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January/February 2016 • Tevet/Shevat/Adar I 5776
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By Rabbi Alan B. Lucas
Why I am going to the AIPAC Policy Conference
and why I hope you will join me.
he AIPAC Policy Conference will be held at
the Washington Convention Center in Washington
DC from Sunday March 20 through Tuesday March 22. It
is the largest gathering of America’s pro-Israel community.
If you have been there before – I have no doubt you
have already made plans to go again. If you have not yet
attended one of these conferences I hope you will give
serious thought to doing so.
Why is the AIPAC Policy Conference so important? Well
first of all, it is a happening. Can you imagine what it is
like to gather with over 14,000 Americans, Jews and
non-Jews from all over the country who share a love for
Israel? More than 2/3rds of Congress make an appearance
at the Conference. And with this being an election year –
EVERYONE will be stopping by. More than 2,300 college
students from some 490 college campuses are there.
We will be one of over 275 synagogue delegations in
AIPAC is much more than politics. It is through
demonstrations of groundbreaking Israeli innovations,
keynote speeches by American and Israeli leaders, inspiring
moments on stage, and intimate educational sessions, that we will experience the full scale of pro-Israel activism in
three powerful days.
Some have asked me if AIPAC was a little too right wing for
them. I replied that AIPAC is right wing in its politics and it
is left wing as well. It is Republican and it is Democrat and
it is non-partisan. It is Jewish and non-Jewish. There will
be 14,000 people and the only thing we share is a love for
Israel. And in this day and age that cannot and should not
be taken for granted.
At a time when Israel is under attack as it has never been
before, a three-day love fest is as invigorating as it is
encouraging. During the year it is so hard not to get beaten
down by so much we read in the press – all the criticism
and negativity about Israel. Then after a few days of AIPAC
I am reminded that there are so many people who share
my determination to support the land of Israel – in all its
There is room for disagreement and you will find plenty
of that at AIPAC. We had a significant delegation from TBS
last year and I am hoping to have an even larger one this
year to celebrate the achievements of the modern State of
Israel and to help secure its future.
If you want more information, take a look at their website:
http://www.policyconference.org/index.asp or feel free
to contact me and I will explain more about why I will be
there. I hope you will too.
I also hope you will join me as we embark on another
exciting study experience on Israel. Entitled: “The Tribes of
Israel: A Shared Homeland for a Divided People" we will
enjoy video lectures from some of Israel’s leading scholars
on topics like Unity and Diversity in Jewish Tradition; The
Orthodox Jewish Tribe, The Liberal Jewish Tribe, The ArabPalestinian Israeli Tribe; Sharing the Public Sphere: New
Foundations for a Jewish Democracy and so much more.
Classes will be held on Sunday mornings from 9:30-11 AM
beginning March 13th and I will be leading the discussions
following the lectures..
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There are many things we can achieve together. But I cannot and
Rabbi Lucas and I cannot do this alone…we need you! We need
our congregation to not only support our treasury generously but
be open to see the beauty of our tradition and add and increase
our practices and observances, just as we add and increase the
light of the Hanukiah.
If I can help inspire you to build upon the foundations laid by our
rabbi and our lay leaders, if I can motivate you to be engaged in our
Jewish community and to help our people, if I can encourage you
to increase your observance of or knowledge of Judaism, if I can
be a rabbi who leads you as an authentic interpreter of Judaism,
if I can help comfort you when your mourn and celebrate in your
simchas and be there for you in good times and challenging times
I will feel fulfilled. But most of all, I hope you will consider me a
friend and a listening ear and help you and your family achieve
your spiritual and religious and cultural and educational goals
within the walls of our soon to be 65th anniversary.
I thank you for this opportunity and look forward to helping you
create many meaningful Jewish experiences.
We can continue to build upon our involvement in social action
and tikkun olam and be even more deeply caring to our fellow
Temple Beth Sholom 2
By Rabbi Paul David Kerbel
“Installation Address”
hank you Rabbi Lucas for
your kind and meaningful
installation remarks –
everyone should know that I
deeply respect you and enjoy working with you and hope
that this is the beginning of a wonderful working relationship
between us.
To Richard Levine and Pearl Halegua and the Search and
Negotiating Committees, thank you for choosing me and giving
me the opportunity to serve as a member of your clergy team.
And thanks to Steve Goldenberg, Pearl Halegua, Ellen Walk,
Donna Bartolomeo and Rabbi Lucas for organizing this evening.
I am thrilled that Melissa and all of my children are here and
want to thank them for their support throughout my career
and throughout their lives. It is not easy being the spouse or
child of a rabbi and I thank them for being great at it.
One of the rabbis who inspired me to become a rabbi is Rabbi
Dov Peretz Elkins who is now happily retired in Israel. Rabbi
Adam Feldman succeeded Rabbi Elkins in Princeton. Rabbi
Elkins assumed the pulpit of the synagogue where I was Bar
Mitzvah, Temple Beth El in Rochester, NY in the summer of
1972. Rabbi Elkins devoted his RH and YK sermons of 1972 to
the themes of: “What Can A Congregation Expect of Its Rabbi”
and “What Can a Rabbi Expect of His Congregation.” These
sermons are High Holy Day length sermons and contain many
things for us to consider and discuss – too much for tonight
But Rabbi Elkins quotes the very first rabbi to introduce
sermons in English, Rabbi Isaac Leeser, who almost 150 years
ago made the following statement about the role of the rabbi.
He wrote that the three prerequisites for an effective rabbi
are: “Scholarship, an uncompromising honesty of purpose and
a spirit of fearlessness.”
Now we might suggest other prereqs or job descriptions
today, but Rabbi Leeser was teaching something important: the primary role of a rabbi is to study Judaism and impart,
interpret and transmit the contents of his study to and with
his congregation. Without knowledge, there can be no piety,
no religiosity, no Jewish people, no Judaism. That is why it
is so meaningful that this installation took place on Hanukah. The root of the word Hanukah means both education and
dedication. The Macabees were fighting for their right to
practice Judaism and continue to transmit their tradition
to future generations. In the spirit of Rabbi Leeser and the
Macabees, I try to study a little every day so that I can share
and interpret our tradition with deeper knowledge and fresh
His second prereq – “compromising honesty of purpose” – I
hope to serve TBS faithfully but, – in the words of Benjamin
Franklin – “to serve the public faithfully and at the same time to
please everyone is impossible.” While some synagogues have
busts of their rabbis in their lobbies, and for some congregants,
the rabbi is viewed as almost God-like, I prefer that people
understand and believe that we are simply human – like you, we are imperfect. So while I will try every day to fulfill the
many diverse things a rabbi is asked to do in the course of a
day, please remember first, that I am human and imperfect – I
will make mistakes but always strive to give my best.
Another aspect of Leeser’s view of “honesty of purpose” was
interpreted by the Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. “the clergyman
is not merely a thermometer that records the ideas and
principles of popular opinion; rather he is a thermostat that
transforms the mores of society.” The Rabbi cannot really
speak for his congregation, because our members have diverse
views, but the role of the rabbi is to speak to his congregation
as it is the role of the rabbi to teach, remind and often lead the
congregation to speak out when evil, injustice or oppression
do not allow us to remain silent. It is uniquely our role to shake
you/ us up at times from our routine and our comfortable
places and remind us of our role to help repair and build our
And thirdly, Rabbi Leeser encourages each rabbi to be fearless. At a time where many Jews do not find time to study and learn,
the rabbi must stand up for the study of Torah and our tradition;
at a time where cell phones so penetrate our lives that we
can’t be without them even for a few minutes, it is the role of
the rabbi to remind us to look into the eyes and hearts of our
family and friends – that we will be present in their lives and
open and available to and for them. At a time of increased and
unceasing hatred of Judaism and Israel, it is our responsibility
to remind our people to support, invest, donate and visit the
Land and people of Israel and to view every Jew in the world
as our brothers and sisters. Ultimately, rabbis are dugmaot
– and I hope by my practice, my teaching, my religiousity, my
search for spirituality amidst the noise of everyday life, that I,
together with Rabbi Lucas can set an example for our members
and their families.
