Economic and Job Growth

Oil and Natural Gas Stimulate
Economic and Job Growth
Oil and natural gas are driving the U.S. economy through a major energy
boom and that boom is rippling through the economy of Louisiana,
supporting business activity across the state. This finding grows out of
a new American Petroleum Institute survey of domestic oil and natural gas
vendors,1 which offers a glimpse into the job and business creation engine that
is the current oil and natural gas industry. The survey shows that at least 1,711
businesses, spread across all six of Louisiana’s congressional districts, are part of
the larger oil and natural gas supply chain.
The survey’s snapshot of state-by-state
activity reinforces the impressive level
of industry success throughout the
country that is documented in a recent
PriceWaterhouseCoopers study conducted
for the American Petroleum Institute.2
The study found that the oil and natural
gas industry in Louisiana supports some
412,600 jobs, which is 16.2 percent of the
state’s total employment. The amount of
Louisiana labor income supported by the
oil and natural gas industry comes to $24.2
billion annually. That’s 19.4 percent of the
state’s total labor income.
Another way in which the oil and gas
industry benefits the people of Louisiana,
in addition to total employment and labor
income, is in terms of salary.3 While the
average annual salary in Louisiana across
all industries and sectors is $44,332, the
average salary in the oil and gas industry
(excluding gas stations) is very significantly
higher—$87,929 annually.Overall the
industry supports $73.9 billion of the
Louisiana economy. That’s 35.5 percent of
the state’s total economic activity.
Louisiana ranks 8th in oil and 2nd in natural
gas production.4 That makes it one of the
nation’s top energy-producing states.
Louisiana particularly benefits from the
production of oil and natural gas from
shales and so-called “tight formations,”
energy development that uses the proven
1. American Petroleum Institute, “API Onshore Oil and Gas Vendor Identification Survey,” Washington, D.C., 2014. The survey was
distributed to API members in January 2014 to collect information for the period October 2012 to September 2013. Included are
companies that provide goods and services for onshore oil and natural gas development, whether as operators, contractors, service
companies, suppliers, or vendors.
2. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, “Economic Impacts of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry on the U.S. Economy in 2011,” Washington, D.C.,
July 2013. Prepared for API using the IMPLAN input-output modeling system, based on 2011 U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data.
3. Information cited in this paragraph comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (preliminary data for 2013 accessed July 2014); and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, “The Economic Impacts of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
on the U.S. Economy: Employment, Labor Income and Value Added,” 7/12/13 (based on 2012 IMPLAN database).
4. EIA, “Rankings: Crude Oil Production, April 2014 (thousand barrels),” accessed 7/31/2014.
ranking/?sid=UA#/series/46. EIA, “Rankings: Natural Gas Marketed Production, 2012 (million cubic feet),” accessed 7/31/2014.
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TO Louisiana’S ECONOMY
Louisiana JOBS
supported by oil and
natural gas industry
Avg. Annual
Louisiana Salary
Avg. Oil and Gas
Industry Salary
State: Louisiana
Louisiana Vendors by Congressional District
Vendors by Congressional District
District Location ‚óŹ
Congressional District
Congressional District 1
Congressional District 2
Congressional District 3
Congressional District 4
Congressional District 5
Congressional District 6
Grand Total
Vendor Profile7
Safety Management Systems,
a division of Acadian Companies
Safety Management Systems, LLC (SMS) helps
clients and partners in the oil and natural gas industry
achieve an injury-free work environment by providing a
variety of specialty-skilled personnel solutions. These
include remote paramedics, on-site safety technicians,
industrial safety training services, and Health, Safety,
and the Environment (HSE) consultants to the
upstream, midstream, refinery, and petrochemical
markets. Currently, the primary responsibilities of
Acadian’s remote paramedics are on-site health care
and pre-hospital emergency medical care.
In 2013 alone, the Safety Management Systems
Training Academy trained more than 34,000 workers
and SMS employees performed more than 13,000
hours of additional training. SMS can help reduce
injury rates, improve training compliance, and assure
successful pass rates of all contractor and compliance
audits. “We aim to make the industry as a whole a
safer place.”
Safety Management Systems’ parent company,
Acadian, has more than 40 years of medical response
experience. Acadian Ambulance, Acadian Monitoring
Services, and Acadian Air Med are sister divisions.
Top Cities
Lafayette = 265
Baton Rouge = 227
Shreveport = 162
Broussard = 102
New Orleans = 90
Sources: Esri, DeLorme, NAVTEQ, TomTom, Intermap, increment P Corp., GEBCO, USGS,FAO, NPS, NRCAN, GeoBase, IGN, Kadaster NL, Ordnance
Survey, Esri Japan, METI, Esri China (Hong Kong), and the GIS User Community
engineering technologies of hydraulic
fracturing, or “fracking,” and horizontal
drilling. Total jobs supported by these
activities in Louisiana reached 78,968 in
2012. That job total is projected to climb to
97,418 in 2020 and to 150,903 in 2035.5
And Americans, including the people of
Louisiana, get it. A random interactive
telephone poll of 1,014 registered voters
across the country, conducted on behalf of
the American Petroleum Institute, found that
77 percent of Americans, regardless of party
affiliation, support increased production of
oil and natural gas resources located in the
United States.6
5. “IHS Inc., “America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the U.S. Economy,” Washington, D.C.,
December 2012.
6. “What America is Thinking on Energy Issues.”” the results of a national poll conducted by Harris for API July 10-13, 2014. Click on
“national poll” to see how percentages of voters answered this and other questions..
