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Friday, 24 September
You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. Teilhard de Chardin SJ (1881‐1955), priest & palaeontologist Issue 10/28
On Thursday, at the CAS Athletics Carnival at Homebush, the
College team performed in a very tough competition. Boys who came
fourth or fifth would have, in many cases, achieved a place on those
times just four or five years ago. The numbers in the team who
attained our standard for gaining Colours, further illustrated the
strength of the competition. From that perspective it was a very
tough outing, with the team coming sixth. At the same time, the
commitment in the team was excellent and the support they received
from their supporters was outstanding – the best for a number of
years. It was as if the boys wished to affirm their representatives,
knowing that it was such tough competition.
Such a spirit was again exemplified at the end-of-season Athletics
dinner in the Great Hall on Saturday night – there was a big roll-up
of athletes and families, and spirits were good. This contrasted with
one CAS school, which apparently cancelled its end-of-season
function because of their results. It does make one ask whether we
risk losing sight of what is important in school competition: we want
high standards; we strive for success; but personal bests and
involvement and spirit surely must not be lost in measuring
performance. Much is driven by the market place, by the
understandable need of schools to sell themselves through sporting
achievement (one GPS school has full page advertisements in local
newspapers simply focused on its victory in GPS Rugby – surely an
interesting message to be sending their students!).
Will Austin-Cray
Undoubtedly, the highlight of the CAS carnival for Aloys was the
stirring performance of William Austin-Cray (Year 11), who won the
Open 3000m, the 17 Years 1500m and the Open 800m, a remarkable
effort in anyone’s language. James Dainton (Year 8) won his division
of the 1500m, Rory Vevers (Year 8) won the 14 Years Long Jump,
Tom Wells (Year 8) won the 14 Years high jump (together with Nick
Lonergan (Year 8) taking out the team points in this event) and
Jackson Diamond (Year 9) winning the 14 Years discus.
Our U14 results, along with the U13s (Matthew Renshaw, James
Shiel-Dick, Tommy Lewis, Daniel Fane et al), show great promise
for the future. Three Junior School boys – James McFadden
(Year 6), Gus Whelan (Year 5) and Aaron Jeffrey (Year 6) – also
competed in U13s competition!
I would like to record the College’s appreciation to Mr Paul Batten and
all the coaches, to the parents who provide such great support in so
many ways and the athletes themselves, led by their Year Twelve
leaders – Nicholas Mulcahy, Samuel Wood, Dominic Quattroville
and Stuart Emanuel – who certainly led from the front.
The practice of granting ‘Colours’ here at Aloysius’ seeks to reflect
both that respect for the diversity of activity and an appreciation of
significant achievement across these activities. Thus Colours are
awarded at various times during the year for achievements in drama,
debating, music, cadets and sport. Additionally, Academic Colours
are awarded at our Annual Prizegiving. This recognition itself is an
important statement about the value we are called to give to all
aspects of personal development and achievement. The awarding of
Colours is also in recognition of the success achieved by both
individual boys and teams in their activities. The system is not meant
to be elitist but, rather, in acknowledging the various forms of
excellence, we recognise and acclaim effort and achievement as
important goals in the formation of the individual.
The limited size of St Aloysius’ has real benefits for our students. The
boys can be known and recognised as individuals. Friendships among
the boys and positive relationships with their teachers are aided by the
size of the school. Because we compete with bigger schools, we need to
utilise the talents and efforts of all students. This tends not only to
promote and reflect the ideal of the well-rounded person, but also
enables us to say with some conviction that we do get the most out of
the average boy in the College. We seek to maximise the opportunities
for each student to be involved as much as possible. The awarding of
Colours is but one way that we recognise and honour this involvement.
The Colours awarded for this last summer season reflect something of
the diversity of talent and depth of achievement by our boys. The
College congratulates the following on their award of Colours:
Full Colours: Nicholas Mulcahy (Year 12), William Austin-Cray
(Year 11), Nicolas Nalbandian (Year 11), Alexander Perkins
(Year 10), Shaun Townsend (Year 10), Ben Crumpton (Year 10),
Rohan Boffa (Year 10), Kevin Lee (Year 10), Alvin Hui (Year 9),
Jackson Diamond (Year 9), Hugh Logan (Year 9), Tom Wells
(Year 8), Nick Lonergan (Year 8), Rory Vevers (Year 8), Theo Ott
(Year 8), James Dainton (Year 8), Mitch MacMahon (Year 7),
James Shiel-Dick (Year 7), Liam Shiel-Dick (Year 7), Daniel Fane
(Year 7), Sam Lawson (Year 7) and James McFadden (Year 6)
Half Colours: Samuel Wood (Year 12), Dominic Quattroville
(Year 12), Stuart Emanuel (Year 12), Sebastian Trevaskis
(Year 11), Mitchell Baumgart (Year 10), Brendan Suffield
(Year 10), Anthony Slaven (Year 10), Tory Moscaritolo (Year 10),
Isaac Chia (Year 8), Hugo Vlachos (Year 8), Matthew Renshaw
(Year 7), Thomas Lewis (Year 8), Anton Young (Year 7), Luke
Gorman (Year 7) and Fergus Whelan (Year 5)
Cadets: Thomas Mueller (Year 12), Alex Sahagian (Year 12), Alek
Breznik (Year 12), James Hortle (Year 12), Michael Parker
(Year 12), Ben Patterson (Year 12), Stuart Emanuel (Year 12) and
Nicholas Donohoe (Year 12)
Cross Country: William Austin-Cray (Year 11)
CAS Cross Country: William Austin-Cray (Year 11)
Debating: Daniel Farinha (Year 12), Sam Murray (Year 12), Luke
McAlpin (Year 11), Sam Moran (Year 11) and Anthony Carrozzi
(Year 11)
CAS Debating: Daniel Farinha (Year 12), Sam Murray (Year 12),
Luke McAlpin (Year 11) and Sam Moran (Year 11)
Drama: Patrick Horne (Year 11)
Duke of Edinburgh (Gold): Fergus Buncle (Year 12), William
Comino (Year 12), Will de Waal (Year 12) and Cameron Grundy
(Year 12).
