COLLECTION - Cavalio Flooring

The Cavalio luxury vinyl flooring collection has been developed to
harmonise the demands of contemporary living with exceptional
design. The collection features beautiful high quality, low maintenance
floor coverings, ideal for use in every room in your home.
Luxury vinyl tiles are created using the application of stone and wood
effect photographic film to tiles and planks, to authentically reproduce
the natural grains of wood and the enchanting characteristics of stone.
Every Cavalio flooring tile has a tough polyurethane wear layer coating
making them highly durable and easy to clean. Your floor will look and
feel authentic making Cavalio luxury vinyl tiles an excellent alternative
to other types of floor covering.
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Did you know?
Cavalio has two inspiring ranges, Conceptline and Projectline. Both ranges
have been developed to meet the individual performance and design
requirements for your home.
Conceptline & Projectline
come with a 10 year
guarantee anywhere in
your home*
We offer a free samples
service (see page 38)
Conceptline can transform any space in your home; the range presents a
wide variety of textures and tones to compliment every décor.
The Projectline range provides the most superior durability of the collection,
and is perfect for a high traffic area that requires additional strength.
• Inlay Accessories 34 • Design Floors 36 • Technical Information/Website & Sample Service 38
Our collection has
numerous different tile
sizes and plank widths
to suit any project
Cavalio floors can be
laid in multiple designs
with an assortment of
inlay accessories allowing
you to personalise your
*when installed by a
professional floor layer
3028 French Nut Tree
The inspiring range contains twenty wood and ten stone
designs, each one created to be the perfect backdrop to
suit any home and lifestyle. The performance and design
properties of the Conceptline range have been carefully
tailored to balance practicality with flooring that is both
stunning and versatile.
Conceptline can be used in any room of your home,
whether it’s a tranquil relaxing space, or a busy bustling
area. The strong polyurethane protective layer ensures
your floor is both attractive and practical.
Conceptline can be used in any room of your home,
Conceptline tiles authentically
replicate the elegant characteristics
of stone whilst providing an
easy to clean surface that is also
comfortable underfoot. And what’s
more, Conceptline and all Cavalio
ranges are suitable for use with
under floor heating. These features
make Conceptline an ideal choice
for a bathroom.
Metalstone beige tiles bring an
understated elegance to this
minimalist bathroom. The subtle
metallic shimmer and straight laid
design scheme give this room a
luxurious finish, perfect for relaxing
after a long days work. Imagine
stepping out of the bath onto a
comfortable warm surface that is
easy to maintain.
3054 Metalstone, beige
always leaving a lasting impression.
The authentic wood shades of the
Conceptline range are the ideal
accompaniment to all decors and
styles. Whether you are looking for
a contemporary, traditional or high
design finish there is a plank to
meet your needs.
A bedroom is a room that should
be reserved for tranquillity and
respite. It is important to find a
décor that is your personal haven
that allows you to feel comfortable
and relaxed. The classic oak plank
in this bedroom creates a stylish
but cosy atmosphere.
The warmth of the wood grain
balances with the soft brown
palette giving the room effortless
sophistication. The neutral shades
of the bed linen are instantly
lifted by the rich tones of the oak
creating a soothing space that is
perfect for resting.
3032 Classic Oak
Dynamic flooring, for small meeting rooms or impromptu work spaces
The beauty of Conceptline is that
the range is wonderfully versatile.
The floor is easy to maintain so it
is great for laid back lazy days,
but has also been built to meet the
demands of busy lifestyles.
3027 Grey Ash
Conceptline is the perfect choice for light commercial areas
Conceptline is the perfect choice
for multiple light commercial areas.
The range has dynamic
performance properties, so can be
used for impromptu work spaces,
individual offices and lightly used
meeting rooms. The variety of
designs in the range, 20 wood
and 10 stone effects, allow for a
huge choice of floors to match
with your interior design ideas.
3021 Rustic Oak, light
Floors to enjoy together
Wenge is a classically beautiful
plank, bringing a touch of
elegance that enhances the
sophisticated colour scheme of this
Conceptline is perfect for
bedrooms, the darker tones in the
range help to create an intimate
atmosphere whilst the light shades
can make a smaller space seem
larger. There is a colour selection
to suit every mood and capture
your design visions.
3019 Wenge
that enhance the beauty of every room in your home
Living rooms are the centre of
activity for entertaining, relaxing
and creating first impressions on
visitors to your home. Conceptline
provides practicality alongside
design; any tile or plank you
choose from the range can not
only provide a durable backdrop
to all the action but is also an
attractive design feature.
The intense tones of Rustic Oak,
dark bring the unique features
of this living room to life. The
single plank perimeter highlights
the beautiful characteristics of
the stone fireplace offsetting the
high design scheme of the room.