I have some personal goals as I begin to think about the
contributions I might be able to make to our Temple.
I care deeply about our youth and hope to help build our youth
program to one of vibrancy and greatness.
I care deeply about the Jewish education of our congregation
at all ages and in all venues and will work with Rabbi Lucas
to add opportunities for study and to expand our educational,
religious and cultural horizons.
I care deeply about our movement. I am proud to be a
Conservative Jew and want us to deepen our roots and
participation in the various sister institutions of our movement.
I believe that TBS should be the place to go for community
lectures and scholars in residence. I would like to see us
re-establish ourselves as the ‘go-to’ synagogue for UJA
Federation and JNF, AIPAC and Friends of IDF, Israel Bonds and
our Conservative institutions, just to name a few.
For our synagogue to flourish, I would like to see us expand our
vision out into the community but also deepen the roots of a
very committed and knowledgeable congregation.
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Temple Beth Sholom 3
appy New Year!!! Hmmm even though
it’s not “our” holiday,
it is undeniably a time of
renewal as we join the
world in celebration of a new secular year and make our
resolutions to be better, to eat better, to love more, to hug
more, to spend more time with our spouses and children,
to call our parents more – whatever it is that moves you to
become a better person in the new year.
January 22, 20
16 • Din
So it is in this spirit of renewal that I would like to announce
our commitment to bring back the Friday Night Live!
service after a hiatus.
Thanks to gentle prodding by Stephanie Roth and other
lovers of “FNL”, a new committee spearheaded by
Stephanie will arrange for a delicious dinner that will
precede the services on the following dates:
January 22, March 18, June 3
Please mark your calendars!!
I thank Stephanie for helping me to produce the FNL
services and dinners! We look forward to sharing these
very cool, exciting services with all of you!!
ner at
6:15 P
M • Fri
day Nig
ht Live! Service at 7:30 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat Service
& Dinner
A Very Special Gift
o you need a new gift idea for a special birthday or anniversary?
Perhaps a brand new baby? We have a most exciting and
different way to commemorate your good wishes. Our Rabbi Ario
S. & Tess Hyams Judaica Museum's curator Bat-Sheva Slavin has
the perfect gift for you. We can purchase or endow a new piece for
the museum that will be displayed during our exhibits. For a private
consultation, please contact Bat-Sheva at [email protected]
Temple Beth Sholom 4
Emma Javaheri
Daughter of
Roya & Mitchell
January 9
Allison granovsky
Daughter of
Natalie & Evan
January 23
joseph bykov
Son of
Eva & Stanley
January 16
Joshua liswood
Son of
Susanne & Paul
February 6
Jacob Aldad
Son of
Karen & Gilad
February 13
L’DOR V’DOR-From Generation to Generation
Create a lasting a legacy of your family’s connection to Temple Beth Sholom with the purchase of an
engraved brick for the Courtyard in our new Early Childhood and Lifelong Learning Center. You can
even choose between two sized bricks:
Size 4x8: Cost: $180 per brick or 3 for $500
(Each brick can include 3 lines of text with up to 14 characters)
Size 12x12: Cost: $540 per brick
(Each brick can include 8 lines of text with up to 16 characters)
Characters include letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces.
For more information, contact
Rebecca Altman at [email protected] or Rachel Schor at [email protected]
We will be dedicating newly purchased bricks for the courtyard in June
in our Early Childhood & Lifelong Learning Center
Temple Beth Sholom 5
Thank you to the following generous members who have contributed to the Joshua Society:
Rebecca and Michael Altman
Sophia & Ross Auerbach
Susan & Lewis Bartell
Ellen & Bruce Belsky
Sanford Berger
Caryn & Michael Beyer
Lauren & Phillip Beyer
Lori & Stephen Beyer
Sherri and Drew Caplin
Ester & Allan Causanschi
Arlyne and Warren z'l Choset
Debbie and Jay Dubowsky
Arlene and Daniel Fisher
Carol and Ira Fishman
Eva & Sanford Gerber
Judith Goldberg
Phyllis & Steven Goldenberg
Cindy and Adam Gross
Josh Halegua
Pearl and Nathan Halegua
Susan and Jon Held
Marilyn and Patrick Jacques
Arlene & Seymour Katz
Lisa and Richard Levine
Marcia & Mark Lilling
Amy & Marc Magid
Jill and Louis Naviasky
Batsheva & Ronald Ostrow
Sharon & Rubin Pikus
Marilyn & Barry Rubenstein
Rebecca and Morty Schaja
Lisa and Jim Schlesinger
Rachel and Michael Schor
Sandra and Steve Seltzer
Sarah & Avi Stein
Ellen and Paul Walk
Shoshanna Wingate
Dorine and Robert Wulwick
Laurie & Arthur Zagelbaum
Susan and Alan Zelman
Looking Ahead...
After Kiddush Study
oin Rabbi Paul Kerbel for a new program: "After
Kiddush Study" on select Shabbatot following services
and the Kiddush. The next study session will take place
on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at approximately 12:45.
Topic: How Can We Be Close to God. Feel free to bring
your lunch and dessert from kiddush to our class!
Temple Beth Sholom 6
By Pearl Halegua
‫דוגמה אישית‬
Doogmah Eesheet: Lead by Personal Example
can recall the words of
encouragement that I received in June at the start of
my presidency from people
whose faces were so familiar
to me to those I hardly knew. Some intimated I had my
work cut out for me, and shook my hand and wished me
luck…. little did I realize that my new position would include
being called upon for my opinion on things like termite
damage and repair. In cases like that…I did need luck.
Some people extended their hands and said, “I am here for
you; if you need me, just call.” And I did. I called upon my
friends numerous times for different things. One of them
was my friend Molly Chernofsky. She was a wonderful
role model as a sisterhood leader and a mentor. We often
discussed the importance of recognizing the mentor’s role
in helping those who succeed us. Yes, Molly was amongst
the many friends and supporters here at TBS who made this
temple a Kehila Kedosha. Thank goodness we are blessed
with a number of individuals who serve our congregation
and the community at large each in their own way.
On December 11th, the formal installation of our Associate
Rabbi was coupled with the opening of our museum exhibit
entitled, “Light”. Bat-Sheva Slavin curated this beautiful
exhibit. I associate Bat-Sheva with Btzalel, the artisan
in Exodus, chosen to design and create the Tabernacle
for he had an exceptional eye for the aesthetic as well
as the ability to craft his vision. Bat-Sheva , for years has
stimulated our senses with visual beauty, serving as our
role model for appreciating the arts.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Debby Brosowsky at
this point, not only does Debby edit this bulletin, serve as
a trustee, sisterhood board member etc. but as Bat-Sheva
pointed out at our Board of Trustees meeting, Debby is her
right hand in getting the exhibits ready. We all appreciate
the finished product but often we forget the behind the
scenes work that is required in bringing a vision into reality.
Thank you Debby for setting an example of dedication for
It is incumbent upon me at this time to remind our
members that in addition to vision and dedication our
museum needs funding in order to continue. I would like
to thank Richard Levine for leading by example at our
board meeting by responding to this call with a generous
donation. Yasher Koach.
His initial offering stimulated others to do likewise.
Doogmah Eesheet, lead by personal example.
As mentioned, we have many members who make TBS
a Kehila Kedosha, some not only by their participation in
the temple but by serving the community at large as well.
Recently, I learned that Dr. David Rosenthal was presented
the New York State Department of Health, Commissioner’s
Special Recognition Award. This award is presented in
recognition of individuals for their commitment to improve
and promote the health and well being of all. David has
developed innovative interventions to promote HIV testing
and prevention. Yasher Koach, David for setting an example
of Tikkun Olam as related to medicine.
Congregants from other shuls come here for kaddish
because their temples can’t get a minyan together. We
have two a day. We have senior luncheons, Yom Hashoah
programs, Lunch and Learn, Comedy Night, nursery school,
Hebrew school, our Machon HS attendance is up and just
last month we hosted learning workshops for over 250
Hebrew School educators. We have a tikvah program for
children whose curriculum needs to be modified and we
are seeking more ways to reach out to our TBS family as
well as the greater community.