To find out more, visit
7. From the 2014 “API Onshore Oil and Gas Vendor Identification Survey” returns.
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Vendor Survey Findings Report
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Congressional District 1
Environmental Enterprises USA,
MG&G Pump & Supply
Company, Inc
T Baker Smith, LLC
Easterling Trucking
Environmental Resource
Michael Kinsella
T3 Energy Services, Inc
EDG Consulting Engineering
Tagco, Inc
Electrical Consultants, Inc
MMR Offshore Services, Inc
Energy Data Solutions, LLC
Alford Services, Inc
Environmental Safety & Health
Consulting Services, Inc
Tarpon Rental, Inc
Techniques USA, Inc
Entergy Gulf States, Inc
Alpha Rental Tools, Inc
Equilibrium Catalyst, Inc
Ergonomic Accessories
Ardent Companies, LLC
Evergreen Working Capital, LLC
Terrebonne Insurance Agency,
ASAP Industries, LLC
Executive Oil Field Services, LLC
Expert E&P Consultants, LLC
Fastorq, LLC
Asap Industries, LLC
Thomas A Galloway &
Associates, LLC
Express Energy Services
Torq/Lite, Inc
Audubon Engineering Co, LLC
Falck Safety Services
Occupational Medicine Services,
Total Rentals, Inc
AWC, Inc
Felicity Company, Inc
Offshore Suppliers
Trinity Tool Rentals, LLC
Axis Oilfield Rentals, LLC
Fleetcor Technologies, Inc
Offshore Support Services, LLC
Tri-Parish Sales
B&J Martin, Inc
Four Star Marine Fuel, Inc
OMI Environmental Solutions
Tri-Star Supply Co, Inc
B&N Contractors, Inc
Francis Torque Service
Omni Systems, Inc
V&M Tube-Alloy (Houma)
Bags Unlimited, Inc
Freight Managment Logistics,
Orkin Pest Control
Vanguard Vacuum Trucks, Inc
Pacific Gulf Wire Rope, Inc
Vision Communications
Parish Sales Tax Fund
Wechem, Inc
Performance Energy Services,
Well Control School
Administrators of The Tulane
Agility Project Logistics
Baker Marine Solutions
Benoit Machine, LLC
Benoit Premium Threading, LLC
Benton Energy Service Co
Bilco Intl, LLC
Blackhawk Specialty Tools, LLC
Bluewater Rubber & Gasket Co
Borehole Control, LLC
Bourgeois & Associates
C Logistics, LLC
C Port 2, LLC
C&D Prod Specialist Co, Inc
Cajun Cutters, Inc
Cetco Oilfield Services Company
Checkpoint Systems
ChiLLCo, Inc
Cimation, LLC
Clean Tank, LLC
C-Logistics, LLC
C-N-O I & E, LLC
Cortec, LLC
Cor-Valve Components
Council Development
Council Development
Corporation, Inc
Craig Forshag
G&W Construction Co, Inc
Gas Measurement Services, LLC
Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc
Greater Lafourche Port
Gulf Crane Services, Inc
Gulf Island, LLC
Gulfstream Services, Inc
H&S Oilfield Services, Inc
Hardin International, Inc
IMC Designs
Industrial Safety & Rehabilitation
Innerfuse Id Welding, LLC
ISR Institute
J B Services, Inc
Jacobs Linder
Jan Baggerman, LLC
Jani-King of Lafayette/Lake
Janke & Associates A
Jaztek Services, LLC
JJ TN Enterprises, Inc
John David Malone Iii & Patricia
J Malone
JPP Enterprises, LLC
K&B Machine Works, Inc
Cudd Pressure Control (D/B/A
Thru Tubing Solutions)
Keystone Engineering, Inc
Cudd Pressure Control, Inc
LA Norm Joint Defense Group
D.A. Melancon & Associates, Inc
Lamp Environmental Industries,
Danos & Curole Marine
Contractors, LLC
Dawson Geophysical
Deligans Valves, Inc
DirecTV, LLC
L&L Oil & Gas Services, LLC
Legacy Leader, LLC
Lightning Elimination Systems,
Louis Gilbert & Associates, Inc
Minerals Management Service
Nautical Solutions, LLC
Neo Products, LLC
Nolan Power Group, LLC
Petroleum Laboratories, Inc
Phoenix Safety & Logistics
Personnel, Inc
Galloway Johnson Tompkins
Geo Tape Ltd
Gieger Laborde & Laperouse,
Gly-Tech Services, Inc
Gordon Arata Mccollam
Gulf Coast Companies, Inc
Gulf Marine Fabricators
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc
Hammerman & Gainer, Inc
HandS Machinery Corporation.
Hertz Equipment Rental
Hornbeck Offshore Services,
Plaquemines Parish Sales Tax
Acme Freight Logistics
Hose Specialty - Lafayette
Pot -O- Gold
Acme Truck Line, Inc
Hudson Services, Inc
Power Torque Services, LLC
Action Oilfield Services, Inc
Industrial Analyzer Services, LLC
Preheat, Inc
Adams & Reese LLP
Industrial Blasting Services, LLC
Priority Energy Services, LLC
Administrators of The Tulane
Industrial Industrial Equipment
Pro Oilfield Services, LLC
Apollo Marine Specialties
Insulations, Inc
Project Consulting Services, Inc
B&W Realty
Iqas, LLC
Quality Energy Services, Inc
Bayou Engineering Company
Jacobi Carbons Reactivation
Quality Preheat & Pressure
Blowout Tools, Inc
Jones Walker Waechter
Boh Bros Construction Co, LLC
JRJ Alum Fab, Inc
R&R Energy Services, LLC
Brand Energy & Infrastructure
King Krebs & Jurgens PLLC
Right Hand Oilfield Associates,
Carter Chambers, LLC
Kuchler Polk Schell Weiner and
Catalyst Construction, LLC
Laborde Marine Management,
RJ Tricon Co, LLC
Robert A. Schroeder, Inc
Roberts Repair Rental & Retail,
RT Casey, Inc
Ryno Production Service, LLC
Saia Motor Freight Line, Inc
Sea Safety & Survival, Inc
Seal Tite, LLC
SOS Survival Craft Offshore
Southern Fabrication, LLC
Southern Guard Service, Inc
Southland Oilfield Services
Southland Rental Tools, Inc
Lyons Consulting Services, LLC
Maddens Cable Service, Inc
Southworth Consulting, LLC
Downhole & Design International
Mandinas Inspection Services,
Spot, LLC
SPT Energy Group, LLC
Dual Trucking & Transport, LLC
Massco, Inc
DXP Enterprises, Inc
Maxx Oilfield Services, LLC
Stim, LLC
Eagle Consulting, LLC
Mechanical Equipment Co, Inc
Stranco, Inc
EDG, Inc
MG Automation & Controls
Supreme Service & Specialty
Company, Inc
Enviro Tech Systems, LLC
Congressional District 2
Frilot, LLC
Accent On Arrangements, Inc
Pipeline Construction &
Maintenance, Inc
Dishman & Bennett Specialty
Co, Inc
Elos Environmental, LLC
Worksaver Employee Testing
Falk Renew Prager
Swire Oilfield Services, LLC
Central Dispatch, Inc
Cetco Energy Services Co, LLC
Clean Gulf Associates
Clean Gulf Associates
Lafayette-Pinhook, LLC
Lanier & Associates, Inc
Lard Oil Company, Inc
Coastal Cargo Co., Inc
Liskow & Lewis A Professional
Community Coffee
Louisiana Machinery Company,
Computrols, Inc
Louisiana Recycled Aggregates,
Cooling Tower Technologies
C-Port/Stone, LLC
C-Port/Stone, LLC
Cranford Equipment Company,
Crescent Drilling Foreman, Inc
Crossover, Inc
CSI Inspection, LLC
Del Tech Controls, LLC
Diversified Well Logging, LLC
Dixie Mill Supply Co, Inc
Dolphin Energy Equipment, LLC
Doyle Land Services, Inc
Drive Systems, Inc
Dynamic Energy Services, LLC
Dynamic Industries, Inc
Eagle Consulting, LLC
Louisiana Workforce
M.G. Maher & Company
Martzell & Bickford
Master Vac Industrial Services,
Mcdonough Marine Service
Michael Kinsella
Michael Pisani & Associates, Inc
Mid-South Control Line, LLC
Milling Benson Woodward LLP
MMR Constructors, Inc
MMR Group, Inc
MMR Offshore Services, Inc
Nalco Energy Services LP
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Congressional District 3
Newell Normand Sheriff & Tax
111 Airport, LLC
Newpark Environmental
Services, Inc
A & E Consulting of La, LLC
Auto-Comm Engineering
Channel Specialty Co., Inc
Dooley & Assoc, Inc
Automation USA, LLC
Chapman & Associates
Down Hole Pressure, Inc
Chavez Calibrations International
Downhole Drilling Services, LLC
B&B Janitorial, LLC
Chemical Waste Management,
Drill Cuttings Disposal Co, LLC
B&M Oilfield Supply
Cherokee Services, Inc
A&P Electrical Service, Inc
Baker Hughes Inteq
Cintas Corporation
DriLLChem Drilling Solutions,
A+ Cajun Answering Service
Baker Petrolite
Classic Petroleum, Inc
Drilling Services of America
Aaron Dodge Electrical Service,
Bayou Cajun Environmental
Soil and
Clayton Petroleum Ltd
Drilling Solutions, LLC
Bayou Coating, LLC
Drinkwater Products
ABL Industries, LLC
Coastal Chemical Company,
Abney Enterprises, Inc
Bayou Companies, LLC
Comm Engineering, Inc
Paleo Data, Inc
Belaire’s Welding, Inc
Commercial Coating Services
Dupont Building, Inc
Acadia Parish Sales & Use Tax
Petronyx, LLC
Bentech, Inc
Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc
Phoenix Safety & Logistics
Acadian Contractors, Inc
Berry Bros General Contractors,
Complete Oilfld Mgmt & Maint,
Acadian Land Services, LLC
Beta Land Services, LLC
Platinum Parking
Acadiana Ctr Ortho & Occup
Bill Poole Valves & Controls
Priority Energy Holdings, LLC
Priority Production Services
Acadiana Office Products
Blanchard Elec. of New Iberia
Process Pumps & Equipment,
Acadiana Safety Association
Blue Fin Services, LLC
Accel Protection & Technologies
Production Managment
Industries, LLC
Blue Ox Environmental Planning
Ace International Machining, LLC
Blue Sky Environment, LLC
R&D Enterprises, LLC
Ace Machine Fabrication &
Construction, LLC
Rieth Corporation
Roper Industries, Inc
Action Specialties, LLC
Ruelco, Inc
Advanced Corrosion
Newpark Mats & Integrated
Services, LLC
Offshore Oil Scouts
OFS, Inc
One Shell Square
Otto Candies, LLC
Owensby & Kritikos, Inc
Packard Truck Lines, LLC
A Gallery of Flowers & Gifts
A&B Valve & Piping Systems,
AX Energy, LLC
BIS Salamis, Inc
Bobby Knott Consulting, LLC
Complete Tool Services, LLC.