Fencing: Hayden Fitzgerald (Year 12), James Lauder (Year 12),
Matthew McEwen (Year 11) and Tom McGloin (Year 11)
Football: Sean Casey (Year 12), Daniel Cunha (Year 12),
Christian Colosi (Year 12), Nicholas Aboud (Year 12), William
Craft (Year 12), Ronan Kelly (Year 12), Timo Blundell (Year 12),
Alec Cornelius (Year 11), Luke Spano (Year 11), Joshua
Hampson (Year 11), Marcus Tripodi (Year 11), Alex Emery
(Year 11) and Dom Krslovic (Year 11)
Australian Jesuit Schools Football: Sean Casey (Year 12), Daniel
Cunha (Year 12) and Joshua Hampson (Year 11)
CAS Football: Sean Casey (Year 12), William Craft (Year 12) and
Dominic Thomson (Year 10)
Music: Christopher Knight (Year 12), Nigel Mahoney (Year 12),
James May (Year 12), William Nelson (Year 12), Jeremy Siow
(Year 12), Patrick Horne (Year 11), William Pei (Year 11),
Thomas Price (Year 11), Robert D’Angelo (Year 11), Matthew
McEwen (Year 11), Benjamin Jacobs (Year 11), Ken Koh
(Year 11), Harrison Collins (Year 11), Jonathan Chan (Year 11)
and Alex Smith (Year 10)
Public Speaking: Daniel Farinha (Year 12) and Sam Murray
(Year 12)
Rowing: Elliot Hunt (Year 11)
Rugby: William Thompson (Year 12), Thomas Ruehl (Year 12),
Joseph Riordan (Year 12), Ciaran MacWhite (Year 12), John
Tracy (Year 12), Michael de Gail (Year 12), Jack Grant (Year 12),
Matthew White (Year 12), Lachlan Viney (Year 12), Samuel
Wood (Year 12), Kieran Chowdry (Year 12), Cameron Simmonds
(Year 12), James Juwana (Year 12), Nicholas Mulcahy (Year 12),
Timothy Duncan (Year 12) and Thomas Morrison (Year 11)
CAS Rugby: Jack Grant (Year 12), William Thompson (Year 12),
Lachlan Viney (Year 12) and Thomas Morrison (Year 11)
Tennis (Winter): Nic Fuentes (Year 12), Matthew Rowland
(Year 11), Ben Lalic (Year 11) and Tom Goh (Year 10)
CAS Winter Premiers: Nic Fuentes (Year 12), Matthew Rowland
(Year 11), Ben Lalic (Year 11) and Tom Goh (Year 10)
CAS Firsts’ Tennis: Nic Fuentes (Year 12), Matthew Rowland
(Year 11) and Ben Lalic (Year 11)
Volleyball (Winter): William Comino (Year 12), Cameron
Grundy (Year 12), Matthew Gall (Year 11), Nicolas Nalbandian
(Year 11), Alex Bain (Year 11), Mark Shephard (Year 11), Warrick
Deetlefs (Year 11) and Anthony Larbalestier (Year 11)
Congratulations to Ogilvie House, led by Peter Kelly (Year 12) and
Tom Doolan (Year 12), on winning the House competition in the
Senior School.
Open Day: In this week’s Gonzagan, the P&F has asked for
volunteers for Open Day early in Term 4 (see flyer later in this issue).
We rely on students and parents to assist with this, so whatever
assistance you can provide for the three-hour period will be greatly
appreciated. The only requirement is an enthusiasm for the College.
We rely on parents and Years 7-11 to act as guides for prospective
families as they tour the facilities. There is a briefing prior to
commencement which will provide a summary of what to expect.
We’d love help from any families who feel they can contribute.
Years 7&10 Vaccinations: Parents of Year 7 students are reminded
that Dose 2 Hep B vaccinations will be administered at school on
26 October. Your son will not be eligible for the Dose 2 Hep B
vaccine at this clinic if he did not receive Dose 1 at school in April
this year.
At this clinic, the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service
will also be offering the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine, for any
Year 7 students who did not previously have this vaccination earlier
in the year, and the Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Boostrix) vaccine,
for students in Years 7&10 who did not receive this vaccine in April
or May this year. If you wish your son to receive the Varicella or
DTP vaccine, please contact Mr Michael Hughes (Year 7) or
Mr Andrew Quinane (Year 10) so that the relevant permission form
can be provided for you.
Please note that, if a student has already had the Varicella
(Chickenpox) or Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Boostrix) this year or
with their own GP, they do not need to have it again as it is a single
dose vaccine course.
Sam Di Sano (sam.disano@staloysius.nsw.edu.au)
24 September
25-29 September
25 September – 14 October
26-29 September
30 September & 1 October
4-7 October
5&6 October
11 October
12 October
14 October
Term 3 concludes
Valete Assembly
Valete Mass & Dinner
Cadet Bivouac
European Music Tour
Jesuit Basketball
Junior School Basketball Camp
Kairos Retreat
Years 7-9 Basketball Camp
Term 4 commences
Teaching Staff Meeting (Years 3-11
classes commence at 10.50am)
Junior School Major Concert
SACOBU Meeting
HSC Examinations commence
Chris Middleton SJ
Before signing off on Term III, I wish to draw your
attention to a couple of ‘not to be missed’ events at the
Junior School in the first week back next Term. Please note
that the new Term starts on Monday October 11 at
10.50am (there is no ‘staff day’ to begin the Term but just a
staff meeting at the start of the day (8.30am) and hence the
late start for students). Playground supervision of boys will
be in place as per normal practice from 8.05am if you
intend to send your boys to school at the usual time. Event
number one on the calendar is the Junior School Major
Showcase Concert scheduled to commence at 7.30pm on
Tuesday, 12 October. As advertised earlier, the best of
Junior School Music choral and instrumental ensembles and
soloists will be showcased on the evening. The programme
is approximately 75 minutes in duration and you could
expect to be on your way home by 9.00pm at the latest.
