SRC 2016: Book a Trip!
Tween Program, Theme #3: Delve into the past
Prepared By: Brenda Dunn, Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System
Activity 1- Pyramid word search- handout
To familiarize yourself with the possible contents of a pyramid.
Activity 2- Dress the Roman soldier- handout
Paper doll dress-up fun with a historical twist!
Activity 3- Viking word search- handout
Learn new words that encompass the world of the Vikings.
Activity 4-The rise and fall of Great Empires crossword puzzle-handout & answer key
Choose from the word bank provided to learn about empires of the past.
Activity 5- Design a family shield- handout
Draw, colour, decorate your own family shield. This activity can be as basic or as
complicated with different material choices as you wish.
Suggested books
The Great pyramid by Elizabeth Mann
Machu Picchu by Elizabeth Mann
Pyramids of Giza by Sheelagh Matthews
The Usborne book of castles by Lesley Sims
Stonehenge by Catherine M. Petrini
The Roman Colosseum by Elizabeth Mann
Ancient Greece revealed by Peter Chrisp
The story of buildings : from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and beyond by Patrick