Technical Services Manager Training Services Manager

Technical Services Manager
The SAIW provides training and consulting services to the Southern African fabrication industry and is a founding
member of the International Institute of Welding. The Institute’s Technical Services provides industry with welding
services including weld procedure development and qualification and metallurgical testing services. Two exciting and
senior positions are available:
The Technical Services Manager position is a key contributor to the aims of the Institute in terms of providing high
quality consulting services in order to benefit industry.
Key Responsibilities:
• Develop and marketing of Technical Services to industry including materials testing services and
consulting services in the field of welding engineering
• Professional advice to clients in the field of welding engineering including development and qualification
of weld procedures, welder qualifications, implementation and interpretation of fabrication standards such
as ASME and AWS
• Metallurgical analysis of welding problems and problem solving and implementation of solutions
• Implementation of welding technologies in industry
Requirements of Position:
• Engineering degree or diploma with specialist knowledge in the welding engineering field, an IWE or
IWT qualification would be a distinct advantage
• Detailed knowledge and experience of the fabrication industry including the technical standards utilised in
• Knowledge and experience on quality requirements of the fabrication industry. Use of Quality Control
Plans, Inspection and Test Plans and implementation of ISO 3834 and ISO 9001
• Ability to communicate and interact with clients and industry representatives
Training Services Manager
The Training Services Manager position delivers training programmes to industry that have been developed by
local industry as well as the IIW to meet the requirements of industry and are internationally recognised.
Key Responsibilities:
• Management of the training department and delivering the existing training programmes to market
• Analysis of the training needs of the welding and fabrication industry and development of training
programmes to meet these requirements
• Implementation of internationally developed IIW training programmes
• Development and implementation of new and alternate training techniques in the welding sector
• Developing, updating and managing course material for the array of courses offered by SAIW
• Marketing of the SAIW’s training programmes and growing the business
• Build relations with key industry partners including end users, fabricators, inspection organisations and
government agencies
The successful candidates will be self-motivated and organised persons as well as be prepared to travel and
work away from home.
Applications should be submitted to Dimitra Kreouzi by fax to +2711 836 6014 or email to
[email protected] by no later than Friday, the 6th of June 2014
Requirements of Position
• Bachelor degree or diploma in a relevant discipline
• Knowledge and experience of the Institute’s training courses and qualification and certification
requirement of personnel for the fabrication and inspection industries
• Ability to communicate and interact with clients, industry representatives and students