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Lennard High School
April, 2016
Lennard Lasso
Administrative Staff
Bringing Together Home-SchoolCommunity
Mary Freitas
2342 East Shell Point Rd Ruskin, FL
Martha McFarland
Assistant Principal for Curriculum
Assistant Principal for Administration
John Guarisco
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Testing Important Dates
US History EOC—4/18- 4/22 (11th graders)
Geometry FSA EOC- 4/25-4/29
Algebra 2 FSA EOC- 5/2-5/6
Eric Brooks
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Marcos Rodriguez
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Hülya Tasci
AP EXAMS- 5/2-5/13
Algebra 1 FSA EOC- 5/9-5/13
Biology EOC—5/16-5/20
Guiding Graduates
Senior Exams- 5/23, 5/24 (Make-Ups 5/25)
to a Life of Purpose
End of the Year Exams- 6/6-6/9
Inside this issue:
Important Dates
April 15– Relay for Life
April 23– Grad Bash (Seniors)
Golf Tournament Flyer
9th & 10th grade parent night 4
Biology Bootcamp
Test Taking Information
April 28– Conference Night
May 14– Prom
May 21– Golf Tournament
June 10– Graduation
Lennard Media Center group on EDSBY:
Make sure you accept our invitation to join our Media Center group
on EDSBY. In it you will find latest news, contests, and interesting
discussion about books, reading and libraries. Join the conversation!
We are opened every day from 7:00am to 3:30pm: Stop by the Media Center to check out our new books, get ideas on books to read
from our book displays, and participate in our monthly reading contests and book trivias.
Thanks, Your Media Staff
Mrs. Banegas
Our 10 year anniversary yearbooks are still on sale for $85. See Mrs. Talley to place your order before
they are all gone.
Students must follow the Dress Code Policy provided by Universal Studios, as well as the Lennard High School Dress Code Policy. Those
students who do not adhere to these dress code policies will be sent home. If your child is dropped off, please be certain that they are
following the policy or you will be contacted to return to the school for him/her. Lennard High School will not hold the buses for any
student waiting to be picked up or dropped off by a parent.
Any student who is suspended from school during the Grad Bash date will not be allowed to attend. There is no refund for the trip if
your son/daughter is suspended.
We will be boarding the buses for the return to Lennard High School at 2:00 AM!
Seniors attending Grad Bash must abide by the Hillsborough County School Board discipline policies. Any student(s) not in compliance
with the rules and regulations might be subject to disciplinary measures by Lennard High School.
Any student who chooses to act inappropriately in anyway while at Grad Bash will be removed from the park and parents will be notified
to come pick up their son/daughter from Universal Studios. The student will not be allowed to remain in the park or ride the bus back
We will return to the Lennard High School parking lot between 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM. Parents are requested to be prompt in picking up
your child.
The MPAC is an organization comprised primarily of parents of migratory children
and youth, another members of the school community. The MPAC organization
Collaborate with school personnel, Migrant Program staff, and representatives
from community agencies to plan, deliver, and evaluate Migrant Program services.
Acquaint parents of migrant students with school personnel and services available at individual school sites and the district.
Provide parents of migrant students with an opportunity to take an active role
in the decisions that affect the education of their children.
Our last event was a huge success. If you would like to know more about MPAC
please contact the office 813-641-5611.
The science department will be hosting a Biology Bootcamp daily
starting April 18th from 6:45am to 7:15am in room 1707. These
interactive reviews will help prepare students to pass the End of
Course Exam in May.
Every Biology student is encouraged to attend.
Test Taking Rules:
Pacing and Timing
Pacing is based on the idea that each question on the test takes a certain amount of time to read and answer. If you had unlimited time, or
very few questions to answer, pacing would not be a problem. Good test takers also develop a sense of timing to help them complete the
test. The goal is to spend time on the questions that you are most likely to answer correctly and leave some time for review at the end of
the testing period. Use all of the time you have on the test. If you finish early, go back and read the hard questions. Be sure you answered
every question.
Strategies for Pacing
Use these pacing strategies (ideas or suggestions) so you don’t lose time on the test. Using these ideas, you will have time to find all of the
questions you are able to answer.
Keep moving. Don’t spend so much time on hard questions that you lose the time to find and answer the easier ones. Work on less timeconsuming questions before moving on to more time-consuming ones.
Spend time on the questions you have the best chance of getting right. Some types of questions take longer to answer than others.
Keep track of time during the test. You should check the clock and know when you are one- fourth of the way through the time you have,
half way through and when you have five minutes left. If you finish a section before time is called, check your answers.
Know which type of question is easiest for you. Begin by answering the easiest questions. If you do this, be sure to mark the questions you
skip with a question mark. Leave the ovals on the answer sheet blank for the questions you skip. Go back to those questions later.
How to Pace
Write down the time on your scratch sheet when you should be one-quarter of the way through, halfway through, and when time is up.
Next to the time, write the number of the question that is one-quarter and one-half of the way through the test. That way you will know
where you should be at a certain time. Every now and then, check your progress to see how much time you have left and how many questions you have left to answer.
Some questions take less time to answer than others. If you have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions, it does NOT necessarily work out to
one minute per question.
Begin to work as soon as the testing time begins. Keep your attention focused on the test. Don’t daydream.
Don’t spend a long time figuring out the answers on the first time through a section. Answer questions you are sure of first. Mark those
questions you are unsure of so you can easily locate them later.
Go back and try the questions you skipped, using the guessing strategy below. In the last few minutes, check your answers to avoid careless mistakes
Check your answer sheet to make sure there are no stray marks and that all erasures are clean.
During the Test
Think positively. If you are thinking you aren’t doing well, you are not thinking about the question in front of you. Think positive thoughts
that will help you keep up your confidence and focus on each question.
Keep Yourself Focused. Try not to think about anything except the question in front of you. If you catch yourself thinking about something
else, bring your thoughts back to the test and congratulate yourself. You have just proved you are in control.
Concentrate on your own work. Some students look around to see how everyone else is doing when they get stuck on a question. What
they usually see is that others are filling in their answers. “Look at how well everyone else is doing. What’s wrong with me?” If you start
thinking this way, try to remember:
Everyone works at a different pace. Your neighbors may not be working on the same question that is hard for you. Thinking about what
someone else is doing doesn’t help you answer even a single question. In fact, it takes away time you should be using on the test.
Don’t be upset by something you don’t understand. No one is expected to get a perfect score. There will be a few items on every test that
most people will not understand. When you come across something you don’t understand, remain calm. Reread that part of the test carefully. Try to figure out what is being said. Use your test taking strategies. Make your best guess, then go on to items you do understand.