Construction Safety
Professionals, Inc
Control Concepts & Technology
Control Fire & SafetyInc
Copy & Camera Technologies,
Core Process & Compression,
Core-Tech Wireline Services,
Drill String Services, Inc
DTS Data Technology Solutions
Dura-Splice, Inc
Dwights Restaurant
Dynamic Industries, Inc
Dynamic Production Services,
Eagle Oilfield Inspection
Services, Inc
Eagle Oilfield Services
Eagle Pest Control & Chemical,
Eastern Oklahoma Fabrication
Eaton Oil Tools, Inc
EBR Services, LLC
Cornay Lowry Land & Abstract,
Eddie Bowden & Associates, Inc
Corporate Machine & Equip
Electronic Protection
Bourque’s Lawn Service, Inc
Coy Myers
Elite Communication Services
Boyd’s Rental Properties, LLC
Craig Simon
Energy Battery Corporation
Crown Oilfield Construction
Crown Oilfield Serv, Inc
Energy Solutions Technology,
BOP Ram Rentals, Inc
Bourque Petroleum Consulting,
EDI Environmental Service, Inc
Schonekas Evans Mcgoey &
Mceachin, LLC
Advanced Fluid Technologies
Scott Armature
Advanced Logistics, LLC
Seismic Exchange, Inc
Bradley Broussard Land
Services, Inc
Advanced Machine, LLC
SGS Intech, LLC
Brask, Inc
CSI Inspection, LLC
Enerjetex Technology, LLC
Aerion Rental Services, LLC
Siemens Industry, Inc
CST Drilling Fluids, Inc
Enviro Resources
Aggreko, LLC
Brewster Procurement Group,
Solar Turbines, Inc
Bristow Alaska, Inc
Cudd Pressure Control, Inc
AGI Industries, Inc
Southern Electronics, Inc
Aim Directional Services, LLC
Broussard Brothers, Inc
Custom Automated Controls, Inc
Environmental Drilling Solutions,
Southern Steel & Supply, LLC
Air Pollution Controls, Inc
Stewart Construction Co
Air Power Services, Inc
Built On The Rock Constuction
Stone Pigman Walther
Wittmann, LLC
Airgas USA, LLC
Superior Energy Svcs, LLC
Taggart Morton, LLC
The Mud Masters Group, LLC
The Tim Johnson Consulting
Thompson Equipment
Company, Inc
Tidal Tank, LLC
Tierra Resources, LLC
Tiger Athletic Foundation
Tiger Industries, Inc
Universal Personnel, LLC
Up Professional Solutions, LLC
Versa Tech Automation Services,
Vision Communications
Advanced Legal Video
Environmental Sampling, Inc
Burner Fire Control
D&D Fuel Dock, Inc (D/B/A
Miguez Fuel, Inc)
EPS Flowback Serivces, LLC
Business Health Partners
Daigle’s Crane Service, Inc
Butler Inspection, Inc
ESP Petrochemicals, Inc
Daley Tower Service, Inc
C&B Sales & Service, Inc
Essi Corporation
Dart Energy Services, LLC
C&C Technologies, Inc
Data Technology Solutions, LLC
Evans Equipment &
Environmental, Inc of Lafayette
Cajun Company, Inc
Datacom, LLC
Evans Rentals, Inc
Cajun Compliance Consultants
Dc International, Inc
Cajun Well Service, Inc
Dealers Electrical Supply
Expeditors & Production
Services, Inc
Cal Grevemberg & Assoc
Deep South Chemical, Inc
Calcasieu Parish
Deep South Containers, LLC
Cal-Tec, Inc
Cameron Measurement System
Deep South Energy Consulting,
Cameron Telephone Co
Deepwater Rental & Supply
Fairway Logistics, LLC
American Polymer Products, Inc
Canal Petroleum Products
Delahoussaye Water Well Drilling
Fairway Transport, LLC
American Safety & Ind Supply
Capasco, Inc
Della Resources, LLC.