Once again on Wednesday following the concert (13
October) classes will commence at 10.30am with
supervision available at the usual time of 8.05am which
gives boys and parents the option of a sleep in after a late
night and that of starting the day with your usual schedule.
Event number two for your diary is the Junior School Art
Expo opening on Friday, 22 October at 6.30pm. Boys are
encouraged to enter the art competition that’s being held in
conjunction with the Expo (as well as parents, who are
invited to submit their original art works for display).
Sunday, 24 October is OPEN DAY at the College.
Opening hours are 9.30am to 12.30pm in the Junior School
and 10.30am to 1.00pm in the Senior School. While it’s
primarily a day for prospective parents to view the facilities
and meet the College community of students, staff and
current parents, it’s also an opportunity for those families
that are already enrolled and also current families to visit
their son’s classroom, watch displays and activities that
highlight aspects of life at Aloys. We are looking to sign up
as many boys and parents as we possibly can to come along
on the day to participate in various activities on offer
(musical ensembles, drama, sport, public speaking etc). We
require as many parents as we possibly can get and are
available on the day to act as “School Tour Guides”. No
special experience is required other than your own
experiences of this school as a community for you and
son/s. The tours are an opportunity to interact with our
visitors and to answer their questions. There will be plenty
of staff on duty and your boys are in the ideal position to be
good ambassadors for this College. I will send home a note
in the first couple days of next Term where you can
nominate which area you and your son might like to assist
us for an hour or two. At this stage, all parent helpers are
advised to contact Anita Lee, the P&F President (on
0413946581) to enlist your services and we will invite boys
to do the same in the first week of next Term.
Our Congratulations this week go to the following boys
who are celebrating their birthdays this week and during the
holiday break.
Benjamin Kassabian 23 September
Hugh Morrison 24 September
Philip Playoust 24 September
Dylan Sheldon 25 September
Gerard Hughes 27 September
James Browning 28 September
Jonathon Downs 30 September
Seamus Field 30 September
Trent Walsh 1 October
Aaron Jeffery 1 October
Isak Stene 4 October
Lachlan burke 5 October
Luke D’Cruz 6 October
Jonathan Curulli 7 October
Maxwell Barassi 10 October
Todd Gillman 10 October
Emmet Maher 10 October
Thursday last week Angus, Christian and Reeve, from
4.1, as shown in the photograph below received their First
Communion from Fr Schenider SJ at The Boys’ Chapel last
Thursday. We congratulate them and hope and pray that
the Lord will be their constant companion and continue to
nourish them in their spiritual journey in the years ahead.
Angus Barry, Christian Kain and Reeve Bhartiya with their First
Communion Certificates
In sport, James McFadden and Gus Whelan have been
selected to compete at State level representing the CIS in
the 800m race. The Senior Relay team consisting of James
McFadden, Aaron Jeffery, Lucas Anderson and Alex
Dong have achieved similar honours and the right to
compete at the PSSA athletics championships next Term.
In snow sports, Tom Van Dongen was very proud to
represent the College at the Nationals in Perisher where he
finished 11th in the Moguls section and 19th in the Alpine
Martin Lobo
RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz Results: The RACI
Chemistry Quiz is a chemistry competition that draws almost 115 000
entries from every state in Australia, as well as about a dozen countries
from South-east Asia and the Pacific. This year 135 students
Years 9&10 participated, with about 30% received a Credit certificate
or better. Seven boys achieved High Distinction certificates, 18 boys
received a Distinction and 20 boys received a Credit. High Distinction
Certificates were presented during this week’s assembly and Distinction
and Credit certificates will be presented in class. Congratulations to all
boys who participated in this competition! Certificates were awarded
to the following boys:
Year 9: High Distinction Certificate to: Henry Clarke, Tom
Lawson, Yanni Mechtler, Carl Mouatt & Joel Patniotis
Distinction Certificates to: Jonathan Boyle, Declan Creek, Patrick
Finegan, Oliver Gibson, Edward Halliday, Justin Mowbray, Daniel
Verschuer, Steven Weng & Stan Zovko
Credit Certificates to: Harrison Boudakin, Louis Desdoigts, Conor
O’Mara, Anthony Spiteri, Timothy Spooner, Maxwell Sturt, Matt
Turnbull & Christopher Walker
Year 10: High Distinction Certificates to: Mitchell Arnold, Victor
Chan, Brandon Chin, Matthew Holland, Thomas Morgan, Jean-Luc
Vrisakis & Joe Whelan
Distinction Certificates to: Maximilian Cornwell, Xavier Mathis,
Timothy Morgan, Matthew O’Malley, Marcus Paxton, Antony
Peronace, Joshua Pierre, Matthew Sindone & Tim Wheatley
Credit Certificates to: Sam Diamant, Dimitri Farmakis, Frederick
Giannone, Rohan Hora, Oliver Knox, Ned Latham, Ryan Mitchell,
Scott Murray, John O’Toole, Alex Perkins, Matthew Thomson &
Mathew Velcic
Nicholas Thill
Head of Science
A Huge Thank You to All!!! The Indian Bazaar was a wonderful
success ... a record year! Sincere thanks to those who organised and
ran stalls, and to all our very generous Aloysians who supported the
Jesuit Mission in so many different ways. We were blessed with
perfect weather, which added to the wonderful atmosphere of
hundreds of people all working towards one goal. Special thanks to
the following people who were responsible for organising stalls:
Chona and Peter Walden (DVDs & CDs), Anita Lee (Arrupe Gifts),
Jenny Carter (Cake Stall), Clara Kim (Korean BBQ) – with Randa
Sleiman – and Lisa Scanes (Silent Auction).
