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GE Fanuc
Intelligent Platforms
Information you
can act on
Improve the decision effectiveness of your
water system by seamlessly connecting remote
data and your plant operations.
Managing large geographical areas is nothing new to water utilities. From occasional
manually collected data to unreliable and
slow communications, timely remote data
always seems just out of reach. Now, with
increasing pressure to improve operational
performance, growing regulatory requirements and increased energy costs, the
need to collect data seamlessly from both
local and remote data sources is a reality.
Think globally, act locally
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ powerful
QuickPanel* Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)
applied solution enables you to easily
monitor, diagnose and maintain your water
assets and processes through flexible communication architectures. Access to timely
and accurate tracking of water chemistry
and chemical inventories with greater efficiency can eliminate critical gaps in your
water data and the need to deploy service
personnel, resulting in higher productivity.
Providing a visual interface for local operators allows site equipment to be operated
manually, mitigating the operational impact
of remote communication disruptions. The
integrated controller will keep automatic
equipment running through an outage.
QuickPanel RTU is a bundled visualization
and control solution that provides the tools
required for today’s remote application
needs. A combination of bright touch-screen
displays and award-winning Proficy*
Machine Edition software, QuickPanel RTU
delivers flexible, scalable performance on
a rugged hardware platform.
Once communications are restored,
store-and-forward capabilities and local
time stamping of alarms ensure nothing
is missed, and alarms can be arranged as
they happened.
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has been partnering
with water operations all over the world to help
them seamlessly integrate critical water data.
With decades of water industry expertise and
innovative technology solutions, we can position
your operations for long-term success.
Reliable, scalable
and open
With an open and connected approach, QuickPanel RTU offers
flexible configuration to fit your unique requirements—providing
access to real-time information across your entire utility.
QuickPanel RTU can range from simple, low I/O count applications through complex
automation solutions that require the support of large numbers of I/O. It provides an
information-rich, graphical interface and has the inherent benefits of providing a smaller
footprint, centralized time synchronization, local alarm time stamping, full IEC 61131-3
language support, and remote diagnostics and maintenance via a web hosting client.
Efficient information delivery
Seamless connectivity
Built on a Microsoft® Windows® CE operating
system, QuickPanel RTU offers enhanced
data buffering and built-in web publishing
capabilities to effectively link your manufacturing operations to your business systems.
Key personnel—from operators to managers—can access accurate, comprehensive
and integrated information when and where
they need it.
Addressing your need to integrate existing and future applications from different
vendors and multiple architectures, QuickPanel RTU enables you to connect to a wide
variety of automation devices. With a large
number of built-in drivers, it can be flexibly
networked back to a centralized SCADA
system using phone line, radio, satellite and
cellular topology.
Leveraging the latest
remote monitoring
technology, QuickPanel
RTU can track and compare distribution flows with sales—offering
a proven approach that enables
utilities to significantly reduce their
non-revenue water.
Infinite scalability
As your information requirements expand,
QuickPanel RTU is exceedingly scalable to
grow with your needs. It includes a broad
range of display sizes from 6" to 15"; choice
of Monochrome or Color-TFT display;
expandable memory and communications
options; and easy configuration to run the
same program on different size models.
Simple configuration for
rapid time to solution
Built for open communications, QuickPanel RTU can connect
with most any utility operations device. With built-in drivers,
it is simple, quick and always open.
You can deploy QuickPanel RTU
in just a few easy steps:
Step 1 Select an I/O system
QuickPanel RTU supports all of GE Fanuc’s
I/O systems as well as open fieldbuses and
third-party controllers, including Rockwell,
Siemens and Group Schneider.
Step 2 Select a QuickPanel
You can choose the display size and type
that best fits your needs, as we offer
user-friendly units ranging from 6 inches
to 15 inches and Monochrome, or
Color-TFT options.
Supporting communications to all new and
legacy RTU hardware solutions, Proficy iFIX
and Proficy CIMPLICITY—both industry-leading HMI/SCADA software solutions—enable
you to share real-time information throughout your operations.
Step 3 Select the connectivity device
QuickPanel RTU supports any Ethernetbased connectivity scheme, including MESH
Radio, local wireless, serial, cellular and
satellite communications. It is also product
agnostic—enabling you to connect to thirdparty equipment.
Open communications
QuickPanel RTU is a powerful solution that can integrate with existing
PLC hardware locally and other RTU
throughout the system—seamlessly
delivering connectivity across your
operations. Its open communications makes it ideal for mixed
system architectures, as you can
connect a QuickPanel RTU directly
to your existing PLC to upgrade
legacy PLCs and RTUs to Ethernet
communications with store and
forward capabilities.
Step 4 Select your SCADA software
To learn more about how QuickPanel RTU
can help your water operations deliver
high performance for the long term, visit
QuickPanel RTU Solution
In addition to seamless hardware connection, our Proficy* software supports the
communication to all new and legacy RTU hardware solutions—providing a single,
streamlined SCADA solution that enables you to easily troubleshoot issues and
coordinate with the field. QuickPanel RTU also works with many leading HMI/SCADA
software solutions.