Angelle & Donohue Partnership
Cargill, Inc / Nova International
Shipping Services
Delmar Systems, Inc
Fastenal Company
Delta Gulf Rental Tool Co
Fire & Safety Specialists
Casey Simon
Devin International, Inc
Fire Boss of Louisiana, Inc
CDH Rentals, LLC
Fire Foam Services
CE Herpin Welding
DGI Supply
Firetrol Protection System, Inc
CF&S Tank & Equipment Co, Inc
Directional Rentals, Inc
First Alert Sling Testing
CH Fenstermaker & Associates,
Dolphin Energy Equipment
Don Mashburn, Inc
Flow Control Equipment, LLC
Alamo Hydraulics of Louisiana
Alert Systems Technologies, LLC
All Phase Electrical Service, Inc
Allen & Kirmse Ltd
Alliance Transportation Group
Allstar, Inc
Alpha & Omega Tent Rentals
Alpha Con, Inc
American Eagle Logistics, LLC
American Fire & Safety, LLC
American Pollution Control
Waldemar S Nelson & Company,
Anna L. Smith
Warrior Energy Services
Aqueos Corporation
Weeks & Gonzalez Aplc
Custom Hydraulic Equipment
Company (Checo)
Appalachian Oilfield Services
Arc Energy Equipment, LLC
Wild Well Control, Inc
Arthur C. Leblanc Jr & Assoc,
William S. Nadler Jr, Inc
Atchafalaya Measurements, Inc
Chalmers Collins & Alwell, Inc
Erso, Inc
Exploration Land Services, LLC
Express Supply & Rental, LLC
Extreme Energy Services, LLC
Extreme Trucking, LLC
Flow Petroleum Services, Inc
Vendor Survey Findings Report
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Flow Services & Consulting, Inc
HPS Oil & Gas Properties, Inc
Lafayette Threaded Products
Mikes Pipe Inspection, Inc
Power Cleaning Solutions, LLC
Fluid Technology Service Intl,
Hub International
Lake Charles Reporting Service,
Miller Engineers & Associates In
Power Rig Rental Tools, Inc
Force Well Services, LLC
Power Specialities, LLC
Hunter SPS
Lake City Trucking
Milling Benson Woodward LLP
MKM & Associates, Inc
Power Up Rentals, LLC
Moncus Energy Group, LLC
Precision Pump & Valve IL, Inc
Monster Heavy Haulers, LLC
Preheat, Inc
Moody International, Inc
Premiere Rental & Supply, LLC
Moody-Price, LLC
Premiere, Inc
Levingston Group, LLC
MP Mayeux Surveying &
Boundary Consulting, LLC
Prentice Training Company, Inc
Liberia Properties, LLC
MWD Solutions, Inc
Life Line Technologies, LLC
My Vac, LLC
Life Saving Equipment Repair
Co, Inc
National Inspection Services,
Liskow & Lewis
National Welding Supply Co, Inc
Living Quarter Technology, Inc
Newlin Wireline
Lonestar Corrosion Services, Inc
Newpark Environmental
Services, LLC
Francis Drilling Fluids Ltd
Franks Casing Crew & Rental
Tools, LLC
Frank’s International, Inc
Frederick’s Machine & Tool Shop
Fred’s Plumbing & Electric
Fremin General Contractors, LLC
Fruge Seafood
Fuelquest, Inc
Furman Enterprises, Inc
G Triple M Services
G&L Well Service, Inc
Gachassin, Inc
Gardemal Welding Service
Garden Center Landscaping,
Gator Valve, Inc
Gauthier Homes, Inc
GE Energy Oilfield Technology
Geo Environmental
Gerald Trahan Welding Service,
Hubbard’s Creative Art & Signs
Hydra-Lube, Inc
I&E Technologies, LLC
Iberia Parish School Board
Ikon Financial Services
Independent Mud Consultants
Industrial Solutions Group, LLC
Industrial Welding Supply Co
Industrial Wood Products of
Louisiana, LLC
Infinity Valve & Supply, LLC
Inspection Oilfield Services
Instrumentation & Electrical
Integricert, LLC
Lanchbury Consulting, LLC
Landtel Communications, LLC
Leam Drilling Systems, Inc
Lefty Lafferty
Leon E Comeaux & Associates
LOS, Inc
Louisiana Cajun Machine, Inc
NGE Techs, LLC
Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil
Nico Supply Company, Inc
Nitro Rentals, LLC
Louisiana Radio
Nitro-Lift Technologies, LLC
Intertek Consulting & Training
(Usa), Inc
Louisiana Safety Systems, Inc
Nov Tuboscope
Integrity Supply, LLC
International Snubbing Services,
International Trucks of Acadiana,
Louisiana Valve Source, Inc
Intertek Technical Services, Inc
Lousiana Tank
Global Chemical, LLC
Intracoastal Liquid Mud, Inc
LQT Industries, LLC
Global Data Systems, Inc
J Schneider & Associates Ltd
Lycon, Inc
Global Logistics, LLC
J. Edward Collins & Associates
M&J Valve Services, Inc
Global Vessel & Tank, LLC
J.A. Davis Properties, LLC
M&M International, LLC
Good Idea Consulting
J.B. Mouton, LLC
M&M Marine Services, Inc
Goodwill Ind of Acadiana
J.D. Leach & Assoc, Inc
J.P. Hesterly Jr
M.P. Mayeux Surveying &
Boundary Consulting, LLC
Green Field Energy Services, Inc
Jackson Bulk Haulers, LLC
Greene’s Energy Group, LLC
James H. Boyd
Guardian Global Technologies
Jason P. Frederick
Guichard Operating Company,
Jem Products, Inc
Guico Specialty Co, Inc
Gulf Coast Machine Service,
JCB Services, LLC
Jeremy Carl Pye
Jim Camel Specialty
Machine Specialty & Mfg, Inc
Machine Tech Services
Machine Tools, Inc
Macro Environmental Specialties,
Magnolia Torque & Testing, Inc
Major Equipment & Remediation
Nolan’s Machine Shop, Inc
Nutec, Inc
Nxt Oilfield Rental,LLC
O J Broussard
O.S. Scouting Service
Occupational Medicine Clinic
Offshore Energy Services, Inc
Oil Center Research of Texas
Oilfield Innovators Limited, LLC
Oilfield Instrumentation
Oilfield Surplus, LLC
Oilquip, Inc
Olympic Cranes, Inc
Pressure Control Specialties,
Process Solutions & Products,
Procor Chemicals, Inc
Production Enhancement
Systems, LLC
Production Rental & Supply, LLC
Production Wireline & Cased
Professional Fluid Services, LLC
Professional NDT Services, Inc
Professional Technical
Consultants, Inc
Progress Machine, Inc
Pro-Log, Inc
Proserv Offshore, Inc
Protechnics International, Inc
PSC Supply, Inc
Quail Tools, Inc
Quality Inspection & Testing, Inc
R&H Supply, Inc
R360 Environmental Solutions,
Ralph’s Industrial Electronics
Randazzo Giglio & Bailey, LLC
Randy Smith Training Solutions,
Omega Waste Management, Inc
Rapid Robert Construction &
Tree Service
Onebane Law Firm
Rapidmeq, LLC
Otis Roberts, Inc
Ray Oil Tool Co, Inc
Ottinger Hebert, LLC
Raymond’s Pest Control, Inc
Recon Management Services,
JMI Manufacturing, Inc
Manufactured Products &
Supply, Inc
Gulf Coast Monitoring & Elec
Johnson Gray Mcnamara, LLC
Marine Corporation League
Overhead Door Co. of Lafayette
Gulf Land Fire Safety, Inc
Jory L. Bernard, LLC
Marine Industrial Fabric, Inc
Pathfinder Energy Services, Inc
Gulfside Fabricators
Kaplan Telephone Co, Inc
Marine Survival Training
Patterson Rental Tools
H. Allen Stuart Jr & Wife Stuart
Keeton Services, Inc
Maritime International, Inc
Payzone Energy Services
H2O, Inc
Keith & Celeste Properties, LLC
Mark B. Oliver
Pearly Romero
Hadco Rental Tools, Inc
Ken-Vac Corporation
Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc
Pelican Oilfield Rentals, LLC
Reliable Power Systems of
Louisiana, LLC.