The dark floor complements the
statement curtains and bold purple
cushions balance the contrast of
colours. The textures woven across
every inch of this stunning dark
floor authentically replicate the
natural grains of real wood.
3018 Rustic Oak, dark
Cavalio luxury vinyl tiles are adaptable to your design needs
The carefully selected portfolio of
shades in the Conceptline
collection can be laid together
for a breath taking effect. Stones
and woods can be perfectly
harmonised to give your space a
stunning original finish that feels
personal to your home.
Using a combination of Rustic
Oak, natural and Limed Stone,
light this kitchen has been boldly
designed. The daring combination
of natural effects contrasts with the
metallic oven hood and wooden
work tops, giving the space a
striking contemporary edge.
3020 Rustic Oak, natural,
3055 Limed Stone, light
from straight laid planks to herringbone design
All the tiles across the Cavalio
ranges can be laid in various
formations and patterns, to create
beautiful designs. A room can
instantly be transformed by simply
laying your chosen floor in a
fascinating pattern. There are floor
layouts that can be designed to
emphasise your favourite features
in your home, or you may want a
formation that is original to suit a
unique room. Conceptline is an
extremely versatile range and can
be adapted for any project,
any size.
The stylish Washed Oak plank
connects and accentuates all the
main features of this minimalist
landing. The weathered metal
staircase and chevron upholstered
chair are offset beautifully by the
neutral walls and the authentically
replicated ripples of wood grain in
the floor. The overall effect of the
combination of worn textures and
herringbone design is a rustic look
that is simple but eye catching.
More inspirational ideas and
further information about design
floors is available on page 36.
3022 Washed Oak
1942 Driftwood, grey
The Projectline Collection is designed specifically for
residential interiors and heavy use commercial properties
The range features a brilliant variety of textured stone and
wood effects, engineered to include a heavy-duty
protective layer. Projectline is ideal for covering large
spaces with flooring that is both durable and extremely
The outstanding finish of every floor in the range is
guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
Strength and stability without compromise on style
Limed Oak, light is an ideal
choice for a bright and spotless
finish. The lighter tones of the
wood make any space look and
feel bigger. Projectline is also a
great choice as the high
performance properties and easy
to clean maintenance regime will
ensure your floor stays beautiful
for longer.
2906 Limed Oak, light
Create an inviting space
Projectline is a distinctive range
that combines creativity with
quality to bring you an attractive
but durable floor covering.
The rich tones of Rustic Cherry,
give this bistro an elegant and
luxurious finish. The warmth of the
grains and knots in the plank
complement the olive green
accessories and wooden tables
creating a warm and inviting
1945 Rustic Cherry
Transform any space using a statement floor from the Projectline range
Making an interior design
statement is all about being bold
and imaginative.
The contemporary design of
Limed Oak, grey adds an urban
statement finish to any décor.
Cool grey tones contrasted with
bold colours can create a
beautiful but edgy effect that will
never go un-noticed.
2904 Limed Oak, grey
2909 Concrete Wooden
Enjoy the lasting beauty of your floor
We want you to enjoy the lasting
beauty of your floor so Projectline
has the toughest protective layer
of all the flooring ranges in our
collection. This is why Projectline
is suitable for multiple settings,
and projects of all sizes.
2931 Black Stripes
The Cavalio collection has a variety of tile sizes and plank
widths to match any sized room, so there is a design to suit
every project you have in mind. We hope you enjoy browsing
through the Cavalio Flooring Collection; with the variety of
colours, textures and versatile design ideas for inspiration, it has
never been easier to update your home.
Conceptline Stone
Gauge 2.0mm / Wear layer thickness 0.3mm
Let yourself be inspired by the ten elegant
stone effects within the Conceptline
range. The delicate variation of stone
is captured in each intricate tile, as the
markings truly reflect natural adaptation.
From earthy Limed Stones to the marbled
allure of Scottish Slate, Conceptline has a
tile that balances the demands of modern
life, with natural beauty. All the stones
across the range, mesmerising and
authentic in design will give a captivating
45.72 x 45.72cm
3058 White Mosaic
3055 Limed Stone, light
3056 Limed Stone, dark
finish to any room in your home.
These images are only a representation of the
respective tiles, they only show a small part of the
overall design and colour. Although we aim to
ensure our print process reflects the true colour of all
our products we always recommend that you order
a sample of your chosen tile, which we are happy
to provide free of charge. Please visit our website and order your samples through
our online service or call us on 0845 345 5405.