These last few Shabbats our temple was full; on some
days we had to open the back door of the sanctuary
for additional seating. A visitor from another temple
commented, "What a beautiful service and how wonderful
to be part of a congregation where there is a kiddush going
on in several parts of the building, celebrating a simcha.
Your temple is so vibrant and alive." Yes, we are all that.
This is our temple’s 65th anniversary…we have our
concerns both in-house and global, but we have a
leadership team, clergy and staff who are proactive and see
the needs of the future. We are working hard on planning
for it. Please, do not hesitate to call a board member or
me if you have a particular concern or suggestion. Come
to our congregational meeting in February to get a better
understanding of what is going on, ask questions and give
us your input.
Temple Beth Sholom is here for all, meeting the needs of
many in many different ways. There are numerous things
in which we need your support. In this coming year I hope
to see a lot of extended hands followed by, “Call me if you
need me, I will be there.” Please be there in the way that
works for you.
Visit the Judaica Shoppe by Appointment
Please contact: Cindy Katz at [email protected]
or 516-697-3717
Or Amy Magid at [email protected]
or 516-625-4558
Temple Beth Sholom 7
Temple Beth Sholom 8
This year TBS has identified a
“Wish List” to guide all of those who
are inspired to donate financially!
1. New air conditioning unit (large) $75,000
Since 1951, we have provided a wide tent, a
4. Lower Level Multi-purpose Room $25,000
nurturing spiritual home in which Jews are
5. Renovate Religious School Bathrooms
(2) $25,000 each
welcome in good times and in times of need.
We are known for inspirational worship,
celebration of life cycle events, creative Jewish
education, exceptional clergy and leadership.
We offer three outstanding religious schools, as
well as cutting edge adult education programs,
and unequaled family learning programs.
TBS is a proud, generous, caring Jewish
community. Members are frequently moved to
demonstrate their support of our goals, both
as volunteers and with financial donations. We
appreciate their gifts of time and money: they
are all gifts from the heart.
For more information, please call Donna Bartolomeo,
Executive Director at 516-621-2288 or Louis Naviasky,
Vice President of Finance and Fundraising,
[email protected]
2. New Sukkah in the Courtyard $50,000
3.Handicapped Accessible entrance on
Roslyn Road $30,000
6. New air conditioning unit (small) $25,000
7. Boardroom Furniture $20,000
8. Carpet in Boardroom $8,000
9.Special Needs Teacher (3) $8,000 each for
1 school year
10. Youth Director $7,500 for 1 school year
11. New Talasim (50) $2,000 sponsored
12. Laptops (4) $1,000 each
13. Friday Night Live Band $750 (per night)
14. Printer (2) $450 each
15. Paint Early Childhood Center $15,000
16. EARLY Childhood Classroom Furniture
$10,000 per class
17. A Spaceship For the Playground $20,000
Thank you in advance
for your generosity!
Temple Beth Sholom 9
By Helayne Cohen, Early Childhood Center Director
he winter doldrums have
no place here at the
Early Childhood
Upon our
return from the
December break, we moved right into winter
mode - snow & ice, freezing and melting,
cold weather apparel along with cold
weather activities are all being highlighted,
researched and studied. Included in our
winter study is also hibernation and migration
(with a discussion about Shabbat Shira) and
how we help our feathered friends during the
winter season. We will also be busy learning about
Tu B'Shevat-celebrating in our classrooms with a seder
and discovering that our friends in Israel are celebrating
Our four year old children and parents look forward to
spending a Saturday evening at school as we join together
for "Hooray for Havdalah". Together with our clergy, we
will enjoy a family dinner followed by a spiritual Havdalah
service. This is a heartwarming way to say farewell to
Shabbat and to begin a new week.
Our Toddlers and their families will spend time together
in school for "Shabbat Twogether" which includes
songs, prayers, grape juice, candle lighting and of
course challah. This gives our toddler families
a chance to see how very much their children
are experiencing at school.
And, is there anything better than coming
back to school at night in your P.J.'s to see
your friends, learn the Shema prayer, enjoy
pizza, cookies and milk and hear a bedtime
story? That's what our PJ Shema party is all
about! So, winter blues - not here at the ECC! Registration for the 2016 – 2017 school year has begun. If
you or anyone you know is interested in finding out more
about our school or to arrange for a tour, please call us at
Chanukah Party
January/February Highlights
Baking Chanukah Cookies
Friday, January 1
Monday, January 4
Saturday, January 9
Monday, January 18
Friday, January 22
Friday, January 29
Thursday, February 11
Mon-Fri, February 15-19
Monday, February 22
Winter Recess (No Classes)
Classes Resume
"Hooray For Havdalah 5:00-6:00 PM
(For our 4 year olds)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
(No Classes)
“Shabbat Twogether”
12:00 – 12:30 PM (For Toddlers Only)
ECC Shabbat Dinner
PJ Shema Party 5:30-6:30 PM
Presidents’ Birthday Recess
(No Classes)
Classes Resume
For inquiries about our school, call us at (516) 621-1171.
Pressing Olives for Chanukah
Temple Beth Sholom 10
By Sharon Solomon, Religious School Director
ne of the core values
our focus to the environment and ecology. The students
at Temple Beth Sholom
at Temple Beth Sholom will have the opportunity to learn
Religious School is
about the land of Israel through The Jewish National Fund
gemilut chassadim, or showing
(JNF) who will be visiting our school in honor of Tu B’Shevat.
loving kindness to all in the
Planting a tree in Israel is a wonderful way to celebrate Tu
community. Our students have had wonderful opportunities
B’Shevat and connect to the land and people of Israel.
to help those less fortunate
We would like to encourage
through a variety of handseach and every family to
on programs. Creating cold
purchase at least one tree
weather gear packages
through the JNF this season,
for the needy in the local
and show our love and
shelters, making sandwiches
support for our beautiful
for a soup kitchen right here
State of Israel. Our goal is to
in Glen Cove, as well as
purchase 250 trees. Please
sponsoring a family through
help us fulfill our mission in
the Lend A Hand Foundation,
sponsoring this worthwhile
are several examples of our
tzedakah project. (Forms
on-going projects. Thank
will be sent home with your
you to sponsoring TBS
child.) Please visit www.jnf.
families (who wish to remain
org for inspirational ecology
anonymous) who help us
coordinate these chesed
May this Tu B’Shevat season
be an inspiration to all of us
without their help we would
1st & 6th grade Buddies created beautiful planters for the
as we recycle, re-use and
not be able to provide such
HASC Special Needs school.
preserve our environment.
substantial assistance.
As we teach the mitzvah of tzedakah, we reinforce the
concept in Judaism, that you are first responsible to
take care of the needy of your own local, surrounding
community. Now as we approach the Jewish New Year for
the Trees and celebrate the holiday of Tu B’Shevat, we shift
Library news
By Julie Gittlin
Doing Mitzvot - Raffle Prize Donations for HASC School.
lease come in and visit the Library! We have several
new books for great reading during the cold winter
For Adults:
Women of the Bible, Frances Verde
The Remarkable Women of the Bible, Elizabeth George
Doomed to Succeed, Dennis Ross
Garden of Eden, Yosi Klein
For Children:
Sammy Spider’s First Mitzvah, Sylvia Rouss
The Colors of Israel, Rachel Roz
Alef is for Ima, Rebecca Kafka
Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hannukah, Linda Glaser
A Picture Book of Anne Frank, David Adler
Temple Beth Sholom 11
By Michael Mand, President
en’s Club has been quite busy lately. It all
started back in November with our Paid-up
Member’s Dinner/Texas Hold ‘em Evening. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember who
won, but I’ve been told the winner won more than
$300.00. (I don’t think it was me; I probably would
have remembered that!)