Thank you especially to all the wonderful parents who assisted the
stall holders. Your support on the day was vital to the success of each
stall. Thank you, also, to the many ex-students and parents who
offered their services (massage, and stalls such as Champagne &
Oysters and the SAC Old Boys’ Wheel). Clara would like to thank
Maria and Nic Agosta, Randa Sleiman and the families who donated
rice and bread. Lisa Scanes is especially grateful to Sally Harrison
(Dom, Year 6), Cathy Leong (Nick, Year 7 & Tim, Year 11), Jill
Evans (Cam, Year 6), Libby Harris (Ben, Year 7), Louise Kelly (Matt,
Year 7 & Pete, Year 12) and Kandy Russo (Angus, Year 6) for their
assistance with the Silent Auction.
Jenny Carter extends sincere thanks to all the students and staff in the
Junior School, and to Ms Julie Hart and her team of boys from
Year 6, who did a wonderful job selling cakes. Thanks also to the
parents who assisted with Friday’s set up and also to Mr Dunne for
his score card on the Colour House points.
Thank you to the SAC Music Department, especially Mr Christopher
Oxley, Ms Peta Sawtell and gap student, Mr David Mann, from
Stonyhurst in Lancashire. Our wonderful musicians certainly
enhanced the atmosphere of the day: Concert Band 2, SAC Stage
Band and Rock Group “Expo 86”. Sincere thanks to the four cadets
– Sam Diamond, Tim Wheatley, Patrick Finegan and Louis Zakos –
who gave generously of their time to walk around collecting
donations. Finally, thank you to all the parents who generously
donated items, and to Debby Edwards and Katie Lee – at Reception
in the Junior and Senior Schools, respectively – for the collection of
these goods.
The success of raising money for the Jesuit Mission is dependent
upon the active community involvement so evident at St Aloysius’.
This is made possible by the support and generosity of our boys,
parents and staff – so, a huge thank you to everyone!
Cathy Craft
Frock up for the annual JRS Melbourne Cup
Luncheon! Tickets are on sale for the annual
Melbourne Cup Luncheon, Jesuit Refugee
Service’s show-stopping event aimed at enjoying
the races whilst raising money for a good cause. Proceeds go towards
assisting refugees and asylum seekers in both Australia and abroad.
The luncheon will be held at Dockside, overlooking the beautiful
Darling Harbour, on 2 November from 11.30am. Tickets cost $120
per person and include a three-course luncheon and drinks, fantastic
fun, a hat parade, prizes, raffle, sweeps and Calcutta. Get a table
together, or book a single ticket and come along and make new
friends! See the flyer later in this issue. Tickets can be booked online
at www.stickytickets.com.au/4172 or by calling 02 9356 3888. For
more information about JRS go to www.jrs.org.au.
Parent volunteers needed! 24 October is the College Open Day for
both the Junior and Senior School. This is an important occasion for
the College community and participating in the volunteer force is
very rewarding. There will be plenty of jobs so please look out for
further notices.
Thank you to all the members of the Aloysian family who have
supported the P&F and its activities this term; your contributions
have been greatly appreciated and play an important part in building
the College community. On behalf of the P&F Committee, I wish
everyone a restful and happy holiday break.
24 September
Valete Mass & Dinner: 6.00pm [The Boys’ Chapel
& Great Hall]
24 October
College Open Day: 9.30am-12.30pm [Junior
School]; 10.30am-1.00pm [Senior School]
Recycled and pre-loved uniforms: If you have old uniforms in
good and clean condition that can be recycled (especially Senior
Winter uniforms), please hand them into the Uniform Shop or
Junior School reception.
29 October
P&F Morning Tea for World Teachers’ Day [The
Lawrence Campbell Senior Common Room]
4 November
P&F Mass for All Souls: 9.00am [The Boys’
Chapel & the Juana Mateo Room]
4 November
P&F Annual General Meeting: 7.00pm [The Juana
Mateo Room]
7 November
Year 10 Family Mass & Morning Tea: 10.00am
[The Boys’ Chapel & Canisius Room]
Anita Lee
Vice-President/President Elect
Vice-President/Pastoral Care
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Prayer Group Co-ordinator
Paul Darwell
Anita Lee
Michael Morgan
Jenny Carter
Barbara & Malcolm France
Carla Gageler
David Scott
John Hayes
Edwin Lapitan
0412 388 109
0413 946 581
0419 679 591
0407 977 180
0401 719 456
0402 373 728
0448 437 526
0407 915 460
0410 463 517
The Uniform Shop operates Tuesday and Friday from 8.00am to
3.00pm during school term.
Summer Uniform in Term 4: Summer school and sport uniforms
are now available. Please prepare for Term 4.
Year 7 Uniform Pre-order: Year 6 will receive this form in midOctober for their summer uniform in the Senior School.
Additional Trading Hours in October 2010:
8 October
(term break)
11 October
12 October
15 October
*Normal trading hours re-commence on 19 October, from 8.00am3.00pm. For further trading hours, please check the College website,
under Uniform Shop.
Collection for Embroidery of College Awards Colours:
Collection day on the last Tuesday of every month during term.
Delivery to the Junior School: The Uniform Shop is now located
on the 1st floor of the Junior School, the School Canteen. Delivery
service to Junior School Reception, therefore, is no longer available.
Email and phone orders (after 9.30am) are still welcome, but please
advise your son to do the pick up himself at recess or lunch break.
Bob Stewart Credit Accounts: I urge that, if you have not yet
opened a Credit Account with Bob Stewart, kindly please do so; as it
helps to process transactions much faster and gets the boys back to
their classes. For more information, please go on to the College
website, under Uniform Shop, to download the form. If you do not
wish to open a Credit Account, please obtain a form of payment for
your son to make a purchase.
*If you would like to send your son to the shop for a uniform
purchase, we are happy to fit him for your convenience. We accept
cash, cheques (payable to “Bob Stewart Pty Ltd”), credit cards,
EFTPOS or Bob Stewart Credit Account. If you are not satisfied
with sizing, you are welcome to exchange.*
Irene Lau
Supervisor (staloysius@bobstewart.com.au /9955 4193)
The CAS Athletics Championships were held under clear skies last
Thursday evening at SOPAC, Homebush. The College finished sixth
in the competition, which was not unexpected. We had many injuries
to key athletes and a number of boys unavailable to participate this
season. Even on the day, we called upon many reserves to fill in
where we lost boys for events. Despite this, there were many
outstanding highlights and plenty of personal bests. Overall, we had
eight wins, nine seconds and twelve thirds. In a very tight finish,
Trinity Grammar narrowly beat Barker College.
