2015 July-August CVC Newsletter

July/August 2015
Volume 8, Issue 7
4th of July Ride
CF to Shellrock
July 11
Century Ride
July 18
August 2
Waffle Ride
August 15
Bridge to Bridge
September newsletter
submission deadline:
August 20
Remember that anyone
can submit items to be
considered for insertion
into the newsletter
Troy Gerst, Editor
Ok. It's June 20th and my newsletter article is due
today. Whoa! It seems like I just wrote one. The biking
season truly is in full swing so time is flying. Thanks,
Editor Troy for giving me a few extra days.
I'm laying in my tent right now on the Lake to Lake
ride. My tent kind of smells like RAGBRAI 2014. It's a
wonderful aroma though a bit on the musty side. Hint
to self: Even though tenting gear was thoroughly clean
after RAGBRAI, it’s important to air it out before using
it again. One of the purposes of the L2L ride is to
practice preparing for RAGBRAI. It can be a good trial
run for the weeklong event.
Speaking of RAGBRAI, if you're doing it this year, now is the time to begin
preparing. Lay out all your gear and do an inventory. I bet you will find a few
things that need repair, cleaning or replacement. You don't want to be in a
situation of finding these things out just before departing to Sioux City.
Otherwise, you might need to make that late night trip to a store and hope that
they have the item(s). Also, CVC has developed a very thorough “RAGBRAI
Check List”.
It’s available on our website under “RAGBRAI - Helpful
Information”. Oh, and before showing up at departure, remember to remove
your pedals and have an old blanket to cover your bike in the truck. Now is the
time to begin planning.
As many of you know, CVC was honored to have the Hiawatha Bicycling Club of
the Twin Cities area come here to visit. They wanted to experience some of the
premiere trail system that we have in the Cedar Valley and then write about it on
www.HaveFunBiking.com. It was a great time getting to know fellow cyclists
from another club and doing some riding together. Thanks to Kim Manning, CF
Tourism, for providing the little welcome gifts and to all the other CVC’ers that
helped in making this memorable. We may need to reciprocate with HBC by
visiting them sometime in the future.
CVC President
Page 2
CVC recently enjoyed a weekend of trail and
road riding with the HBC. It was a fun time of
riding and socializing. Thanks to the HBC for
taking the time to come here to visit. We truly
appreciate it.
Hello Cedar Valley Cyclists,
The Hiawatha Bicycle Club wants to thank the Cedar Valley
Cyclists for showing us such a colossal time. The rides you put
together were fun and we were quite impressed with the amount
and quality of trails that you have. Your communities have done
very well in planning these trail systems. We also enjoyed the
eating and social establishments that you showed us in Cedar Falls
and Waterloo. Most of all we are delighted in getting to know
fellow cyclists and making new friends. CVC are great hosts. We
appreciated the warm reception and you made us feel very
welcomed with your hospitality. We hope to come visit again
sometime. Thanks again.
Your New Minnesota Biking Friends,
Russ Lowthian & the Hiawatha Bicycling Club
We are selling water
bottles and a
Window Cling for
$10. Please contact
Angie White if
Page 3
4214 University Ave
Cedar Falls
(319) 268-1655
615 Main St
Dike, Iowa
“Join your friends at JP’s 1 More”
Afton Wilson
308 E. 4th
Waterloo, Iowa
Barre Sculpt * Hip-Hop Fit
Zumbatomic® for kids
Ballet * Contemporary
Hip Hop * Jazz * Leaps & Turns
Lyrical * Modern Pointe * Tap
Strength & Stretch
House Inn
Bed and Breakfast
Dane and Jennifer Rasmussen
3030 Grand Boulevard
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
(319) 277-6724
College Square Mall
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
1111 Center Street
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 319.266.2616
Hours: Daily 4pm—10pm
222 Main Street
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 319.268.7222
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 4:30pm—10pm
A collection of flavors
Located 1/2 mile from
Cedar Valley Nature
Trail with secured
[email protected]
The Denver American Legion does not have their waffle
breakfast in July, so the next Denver Waffle Ride will be Sunday,
August 2nd. Meet at the old Behrens-Rapp Gas Station, West 1st St
and Clay St, Cedar Falls by 8:20 AM and the ride begins at promptly
8:30. It is doubtful that there will be waffles in September since the fist
Sunday is also Labor Day weekend. Watch the CVC Ride Calendar
on the website for details.