On December 1, in an event close to my own heart,
Men’s Club joined the Sisterhood of Temple Judea and
the J. C. C. in sponsoring an evening of talk and acoustic
music with guitarist Steve Katz, founding member
of two very influential bands, The Blues Project and
Blood, Sweat & Tears. I wrote earlier that I had hoped
to introduce Steve that evening and I’m happy to
report that my wish was granted. I got to say a few
opening words and to relay a story or two about what
his music meant to me and how it served to shape my
musical tastes over the years. The lecture/concert was
well attended and I even made a few new Facebook
friends that evening.
Two days later we had our planning meeting in which
we really didn’t plan anything except to continue with
the events we’ve already planned. But, when you look
at the schedule, you realize it’s probably enough.
Comedy night, sponsored by Men’s Club, has become
a temple favorite and this year’s gathering on Saturday,
December 5, was no exception. Rabbi Lucas warmed
the enthusiastic audience with his unique comedic
delivery – it’s all in the delivery – that made sure we
were ready to laugh. Our three comedians took his
hand-off and scored big! We all had a great time.
Annual Cards and Games Day
together with the Roslyn Chapter of Hadassah
Wednesday, February 3, 2015 at 10 AM
For more information contact
Amy Magid at [email protected] or
Cindy Katz at [email protected]
World Wide Wrap
February 7, 2016
As he usually does, Michael Margulis organized and
ran the annual blood drive, one of our most important
activities, on Sunday, December 6. Michael reported
that he was assisted by Joe Bruck and that everything
went smoothly. We had fewer than usual participants
but we benefited from a very high retention rate. In
addition, seven of us gave two units of packed red
cells. This resulted in TBS reaching its implied goal of
33 units. We appreciate Michael’s efforts.
Another annual favorite is when we prepare and deliver
the latkes for the Hebrew School Chanukah Assembly. This year it took place on Tuesday, December 8. I have
to admit that I was quite surprised at how many men
were able to get off work early to help out. Once we
finished the cooking we were all able to stand back and
watch the kids as they had, what I would call, a blast!
There’s a life insurance commercial I see during
every New York Giants’ loss this year that says “keep
good going”, and that’s just what we intend to do. (I
know; The Giants have won a few games this year.) Upcoming events in January and February include our
next Defensive Driving course – the date has not been
determined, the World Wide Wrap on February 7, and
Men’s Club Shabbat on February 27.
Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join us at
our next meeting on Thursday, January 7 – dinner will
be served.
Follow-up: In my last article I mentioned that Past
President David Levine suggested that we offer a
course to train people to lead our daily minyan and
to be gabbai rishon on Shabbat. I approached Cantor
Barnoy and we agreed to meet and, if there is interest,
to set aside some time to offer that course. I’ll keep
you posted.
As I said, let’s “keep, good, going!”
Temple Beth Sholom 12
By Cindy Feldman, President
Super-Sister Heroes in Action, Making A Difference!
Dedicated to the Memory of Molly Chernofsky z”l, Our Friend, Mentor, & Leader
ince the Kick-Off event celebrating our 65-year
legacy on October 1st, Sisterhood members have
joined forces to become TBS real-life heroes.
At The Great Big Challah Bake on October 22nd, our
superheroes pounded their dough into loaves of love
to serve at their Shabbat tables. Beside learning how to
braid, the women danced together
and helped each other gain the
confidence they needed to plunge
their hearts and souls into their
bowls. Best of all they found they
“kneaded” each other to create this
wonderful Shabbat experience.
As part of the evening, these 100
women collected almost 200 paper
goods that were delivered by 10
TBS Sisterhood representatives
to the Mid-Island Y JCC Food
Pantry in Plainview in cooperation
with The Fourth Week initiative
launched by UJA Federation
Women’s Philanthropy. The shelves
were stocked by our volunteers
to capacity; it was humbling and
inspiring. Thank you, superheroes,
led by Mahvash Zarabi, Helene
Lurie and your understudy (me),
for making all this possible and for
energizing us!
Hyde Park attended the event and expressed his
gratitude for the more than 400 special occasion dresses
and business suits that we collected to assist women to
return to the work force or to enjoy a family simcha.
The highlight of the evening, however, was Rabbi
Alan Lucas’ ravishing walk down the runway showing
off his tangerine backless evening
gown featuring a plunging neckline
and beaded accents—he showed
us his humorous side when we
needed it most, transforming the
tears of sadness he evoked with his
earlier delivery of a moving poem
in memory of our cherished leader,
Molly Chernofsky z”l. Thank you
Rabbi Lucas; you buoyed our heavy
The Great Big Challah Bake
hearts that evening. We are most
Our superheroes continued their
commitment to “make a difference”
at their annual Chanukah Party on
December 7th.
Fall Membership Dinner &
Fashion Forward Showcase
Our 40-women strong team wrapped
over 40 Winter Hug baskets with their
donated tins of tea, hot cocoa, and
coffee along with a new hat, scarf,
or a pair of gloves for seniors living
at or below the poverty line to be
distributed with the help of UJA and
the Mid-Island Y JCC pantry. We ate
latkes and sufganiot, laughed with
each other, and created something
special to warm up the cold days
ahead for those less fortunate.
Our superheroes jumped into
action again under the leadership
of Wende Jager-Hyman, Deborah
Brosowsky, Mimi Weitz, Cindy Katz,
Amy Magid, and me to pull our Fall
Dinner & Fashion Forward Showcase
Next our superheroes are planning
Chanukah: Wrap A Winter Hug...
together, held on November 19th. to
launch a campaign to fight BDS,
Make a Miracle Happen
Not a detail was missed, including
anti-Semitism here and abroad, and
our beautiful hand-made place
to support Israel during their Israeli Film Nights with
cards created by our own Eleanor Roberts, and the
Bat-Sheva Slavin on January 28th and on March 3rd.
beautiful pashminas tied in a bow on the back of our
We hope you will join us!
seats, hand-picked by our fashionista, Mahvash Zarabi.
The Roslyn Chapter of Hadassah will join our
Vendors, raffles, and our newly added Silent Auction
superheroes at their Annual Cards & Games Day on
added to the evening’s festivities.
February 3rd and then again on March 2nd. Together
We honored Gloria Fischel for serving as WLCJ’s
they are committed to fulfill their pledge to perform the
representative at the United Nations for 14 years. A
Mitzvah of Tikun Olam and will muster all their SuperProclamation was presented by Mayor Michael Koblenz
Sister powers to do it!
on behalf of the Village of East Hills. Don’t miss Susie Fishbein’s Passover Demonstration
Mayor Koblenz also commended our Sisterhood for
& Tasting on March 31st—seats are limited and will be
using its resources to organize a community-wide
available to Sisterhood Members only. So if you have
collection of dresses and business attire gathered
not joined our Super-Sisterhood yet, please sign up
from our community’s closets and donated to support
online at the PayPal link on the TBS Sisterhood page,
struggling women living in shelters.
or mail or drop-off your check in the office. It’s never
too late to join our team of Super-Sisters! Cindy
Mark Krieger of Beautiful Memories Gemach of New
Temple Beth Sholom 13
By Rabbi Sean Jensen and Rabbi Paul David Kerbel
Co-MBS Directors
Dates for January and February:
Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 PM
January 4, 11, 25, February 1, 8, 22, 29
March 7
In the Fall Semester, Stand With Us, an Israel Educational and Advocacy Organization presented three workshops on Israel. On November 30,
Machon students studied articles in the mass media and were asked to look for whether the articles were biased against Israel.
Thank you to Paul Freedman of Stand With Us for presenting these very informative training sessions.
Why not sponsor a Sunday minyan breakfast? Your contribution will celebrate a simcha or
honor the memory of a loved one
In addition, a particularly meaningful way to commemorate a milestone in your
life is to sponsor a Kiddush on Saturday morning, thereby sharing your
simcha with the Temple family.
Please call: David Oestreich at 621-3046 or the Temple office at 621-2288
for details or to reserve a date.
We are grateful to the following members
who have sponsored Sunday Minyan breakfasts this fall.