The outstanding performer on the day was Year 11 student William
Austin-Cray who won the Opens 3000 metres, Open 800 metres
championship and 17 years 1500 metres. Rory Vevers in the 14 years
long jump narrowly missed breaking the CAS record. Tom Wells and
Jackson Diamond produced enormous personal bests in winning
their field events. Placegetters included:
1sts: William Austin-Cray (Opens 3000, Opens 800 ch and 17s 1500),
Rory Vevers (14s long jump), Jackson Diamond (14s discus), Tom
Wells (14s high jump), Tom Wells & Nic Lonergan (14s high jump
teams) and James Dainton (14s 1500 div)
2nds: Alex Perkins (16s shot put), Zigi Blau (15s hurdles div), Rory
Vevers (14s 400), Theo Ott (14s 800 ch), Nic Lonergan (14s hurdles
ch), Ben Crumpton & Sean Townsend (16s long jump teams), Matt
Renshaw (13s hurdles div) and James Shiel-Dick (13s 100 ch & 200ch)
3rds: Nic Mulcahy (Opens 100 ch & 200 ch), Sam Wood (Opens 800
div), William Austin-Cray, Sebastian Trevaskis, Brendan Suffield &
Anthony Slaven (3000 team), Nico Nalbandian (17s high jump),
Dom Quattroville (Opens hurdles div), Rory Vevers (14s 200 ch),
Jackson Diamond & Theo Ott (discus teams), Theo Ott (14s 1500),
Tom Lewis (13s javelin), Daniel Fane (13s 100 div) and Fergus
Whelan (13s 1500 div)
Our Year 12 athletic leaders proved to be wonderful role models for
their fellow athletes, both on and off the track. At the CAS
Championships, Captain Nic Mulcahy ran a terrific 200 and 100
metres before tearing his hamstring at the end of the 100 race. Sam
Wood showed his versatility in a number of events, ranging from
throwing, jumping and distance. He was placed third in the 800
metres. Dom Quattroville hurdled beautifully to finish third in his
race whilst Stuart Emanuel threw consistently at all carnivals. Year 12
athlete Matt White also was heavily involved in the season and, like
Sam Wood, competed in numerous events.
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a number of
people who played an important part in the season itself. Our new
MIC Paul Batten did an outstanding job in his first year in the role.
Paul worked tirelessly behind the scenes in promotion and
organisation in what was a short but demanding season. He was well
supported by staff coaches Keith Chester, Greg Austin, David Heath,
Matt Bentley, Vince Papa, Caroline Linschoten and Michael Cronin.
My thanks extend to all external coaches, along with Old Boy
coaches, including John McFadden, Alex Godbold, Sam Stevens, Joe
Craft and Tim Rowland.
Fr Chris Middleton and Fr Ross Jones have been tremendous
supporters of athletics over the years. On behalf of the athletics
community, I would like to sincerely thank Fr Ross – who leaves us
this year – for his genuine interest and presence at so many carnivals.
All parents and athletes would like to wish you the very best at Saint
Ignatius’ College in the coming years. It was indeed fitting that Daniel
Mulcahy, parent and MC of our athletics dinner last Saturday night,
acknowledged Fr Ross’ involvement at the function.
Finally, I would like to thank the amazing efforts of so many parents
who were of great assistance throughout the season. The parent
committee – consisting of Daniel Mulcahy, Kieran Craft, Peter
Baumgart, Sean Austin-Cray and Kylie Diamond, and Year Coordinators, the Shiel-Dicks, Vevers, Joannides, Morgans and AustinCrays – were tremendous supports to both Paul Batten and myself.
Cathy Craft and Debbie Edwards were forever reliable in helping
with recording at Saturday carnivals.
Alan Baumgart, too, played a significant role in doing extra recording
at carnivals. Sean Austin-Cray and Simon Renshaw played key roles
in videoing boys each week. And, finally, a sincere thank you to
parents Elaine Mulcahy, Lyn Woods, Annette Quattroville and Judy
Emanuel for their fantastic efforts in preparing for the pasta lunch
and end-of-season dinner.
Last Sunday, the 1sts cricket had their first match of the season against
an Old Boys’ team at the College Oval. In a good spirited game played
over 35 overs, the 1sts had a close win. Batting first, the 1sts scored
8/176 with Tom Goh (50) and Mitchell Baumgart (41) amongst the
runs. The Old Boys scored 166 in reply, with both Mitchell Wood 4/43
and Alec Cornelius 4/44 taking the majority of the wickets.
The House Competition has officially ended for the period 20092010. In a very close finish, Ogilvie House just beat Campion House
by a mere six points. Congratulations to all members of Ogilvie
4 House. The trophy will be presented to the winning Captain Peter
Kelly at the Annual Academic Prize Day later in Term 4.
In the first week of holidays, our cadets will be attending the annual
bivouac at Singleton from 25-29 September.
Also during the holidays, the annual Australian Jesuit Schools’
Basketball Carnival will be held at Loyola Senior High School at
Mt Druitt from 27-30 September. Best of luck to our 1sts team.
The 1sts and 2nds will also be involved in holiday matches against
Scots College and will be taking part in the Sydney Shootout at
Newington College in the second week of the holidays.
The 1sts cricket will be playing two holiday matches. The first is
against Mosman Green Shield on 30 September, the venue still to be
confirmed. On the following day, 1 October, the 1sts play
Saint Ignatius’ College at the College Oval.