Hadco Services, Inc
Kevin Duhon
Mason Specialty Tools, LLC
Hadco Services, Inc
Keystone Energy Tools, LLC
Master Kutz Lawn Maintenance
Pencor Reservoir Fluid
Renegade Performance Motors,
Hb II Environmental Resources
Kidder, Inc
McCoy Global USA, Inc
Penterra Services, LLC
Resource Transportation of
HB Rentals LC
Knight Fishing Services, Inc
Mckay Equipment, LLC
People Haulers
Rig Tools, Inc
Health Testing Solutions LP
Knight Manufacturing, Inc
McLaughlin Mediation
Peopleworks Plus Tascs
Ringuet & Collier
HEP Energy, Inc
Knight Oil Tools, Inc
MDM Tool Supply, LLC
Petro-Land Resources, Inc
RJ Hebert Investments, LLC
Hick’s Machine Shop
Kraemer Shows Oilfield Services,
Medi-Chest, Inc
Petroleum Coordinators, Inc
Petroleum Solutions
International, LLC
Robert P. Bertrand Interest, Inc
Hidalgo Ouellet Holdings, LLC
High Tech Components, LLC
L&R Logistics
Menard Oil Company, Inc
La Ash, Inc
Merit Energy Services BonusPaid Draft Acct
LA Merryman, Inc
Metal Coatings, LLC
Lacassine Oilfield Services
Meyer Technologies, LLC
HLP Engineering, Inc
Lacassine Oilfield Services
M-I Swaco
HMS Supply & Rentals, Inc
Lafayette Consolidated
Hoist & Crane Service Group, Inc
Lafayette Steel Erectors, Inc
Miguez Fuel, Inc
Hiller Offshore Services
HIS Fire & Safety Equipment,
Petroquip Energy Services
Petrotechnologies, Inc
Red Wing Perforating Service,
Rel Enterprises
Robichaux Mize & Wadsack,
PHI, Inc
Robin Instrument & Specialty,
Philco R&D, LLC
Ron Williams Construction, Inc
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co, LLC
Rope Soap N Dope, LLC
Point to Point Directional Drilling
Rosenberger Leoni Site
Solutions LLC
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Royal Service & Rentals, Inc
TCB Fabrication, Inc
Waste Auditors, Inc
Bayou Swabbing, LLC
David Madison Cox
Tech Mud & Engineering, Inc
Water Transport
Bear Creek Services, LLC
David W. Crews
Rusco Services, Inc
Tech Oil Products, Inc
Watson Electric Co, Inc
Bearing Service & Supply, Inc
Dayliter Rental, LLC
S&W Machine
Tech Service Products, Inc
Weatherford Us LP
Beaty Logging Co, Inc
DCW Transport, LLC
Safety Management Systems,
Teche Electric Supply
Webco Coating, Inc
Beck George, LLC
Deborah White
Teche Occupational Medicine
Welding Specialist, Inc
Bellevue Timberlands, LLC
Deep South Welding, LLC
Techneaux Technology Services,
Whitco Supply, LLC
Benchmark Services, LLC
Delores M Bowers
Whitliejo Specialty Company
Benton Johnson
Dependable Pump & Supply, Inc
W-Industries of Louisiana, LLC
Blackco, Inc
Diamond Construction, Inc
Wireline Control Systems, LLC
Blanchard Walker Oquin
Directional Service LLC
Wireline International, LLC
Blazer Construction, Inc
Ditch Witch of Louisiana
Bobbie Ann Bowers
DMC Carter Chambers, Inc
Wood Group Production
Services, Inc
Boggs Oilfield Services, Inc
Doc Energy Services, Inc
Workstrings International, LLC
Bossier Optical, Inc
Bossier Parish Tax Collector
Dogwood Clubhouse
Sam Broussard Trucking Co, Inc
Saxon Energy, Inc
Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc
Schoeller-Bleckmann Energy
Seka Brokers, LLC
Setac Chemical Corporation
Shannon Hardware Co., Ltd.
Sherwin-Williams Co
Slemco Lafayette
SMI Companies Global, Inc
Society of Petroleum Engineers
South Louisiana Oil Scouts
Southern Flow Companies, Inc
Southern Rental Services, LLC
Southern Steel & Supply, LLC
Southwest Oilfield Product
Southwestern Louisiana Electric
Membership Corporation
Sparkhound, Inc
Technical Industries, Inc
Technical Resource Services
Templet N Templet
Terra Source, LLC
Terrence G. Frith
The Law Office of Jacob L.
Johnson L.
Thibodeaux Scrap/Demo
Thomas Development TX &
PA, Inc
Wyatt Compressor Services, Inc
Young Oilfield Services
Zedi US, Inc
Thomas Interest of Sunset, LLC
2G Services, LLC
Bulldog Oilfield Services, Inc
Thru Tubing Systems, Inc
Burgess Welding and
Tim Supple Corporation
A Professional Law Corporation
C. Gary Mitchell
Timco Services, Inc
Aaron & Heidi Naquin
Caddo Shreveport
Tools International Corporation
Accurate Lab Audits, LLC
Camelot Services, Inc
Total Energy Solutions, LLC
Cannisnia Plantation, LLC
Total Safety
Ad Sign Service, Inc
Spartan Thru-Tubing Services,
Total Service Supply LP
Adams Superior Services, LLC
Specialty Equipment Sales, Inc
Total Valve & Equipment, LLC
Totaland Technologies, LLC
Aeon Process Equipment &
Control Solutions, Inc
Trahans Welding & Ironworks,
Aeropres Corporation
Alfred Glassell Comegys
Trans Tech International
Chemicals, LLC
Alfred L. Dinkins Jr
St. Mary Parish Water and
Sewer Commission
Trend Communications, LLC
Allens Electric Motor Service, Inc
Trend Services, Inc
Angel Safety Supply, LLC
Stabil Drill Specialties, Inc
Tri Drill Services, LLC
Apeck Aggregate Supply, LLC
Stabiltec Downhole Tools
Triple S Marine, LLC
April Wright-Kelly
Standard Shelving, LLC.
Tripoint, LLC
Arcadia Oilfield Supply, Inc
Star Measurement Sales &
Tri-State Tools & Inspection, LLC
Stella Maris, LLC
True Grit Consulting, LLC
Argus Fire & Safety Systems,
Trussco, Inc
Ark La Tex Forklift
Tuboscope Nov
Ark-La-Tex Association of
Professional Landmen
SPT Energy Group, LLC
St. Martin Parish School
Stelly Construction, Inc
Sterlings Upholstery &
Stokes & Spiehler Onshore, Inc
Strata Control Services, Inc
Stratagraph, Inc
Stratos Offshore Service, Inc
Stress Testing, Inc
Sub-Surface Tools, LLC
Suncoast Land Company
Superior Energy Services, LLC
Superior Inspection Services,
Bright Star Janitorial, LLC
Thomas Tubing Specialists
Total Rebuild, Inc
SPL, Inc
Branton Tools, LLC
Thomas Tools
Spartan Flow Control Services,
Spiller Family, LLC
Branco Tools, LLC
Congressional District 4
Action Machining & Pump
Service, Inc
Spartan Energy Services, LLC
Brammer Engineering, Inc
Tubular Services, Inc
Turbo Chem International, Inc
Turnkey Cleaning Services, LLC
Allen Bryan Bagley
Ark-La-Tex Construction, LLC
Arklatex Gyro Services, LLC
United Rentals, Inc
Ark-La-Tex Injection Services,
Universal Equipment, Inc
Ark-La-Tex Oilmen’s Golf Assoc
Universal Labor, Inc
Ark-La-Tex Wireline Services,
US Computer Corporation
US Liquids of LA LP
UV Logistics, LLC
VA Machine & Tool, Inc
