Advanced Management Competencies (AMC)

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Advanced Management Competencies (AMC)
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Individual Assignment
June 2016
Examination /Assignment
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1st April 2016 to 26th April 2016
Assignment Submission Period
9th May 2016 to 15th May 2016
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25th May 2016 to 29th May 2016
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Weekend and Weekday from 9.00am to 3.00pm
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[email protected]
Assignment should be submitted to SLIM within the Assignment Submission Periods
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If you are a student of an Accredited Study Center, you can submit the
assignment to the accredited study center and presentation date and time will
be notified to the accredited center once all assignments received to SLIM Home
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Refer Student deliverables indicated below for specific details about assignment
submission and presentations.
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Assignment Topic:
“Challenges in becoming a first time manager”
Nandimal Perera, was glad to invite his friends for his promotion party. His colleagues
congratulated him for his recent promotion as the Marketing Manager of Kinex Trading
Company. Many of the colleagues who genuinely expressed their happiness and believed the
fact that Nandimal well deserved the promotion.
That was the first time in his life that Nandimal became a Manager. It was a dream that he had
realized and certainly proud of himself for the achievement. Nandimal had worked for nearly 6
years in the executive category prior to this promotion. He had a sound track in his career and it
was, as some expressed, a blessing for his good work and contributions for the company todate.
Nandimal was briefed by the CEO upon handing over the letter of promotion on new
responsibilities to be vested on him as the Marketing Manager. CEO and many of the other
departmental heads were of the opinion that Nandimal would be the most suitable in the
second line as a successor to replace Rajesh Kumar, the former Marketing Manager who left
Kinex Trading recently.
Increment in salary and other perks were included in his promotion and reserving a separate
office cubicle made the promotion more attractive to him. He requested the CEO to give him a
new laptop and new business cards carrying the changed designation, which were approved
with no hesitation. He was grateful to CEO for giving him a company maintained vehicle and
perceived it as a sign of gratitude for his dedicated work so far.
The role of a Marketing Manager at Kinex Trading was challenging. The market conditions were
really competitive with rapid changes happening in consumer tastes, buying patterns due to
new innovations. Internal and external stakeholders’ expectations were also high and certainly
not to be ignored. Nandimal thought that he needs to boost up his image and become friendly
with others to get the support to carry out his duties as the manager. He realized the fact that
he needs to develop both physically as well as psychologically in order to get himself well fitted
for the new endeavour.
With his 6 years’ experience in branding, Nandimal had a sound knowledge about the product
portfolio and their comparative strengths and weaknesses in the market place. He was a
consumer oriented and of the opinion that a product’s success would primarily base on the
level of consumer acceptance. Eventhough he has not directly dealt with the sales team, he
sensed how difficult it is particularly in a competitive scenario.
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Nandimal as a Brand Executive didn’t have any subordinates working under him and it will be a
new challenge and experience for him to lead a team. Eventhough he has experience in arriving
at various branding decisions under the guidance of Rajesh Kumar, with the new promotion,
hereafter he will have to take self-decisions.
As some of staff were discussing though not in public, Nandimal needs to correctly realize the
gravity of his new position and correctly understand his priorities
Task One
Companies promote their employees due to various reasons and situations. Briefly discuss at
least 3 of such reasons and/or situations and highlight the factors to be considered by the
company prior to promotions.
Task Two
When a person undertakes the responsibilities of a manager for the first time there ought to be
quite a lot of ‘preparation’ happening within that person. Assume yourself as a management
consultant to Kinex Trading and are requested to advise Nandimal on different roles he will
have to play in his new position and how he should cope with them. Provide your inputs and
guidelines for the above in detail.
Task Three
When an executive is prompted to become a manager, he or she should focus on developing
managerial skills which enable to carry out managerial responsibilities quite effectively. As the
consultant, explain the importance of developing managerial skills highlighting the relevance of
them to the new position of Nandimal.
Word Allocation for each task
Task one
Task two
Task three
Total ( word count 3000 – 3500)
Content Weightage
Note: Please refer the given assignment marking scheme for marks allocation.
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Assignment checklist & declaration
This document is intended as a guide to check and improve your assignment. Review your
Assignment together with the specific guidelines and criteria (marking schedule) that are
mentioned in the program handbook given to you.
You are expected to confirm that your assignment fulfills the below requirements, tick (√) in
the cage.
Student Name
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Body of the assignment
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Exam registration completed
Assignment emailed to relevant email address
( You will be receiving an automated reply of receipt of the assignment, if
you have not received the automated reply, please verify with course
coordinator. Soft copy is only a reference document that will not be
considered as an assignment submission)
I’m fully aware that any misleading information provided in above checklist will lead to
rejection of my assignment.
I, the undersigned, confirm that I have read and understood the statement about
plagiarism which is outlined in the students handbook. I confirm that the work that I have
submitted accompanying this report is wholly my own, and that any quotations or sections
of text taken from the published or unpublished work of any other person is duly and fully
acknowledged therein.
Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________________
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Assignment Marking Scheme
Advanced Management Competencies (AMC)
Student Registration Number
Allocated Awarded
Aligning to the purpose of the assignment
Some of the answer addresses to the purpose of the question
This has addressed the purpose of the assignment
Has addressed the purpose of the assignment coherently
This has addressed the purpose of assignment comprehensively
Clarity of expression
An attempt to organize in a logical manner
Satisfactory showing of logical manner and organization
Shows higher level of Carefully and logically organized
Shows coherent structure with clearly expressed ideas
Using examples/evidences
Shows a little use of examples
Some use of examples. Some evaluation attempted
Some use of examples. Well evaluated
Shows appropriate examples are fully and reliably evaluated
Critical analysis of concepts, theories, conclusions
Demonstrates limited evidence of critical analysis
Demonstrates some critical analysis of relevant theory
Demonstrates application of theory through critical analysis
Demonstrates application of critical analysis well integrated
Following assignment guidelines
Limited follow-up of assignment guidelines
Some level of follow-up of assignment guidelines
Good display of adherence to assignment guidelines
Excellent adherence to assignment guidelines
Special Remarks
Signature of the Examiner
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Advanced Management Competencies (AMC)
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June 2016 Examination
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
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