Also, CAS Cricket begins on the last Saturday of the holidays
(9 October) for the 1sts, 2nds, 10As and 9As. Teams will play against
Trinity Grammar. Venues and times are below:
10.00am [College Oval]
1.30pm [Trinity 1]
9.00am [Trinity 1]
8.30am [Castle Cove]
The Big Breakfast for swimmers will take place on 11 October,
following training at the Gartlan Centre. Training will be from
7.30am on. Boys will be bused back to school after training. Boys will
also receive season’s details at the breakfast.
Training schedules for all sporting teams for Term 4 are included in
this Gonzagan. Normal Monday trainings resume on 11 October. The
College plays Knox Grammar in trial matches on 16 October. These
fixtures can also be found later in this issue.
Paul Rowland
2010 Drama Celebration Soirée – Starry Starry Night: The annual
Aloys’ Drama dinner will be very different this year. Unlike the past
years when we have held a formal dinner at the Oval, this year we will
be celebrating in The Miguel Pro Playhouse, and The Juana Mateo
Room and terrace on the Fourth Floor, under the stars.
The dinner will be held on 6 November, one week after the House
Play Festival finishes. It is open to all families of boys involved in any
of the curricular and co-curricular Drama productions and groups
this year, including Stage Crew – and all are welcome.
The productions this year have included: Bear Hug; Twelfth Night;
Biloxi Blues; The Green Bird; Theatre Sports; Shakespeare Festival; Page
to Stage; and the four House Play productions: Fractured Shakespeare,
The Man With the Itchy Figger Tringer, Dramatic Licence and Pump It.
The guest speaker this year is Mr Robert Vicencio (SAC 1994).
Robert won the Senior Actor of the Year Award in 1994 for his role
in Oedipus Rex, went straight to play the principle role of general Thuy
in Miss Saigon at the Capitol Theatre after his HSC and then on to
perform it in London and around the world. Later he featured in Gail
Edward’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar in London and on film.
Today he lives in Shanghai and stages cabarets in Asia.
The evening will begin with a showcase performance presented by
the boys, in The Miguel Pro Playhouse, followed by a performance
from Robert Vicencio, and then a pizza and ice cream party on the
Fourth Floor terrace. During the festivities, Robert will talk and we
will have our own awards ceremony.
As we will be celebrating under the stars, the theme for the evening is
Starry Starry Night and everyone is encouraged to come dressed as
their favourite star of stage and screen.
A booking form can be found later in this issue. Acceptance forms
need to be returned now so that we can make decisions regarding
catering. Please return forms to the ‘Collections’ box in the foyer or
directly to me. Payment for this event has to be made separately
online via the college website at ‘Make a Payment’ then ‘College
Activities’. To attend you must return the attached form AND make
the payment on line.
This year the payments are $40 for adults and $35 for boys. Drinks
are included. As there is a limit to the number of people we can fit
into The MPP and on the roof, we ask that attendance be restricted
to the boys and their parents.
Peter Gough
Head of Drama
Fr Willcock Instrumental & Vocal Competition Finals: Since its
inauguration in 2004 as an enduring monument to the College’s
125th anniversary, the Fr Christopher Willcock SJ Instrumental and
Vocal Competition has expanded to become one of the most popular
features of the music programme at St Aloysius’ College. Established
to encourage the participation of all musicians – most especially
young, developing performers – the competition has, over recent
years, been widened in scope resulting in a pleasing increase in
younger entrants from amongst our Junior School musicians. A
separate vocal section with its own award has also been instituted.
The Fr Willcock Instrumental & Vocal Competition Finals 2010 were
held on 15 September in the Boys’ Chapel. These student musicians
are amongst our finest ‘art music’ performers and the competition in
both junior and senior divisions was of a very high standard.
Congratulations to all finalists on truly excellent performances which
set the four adjudicators an impossible task. This year Jeremy Siow
(Year 12, Flute) won the Open Section and major instrumental
award, and Harrison Collins (Year 11, Tenor) won the Vocal Award.
We were once again very fortunate in that the patron of the
competition, Fr Christopher Willcock SJ, travelled from Melbourne
to once again be available to assist with the final adjudication and to
present the awards. On behalf of all entrants, I acknowledge and
thank Fr Willcock for his generous support of the music programme
at St Aloysius’ College. Sincere thanks to Mr Christopher Oxley who
worked tirelessly to organise this year’s competition.
The 2010 winners
Bon Voyage to the SAC European Choral Tour 2010: We wish
the 39 boys and five staff a safe and enjoyable journey. Departing this
Saturday, the Music Tour – titled “In the Footsteps of Ignatius” – will
take in Rome, Castiglione (home town of St Aloysius), Avignon,
Paris, Barcelona and Montserrat, with concert performances in some
of Europe’s most iconic venues.
The SAC Touring Choir 2010
Michael Hissey
Director of Music
Match Report: On Sunday, the St Aloysius’ 1st XI had their first hit
out for the season against the Old Aloysians at the College Oval. The
game had once been a regular fixture between the Old Aloysians and
the 1sts, but had not been played since 2006. Both teams arrived at the
Oval to find a wonderfully flat pitch which reflected an incredible
effort by Mr Chalmers for such an early time in the season. The 1st XI
won the toss and elected to bat. Masters and Gall opened the batting
and looked certain to get off to a great start until former Aloysian
superstar Joey Jenkins managed to effect a run out with his first touch
of the ball, with a cheeky underarm from square leg. Masters and
Baumgart (41) were able to consolidate with some great batting against
some tough pace bowling from John “Donkey” Donohoe and swing
bowling from Geoff Lodge. After 15 overs, the boys were 1-67. The
middle order of the 1st XI continued the good work, with Tom Goh
(50) showing the family characteristics of wonderful hand eye coordination. Some tight bowling from Justin Drew (3-31), Chris Gill (333) and James Edwards (1-14) saw the Old Aloysians claw their way
back into the game, with the first innings finishing at 8-176 of 35 overs
including a four off the last ball by Jordan Daly.