Vanoil Completion Systems
Superior Performance, Inc
Variable Bore Rams, Inc
Tadlock Pipe & Rentals,
Vector Graphics, Inc
Tanks-A-Lot, Inc
VIP Advertising Specialties, Inc
Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing
Vox Rental Tools
Taylor Tool & Supply
Warrior Energy Services
Vermilion Parish School Board
Broadmoor Florist
Carlos Anderson
Cassandra Atkins Brown
Catalyst Construction, LLC
Double B Petroleum Works, Inc
Double Eagle Energy Services,
Dove Contractors, LLC
Drill Pro Consulting, LLC
Dunahoe Law Firm
Dusonn Contract Services, LLC
Dykes Oil Company
Eagle Specialty Service, LLC
Edwin Gant Barnhill
El Farms, LLC
Elite Coil Tubing Solutions, LLC
Elliott Ryan Beavers
Elm Springs, Inc
CBC Supply, Inc
Encore Environmental & Safety,
CDR Oilfield Services, LLC
Engage Energy, LLC
Cellxion, LLC
Etheredge Electric Company,
Central Bossier Water System,
Fairview Trucking, Inc
CGS Rentals, LLC
Fast Line Services, LLC
Charles Cloud
Fernandez Graham
Childress Fishing & Rental
Christopher L Daniel Sr
Fleaux Services of Louisiana,
Claiborne Electric Co-Op, Inc
Floyd E. Volentine & Son, Inc
Clark Energy Company, Inc
Fluid Disposal Specialties, Inc
Classic Trucking & Construction,
Fowler & Covington Co, Inc
Claude Mccarty
Frances Townsend Flournoy
Clerk of Court Parish of Caddo
Freedom Oilfield Services, LLC
Cobra Oilfield Services, LLC
G&B Works, LLC
Cocos Frog Pad, LLC
G. Warren Thornell
Comland, LLC
Gene Durr Consulting
Construction Safety Products
George P. Moore, Jr
Construction Safety
Professionals I
George Perry Moore, Sr
Cook Pumping Services, LLC
Frac Lights & Equipment, Inc
Gladiator Energy Services, LLC
Gray Investments LP
Arthur N. Sample Properties,
Cook Yancey King & Galloway
Covington Co, Inc
Automotive Solutions
Greater Bossier Economic
Development Foundation
Coyle Engineering Co, Inc
Awes, LLC
Greers Welding & Contracting
Craig C. Barclay
Ayres Warren Shelton and
Gregory Construction
Crane Services, LLC
B. Rose Catering
Gregory Sims
Custom Heat Treating, Inc
Baker Machine Co, Inc
Gremillion & Pou & Associates
Cypress Operating, Inc
Bass Oilfield Sales & Service, Inc
GSS Construction & Oilfield
D&R Bayou Investments, LLC
Baxter Hot Oil Service, Inc
Gulf South Energy Services, LLC
Danny Haynes Contracting
Services, Inc
Gulf States Environmental
Bayou Rouge Land & Cattle Co
David Jay Nance
Gulf States Oilfield Services, LLC
Vendor Survey Findings Report
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Guy Smith
LTG Shreveport Truck Center LP
Red River Containment, Inc
The Flower Pot
Cal-Chlor Corporation
H & B Services Bridges
Lutke & Associates, Inc
Red River Louisiana I LP
Central Louisiana Electric Co
Hargrove, Smelley, Strickland &
Madden Contracting Company,
Red River Oil & Gas, LLC
Thomas Cole Flournoy & Annis
Rushing Flournoy
Tim Smith Construction, LLC
Harrah’s Louisiana Downs
Malcolm Laing
Harvill Sales & Equipment, LLC
Marcus Green
Red River Sanitors, Inc
Haynes Chemical Services, Inc
Markita Melton Russell
Haynesville Wire Line Service Co
Marlin Resources, LLC
High Capacity Coil, LLC
Matthews Landscape
Holley Consulting, Inc
Mcclendon & Associates, LLC
Hoogland’s Nursery, LLC
McDonald Industries, Inc
Horizon Land Works, LLC
McGoldrick Investments, LLC
Hydrotek Resources, Inc
Mcinnis Brothers Construction,
I-49 International Coalition
Icenhower Oil & Gas, Inc
Independence Bowl Foundation
Industrial Electronic Supply, Inc
Industrial Supply & Service, Inc
Inferno Mfg Corporation
IOG Rental Division
J W Porter & Assoc, LLC
J&B Fencing Hindsman
J&J Technical Services, LLC
J&N Leasing, LLC
Jack Moorman Electrical
Jacob Adams
James A. Widmer
Jamie Riepe
Jason Edwards
Merritt B. Chastain, Jr.
Metalcraft Manufacturing, LLC
MHR Land Services, LLC
Minden St. Jude Auction
MK Hauling, LLC
ML Bath Co Ltd, Inc
Moore Wireln of Shreveport, Inc
Murphy Bros Trucking and
Muslow Forestry, Inc
N&A, Inc
Nabors Properties, LLC
Nancy Elizabeth Moore
Natchitoches Parish
Nathan Aaron Wesson
Ninock Land Company, LLC
JC Fodale Energy Services, LLC
Nixon Engineering Solutions
Jean Simpson Personnel
Services, Inc
NTB Associates, Inc
NW Area Special Olympics
Jeff Merchant, LLC
Oilfield Comfort Services, LLC
Jellum Fence Co
Oilfield Industrial Supply of
Louisiana, Inc
Jimar, LLC
JL Rhodes Construction, Inc
Joetta Lacobee Waterman
John C. Ellis Jr
John R Bowman & Assoc, Inc
Jones Environmental, Inc
Oilfield Supervisors, Inc
Oliphint Investments, Inc
On Time Hotshot
Onsite Provisions, LLC
P Towns Services, LLC
Red River Pump Specialists, Inc
Red Tiger Energy Services, LLC
Reliance Industrial Products
Ripley Scott Comegys
Ron Tuminello
Ronald Lee Powers & Bradley
Ronnie D. Smith
Rose M. Reliford
Roy Sattler Construction, Inc
Ruggie Bowers Jr
Ryan Lowell Koontz
S-3 Pump Service, Inc
Sabine Parrish Sheriffs Office
Seabaugh & Joffrion
Sealy Heart of Bossier, LLC
Security Pro
Service Experts of NW Louisiana
Sharon Lee Nance Avant
Sheriff & Ex-Officio Tax Collecto
Shiloh Cattle & Land, LLC
Shred-It Shreveport, Inc
Shreveport Communications
Shreveport Petroleum Data
Assoc, Inc
Sky Lin Services, LLC
Sky Vacuum Service, LLC
Smitheys Heating & AC, Inc
Smith’s Towing & Recovery
Snodgrass Welding Services, Inc
Timothy S. Farrington
TNK Enterprises, Inc
Toledo Mudlogging Services, Inc
Central Oil & Supply Corp
Cleco Power, LLC
Cornerstone Pumps & Service,
Tommy Richard Roll-On
Intercom Rentals, LLC
Cotton Plant Water System
Tremario Lewis
Cross N Consulting, Inc
Tri State Energy Services, LLC
Tri State Wireline, LLC
True Turn Machine, Inc
Twin Cities Technologies
UNI Plantation
Crest Natural Resources, LLC
Dane’s Tractor Service
Darryle Kitterlin Consulting
Decal Shop
Dewey Deville
Valveworks Usa
Dis Tran Packaged Substations,
Van Portable Well Testing, Inc
Discovery Group USA, Inc
Verna Dean Jenkins
Double D Energy Services, LLC
Vernon Parish Sheriffs
Enbridge Energy Partners LP
Vibration Technology, Inc
Fredericks Maintenance Service,
Vincent Jackson
W.B. Shetley Jr
Walkmar Resources, Inc
Walter Fletcher
Waveland Services, Inc
Weatherby Land Services, LLC
Webster Machine Works, LLC
Wendell Scott Moore