Ken Weitz and Family in memory of his parents
Elio and Sara Levy in memory of Arieh Lieb Rosmarin
David H. Oestreich in memory of brother, Dr. Herbert Oestreich
Jess Drabkin in memory of father, Solomon Drabkin
Mimi Weitz in memory of her parents
Gil Lipper in memory of mother Judith Lipper
Jay Dubowsky in honor of Shaun & Evan Dubowsky
Cantor Barnoy in memory of Abraham Barnoy
Beatrice Karten in memory of Sidney Bloom
Ellen & Paul Walk in memory of Nathan Herbstman & Morris Walk
Temple Beth Sholom 14
VP Programming
By Steven Goldenberg
number of events are in the planning stages
for 2016. Disco Night at Club TBS is set for
Saturday, January 30 from 7:30 - midnight.
Besides dancing away the evening in your party attire,
you will enjoy a buffet by Joseph Craig Caterers, and
have the opportunity to shop for jewelry and giftware
by Ambalu, bid on one-of-a-kind memorabilia, trips,
and fantasy prizes from Grandstand Sports, and try your
luck with raffle prizes. A good time will be had by all!
For further information, contact the co-chairpersons,
Odellia Fischer ([email protected]) or Jocelyn
Wasserman ([email protected]).
On Monday, February 22, Retired Colonel Miri Eisin, a
leader in the Israeli intelligence community and media
expert, will be speaking at TBS on regional geopolitics
and security-related issues in the media worldwide.
Details to follow.
Reserve Sunday, March 6 for “The Persian Experience.”
Although plans have not yet been finalized, a
screening of the movie, “Desert Dancer,” a film about
underground dancing in Iran and its theme of rebellion
is contemplated, along with a special Persian-themed
exhibit and a delicious Persian meal.
Last year, our Lower East Side tour was a big hit. This
year, on Sunday, April 3, we are planning a bus tour of
Brooklyn with Professor William Helmreich, who has
walked virtually every street in New York City, nearly
6,000 miles of blocks, and has written a book about the
effort, “The New York Nobody Knows.” This insiders’
bus tour will include stops at various not-so-familiar
places that should forever alter your thoughts about
Brooklyn. There will be a strict limit on the number of
participants for this event.
Meir Panim will be sponsoring a Cantors' Concert
here, with our very own Cantor Barnoy and Cantor Avi
Albrecht on Thursday evening, May 12th. Details to
And, as has been touted for much of the year, the notto-be-missed event-of-the-year will be the Gala, to be
held on Sunday, May 22. We will be celebrating the
65th birthday of TBS and honoring Rabbi Alan Lucas,
who will also be celebrating a milestone birthday this
year. Hold the dates!
Our Hyams Judaica
Museum is looking
for all art enthusiasts
to lend a helping hand
with our collections &
Contact Bat-Sheva
at [email protected]
By Lisa G. Schlesinger
onday, January 25th is Tu B’Shevat, the New
Year of the Trees. What is the significance of
trees to us as Jews?
The Torah is called our
“Etz Chaim--Tree of Life”. The Torah is like the tree
trunk, with the branches
and leaves on the tree the
mitzvot--the actions of
how to fulfill the Torah’s
commandments. To take
on all 613 commandments is a daunting and impossible
task. However, it is not an “all or nothing” proposition. Each of us should try to do as many mitzvot as we can.
Our Torah Fund theme this year is “Natah Karem--She
plants a vineyard”. Like a grapevine or a fruit tree, it
often takes some time until it is ready to eat. The seed
that is planted needs nurturing. The same is true of
Jewish observance. We must plant the seeds of doing
mitzvot--observing Shabbat and Holidays, doing acts
of Chesed (like visiting the sick, feeding and clothing
the poorer among us, etc.) and then nurture them,
integrating them into our daily lives.
As part of your Tu B’Shevat celebration this year, plant
a “seed” of a mitzvah you would like to do this year,
nurture it and make it part of your daily life
Torah Fund
Commemorate an occasion or send condolences
and help educate Rabbis, Cantors and Educators
at Conservative-movement seminaries.
Contact Lisa Schlesinger at 621-6629 or at
[email protected] for certificates ($18 each) and cards.
College Youth
Do you have a child or grandchild in College?
Do you want to keep them connected to
Temple Beth Sholom?
For more information, please contact:
Phyllis Goldenberg at [email protected]
or Sheila Barth at [email protected]
Temple Beth Sholom 15
Temple Beth Sholom 16
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Tevet/Kislev 5776
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Temple Beth Sholom 17
PTA Pancake Breakfast
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Shevat/Adar I 5776
‫ אדר א תשע״ו‬/ ‫שבט תשע״ו‬
In the beginning
by Judy Goldberg
Genesis….The 1950’s
Part One
rior to 1947, the very few Jewish residents
of Roslyn travelled to other communities
for religious worship. With the post-war
building boom, many young Jewish families moved
into the area, attracted by the Levitt Organization’s development of the Country Club Homes and
other value opportunities. Soon the Roslyn Jewish
Community Center was established with the early
services being held at the Reverend John Van Zanten’s
Roslyn Presbyterian Church. Known today as Temple
Sinai, the congregation grew, until four years later, the
congregants voted to join the Reform Movement with
the result that, many of the men and women who had
labored long and hard to establish that temple in its
fine new building, were compelled to leave and reestablish a more traditional synagogue.
In June, 1951 an invitation was sent out to the Jewish
community: “You are cordially invited to attend a
Charter Convocation for the founding of a Liberal
Conservative Jewish Center for the Roslyn area… Little
did those 30 plus families who extended the invitation,
and the 40 or so families who met with them that
fateful day, know of how their modest plans would
become a juggernaut of intense activities on behalf of
every aspect of Jewish life here in our community, in
the nation at large, in our beloved State of Israel, and
throughout much of the world.
While the phrase, Liberal Conservative, soon gave
way to Conservative the aspirations of the recently
discharged veterans yielded up the name Beth Sholom,
house of peace, inaugural religious services were held
on Friday, August 3rd 1951; 14 acres on a lovely hill
overlooking Roslyn Road were, somehow, purchased
for $30,000 in September; and shortly thereafter, to
the wonderment of everyone concerned, 500 people
filled the Roslyn Theater to celebrate the first High
Holiday Services of the fledgling congregation.
(This article was adapted from THE CHRONICLES OF
TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM, a prodigious history of the first
40 years of our synagogue, which had been compiled
and edited by Leonard Kliegman in celebration of TBS’s
40th anniversary in 1991.)
Membership Has Its Rewards
By Irving S. Chernofsky, Chairman Cemetery Committee
hen you think of a membership benefit, you will
rarely, if ever, think about the cemetery. But one
of the lesser known benefits of membership at
Temple Beth Sholom is exactly that. Temple Beth Sholom,
as a service to its members, makes available plots at New
Montefiore Cemetery, in an area reserved for Temple Beth
Sholom. These plots are available at very reasonable prices.
We recently surveyed Beth Moses Cemetery, Wellwood
Cemetery and New Montefiore Cemetery. All of these
cemeteries are located in Pinelawn, NY, less than a 30 minute
drive from the Temple. We determined that the Temple is
providing a significant discount, to its members, on the prices
for plots in the Temple area. This discount is approximately
33% to 50% lower than the prices that the cemeteries
currently sell plots for.
The Temple can provide members with either single or double
plots, or family plots of four or more graves. The family plots
have a single family monument that has the family name, and
individual footstones for each interment. Each single plot can
have an individual headstone, and each double plot can have
either two single headstones or a double headstone, at the
family’s option. If you have any interest in purchasing plots in
the Temple Beth Sholom area of New Montefiore Cemetery,
please contact the Temple office.
In addition, Temple Beth Sholom in conjunction with New
Montefiore Cemetery, now allows grave plantings. When
an interment is made on our cemetery grounds and the
family wishes to arrange for a planting, they will be allowed
to plant Mature Yews (consisting of 3 shrubs 18”- 24” wide)
purchased from the cemetery. Families that wish to have
grave plantings will be required to purchase “Perpetual Care”
from the cemetery. These shrubs do wonders in improving
the look of the gravesite. Grave plantings will also be allowed
at the Temple Beth Sholom area of Beth Moses Cemetery.