30.48 x 60. 96cm
3051 Natural Sandstone
3050 Classic Travertine
3054 Metalstone, beige
3052 Metalstone, grey
3057 Scottish Slate
3053 Grey Slate
3059 Iron Stone
Perfect for anywhere in your home and light commercial interiors
Conceptline Wood
Gauge 2.0mm / Wear layer thickness 0.3mm
10.16 x 91. 44cm
With twenty exquisite wood effects the
Conceptline range is versatile and
diverse. The range presents classic and
3016 Natural Maple
beautiful designs such as the warm tones
3029 Lakeshore Beech
of Fruit Wood along with the rustic and
wild grains of Washed Oak.
The authentic replication of naturally
3026 Beech Parquet
occurring knots and unpredictable colour
3030 Fruit Wood
variations bring the designs to life.
The effortless beauty of Conceptline,
3015 Wild Oak
and strong polyurethane protective layer
will bring a timeless feel to your décor.
These images are only a representation of the
15.24 x 91. 44cm
3021 Rustic Oak, light
3023 White Ash
3032 Classic Oak
3025 Classic Oak, waxed
3033 Walnut Parquet, brown
respective tiles, they only show a small part of the
overall design and colour. Although we aim to
ensure our print process reflects the true colour of all
our products we always recommend that you order
a sample of your chosen tile, which we are happy
to provide free of charge. Please visit our website and order your samples through
our online service or call us on 0845 345 5405.
** strong contrast within this design
3028 French Nut Tree
3027 Grey Ash
3020 Rustic Oak, natural
3034 Walnut Parquet, grey
3017 Rustic Oak, gold
3022 Washed Oak
3019 Wenge
3031 Weathered Wood
3024 American Nut Tree
3018 Rustic Oak, dark
Perfect for anywhere in your home and light commercial interiors
Projectline Stone
Gauge 2.5mm / Wear layer thickness 0.55mm
30.48 x 60. 96cm
From avant-garde effects to elegant
mineral the ten stone designs in the
Projectline range will bring an inviting
touch to your personal space.
30.48 x 91. 44cm
1916 Classic Travertine
45.72 x 91. 44cm
2932 White Stripes
2931 Black Stripes
2927 Oxide Steel
45.72 x 45.72cm
2925 White Metalstone
2930 Classic Limestone
2928 Warm Grey Concrete
2926 Black Metalstone
2929 Cool Grey Concrete
1921 Silver Slate
Ideal for heavy residential and commercial use
Projectline Wood
The twenty wood designs in the
Gauge 2.5mm / Wear layer thickness 0.55mm
10.16 x 91. 44cm
30.48 x 91. 44cm
Projectline collection reflect the natural
variance of colours, textures and
character of the original material, creating
a brilliant finish. Each stylish design has
1905 Natural Maple
been carefully tailored to provide the
highest quality in hygiene, practicality
and aesthetic beauty.
1910 Mahogany
2909 Concrete Wooden
15.24 x 91. 44cm
1942 Driftwood, grey
2911 Bleached Maple
1941 Driftwood, beige
2907 Classic Oak
1943 Antique Timber
2910 Teak
1944 Driftwood, dark
These images are only a representation of the
respective tiles, they only show a small part of the
overall design and colour. Although we aim to
ensure our print process reflects the true colour of all
our products we always recommend that you order
a sample of your chosen tile, which we are happy
to provide free of charge. Please visit our website and order your samples through
our online service or call us on 0845 345 5405.
18.42 x 121.92cm
2904 Limed Oak, grey
2906 Limed Oak, light
20 .32 x 121.92cm
2900 Brushed Oak, medium
1945 Rustic Cherry
(bevelled edges)
(bevelled edges)
2902 Blond Nut Tree
1946 Rustic Beam
(bevelled edges)
2903 American Nut Tree
2901Brushed Oak, dark
(bevelled edges)
2905 Limed Oak, brown
2908 Macassar, black
Ideal for heavy residential and commercial use
Inlay Accessories
For a truly personalised touch to your
Gold 0026
Silver 1945
Silver 0025
Gold 1946
Copper 0033
Black 1948
Black 0028
Copper 1950
Brown 0031
Medium Grey 1951
Cream 0032
Cream 1952
home, there is a choice of inlay accessories
available to enhance your chosen design.
With so many creative possibilities you
can combine tiles with borders, inlays or
B 04
E 04
feature strips to create a floor as individual
your home.
Bespoke grouting and marquetry strips
B 07
E 07
are available in any shade, from both
ranges in the Cavalio collection; they
will be cut from actual tile and plank.
Further information about this service
B 08
E 08
is available on demand.
B 13
B 17
E 13
E 17
The borders and corners are available in any
colour combination, as long as they are from
0.5 x 100 cm
Terracotta 0034
Ice 2031
Grey 2536
Pearl 2033
Beige 2537
Grey 2035
Black 2538
0.5 x 91.4cm
Coffee 2037
Graphite 2039
the same range.
Length and width will always depend on the
Maple 2056
design and colour of the border chosen.