Whiteds Wash Pit, Inc
Wiggins Specialty Company
Willbros Construction Us, LLC
Will-Drill Operating, LLC
William Andrew Yarbrough
G&C Energy Services
Glen Peppers Consulting, Inc
Grainger, Inc
Greater Ward 1 Waterworks Dist
Gulf Coast Tmc, LLC
Hatten Oilfield Service, LLC
Hercules Transport, Inc
Herring Gas Company, Inc
HGA Pipeline Services, LLC
Holtzclaw Contracting Service
Hunt Guillot & Associates, LLC
Indian Village Water System
J&C Oilfield Rentals, LLC
South Bossier Equipment
Williams Land & Cattle, LLC
Southern Comfort Portable
Wolf Petroleum Services, LLC
Work Kare of Willis-Knighton
JC Maxwell Consulting, Inc
Southern Sales & Service, Inc
Young S. Welding & Fabriction,
JCJ Co, Inc
Jerry L. McCarthy Ltd
Zee Medical Service Co, Inc
Jims South Butane Propane, Inc
Southern Soil Environmental, Inc
Southwestern Electric Power Co
Sparks Hot Shot Service, LLC
James Machine Works
JT Wein, Inc
Specialty Pump Co, Inc
Congressional District 5
Konecranes, Inc
SRP Environmental, LLC
A&M Consultants, LLC
Stateline Vacuum Services, LLC
Abell Corporation
Lamp Environmental Industries,
Steel Forgings, Inc
ABL Land Service, Inc
Steve Douglas
Ameripride Services, Inc
Stonewall Auto Investments,
AP Lenard, LLC
Storm Oilfield Services, LLC
Avoyelles Parish Tax Collector
Sue Young Investments, LLC
B&J Oilfield Service
Sullivan & Sons, Inc
Barnhill Consulting, Inc
Synapse Multimedia
Mckinney Honda John Deere
Tactical Oilfield Products
Bayou Engineering Co Dept
McZayde, LLC
Talco Energy, LLC
Ben Christmas Catering, LLC
Meyer Meyer Lacroix & Hixson,
Tanmar Rentals, LLC
Benny Hailey Consulting, Inc
Michael L. Murphrey
Tanner Services, LLC
Brent Engles Enterprises, Inc
Mineral Springs Water System
Target Oilfield Services, LLC
Brian L. Mitchell, LLC
Moore Fire Extinguisher Service
TCP Specialists, LLC
Builders Supply of Ruston
Odorization Technology, Inc
Raburn & Associates
TDJ Oilfield Services, LLC
Bumper To Bumper
Onealgas, Inc
Louisiana Liquid Services, LLC
Ramson Edgar Cason
Ted Snodgrass Welding Service
Burnham Construction, Inc
Parkmans Painting
Louisiana Oilfield Equipt Co
Rancho Pacific Commercial, Inc
Testament, LLC
C&S Oilfield Services, LLC
Patton’s Service Company, Inc
Louisiana Thermal Spray, LLC
Red Ball Oxygen Co, Inc
Tforce Energy Services, Inc
C&S String Up Services
Patton’s Western Wear, LLC
JPM Energy Services
JW Porter & Associates, LLC
Keithville Well Drilling & Service,
Kelvin E Douglas
Kent & Associates, Inc
Kevin D Harris
Koopman Consulting, LLC
L.H. Williams
LA Chemical, LLC
Landpoint, Inc
Lawrence & Antoinette Gutman
Gutman Properties, LLC
Lead Dog, Inc
Lesco Oil Field Contractors, Inc
Louises Personal Touch
Cleaning, LLC
Louisiana Crane & Construction,
Padco Energy Services, LLC
Parker Brothers Electrical
Contracting, LLC
Party Express Catering
Pat Eddings Consulting
Patricia Ann Scott
Penn Transport, LLC
Petrotech Solutions, LLC
Phoenix Water Transfer, LLC
Planning Thru Completion, LLC
Plaza Investments II
Predator Pressure Control &
Crane Services, LLC
Progressive Metal Service
R&O Energy
R&R Power Services, LLC
Rabb Trucking & Oil Field
Services, LLC
Atmos Energy
Laydown Services of Lasalle
LC Barnett Construction
Lee Consulting, Inc
Luke Bird Consulting, Inc
Martin Welding & Construction
Mccullin, LLC
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Peregrine Corporation
Baker Printing Company, Inc
Pioneer Consultants, Inc
Baker True Value Hardware
Precision Torque Systems
Baton Rouge Community
R&R Contractors
R&S Supply, Inc
Baton Rouge Industries, Inc
Deep South Crane & Rigging,
Herb’s Trailers, Inc
Malcolm Travel & Cruise
Dennis Bates & Bullen LLP
Hidalgo Health Associates
Manooch Services, LLC
Hinojosa Consulting, LLC
Margot, Inc
Home Oil Company, Inc
Marine Industrial Supply
Industrial Controls & Access.
Massengale Grounds
Management, Inc
Dennis Stewart Equipment
Rental, Inc
Baton Rouge Magnet High
Dexter Field Services LP
Baton Rouge Packaging &
Shipping, Inc
Distributed Control Systems, Inc
DMC Carter Chambers, Inc
BBP Sales, Inc
Don Lyn Florist
Bear Industries, Inc
Doug Olinde, LLC
Ronald Brown Consulting, Inc
BFI Waste Systems of Louisiana,
Downtown Business Association
of Baton Rouge, Inc
RVT Services (Joseph Wilson
Lindley Jr.)
Big Sky Acquisitions, Inc
Downtown Physical Therapy
Board of Supervisors of
Louisiana State University
Drilltech Enviromental Service,
Real Vision Software, Inc
Red Rock Rentals, LLC
Red Stick Armature
RM Fire Protection
Robert M Consulting, LLC
S&S Services
Smith Oil Service, Inc
Industrial Design & Construction
Mcdonald Bottom Hole Pressure
Industrial Machine Works, Inc
Mcdonald Sanitation Services
Industrial Plastics
Mega Fluids, LLC
Internal Medicine & Pediatric
Menard Electronics, Inc
ISC Constructors, LLC
Metallurgical & Materials
Technologies, Inc
J&C Auto Parts, Inc
J. Schneider & Associates Ltd
Bozeman Distributors &
Dub Johnson Paving Contractor,
J.M. Test Systems, Inc
Steel Fabricators of Monroe,
Brunson Safe & Lock
Eagle Envir Services of Shrev, Inc
John H. Carter Company, Inc
Buffalo Electric, Inc
Stout Consulting, LLC
John L. Lowery & Associates,Inc
C.K. Associates, LLC
East Baton Rouge Council On
Stringer Contracting, Inc
Caillouet Land Corporation
Strong Oil & Gas Consulting
Cajun Crawlers Catering, LLC
Southern Mud-Logging, Inc
TA Bradford Consulting, LLC
Capital Area United
Tomahawk Resources, LLC
Capital City Press
Tool City Sales, Inc
Capital Valve & Fitting Co, Inc
Trey Drewett Consulting, Inc
Capitol Ultrasonics, LLC
Urena Consulting, LLC
Capitol Welders Supply
Wayne Acree Pls, Inc
Carmouche & Associates, LLC
WB McCartney Oil Co, Inc
Central Plumbing Company
Westco Contracting, LLC
Champion Technology Services,
Congressional District 6
A Plus Corporation, LLC
AAE Acquisition, LLC
ABB, Inc
Air & Process Services, LLC
Albemarle Corporation
Alberty & Associates, LLC
Alberty & Blakeney, LLC
Alberty Additives, LLC
Alliance Safety Council
Charlie Steeles Custom Built
Chem Spray South, Inc
Chustz Construction
Cinch Energy Services, LLC
C-K Associates, LLC
Clay Mcafee Flournoy
Coastal Corrosion Control, Inc
Coastal Marine Services
