sales potential

GE Capital
Business process
• Go-to-market development required to support new
business model in highly competitive environment
• Established sales force needed to be refocused and their
approach transformed from traditional transactional
selling to solution-based sales
OneTouchPoint builds the foundation for new
Outsourced document and data management leader OneTouchPoint
leverages GE’s best sales practices to begin training its sales
team to become strategic, value-added solution providers.
GE Capital’s Access GE team conducted a two-day Socratic Selling workshop with
OneTouchPoint sales leaders to introduce and formalize this strategic sales process
and discipline. The Access GE team also provided training on how to use Socratic
Selling tools to ask better questions, accurately determine a customer’s real needs,
develop needs-based solutions, handle objections and close more effectively.
OneTouchPoint needed to change the way it approached customers and prospects
OneTouchPoint, as its name suggests, has transformed itself from not just a commercial printer to a one-stop,
outsourced document and data management solution, creating dramatic new value, efficiency and capability for its
customers. However, OneTouchPoint’s established sales force was still selling largely on a transactional basis, which did
not align with OneTouchPoint’s new solutions-focused business model. That is why they turned to Access GE.
What we built together
GE Capital and Access GE, with the help of their Socratic Selling
role-play exercises, trained 20 of OneTouchPoint’s sales
leaders to:
“GE took the time to understand
how we needed this program
to help us and tailored it
appropriately. Their commonsense approach to teaching
showed a clear understanding of
what salespeople and business
leaders face on a daily basis.”
—Stephen Wellenbach, President & CEO
OneTouchPoint Berman
“GE’s sales workshop introduced
us to a disciplined new process for
interacting with customers and
prospects and learning their real
needs, so that we can
provide greater value and
achieve better results.”
—Craig Reynolds, Sales Executive
OneTouchPoint Berman
• Incorporate this value-driven, consultative selling approach
into every customer and prospect “touch” point
• Use the power of active listening and effective questioning to
thoroughly understand their needs
se that information to prepare well-researched and
documented solutions to the challenges and issues
uild credibility, overcome objections with knowledge and
preparation – and become an essential, trusted advisor
Solutions beyond financing
GE Capital is a leading provider of equipment and inventory
financing and corporate lending, but we give our customers
access to more than money to help them build their businesses.
By connecting them to the know-how and best practices of
our global network through Access GE, we help our customers
formalize goals and mission statements, strengthen teams and
ensure future growth.
We make our expertise your expertise
At GE Capital, we put the experience and expertise of GE to work
for your business:
• 3,000 GE professionals with certification
• Nearly 25 years of Salesforce-effectiveness experience
throughout GE
• GE operations in more than 150 global locations
To learn how we can help you grow your company, contact your
GE Capital sales representative or visit
More about OneTouchPoint
OneTouchPoint provides customers in a wide range of industries with outsourced
document and data management services, including document collateral management,
data-driven digital print services, packaging, customized fulfillment, digital media and
e-business solutions. OneTouchPoint serves its customers from six U.S. locations.
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