The 3rd annual Bridge-2-Bridge
Ride will be August 15th. Go online for
more details and join us to celebrate the
reopening of the trail bridges across the
Cedar River destroyed in the Great Flood
of 2008.
Please be sure to remember your CVC
membership card when going to one of
our bike shop sponsors or any of the
other CVC official sponsors. They may
have a special discount or offer but need
to make sure it goes to the correct
people. It’s easy to forget your card so
please understand that the sponsor may
not know your current CVC membership
status. Your expiration date is on the
card, as well as, on each newsletter
under your mailing address.
SPECIAL THANKS to Penny Gerholdt and all of the Lake to Lake committee. Also, to Dave Clabby
and Mary White for the outstanding support along the way. You all made the L2L an enjoyable
adventure. ~Brian
Please contact [email protected] now.
We are sending out mass e-mails to all RAGBRAI participants with more
information, but for now, the CVC charter buses will leave from The Supervisors Club
south parking lot (3265 Dewitt Rd, Waterloo) Saturday, July 18th. The trucks will be
there around 7:00 AM, but plan to be there no later than 8:00 AM to get checked in and
loaded. If you ride a recumbent bike or a tandem, please plan to arrive on the early
end because they are trickier to load. Space to park vehicles for the week will be
available at the far south end and we will need to park as close as possible since The
Supervisors Club will be open for regular business all week. There will be a waiver/
permit form that must be completed and turned in by each person parking a vehicle.
Please help convey our grateful “thanks” to The Supervisor’s Club for this service.
While the buses are completely filled,
there still is room for baggage hauling and
camping throughout the week. It is Plan D
at the CVC website. All CVC charter
participants must also be registered
RAGBRAI riders, and wristbands are being
traded at the RAGBRAI Forum site if you
need one.
If you have questions or need
additional information, contact us at
[email protected]