0.5 x 100 cm
Natural Oak 2057
Classic Oak 2058
Walnut 2059
0.3 x 91.4 cm
Examples of easy to create floor designs
Rectangular tiles, with Ice grouting strip (3053 Grey Slate)
Random width tiles, with Ice grouting strip (3053 Grey Slate)
Design Floors
There are endless design options when
choosing the layout of your floor. Cavalio
luxury vinyl tiles are extremely versatile, so
you can enhance the look of your room
by laying your floor in a different pattern.
The beauty of the Cavalio collection is
that you can completely personalise your
home or just add some discrete detailing
to show off certain features.
Ships Decking - feature strip between
every 2 planks (See image D opposite)
Rectangular Tile with 1/2 and 1/3 tile.
(See page 35)
Rectangular Tile with 1/6 tile laid in a
brickwork format (See image B opposite)
Full planks with square keystones
Off-set Keysquare
Herringbone -1/3planks
Brickwork with square tiles
(See image C opposite)
Wood Block - 1/3 planks
Cavalio luxury vinyl tiles must always be
installed by a trained floor layer, who will
also be able to advise you on designs
suited to your space.
Whether you select a straightforward
layout or a complex tile design that
requires a bespoke cutting service, we
can provide further inspirational tips or
additional information about our water
jet cutting service that can help you bring
your interior design visions to life.
Further information is available about
design elements on request
A 2908 Macassar Black
B 2925 White Metalstone, 2926 Black Metalstone
C 2928 Warm Grey Concrete, 2930 Classic Limestone
D 2907 Classic Oak, 0028 Black Feature Strip
Technical Information
Heterogeneous PVC flooring
EN 649/ EN ISO 10582
EN 428/ EN ISO 24346
Wear layer thickness
EN 429/ EN ISO 24340
Surface Treatment
Residual indentation
EN433/ EN ISO 24343-1
≤ 0.1mm
≤ 0.1mm
Behaviour to fire
EN 13501-1
Slip resistance
DIN 51130/ EN 13893
R10 / DS
R10 / DS
VOC Emissions
AgBB Very low emissions
Very low emissions
Underfloor heating suitability
suitable max. 27°C
suitable max. 27°C
Environmentally Preferable Flooring
100% recyclable
100% recyclable
Performance classificatiion 23 / 31
23 / 33 / 42
Colour fastness in artificial light
≥ 6 ISO 105-B02 method A
≥ 6 ISO 105-B02 method A
Total weight
EN 430/ EN ISO 23997
3.600 g/m2
4.400 g/m2
Castor chair suitability
EN 425/ ISO 4918
yes, type W, EN 12 529
yes, type W, EN 12 529
EN 685/ EN ISO 10874
Tile size / Box quantities
EN427/ EN ISO 24341
18 @30.48x 60.96cm=3.34m2
[email protected] 30.48x 60.96cm= 3.34m2
[email protected]=3.34m2
[email protected]=3.34m2
[email protected]=3.34m2
[email protected]=3.34m2
Plank size / Box quantities
EN427/ EN ISO 24341
36 @10.16 x 91.44cm=3.34m2 24 @15.24 x 91.44cm =3.34m2
[email protected] x91.44cm= 3.34m2
24 @ 15.24 x 91.44cm = 3.34m2
[email protected]=3.37m2
[email protected] x121.92cm=3.46m2
[email protected]=3.37m2
Website &
Sample Service
The Cavalio collection consists of
heterogeneous PVC floor coverings
based on photographic
reproductions of natural materials
with a transparent wear-layer and
a factory-applied polyurethane
surface treatment.
Day to Day Cleaning
•Sweep or vacuum
•Regularly use a clean mop to evenly mop your floor
•Collect all excess fluid into a mop bucket
•Remove spillages as quickly as possible to reduce risk of staining or causing slips
•Insert pads and cups under furniture to protect your floor from scratches and indentations
•Regularly trim your pets claws to help
avoid scratching
Complete Care Kit
Visit the Cavalio website
To help keep your floor looking its best,
Cavalio have developed a range of
cleaning products. The ‘Complete Care Kit’
contains a floor stripper, floor protector and
cleaner, with a full set of felt pads for your
furniture legs. The handy kit is the
ideal solution for keeping your flooring
in top condition, long after it has been
to view further information about the
collection online. Here you can browse
additional images, online documents, FAQ
and more detailed product information.
With an easy to use interface you can
browse inspirational images by room and
access useful tips in our flooring guide.
The website also has a ‘where to buy’
function where you can find your nearest
Cavalio Stockist.
Free Sample Service
To order free samples of any of the
planks or tiles from the
Cavalio Collection contact us on
0845 345 5405 or alternatively
request them online at
and follow the links on the individual
Scan the quick response
barcode for fast and easy
access our website.
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SAMPLES: 0845 345 5405
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