The Old Aloysians opened up with former Sydney University batting
partners Ed Quoyle and Jack Benson (SIC). Cornelius (4-44) was
bowling up a storm and was unlucky not to get a couple more, but
even with his bad luck he managed to take the wickets of the top
three batsmen. After 9 overs the Old Boys were on the ropes at 3-37,
but were able to consolidate through the middle of the innings, with
Jono Hill and Hugo “Neddy” De Jong putting together a solid
partnership of 69 to steer the Old Boys into a position where they
could win the game. After 28 overs, the Old Boys were 4-128 and
were looking like they might sneak away with a win, but a great
second spell from Wood saw him snap up three quick wickets to
finish with figures of 4-43 and the Old Aloysians came crashing
down to miss out by ten runs, all out for 166.
A big thanks from the Old Aloysians to Paul Chalmers for his
incredible work at the oval, Mr De Silva and Mr Quinane for giving
us an opportunity to play the boys, all the parents and Old Boys who
turned up to watch, and the continued support of SACOBU. Good
luck to the 1sts this year.
The swimming season has begun. Training has
commenced at the Gartlan on Tuesday and Thursday
mornings and a number of swimmers have been
attending. The Big Breakfast will be held on
11 October. This event is an excellent chance for swimmers to begin
the 2010/2011 season; information regarding the season will be
discussed at the breakfast. The Big Breakfast will begin with a
training session at the Gartlan Pool from 7.30am with Graeme
Brewer. Swimmers will then be transported to school by bus for
breakfast. Parents whom are able to offer assistance in the
preparation of the breakfast, could they please contact me
The dates for all swimming carnivals in Term 4 are below. If any
parents who could offer assistance for any breakfasts or carnivals,
could please contact me. The carnivals in Term 4 should be most
St Aloysius’ College Swimming Term 4
11 October
The Big Breakfast
Training: 7.30-9.15am [Gartlan]
Bus: 9.30am
Breakfast at College: 10.00am [Canisius Room]
5 November
St Patrick’s Invitation Carnival [Drummoyne
Pool] (TBA)
12 November
Swim Breakfast: 7.45am
St Aloysius’ Invitational Carnival: 7.00pm [North
Sydney Pool]
19 November
CAS Series Meet: 6.00pm [SOPAC]
30 November
Senior School Swimming Carnival [SOPAC]
Erin Hogan
Carl Henschke (SAC 2000)
St Aloysius’ College POSITION VACANT Part­time Laboratory Assistant The Science Department is looking to appoint a new Laboratory Assistant in 2011. The position entails a variety of responsibilities involved in the management and operation of our Science laboratories. The preparation of chemicals and other materials required for practical lessons, as well as the clean up and storage of these materials, will be a core duty. A knowledge of chemistry and experience working in a laboratory environment would be an advantage. Some on­the­job training will be provided. The position is permanent, part­time. Initially, the position will be one or two six­hour days per week. The hours are basically the same as the school day, although there is some flexibility in starting and finishing times. It is expected the position will increase to four or five days per week at some stage over the next two to three years. Please direct any enquiries to Nicholas.Thill@staloysius.nsw.edu.au. the Head of Science, Nicholas Thill, on 9936 5631 or Application should be made on the Application for Membership of General Staff form, available on the College website, and directed by email or by mail to Nicholas Thill at the College. Applications close on Friday, 22 October. 6 7 Thought for the week: “Life without commitment is not worth
Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972)
Polish-born American rabbi & leading theologian of C20th
Late notice: 25 September Ryde TAFE at 250 Blaxland Road, Ryde
will be holding an Open Day. Well worth a visit if you are interested
in Horticulture, the Environment, Hospitality and Landscape Design.
UNSW’s Elite Athletes & Performers Bonus Points: Application
deadline is 30 November. UNSW offers bonus points to students
who have excelled in athletics, music, leadership and more through
this special scheme. Up to five points may be awarded if a student
qualifies. Activities that qualify are listed at www.unsw.edu.au/eap.
There you will also find the application form. Please note, these
bonus points are not automatic and students must complete the
online application in order to have their qualifications assessed. If
you have any questions please contact Jonathon Strauss (9385 8379
or networkschools@unsw.edu.au).
Please, would all Year 11 students purchase a copy of the 2011
UAC Guide: The guide costs $19.95 and is available at newsagents,
but it will sell out and possibly not be available later when you need it
in Year 12. It will be of enormous help next year.
Australian Defence Force Academy Education Award: This is
presented annually to Year 12 students in recognition of outstanding
achievement exhibited during the recruiting process for entry to
ADFA. The award comprises of a laptop computer and certificate for
the successful student, along with a plaque in recognition of his
school, and is presented on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force
to the 120 most suitable applicants who have applied for entry to
ADFA. Year 11 students who are interested should go to
l and see “eligibility requirements”. Also see the Long Tan
Leadership and Teamwork awards.
An excellent recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, called
“Uni degrees never sleep, and leave sharemarket in the shade”, shows
students the real lifetime value of tertiary training. “The biggest
danger to the lifetime income of a worker without a degree is
unemployment.” See full text on Careers Noticeboard.
Golden opportunity for an HSC student: Ganellen Pty Ltd are
offering 2 paid cadetships (+ uni fees) for students who wish to study
either engineering or construction management at UTS on a parttime basis. Applications close 30 October. Submit a handwritten
application explaining reasons why you are choosing to apply, your
strengths and give three referees. For more information contact
Rebecca Bacon (r.bacon@ganellen.com or 9555 2444).
Years 11 & 12 students: The School for Excellence will present a
free lecture from 9.00am-12.30pm program called “Mastering the
HSC”. This is a powerful study skills lecture designed to motivate,
empower and organise students to ensure they are provided with the
necessary skills and information to maximise their HSC scores.
Students who attend this free talk have to make a compulsory
donation (minimum of $5) to the Fred Hollows Foundation. TSFX
will also run HSC English Belonging lectures at a cost of $50 per
lecture on three optional dates – 9, 31 October or 13 November –
from 1.30-5.00pm. Venue: University of Sydney. Enrol online at
www.tsfx.com.au/nsw. For more information phone 1300 364 173.