All families that have already had an interment at either
cemetery and desire grave plantings should contact the
cemetery to make the appropriate arrangements.
The Jewish way of life includes many Jewish life cycle events.
During a typical Shabbat service at Temple Beth Sholom you
can witness any of several of our Jewish life cycle events. You
can witness the naming of a baby girl and her welcoming into
the Jewish community; you can witness a bar or bat mitzvah,
where our Jewish adolescents are transformed, right before
our eyes, into Jewish adults; or you can witness an aufruf,
where two of our Jewish adults prepare for life as a married
Just as there is a Jewish way of life, there is also a Jewish
way of death. Two basic considerations come into play when
death strikes and the laws of death and mourning become
applicable. One consideration involves the principle of kevod
hamet, treatment of the deceased with reverence and
respect. The other involves the principle of kevod hechai,
concern for the welfare of the living. In respect for members
of our congregation who have suffered a loss, Temple Beth
Sholom allows the family to hold funeral services at the
Yes, membership has its rewards, and although we hope you
will never need these membership benefits, it’s nice to know
that they are available to you if you do need them.
For more information, please contact Irving Chernofsky
at 516-626-9025 or [email protected] or Temple
Executive Director - Donna Bartolomeo at 516-621-2288 or
[email protected]
Temple Beth Sholom 18
DONATIONS (from 10/20/15 through 12/15/15)
Wishing a speedy recovery to Sara Most
Melody & Harvey Alstodt
In honor of the birth of Sherry & Jack Hirsch’s grandson,
Joshua Adam
Melody & Harvey Alstodt
Sherry & Jack Hirsch
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Brandon Danialian
Melody & Harvey Alstodt
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David Winik
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grandson, Morris Isaac
Melody & Harvey Alstodt
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Melissa & Brad Fischman
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Oliver Topel
Judith & Richard Meyer
In honor of Rabbi Kerbel with love, respect and gratitude.
Best wishes always to you and your family.
Arlene Lavine
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Marjorie Kasner
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Arlyne Choset
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next chapter of their lives
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Michael Moskowitz
Sue & Alex Sussman
In honor of the installation of Rabbi Paul David Kerbel
Congregation Etz Chaim, Rabbi Shalom J. Lewis, Executive Director & COO, Robert L. Bachrach, President, Cheryl Cohen-Miller, President-Elect, Todd H. Surden
General Donation
Hemda & Isaac Robinson
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grandson, Zane
Judy Goldberg
In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Deborah & Fred
Brosowsky’s granddaughter, Anna
Judy Goldberg
Temple Beth Sholom 20
In honor of the birth of Rose & Alan Schecter’s
granddaughter, Chloe Harper Burwick
Judy Goldberg
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In loving memory of Anna Krolick
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The Shampan Family
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René Kelbick
In memory of Molly Chernofsky
René Kelbick
In honor of the marriage of Jessica Lisogorsky
René Kelbick
In memory of Douglas Kelbick
René, Risa & Jared
In honor of our granddaughter, Romy Madison Ruchefsky
Rhoda & Leonard Ruchefsky
In memory of Molly Chernofsky
Amy & David Goldstein
In memory of Monroe Pester
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In memory of Molly Chernofsky
Susan & Alan Zelman
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Susan & Alan Zelman
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Susan Levy
In honor of Martin & Yvette Abram’s 70th anniversary
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Alumni Association of Hofstra University
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Van Manen
Alan Rosenwasser
In honor of Norman & Ira Lisogorsky for their
outstanding contributions
Alan Rosenwasser
In memory of Diane Gottlieb
Marci & Mark Kamberg
In memory of Monroe Pester
Joan & Norman Lisgorsky
Blanche & Herman Navon
Temple Beth Sholom 21
In honor of the marriage of Jessica Lisogorsky & Michael
Van Manen
Jane & Jerold Dornbush
In memory of Molly Chernofsky
David Oestreich
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Adam Kamberg
Phyllis & Steve Goldenberg
In memory of Molly Chernofsky
Edith & Leonard Kliegman
In honor of Beth & Marc Eichenholtz for lending us your
Rabbi Paul & Melissa Kerbel
In honor of Ari Ostad’s Bar Mitzvah
Pearl & Nathan Halegua
In memory of Pauline Kevel
Lorraine & Gil Rogove
In memory of Sylvia Orkin
Carolyn Canova
In memory of Michael Kishel
Rosalyn Landsman
In memory of Sylvia Goldstein
Barbara Kaplan
In memory of Minnie Beyer
Pearl Beyer
In memory of David T. Dresdale
Ellen & Leonard Ritz
In memory of Lillian Hirschhorn
Barbara & Larry Glass
In memory of Charles Litman
Denise Litman Gold
In memory of Sarah Litman
Denise Litman Gold
In memory of Joseph Zwillenberg
Alice Zwillenberg
In memory of Rhoda Lapatin
Ronni Kaplan
In memory of Sadie Aronoff
Drew Mallis
In memory of my dear wife, Barbara Furman
Norton Furman
In memory of Marilyn Opell
Dr. & Mrs. H. B. Opell
In memory of Jules Danto
Dr. & Mrs. H. B. Opell
In memory of Lillian Zucker
Linda & Joel Zucker
In memory of Oscar Lanzer
Peter Lanzer
In memory of Benjamin Kess
Steven Kess
In memory of Fran Sharp Auslander
Arlene & Robert Sharp
In memory of Lillie & Arthur Kliegman
Gladys Kliegman
In memory of Aghajan Samadi
Parvaneh Zareh
In memory of Louis Aranoff
Dorothy Aranoff
In memory of Betty Howard
Bette & Philip Howard
In memory of Francine Eisbruck
The Eisbruck Family
In memory of Julius Grobgeld
Judi & Jay Stuart
In memory of Moses Piltz
Georgine Schaja
In memory of Abraham & Mollie Kagan
Mimi Weitz
In memory of Albert & Lottie Kassner
Rita & Howard Golub
In memory of Lawrence Ravich
Steven Ravich
In memory Solomon Schneider
Sherrie Goldstein
In memory of Richard A. Bernstein
Lois Nosowitz
In memory of Edgar Feldman
Ellen & Bruce Belsky
In memory of David Better
Anita Better
In memory of Dora Solow
Anita Better
In memory of Nathan Tenenbaum
Linda & Michael Sahn
In memory of Dorothy Brown
Stuart Brown
In memory of Kenneth Glass
Susan & Mark Nevins
In memory of Roz Linsenbarth
Carolyn Canova
In memory of Dr. Irving Archinow
Lisa Archinow & Jordan Katz
In memory of Alexander Kaplan
Sally Kriegel
In memory of Melvin Hoffman
Donna Hoffman
In memory of Robert Wharton
Geoffrey Wharton & Children
In memory of Ruth Hauchman
Shirley & Nathan Peters
In memory of Martin Borsykowsky
Linda Borsykowsky
In memory of Louis Priceman
Melody & Harvey Alstodt
In memory of Harry J. Coven
Susan Coven Auerbach
In memory of Miriam Bacharach
Ines & Mark Bacharach
In memory of Reuben Dorfman
Alan Rosenwasser
In memory of Lillian Grobgeld
Judi & Jay Stuart
In memory of Julius Kupietz
Lucille Kupietz
In memory of Shirley Pomerantz
Charles Winokur
In memory of Benjamin Friedlander
Elaine & Marvin Friedlander
In memory of Ralph Zeltzer
Mary Unger
Temple Beth Sholom 22
In memory of Max Gilbert
Doris Tolins
In memory of Ruth Levine
Doris Tolins
In memory of Saul Savitt
Marlene Schwadron
In memory of Rose Neuman
Shirley & Nathan Peters
In memory of Ethel Jacobs
Phyllis Smith
In memory of Israel Kramer
Judith Groman
