How To Upload A Video To YouTube For the FUMCPSJ LipSync

The LipSync Video Contest uses the Private YouTube setting only - Need more info - Click below
YouTube Settings: Unlisted vs Private vs Public -
How To Upload A Video To YouTube For the FUMCPSJ LipSync Video Contest
Go to the YouTube website
Sign in to YouTube - Click on the Sign in button - Then log in (NOTE: If you do not have an account, see
instructions below on How to start a YouTube account)
On every page at the top you will see a Upload button - Click on the Upload button
A Select files to upload page will appear - You can either drag and drop your file OR you can click on the white
arrow in the red box
If you click on the white arrow in the red box, you would then select your file from wherever you have it on your
computer and while your file is uploading you can continue
Use Basic info NOT Advanced settings
Type in your Title - REMEMBER the title MUST be your last name, your first initial, a dash, then the title of
Type in the Description box - FUMCPSJ LipSync Video Contest
NO Tags are needed - Skip this display area
Privacy Settings - Select and KEEP the setting on PRIVATE
Click on the +Add more people display area and type in [email protected]
NO playlist - Skip this display area
After your video is finished uploading, close the site - It will come back and say something like "but you haven't
shared your video" - YOU DO NOT WANT TO SHARE YOUR VIDEO - So just close on the 'X' in the upper right
corner and close the window - Your video is uploaded and the link has been sent to [email protected]
the song - Examples: JonesC-StartAFire or JohnsonM-BlessTheBrokenRoad or SmithT-LetThemSeeYou
How to start a YouTube account
Go to the YouTube website
At the top right click on Create Account
When the next screen appears type in the display boxes:
a. Your E-mail address
b. Your User Name - It will tell you if the user name is available
c. Location - Select United States
d. Postcode - is your zipcode
e. Date of Birth - Self explanatory
f. Gender - Self explanatory
g. DO NOT CHECK the next 2 boxes for this project
h. Do click the "I accept" box at the end
It will go to the next screen asking if you have a Google account if so sign in and if not create a Google account Google owns YouTube which is why they want you to do this and they will link both accounts together
Choose a secure password if you do not have an account & enter it twice Type in the Word Verification
Then click the create "my account" button
FINISHED and go back to the Upload section to upload your video