5-6 October or 5-6 January 2011: “Live the Life” at The Hotel
School in Sydney – learn more about the hospitality industry. For
more information contact Anne McCrory (8249 3202).
9 October, 11.00am-2.00pm: Open Day at the Australian
International Conservatorium of Music at 114 Victoria Road,
Rozelle. To register your interest, phone 9637 0777 or at
The Benefits of a GAP Year: It can prepare students for university
life and help them clarify what they really want to do. Visit
http://www.usyd.edu.au/news/84.html?newsstoryid=5559 for the
latest research.
Environmental Scholarship – Bayerboost: For students in
Years 11&12 interested in a career in environmental science. Gives
an opportunity for a research project in a university or industry
setting during the summer holidays. Email: society@ausgeo.com.au
News from UNSW
UNSW are offering exciting new Bachelor of Media courses which
were only approved after 2011 UAC Guide went to print. Details are
on the Careers website of the College Intranet. They are:
BMedia in Communication & Journalism
BMedia in Media Production
BMedia in Public Relations & Advertising
Media, Culture & Technology (major in BArts)
News from Charles Sturt University
Science Scholarships: These provide students with $4 000 per year
for up to four years. A student who achieves an ATAR of 80 or
above needs to complete an online application form by 13
www.csu.edu.au/stduent/science. Applications open 1 October.
News from UTS
Science has introduced a new “High Achievers Scholarship
Program” aimed at recognising students who have distinguished
themselves academically. Students with a minimum ATAR of 99.5
will be eligible for one of two $10 000 one-off Dean’s of Science
Merit Scholarships – this applies to any BScience degree. For more
information see UTS Science website.
Discover Architecture: Short course aimed at Year 11 students –
intensive program run over two weeks next January and open to a
maximum of 40 students. For application and more information visit
the Discover Architecture page on UTS website.
BScience in Games Development: Now open to school leavers.
For more information contact the Engineering and IT Outreach
office (9514 2666).
UTS Kuring-gai campus will continue as usual despite the
surrounds being re-zoned and put up for sale.
Important Diary Dates
25 September, 10.00am-5.00pm: “Success Habits for Teenagers”
Workshop for Years 8-12. Venue: Sydney University Village Cost:
$230 (reduced to $180 for multiple bookings). To book go to
www.gokids.com.au/content/view/577/108/ or phone 9881 5890.
27 September-1 October: Special event for high-achieving Year 10
students who enjoy maths and physics – only 24 places available.
UNSW Taste of Electrical Engineering Workshop. Apply
immediately online (http://www.ee.unsw.edu.au/tasteofee). Cost $25
(for electronic components & industry field trip). Completion of this
course will guarantee a student a place in their Year 11 workshop in
2011, sponsored by industry, on advanced design topics and
29 September, 8.30am-3.00pm: University of Sydney ‘Degree in a
Day’ for Year 11 students.
30 September, 8.00am-4.00pm: Macquarie University “Uni in a
Day” for students in Years 10-12 to get a taste of uni life. Choose
your own subjects, plan your timetable and get social on campus.
Register now at http://www.mq.edu.au/uniinaday.
5-7 October: 3D Animation & Games Design – Sydney Secondary
College at Balmain Knox Grammar.
8 6-8 October: 3D Animation & Games Design or Architecture &
Design – Knox Grammar at Wahroonga (www.bubbledome.com).
8 October: Closing date for applications for 2011 Teacher Education
Scholarships – 300 on offer at $5 000 per year.
17 October, 11.00am: St Patrick’s Business College Open Day –
courses in marketing, business, business administration, traineeships
Phone 8306 2333 to register. These courses are not ATAR
23 November: Engineering & IT Discovery Days at UTS for
Years 10&11 students (a great chance to learn more about very
practical engineering and IT). To register, phone 9514 2666.
To work on a construction site in Australia, it is compulsory to hold a
current Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, commonly
known as a “White card”. Students over 14 years of age can
complete this training in one day. To empower students to gain
immediate employment in the holidays, or for work experience, apply
to do the training course. Contact Whitecard Training
(www.whitecardtrainingaustralia.com.au or 9964 0566).
2011 high demand courses at TAFE require early application
(usually mid-October). Interested students apply before they enrol in
2011. You must complete a TAFE NSW Course application form
which is available in the Careers Room or from the website
(www.tafensw/edu.au). Notification of the result of this application
will be made in January 2011. Included amongst them are Animal
Studies, Design Fundamentals, Fitness, Graphic Design, Hospitality,
Interactive Digital Media, Screen & Media, Tourism, Veterinary
Nursing, Visual Merchandising and Youth Work. Please check the list
Life after the HSC – A Parents’ Guide: Charles Sturt University
has prepared a useful article for parents who are helping their
children prepare for life after the HSC, eg getting into uni, flexible
study choices, information about fees and charges, etc. To find out
more visit http://www.csu.edu.au/for/parents.
Final Reminders to Year 12 Class of 2010: If you are including an
out-of-town preference as one of your nine preferences, you should
apply NOW for accommodation/college for 2011 at that university. If
you have more than one out-of-town preference, then application must
be made to each university, as you have no way of knowing which
preference you will be offered in January 2011. Places fill up very fast
and it is much more likely that you will be successful in first year if you
have the support of other students and don’t have to shop, cook and
clean as well as adjusting to university life. Details are given in the front
section of each university listed in 2011 UAC Guide.
Another tip is to always keep photocopies of important documents
submitted to UAC, university, employer etc. Each of you should have
a special Careers file where these items are safely stored away for
future reference.
Year 12 students please note that the University of Notre Dame is
an independent tertiary institution and is not included in the UAC
application process. It seems very sensible to me to apply for a
course/s there as a safety net and alternate option. Remember you
will only receive ONE offer from UAC on 19 January 2011 – why
not have more than one option?
For more Careers Information see the Careers Website on the
College Intranet.
Deirdre Agnew
Careers Counsellor (deirdre.agnew@staloysius.nsw.edu.au)
My usual days at the College are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9 10 11 12 13 14 15