___ Mail Stop
___ Yard Work
___ Duffle Bags (50 lbs max per bag)
___ Money ($50/day est.)
___ Wallet
___ Insurance Cards
___ Route Map
___ Cap / ___Hat
___ I.D.’s / ___Road ID Bracelet
___ Cell Phone / ___Charger
___ Laptop/Tablet / ___Chargers
___ Umbrella
___ Bug Repellent / ___ Yard Spray
___ Sun Block
___ Chap Stick (SPF)
___ Eyeglasses / ___Case
___ Eye Contacts / ___Solution
___ Sunglasses /___ Straps
___ Bike (remove pedals!)
___ Bike Shoes
___ Bike Bags (__go thru each bag)
___ Bike Tire Pump / ___CO2
___ Bike Lights (front & back)
___ Bike First Aid Kit
___ Bike Tools /___ Rags / ___Oil
___ Bike Lock
___ Tubes / ___Patch Kit
___ Helmet / ___ Gloves (2)
___Bandannas / ___Headbands
___ Fanny Pack / ___ Backpack
___ Water Bottles (2) / ___Camel Back
___ Jerseys / ___Bike Shorts
___ Rain Gear
___ Face towel (for on bike)
___ Notebook Journal /___ Pen
___ Address Book / ___Stamps
___ Business Cards
___ Music / ___Earphones
___ Tylenol or Ibuprofen
___ Batteries (AA, AAA, etc)
___ Camera / __Charger
___ Head strap light
___ Gatorade Powder
___ Ace Wraps, etc
___ Power or Granola Bars
___ Waterproofed Tent
___ Tent / ___Stakes / ___Mallet
___ Tent Ground Cover Tarp
___ Tent Fan
___ Tent Whisk Broom
___ Sleeping Bag
___ Air Mattress
___ Pillow / ___ Covers
___ Bath Towels
___ Clothes Line /___ Pins
___ Toilet Paper
___ Toiletries
___ Bio Degradable Soap
___ Medications
___ Ear Plugs (for sleeping)
___ Baby Powder /___ Chamois Butt'r
___ Swimsuit
___ Shorts / ___T-shirts
___ Long Sleeve / ___Sweatshirt
___ Shoes /___ Flip Flops
___ Solar Shower Bag 3 gal. / ___Write name
___ Dirty Clothes Bag
___ ‘Woolite’ (if you wash)
___ RAGBRAI Wristband (if not bought thru CVC)
___ Gum
___ Hand Wipes
___ Kleenex (travel size)
___ Can Koozie
___ Bungie Cords
___ Book / Magazine
___ Zip Lock Bags = SM, LG, XL
___Garbage Bags
___ Put clothes in large plastic bags in duffle bags
___ Plastic Grocery Bags (to cover bike seat at night)
___ Large blanket to cover bike in truck
___ Kennel Pets Reservation
___ Check Weather Forecast
___ Newspaper Stop
___ Tune-up Bike / ___Clean
___Heavy duty rubber bands (you’ll find a use)
___ Remove both bike pedals by turning wrench toward back of bike.
___ Set Cylcometer to zero
__put pedals in bike shoe in duffle bag!!!
-Folding Chair
-Bike Floor Pump
bwill 6/2014 - my docs\cvc\ragbrai…
123 Main St
Cedar Falls
709 Jefferson St
Mr. G’s
Restaurant & Pub
2719 Center St,
Cedar Falls
319 277-1508
Now accepting bike
friendly sponsors
Contact Shelby Buhlman
[email protected]
126 Brandilynn Blvd
Cedar Falls IA 50613
(319) 277-2800
Excellent Beer Selection
310 Main ST Cedar Falls, IA 50613 319.277.8226
407 Main St
310 Main ST Cedar Falls, IA 50613 319.277.8226
Cedar Falls, IA
Page 9
Bike Shop
Europa Cycle
and Ski
4302 University Ave.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Regular priced items:
10% off accessories and
clothing (does not
include labor, bicycles,
Bike Tech
217 Washington St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
(319) 266-5979
 Regular priced items:
10% off accessories
and repair parts.
C&J Supply
9104 w. 1st St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
4 miles west of CF on 1st St.
Large selection
Carhartt cold weather
Wolverine boots and shoes,
plus summer clothes and
We’ll match or beat
any other store.
402 Viking Plaza Drive
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
www.scheels.com 319-277-3033
316 West 3rd Street,
Suite 2
Waterloo, IA
(319) 504-5771
Regular priced items:
10% off accessories
and repair parts.
217 Washington St.
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
124 W. 4th St. Suite E
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Phone: (319) 277-4352
Fax: (319) 277-0212
[email protected]
[email protected]
Full Service Printing
Cedar Valley Cyclists 2015 Board of Directors
President: Brian Will, [email protected]
Vice President: Bob Osgood, [email protected]
Secretary: Gretchen Harken, [email protected]
Treasurer, RAGBRAI® Problem Resolution: Roger White, [email protected]
Sponsorship: Shelby Buhlman, [email protected]lists.org
Calendar: Angie White, [email protected]
Newsletter: Troy Gerst, [email protected]
Membership: Tim Cox, [email protected]
Webmaster: Randy C. Klug, [email protected]
RAGBRAI® Director: Randy C. Klug, [email protected]
RAGBRAI® Coordinators: Angie White and Roger White, [email protected]
Time Trial Director: Russ Clarke, [email protected]
Special Events Coordinator: Clint Stainbrook [email protected]
Curtis Hochreiter, [email protected]
Jim Young, [email protected]
At Large
James Buchholz, [email protected]
Julie Brunscheon, [email protected]
Mervin Carnahan, [email protected]
Eric Penning, [email protected]
Jacob Holm, [email protected]
Chuck Graves, [email protected]
Bob Sloan, [email protected]
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