six drops of ammonia. Some shamans
recommend taking beer baths. If you do not have a bathtub, you can fill
a bucket with water. Pour water using the palm of your hand, six times
over your left shoulder, six times over your right shoulder and six times
over your head. Do it with prayers, pure intention and concentration.
Repeat it on three consecutive days starting on Monday. You can also
dip your hands or your feet in a sea salt bucket. Do not soap or shower
after the bath.
Spending time in a sweat lodge, steam room or a sauna lets the
negative energies on the surface of your protective skin and deeper
tissues pour out of the body to remove all toxicity and purify your body,
emotions and soul.
CAMAY (Blowing of sugar cane rum)
Put a little amount of sugar cane rum in your mouth, under your
tongue, and blow it forcefully on yourself, on others or around your
room in a strong intentional blow. It needs to be sent as a strong but
soft mist. It will ionize and rebalance your energy body and surroundings.
Containing thousands of pores in their shell, eggs are excellent to
absorb negative energy. Roll the eggs over the entire body, start
with the head first, and concentrate on an area you feel needs more
attention. You can also suck the energy out in your mouth, and spit it in
to either water or a plastic bag. To dispose of the egg, it is recommended
to bury it in the ground with a prayer.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Use feathers preferably of a condor, eagle or wild turkey, to remove
stagnant negative energies. Start from the crown of your head and
move all the way down to your feet. Let the feather guide you to feel
energy blockage.
Brush healing stones, preferably, black lava stones, over your body to
absorb negative energy and create protection shield. You can also hold
a stone in each hand or put them in your pockets. For your home and
office, clap the stones around the room(s), especially in the corners
where stagnant energy congregate. After using them dip them in sea
salt water, or blow sugar cane rum to cleanse them.
It is believed that wax absorbs negative energies. Rub a green candle
over your body, start from the crown of the head all the way down.
Light the candle, place it on a safe surface and let it burn all the way
down. If you experience spiritual attachment rub a black candle in the
same way, turn it upside down, hold it, and let it burn down completely.
For better results do the ceremony for both on three consecutive days.
Amulets are a piece of jewelry or objects made from stones, fruits,
coins, and sometimes contain words. They are created for the purpose
of protection from harm and evil spirits. It is sometimes blessed and
imbued by the power of a shaman. Wear a protective charm, pendent or
bracelet on the left hand, the path to your heart or over your heart.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Wear a mirror or any reflective metal surface over your heart center to
deflect a negative attack back to the aggressor and to disperse into the
Plants absorb negative energy and produce negative ions for air
purification. Place different large green leaf plants such as Aloe
Vera, Banana, Arrowhead, Evergreen, Dieffenbachia, Geranium, and
Dracaena around the house and on the windowsills.
A very important plant is Rue (Ruta, Ruda). Plant it in the entrance
of your home, in front of the windows and on your windowsills. It is
believed to shield the house from jealousy and envy of neighbors and
passersby. Tap a small brunch of rue all over your client’s body, if
the plant melt, dry or dies it is a sign your is client possess large bad
energy. Boil a brunch, add it to your bath or spray or clean your house.
Spend some time in nature. It contains and emits negative ions, which
counter the positive ions we are surrounded by in our digital society.
Hug a tree or sit with your back to a tree trunk it will absorb your
negative energies. Some people find it helpful to be buried in soil or
sand. Stay by a lake, river or ocean. Encase your body with plants and
green leaves, as they repel evil spirits and feed on dark energies.
Do not shake hands with people who you believe are carriers of
negative energy. With over a million nerve endings and receptors in
the palm of the hand, shaking hands acts as an energy transmission
between two people and could be contaminating. Sticky sweaty palms
indicates emotional disturbance.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Sulfur the foully and smelly crystal removes emotional problems,
hexes, and attachment and frees one from enemy cords. You can
roll them on your body from head to toe, or hold a sulfur stick in
both hands. If the sulfur stick breaks, it is a sign of possession. If
you hold it in your hands, bring it to your ears and hear cracking
and hissing sounds, it is a sign of emotional disturbance caused by
entities. You can also soak sulfur for 24 hours in water and add it
to your bath. If you do not have sulfur sticks, use sulfur powder in
cased in a fabric pouch and tap it on your body.
There are many stones and crystals that have protection energies.
They either absorb or repel negative energies, or transmute good
energy, like black obsidian, black tourmaline, black onyx and
apache tears. You can wear them around your neck, carry them
with you or place them around you in your home or office.
To diagnose if someone is possessed, ask your client to hold a small
bone between the two index fingers of their hands. If the bone is
stable there is no possession. If the bone starts to rattle and shake
uncontrollably, it is a sign that the person is possessed, and you
have to proceed immediately with de-possession. If the bone shakes
on the left side it indicates a problem or attachment of the feminine
energies. If the bone shakes on the right side it indicates a problem
or attachment with masculine energies.
Shamanic Self-Defense
Light a candle and bring it close to your client’s eyes. Pass the
candle from side to side of the face. Ask the client to follow the
flame with their eyes. If the eyes are expressionless and lifeless it is
a sign of soul loss, possession or attachment.
- Hang a wind chime on your window or in your garden the sound
send away bad spirit.
- Spray Holy water, a salt and water mixture blessed by a priest.
- Hang a horseshoe above the door.
- Hang garlic garland above the main door and other doors. No one
can stand against it strong smell and purify prowers. you can also
wear it around your neck.
- Take a sun bath for 10-15 minutes each day, negative energy shy
away from the light.
Psychic Processes for Protection
• Be aware. Use your intuition to spot danger and bad energy from
people around you and of places.
• Sit quietly. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and
visualize yourself surrounded in a bubble of light. Or imagine a
source of white light above your head – encase yourself with this
protective light.
• A heart filled with love, is the strongest protection. Send love to
your nemesis.
• Prevention and protection is the best remedy for any sickness!
Shamanic Self-Defense
ITZHAK BEERY is an internationally recognized shamanic
healer and teacher. He was initiated into the Circle of 24
Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian
Kanamari Pagè. He has also trained intensively with other
elders from South and North America. The founder of and cofounder of the New York Shamanic
Circle, he is on the faculty of New York Open Center. His
work has been featured in the New York Times, films, TV, and
Itzhak is the author of The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power,
Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to the Other Realms and
tShamanic Transformations: True Stories of the Moment of
Itzhak is available for private shamanic ceremonial healing
sessions. These sessions will consist of diagnostic candle and
palm readings, La limpia (Cleansing ceremony) shamanic
counseling, shamanic journeying with power animals, spirit
guides and guided journeys. Also available; soul retrieval, cord
cutting ceremonies, entity extraction, de-possession, ancestral
healing, vibrational sounds, Aztecs body work, Takuma needles,
healing stones, crystals and other native and contemporary
shamanic modalities as the need arises.
To make an appointment please email: [email protected]
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