In memory of Henry Hammer
The Putterman’s
In memory of Solomon Ben Haiim
Sarah Alvandi
In memory of Eli Giller
Ivy & Jeffrey Giller
In memory of Anna Schneider
Sondra Kleinman
In memory of Bernard Shavell
Harriet Rosen
In memory of Max Neuman
Shirley & Nathan Peters
In memory of Sara Small
Shirley & Nathan Peters
In memory of Faith Garfield
Leslie Hyman-Siben
In memory of Larry Meltzer
Judi & Jay Stuart
In memory of Harry Putterman
Helen & Burton Putterman
In memory of Rachel Ahdout
Elizabeth Sakhai
In memory of Sylvia Lynne
Mimi Dessen
In memory of Habib Toufer
Maloos Ostad
In memory of Eleanor Dobrow
Maris & Andrew Rosenberg
In memory of Morris Wajsbrot
Barbara Kandel
In memory of Bernard Simon
Sheila & Joel Simon
In memory of Violet Cohen
Ruth Forley
In memory of Frances Dorfman
Alan Rosenwasser
In memory of Morris Walk
Paul Walk
In memory of Jack Klein
Anne & Elliot Bloom
In memory of Esther Cohen
Gail Rose
In memory of Julius & Ethel Goldstein
Marcia Friedman
In memory of my loved ones
Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg
In memory of William Reisman
Susan & Leonard Fishman
In memory of Isaac Lotzky
Evan Lotzky
In memory of Roger Tolins
Doris Tolins
In memory of Rose Fink
Sylvia Chase
In memory of Louis Hollander
Roslyn Karmin
In memory of Lea Glasser
Irma & Sidney Sobel
In memory of Celia Bronfin
Charles Winokur
In memory of Daniel Hebroni
Shohre Hebroni
In memory of Emma Canova
John Canova
In memory of Seymour Kaplan
Michael Kaplan
In memory of Jack Levine
Doris Tolins
Marcia & Mark Lilling
Elaine & Jeffrey Perry
Nadine & Donald Dashefsky
Florence Barber
Peter & Joyce Sklar
John Kaufman
Diane Feldman
Moises Tenembaum
Cheryl & Mark Friedman
Helen Geffner
Jack Krampf
Leonard Willner
Special Funds (Optional) Minimum Donation $18
Albert B. Cohen Endowment Fund
The Wingate USY Scholarship Fund
Lisa & Jim Schlesinger - Camp Ramah
Malka’s Fund for Lifelong Learning
The Arthur Goldberg Social Action And Cultural Arts Program
MBS Scholarship Fund
Milton Horowitz Religious School Fund
Mitzvah 613 Fund
Bernice Cohen Preschool Fund
Paul Shipper Music Fund
Rabbi’s Fund
Kiddush Fund
Rabbi Ario S. & Tess Hyams Judaica Museum Fund
Rabbi Joseph P. Sternstein Memorial Fund
Ruth and Sidney Kahan Chesed Fund
Ted Geffner Educational Scholarship Fund
William Spielman Solomon Schechter Scholarship Fund
Yahrzeit Fund
Zelman College Textbook Fund
Other Donations:
Harold Kalb Prayerbook Fund
Library Fund
Max Greenfield Bible Fund
Mel Hoffman Torah Maintenance Fund
Temple Beth Sholom 23
Let Us Be Part of Your
ave you walked up the ramp towards the
school wing and
looked to the left
and seen the showcase
displaying our magnificent
Chair of Elijah and
wondered? Well, wonder
no longer. Our members
are invited to enhance
their child’s Brit Milah or
Simchat Bat/ Baby Naming
by requesting the use of our
unique Elijah’s chair, when
being celebrated at our Shul.
Your donation of $180 will
help fund our wonderful
Rabbi Ario and Tess Hyams
Judaica Museum, curated by
Bat-Sheva Slavin.
Call the Temple office for
further information at 621-2288.
Think ahead for camp!
TBS Religious School PTA asks you to help
support our School with
LABEL DADDY offers customized, washable, peel &
stick labels that can be placed on clothing, books,
backpacks/lunch boxes....
Also, great labels for your holiday gifts.
Visit our website: www.TBSRELIG.LABELDADDY.COM
Browse the selections! CREATE LABELS!
Lots of label colors, icons and fonts to choose from!
Be sure to use school code: TBSRELIG at checkout
Celebrate Tu B'Shvat - Monday, January 25th
Our Early Childhood Center provides a warm, safe and
caring atmosphere in which children can grow emotionally,
socially and intellectually. We provide children with a
quality education, and offer an enriched program geared
to the developmental growth needs of young children. We
prepare your children for their future educational journey.
Kindergarten readiness skills are our specialty!!
Learn more about the Early Childhood Center
• Warm & caring staff
• All the kindergarten readiness
skills your child needs
• Early & Late Care - 7 AM - 6 PM
• Quality secular & non-secular
• Technology in the classrooms
• After school enrichments
Early Childhood Center
Temple Beth Sholom ECC
401 Roslyn Rd
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
• Science specialist
• Yoga instructor
• Weekly music classes
• Mommy & Me Programs
• Temple Tot Programs
• Ask about our
refer-a-friend bonus
Register now for the 2016-2017 school year
Licensed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Registered with University of the State of New York Education Department.
Teaching staff CPR, MAT, and First Aid certified.
Temple Beth Sholom 24
Sharon Tract is delighted that she has joined
Douglas Elliman, an icon in the Real Estate industry!
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
c: 516.503.2072
o: 516.629.2276
1528 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn
Serving NEW YORK: Nassau,
Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens,
Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester
We maintain the very
highest standard of care.
Our caregivers are all
screened and trained
beyond state requirements.
All of our caregivers are
insured and bonded
ƒNEW JERSEY: Bergen,
Essex, Hudson Counties
65th anniversary
In celebration of our 65th,
please share a favorite
memory of TBS with us.
Contact Judy Goldberg
at [email protected] or
leave a note at the main office.
Practice Limited To Endodontics
Being home never felt so good...
Licensed Home Health Care Agency
We offer a full range of services from our expert care team ensuring on­going client satisfaction No Minimum Hours!
Available Services:
Registered Nurses to conduct homecare assessments/PRI
State certified Home Health Aides
State certified Personal Care Aides
Live-in and around-the-clock care
Board Eligible
Root Canal Specialist
Services include:
• Root canal treatment
• Root canal retreatment
• Emergency dental treatment
• Diagnosis, treatment of cracked teeth
Call to speak to a Home Care Specialist
NY office only
Available 24 hrs.
7 days a week
NJ office only
The office also provides treatment on Sundays.
The Bond Park
12 Bond Street
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: (516) 829- 4010
Temple Beth Sholom 25
Old World Craftsmanship With New Age Technology
State of the Art Facility
Phone (516)767-0471 ● Fax (516)767-0978
Web: www.sandspointautobody.com
92 S. Bayles Ave
Port Washington, NY 11050
Temple Beth Sholom 26
Joseph Craig Caterers
Of Roslyn
Craig A Weinberg
401 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, New York 11577
516-621-8200 • Fac: 516-621-8202
[email protected]
Stay up to date with all the events at TBS by
connecting with us through our website & social media.
Visit our website
Follow us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Temple Beth Sholom 27
We Help Build
JNF helps build tomorrow today, together
with the people of Israel. With your support,
children now have a safe refuge from harm,
deserts bloom and water renewal solutions
build continued promise for future generations.
Donate Now to Help
Build Israel’s Future
Mail Donations: 42 East 69th Street | New York, NY 10021
Trust is earned. If you are considering selling
please call me for a confidential home appraisal.
Temple Beth Sholom 28
Honoring Your Loved Ones
Guiding Your Family With Compassion
Sinai Chapels respects all Jewish traditions and customs,
has a compassionate staff that is second to none,
and has three generations of experience serving New York’s Jewish families.