Connectivity Options
I/O Options
Addressing your need to integrate existing and future applications from different
vendors and multiple architectures, QuickPanel RTU enables you to connect to a
wide variety of automation devices. With a large number of built-in drivers, it can
be flexibly networked back to a centralized SCADA system using phone line, radio,
satellite and cellular topology.
With Proficy Machine Edition automation software, you can simplify your efforts and
reduce costs by leveraging an integrated development environment that deploys
all your HMI, motion and multi-target control applications. In addition to leveraging
open industry standard technologies, all components and applications within
Machine Edition share a single workspace and tool set, including a standardized
user interface and an efficient, user-friendly design. GE Fanuc offers a multitude of options when connecting to field equipment,
including our VersaMax, 90-30 and Genius I/O systems. The QuickPanel RTU
also supports connectivity to popular fieldbuses PROFIBUS and DeviceNet as
well as third-party controllers.
Cellular Radio
6" Mono
Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX*
TranSphere* Spread
Spectrum Radio
6" TFT-Color
VersaMax I/O
8" TFT-Color
3rd Party
12" TFT-Color
Field Control
Genius I/O
3rd Party
15" TFT-Color
3rd Party
QuickPanel Control
Typical Applications
Available Sizes
Medium-to-large applications that require
integrated visualization and control;
capable of simultaneously communicating
to multiple I/O networks and controllers.
• Connectivity: Serial, Ethernet and Fieldbus
I/O networks
• View and VB Scripting
• Compact Flash and USB
• Document Viewers (doc, xls, pdf)
• Historian Collector
• Web Publishing
• View and Integrated Control
15" TFT-Color
12" TFT-Color
8" TFT-Color
6" TFT-Color
6" Mono
Size 6" Mono
8" Color-TFT
12" Color-TFT
15" Color-TFT
320 x 240 pixels
6” Color-TFT
800 x 600 pixels
800 x 600 pixels
1024 x 768 pixels
5.7" (Diagonal)
8.5" (Diagonal)
12.1" (Diagonal)
15.1" (Diagonal)
32 MB
32 MB
To 64 MB or 96 MB
64 MB
64 MB
To 96 MB or 128 MB
Serial: Com #1
Serial: Com #2
Ethernet: LAN #1
10/100 Mbps
Ethernet: LAN #2
10/100 Mbps
Comm. ExpansionGE Fanuc 90-30 I/O, VersaMax I/O, VersaMax Micro Expansion I/O, Genius I/O, DeviceNet Master, PROFIBUS Master
V1.1 Compatible
Compact Flash
One, Type 2
-10 to 60 Deg C
(14 to 140 Deg F)
0 to 60 Deg C
(32 to 140 Deg F)
0 to 60 Deg C
(32 to 140 Deg F)
0 to 50 Deg C
(32 to 122 Deg F)
0 to 50 Deg C
(32 to 122 Deg F)
AgenciesUL - Class 1 Div 2 (A, B, C, D), ATEX - Class 1 Zone 2, CE Mark
Panel Cut-Out
(W x H x D)
Power Requirements
6.14" x 4.86" x 2.76"
158 mm x 126 mm x 70 mm
12.0 to 30.0 VDC
24 watts
† S = Standard overlay, B = Blank overlay, G = GE Fanuc overlay, K = Kit
NEMA 4/4x
8.93" x 7.34" x 3.03"
228 mm x 186 mm x 77 mm
12.0 to 30.0 VDC
48 watts
11.88" x 8.96" x 2.37"
302 mm x 228 mm x 60 mm
14.93" x 12.03" x 2.78"
379 mm x 305 mm x 71 mm
12 VDC @ +/- 20% or 24 VDC @ +/- 20%
48 watts
Proficy Software Modules
Plant Performance and Execution
6 Proficy Workflow
6 Proficy Plant Applications – Efficiency
6 Proficy Plant Applications – Production
6 Proficy DataMart
6 Proficy Tracker
6 Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency
Plant Data Repository
6 Proficy Historian
Integrated Quality
6 Proficy Plant Applications – Quality
6 Proficy Non Conformance Reporting
6 Proficy Shop Floor SPC
6 Proficy RX™
6 Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX*
6 Proficy View – Machine Edition
Asset Management
6 Proficy Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic
6 Proficy Change Management
6 Proficy Maintenance Gateway*
Real-Time Information Portal
6 Proficy Real-Time Information Portal
Programming & Control
6 Proficy Logic Developer
6 Proficy Motion Developer – Machine Edition
Process Solutions
GE Fanuc Support & Services
6 Proficy
Process Systems*
Batch Execution
6 Proficy Plant Applications – Batch Analysis
6 PACSystems* RX3i and RX7i
6 PAC8000 Controllers
6 PAC8000 SafetyNet
6 8000 Process I/O
6 GlobalCare*
6 Proficy
6 Professional
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