Coca Sales, Inc
Cody’s Transportation Systems,
Commercial Tire
Allied Systems, Inc
Computerized Business
Solutions, Inc
American Claim Sreivces, Inc
Conestoga Rovers & Assoc
East Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff
Eaton Corporation
Edgen Murray Corporation
Electronic Maintenance Co, Inc
Emery Equipment Sales &
Rentals, Inc
Empire Scaffold, LLC
Energy Services, LLC
Environmental & Safety
Excel Contractors, Inc
Excel Midstream Solutions, Inc
Fabricated Pipe, Inc
Farmer & Associates, Inc
FAS Environmental Services,
Asset Security
Assumption Parish Office
Atlas Hose & Gasket Co, LLC
Atlas Optical Dispensary, LLC
AWC, Inc
AWC, Inc
Baker Glass Works, Inc
KK Properties, LLC
Neese Industries, Inc
Newpark Drilling Fluids, LLC
Non Destructive & Visual
L&B Transport, LLC
Nvi, LLC Nondestruction &
Visual Inspection
LA Norm Joint Defense Group
Office Direct
Lacy Howe
Office of Workers Compensation
Lafourche Parish School Board
Orion Instruments, LLC
Lagniappe Steak & Seafood
Orkin Pest Control
Lamar Advertising
Parish of East Baton Rouge
Landtel Communications, LLC
Parish Water Company, Inc
Lane Regional Medical Center
PBC Industrial Supplies, Inc
Lantec of Louisiana, LLC
Pentair Valves & Controls Us LP
Petrin Corporation
Lightning Bolt & Supply, Inc
Petro Chem Equipment Co, Inc
Location Water Systems, LLC
Phuel Oil Tools Us, LLC
Furnace & Tube Service, Inc
Pied A Terre, LLC
G.T. Michelli Company, Inc
Logistics Management
Resources, Inc
PL Midstream, LLC
Louisiana Association of
Business & Industry
Precision Industries, Inc
Gator Environmental & Rentals
GCI, Inc
Greater Baton Rouge Clean
Cities Coalition
ASM Catalysts, LLC
K-FX2, Inc
National Electric Motor Service
Frazee Recruiting Consultants,
Contractors Supply & Equipment
ASI, LLC Professional Systems
Kelly’s Industrial Services, Inc
Mr. Fixit’s
Perry Dampf Dispute Solutions
Gourrier Construction Co, Inc
Corrosion Materials
KeepSafe, Inc
Mougeot Architecture, LLC
Learning Sciences, LLC
GM Cable Contractors, Inc
Arthur Joiner, Attorney For Willie
Kean Miller LLP
Moore Construction, LLC
Ford Gelatt & Associates, Inc
Consolidated Electrical
Distributors, Inc
Corporate Services, LLC
Katoen Natie Louisiana, LLC
Moody Price, LLC.
Performance Contractors, Inc
Connector Specialists, Inc
Arrow Pest Control
Kantrow Spaht Weaver & Blitzer
Mobile Services & Equip., Inc
American Radiation Services, Inc
Controlworx, LLC
JW Toups, Inc
MMR Offshore Services, Inc
Lasie Membership Committee
Gisclair & Associates, Inc
Arcco Power Systems
James Construction Group, LLC
MMR Constructors, Inc
American Peak Production, LLC
American Rigging & Supply
Mayhall & Blaize, LLC
Industrial Electric Motor Service
Louisiana Fire Extinguisher
Louisiana Oil & Gas
Louisiana One Call System, Inc
Louisiana State University
Plant Machine Works, Inc
Prime Occupational Medicine
Procon National, LLC
Providence Engineering
Providence Photonics, LLC
Gulf Coast Analytical
Louisiana Tool Repair & Sales,
Gulf Coast Manufacturing, Inc
Louisiana Vegetation
Quave Office Services
Lo-Vac, LLC
Rail Techincal Services
Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Site
LSU Feti
Rainbow Refrigeration & AC, Inc
Cross Country Contractors, Inc
Gulf South Safety Consultants,
LSU Foundation
Rancher Oilfield Pipe & Supply,
Custom Security
H&E Equipment Services, Inc
Cypress Energy Corporation
H&K Engineering, LLC
D&R Equipment Rental & Sales
Hammerhead Contractors, LLC
David Bowman Consulting
Harrison Paint Co, Inc
Dayspring Group, LLC
Hebert Steel Co, Inc
Court Reporters of Louisiana,
Crawler Supply Co, Inc
Creative Video Productions
Gulf Coast Office Products of
Baton Rouge
LSU Petroleum Engineering
QDS Systems, Inc
R&D Consulting, Inc
Rebel Stamp & Sign Co, Inc
LWS Location Water Systems,
Red Wing Shoe Store
M Tec Rise, Inc
Republic Valve Service, Inc
Maid 4 U Cleaning Services
Reliant Technologies, Inc
Vendor Survey Findings Report
Louisiana - VENDOR LIST
Richard D. Bankston, Attorney
For Tower Credit, Inc
Scaffolding Rental & Erection
Southern Packaging, Inc
Tea, Inc
Trans-Gulf Constructors, Inc
Ricky Boudreaux
Scientific Supplies, LLC
Southern Power Systems, Inc
Team Oil Tools LP
Triad Electric & Controls, Inc
Scott Construction Equipment
Southland Fire & Safety
Tex-Star Water Services, LLC
TSC Logistics, LLC
Scott/Toyota Lift
Specialty Alloys, Inc
The Barnett Company
Turner Industries Group, LLC
Seale Smith Zuber & Barnette
Stanley’s Electric
Turner Specialty Services, LLC
Robert L. Davis Ltd
Setpoint Integrated Solutions,
Star Service, Inc
The Office of Workers’
Compensation Admin. Fund
The Park On Bluebonnet
Robison Fence Co., LLC
SGS North America, Inc
Utility Payment Processing
Rockies Construction, LLC
Shaw Environmental, A Division
of Cbi
Steam & Process Repairs, Inc
Riverside Welding, Inc.
RJC Investing, LLC
RJT Industrial, LLC
Roco Rescue, Inc
Roland J. Robert Distributor, Inc
Rotary Club of Zachary
Roy Chenevert
RPS Cemeting Co, LLC
Rubber House of B.R., Inc
Rust Busters Painting, LLC
Safety Connection, Inc
Sage Environmental Consulting
Salmon & Associates, Inc
Shaw Fabrication &
Sigma Engineers & Constructors
SJB Group, LLC
Smith Tank & Steel, Inc
Sochem Solutions, Inc
Solarcraft, Inc
Soundtite Solutions, Inc
Southeastern Overhead Door
Co, Inc
Star Service, Inc of New Orleans
Steve Kent Investments, Inc
Steve Kent Trucking, Inc
Stewart & Stewart Properties,
Stupp Corporation
Suarez Bros Crane & Heavy
Haul, LLC
Success Labs
Superior Ford, Inc
Sylvia Earline Mills
Taylor, Porter, Brooks, & Phillips
Theophilus Oil Gas & Land
Services, LLC
Thermal & Process Sales, Inc
Thermon Heat Tracing Services II
Thraco Industrial, LLC
Tim Marioneaux
Tom Waters Clothes & Acadian
Topcor Services, Inc
Traffic & Transportation Club of
Baton Rouge
Trailer Management International
Tyco Valves & Controls LP
Webb-Rite Safety, Inc
Weber Services, Inc
Wedling Testing X-Ray, Inc
West Sanitation Service, Inc
Wheatco Industrial Supply &
Equipment, Inc
Wholesale Battery Co, Inc
William S. Strain & Associates
Woods Machine Works, Inc
Workforce Med Center
WS Promotions
Zachary Lumber