Funeral Directors & Planners
• Dignifiedandcomfortablechapel,locatedinFreshMeadows,Queens
• DVDandreal-timewebcastofchapelservices,atnoadditionalcost
• FuneralservicesatlocationsthroughouttheNewYorkMetroarea
• OurstaffRabbiisavailabletoansweryourquestions
• Costsarereasonableandallfamilybudgetsareaccommodated
• Expertstoguidemonumentselection
• CeremoniallycorrectservicesforallJewishreligiousmovements
• FDICinsuredpre-planning
162-05 Horace Harding Expressway | Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
718.445.0300 | 800.446.0406
We are here 24 hours to serve your family.
Barbara Korn
Licensed Salesperson
516.627.4440 ext.344
[email protected]
I take great pride in using my expertise, resources, and
connections to perfectly unite extraordinary places with the
extraordinary buyers who will cherish them as I do.
Please call me at 516-661-1685 if I can be of help with any
of your real estate needs.
Manhasset Office
364 Plandome Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
Temple Beth Sholom, as a service to its members, makes available plots at New Montefiore Cemetery,
in an area reserved for Temple Beth Sholom. For more information, please contact Irving Chernofsky at
516-626-9025 or [email protected] or Temple Executive Director Donna Bartolomeo at
516-621-2288 or [email protected]
Temple Beth Sholom 29
Friday Morning, January 1
New Year’s Day
Office Closed
9:00 AM
Friday Evening, January 1
Candle Lighting Time
5:00 PM
4:21 PM
Saturday, January 2
Parashat Sh’mot
Saturday Evening, January 2
Mincha/Ma’ariv Friday Evening, January 8
Candle Lighting
Saturday Morning, January 9
Parashat Va-era
Bat Mitzvah of Emma Javaheri
Saturday Morning, January 30
Parashat Yitro
5:00 PM
9:00 AM
Friday Evening, February 5
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
5:00 PM
9:00 AM
4:30 PM
Saturday Morning, February 6
Parashat Mishpatim
Bar Mitzvah of Joshua Liswood
5:30 PM
4:27 PM
Saturday Evening, February 6
5:15 PM
9:00 AM
Friday Evening, February 12
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
5:09 PM
9:00 AM
4:45 PM
Saturday, Morning, February 13
Parashat T’rumah
Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Aldad
Friday Evening, January 15
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
4:35 PM
Saturday Evening, February 13
Saturday Morning, January 16
Parashat Bo
Bar Mitzvah of Joseph Bykov
9:00 AM
Monday, February 15
Presidents’ Day
Office Closed
Monday, January 18
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Office Closed
9:00 AM
Saturday Evening, January 30
Mincha/Ma’ariv Chapel
Saturday Evening, January 9
Saturday Evening, January 16
4:45 PM
9:00 AM and 7:30 PM
Friday Evening, January 22
Candle Lighting
Friday Night Live!
5:30 PM
4:43 PM
7:30 PM
Saturday Morning, January 23
Parashat B’shallah
Bat Mitzvah of Allison Granovsky
9:00 AM
Saturday Evening, January 23
5:00 PM
Friday Evening, January 29
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
4:51 PM
5:30 PM
9:00 AM and 7:30 PM
Friday Evening, February 19
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
5:17 PM
Saturday Morning, February 20
Parashat T’tzavveh
9:00 AM
Saturday Evening, February 20
5:30 PM
Friday Evening, February 26
Candle Lighting
5:30 PM
5:25 PM
Saturday Morning, February 27
Parashat Ki Tissa
9:00 AM
Saturday Evening, February 27
5:45 PM
Sunday Mornings 9:00 AM ◊ Monday - Friday Mornings 6:45 AM ◊ Sunday - Thursday Evenings 7:30 PM
Temple Beth Sholom 30
Mazel Tov To:
Rose & Alan Schecter on the birth of their granddaughter, Chloe Harper.
Sherry & Jack Hirsch on the birth of their grandson, Joshua Adam.
Roberta and Steven Zeldis on the engagement of their daughter Beth to Stephen
Muller, son of Irene and Henry Muller.
Wendy & Gregg Sincoff & Fay & Darwin Dornbush on the engagement of their
daughter & granddaughter Sarah to Michael Zuckerman.
Joan & Norman Lisogorsky on the marriage of their daughter, Jessica to Michael
Shoshanna Wingate, Beth & Ron Ostrow & Soraya & Abraham Ostad on the Bar
Mitzvah of their great grandson & grandson, Ari Ostad.
Bat-Sheva & Nathan Slavin on the engagement of their son Avi to Lana Morgulis,
daughter of Olga & Constantin Morgulis of Los Angeles. Proud grandmother is Osnat
Rachel & Jared Friedmann on the birth of their daughter, Juliette.
Judy & Ben Pace on the birth of their granddaughter, Elsa Lian Pace. Proud parents are
Jessica & Jordan Pace.
Judy & Ben Pace on the marriage of their son David Pace to Samantha Berg.
Maris and Andy Rosenberg on the birth of their grandson, Caleb Joshua. Son of
Gabrielle and Arianna Rosenberg.
Get Well To:
Lisa Schlesinger
Leah Brochstein
Thank you:
Mikhel Schecter & Jon Burwick thank all those that made a contribution in honor of
their new daughter Chloe Harper Burwick.
Wende and Arnie Hyman wish to thank their Temple family for their donations and
good wishes in honor of their son Jonathan’s marriage to Lauren Dunn.
Deborah and Fred Brosowsky want to thank all those who made contributions in
honor of the birth of their grandson, Morris Brosowsky and the Bat Mitzvah of their
granddaughter, Anna Brosowsky.
Dorothy Pester, Julie Wasserman and our family want to express our thanks to Rabbi
Lucas, Rabbi Kerbel, Cantor Barnoy, and the entire TBS family for the support and
expressions of comfort provided during our time of mourning.
Risa Doherty and family wish to thank Rabbi Kerbel, Cantor Barnoy, Sisterhood and all
our caring friends at TBS for their kindness, comfort and support after the passing of
Risa's beloved mother, Faith Garfield. Special gratitude to Rabbi Lucas for his continual
guidance and compassion throughout a most difficult time.
Our Sincere Condolences To:
Carol Fishman on the death of her beloved mother, Gloria Burton.
Brian Cooperman on the death of his beloved father, Albert Cooperman.
Nancy Katz on the death of her beloved mother, Elaine Ferkauf.
Glenn Krebs on the death of his beloved mother, Pearl Krebs.
Susan Sonstein on the death of her beloved mother, Diane Gottlieb.
Irving Chernofsky on the death of his beloved wife, Molly Chernofsky.
Barbara Allen on the death of her beloved father, Emanuel Wolf.
Risa Doherty on the death of her beloved mother, Faith Garfiled.
Arnon Klein on the death of his beloved father, Jack Klein.
Hamakom Yinachem - May God comfort the mourners together with all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Mini Minyan:
Come join other young families with children 0-5 years old for this
interactive and fun Shabbat morning service. Mini Minyan is held in the
Youth Lounge from 10:45-11:45 on the following dates: 1/9, 1/23, 2/6,
2/13, 2/27
Temple Beth Sholom
401 Roslyn Road
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
(516) 621-2288
Alan B. Lucas
Ofer Barnoy
Associate Rabbi
Paul D. Kerbel
Executive Director
Donna Bartolomeo
Religious School Director
Sharon Solomon
Early Childhood Center Director
Helayne Cohen
Co-MBS Directors
Rabbi Sean Jensen
Rabbi Paul D. Kerbel
Camp Director
Holly Firestone
Assistant Camp Director
Heath Levine
Endowment Director
Bernice Cohen
Museum Curator
Bat-Sheva Slavin
Pearl Halegua
Executive Vice President
Rebecca Altman
President of Sisterhood
Cindy Feldman
President of Men’s Club
Michael Mand
Co-Presidents of
Religious School PTA
Lisa Berger
Debbie Dubowsky
Bulletin Editor
Deborah Brosowsky
Graphic Designer
Barbara Cooper
Temple Beth Sholom 31
Temple Beth Sholom
401 Roslyn Road
Roslyn Heights, N.Y. 11577
Non Profit Org.
Roslyn Hts, N.Y.
Permit No. 20
Temple Beth Sholom 32