general terms for the provision of services by leroy merlin

This document defines the general conditions of service contractors to whom LEROY MERLIN delegates product installation under the works mandate. The terms and conditions
are deemed to be accepted by the customer.
2.1.The customer is solely responsible for the dimensions and information given to the store to receive the offer. If additional work is required due to deviations / variations in dimensions and / or
information provided, LEROY MERLIN will either perform these in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 or it shall terminate the contract for this reason
2.2. Additional works
The works to be carried out are described in the order. No additional works are permitted without the written consent of the customer. To estimate the cost of additional works
and to submit an offer the visit of a technician may be required at an additional cost.
*** Especially for the installation of kitchen it is clarified that:
The service does not include: the (a) installation or alteration of the grid and sewage mains (b) repair, coating, wall or floor finishes (c) installation of any structural or decorative
element that is not associated with the kitchen as it was delivered to the customer (d) installation of wall or floor tiles (e) connection of kitchen taps, built-in appliances and other
plumbing and electrical appliances and installations (f) alteration of cabinets upon installation beyond any alterations indicated in the plan (g) mounting frames (h) perimeter
cutting and fitting of the back of the kitchen where it is not part of the ordered kitchen (i) placing of fillets if the floor is not finished unless the customer requests so in writing (j)
modification of any element of the kitchen beyond the agreed plan.
*** Especially for the uninstallation – if such service is offered and has been chosen by the customer– it is clarified that:
The service does not include dismantling of equipment that does not constitute part of the product that will subsequently be installed (i.e. tiles).
The customer is solely responsible for eventual damages to the floor, walls, tiles etc. that may occur, to the degree that such dismantle may not objectively be carried out without
Disposal of dismantle products shall only be effected where this is practically possible without the use of forklifts or other machine and only if the customer has made the
necessary arrangements for the installation of a special bucket near the uninstallation area.
3.1 The customer must address to any competent authority before the commencement of works in order to ensure that he possesses any necessary license and/or approval to this
The customer is the sole responsible for applying and obtaining the necessary licenses and/or approvals before the commencement of the works.
In case no such information exists from the customer to the opposite direction, it shall be deemed that any such license and/or approval has been obtained upon commencement of
the works.
The customer shall bear full responsibility for not having obtained any such necessary license and/or approval.
3.2 For every work carried out in professional areas or areas open to the public, the customer must expressly inform the Leroy Merlin store. The same applies for each
intervention in public areas.
4.1 The customer should be present upon commencement of the works.
In case he/she is not present upon commencement of the works, while allowing access to Leroy Merlin’s contractor, the latter shall carry out an inventory of the work space and
shall proceed to commencement of the works, assuming that the customer’s consent has been obtained.
4.2 The customer shall allow free access to the contractor, any employee of his and to Leroy Merlin’s personnel throughout the carrying out of the works.
4.3 The spouse, any member of the family or any other person acting on behalf of the customer, shall be deemed to have full authorization to represent him/her vis-à-vis
Leroy Merlin.
4.4 For the sound execution of the works, the customer must make sure that the area is empty, without furniture or other installations other than those that were expressly
declared in the order form.
4.5 Leroy Merlin shall use its best endeavors for the prompt execution of the works. Eventual delays as well as estimations for the progress of the works that may be announced
to the customer are in any case subject to unforeseen factors that are beyond Leroy Merlin’s control.
5. FEES:
The fees include VAT and are based upon estimations and/or lump sums that were valid upon placing of the order.
The customer pays in advance on the day of placing the order the amount corresponding to 100% of the fee for the carrying out of the works.
The above payment is necessary in order to render valid the installation order (service and products).
Total cost of the works must be settled prior to the day of receipt or dispatch of the products from the store.
7.1 By the customer. In case due to customer’s responsibility the works are suspended or terminated (including termination by customer), the total cost of the products and the
works, shall become due upon or before the receipt or dispatch of the products by the store.
7.2 By LEROY MERLIN. Under all instances, LEROY MERLIN maintains the right to suspend and/or terminate the works, which may not be carried out under quality and
secure conditions and in general according to good engineering practices.
8.1 Collection from the store. In case the customer collects the products from the store himself, any danger (transportation, loss, theft etc) related to the products is transferred to
him upon exiting the store and thereafter.
8.2 Dispatch by the store.
The transportation costs shall be borne by the customer and are mentioned in the offer or order. In case the products are delivered, any danger (transportation, loss, theft etc)
related to the products is transferred to him on the delivery date. It is up to the customer to point out any defects (wrong number, damage etc.) of the products upon delivery.
Under all other circumstances, the products shall be deemed to conform with the order.
Any dispute that may arise shall be exclusively resolved by the competent Nicosia courts which shall apply Cypriot law.
The personal data of the Customers are used according to the legal provisions in force regarding process of personal data, exclusively for the execution and proof of orders, the
issuance of tax records and the extract of statistical data (that will not include personal data that may lead to the recognition of persons). These may also be used for sending
information or surveys regarding our services. The customer hereby consents to the storage and process of his personal data by Leroy Merlin for the above purposes. The
customer has the right to access, object, amend and delete such data.