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y Jastech EMC Consulting LLC core competency is our system engineering approach to EMC compliance, design, and training. pp
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y Services we offer include filter designs, product reviews, EMC test plans and EMC training seminars tailored to customer products and industry requirements. y Our area of expertise includes new product designs and product retrofits that require EMC regulatory compliance or functional needs for: y
All types of motors (AC or DC, brush commutated or electrically commutated) Printed circuit boards
Integrated circuits
Component evaluation and characterization
Complex electro‐mechanical assemblies
y We have iNARTE certified ESD and EMC engineers with 60+ years of specialized EMC experience in automotive, military, consumer and industrial markets.
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James P. Muccioli received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering
from the University of Michigan. He has extensive experience in EMC design, analysis,
and testing. His background includes over twenty years of specialized EMC systems
experience at X2Y Attenuators, DaimlerChrysler and United Technologies. Mr. Muccioli
co‐authored articles published in the IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic
Compatibility (The Electromagnetic Environment of an Automobile Electronic System;
August, 1987), the 1990 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic
Compatibility (Radiated Emissions of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits),
Circuits) and the 1991
IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (An Electromagnetic
Immunity Diagnostic Tool for Electronic Circuits). He published several articles on
integrated circuit emissions in EMC Test & Design Magazine (1992‐1993). He was a
contributing author (Part 6 Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility) for the
Automotive Electronics Handbook ((Ronald JJurgen,
g , Editor‐in Chief,, McGraw‐Hill,, Inc.,,
Mr. Muccioli taught an undergraduate course ("Noise Reduction
Techniques") and a continuing education seminar ("Electronic System Noise
Reduction") at Lawrence Technological University and the University of Michigan. He
presented a paper (Integrated Circuit Decoupling ‐ A Key Automotive EMI Concern) at
the EMC/ESD International 1992. Mr. Muccioli is a certified EMC engineer through the
Nationall Association off Radio
d and
d Telecommunications
Engineers. He is an active
member of SAE J‐1113 and J‐551 EMC committees and is chairman of the SAE Integrated
Circuit EMC Task Force. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the IEEE EMC
Society (1993‐1998; 2001‐2003) and was selected as an IEEE Fellow in 1998 for
contributions to integrated circuit design practices to minimize electromagnetic
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Terry M. North
Terry M.
M North received both BSEE and MSEE degrees
from Wayne State University. His early experience
includes service with the U. S. Army in RF
communications and with Ford Motor Company in
advanced fuel systems design. Joining Chrysler in 1985, Mr.
North was one of the early contributors in the effort to
d l
an EMC analysis
l i and
d testing
t ti
bilit with
ith an
automotive focus. Over the more than 20 years that he was
with Chrysler, he contributed to the development of a
world class in house automotive EMC capability, which
assisted in the advancement of the automotive industry in
EMC. Mr. North was also involved in the EMC
d l
d qualification
lifi i
off passive
systems at Chrysler. He was a major contributor in the
development of Chrysler corporate EMC standards and
served as a consultant on EMC and E/E systems issues. As
a Senior Engineering Specialist with DaimlerChrysler, he
also contributed to the development of international EMC
standards that combined different backgrounds and
processes. He is a member of the SAE EMC Committee and
its Integrated Circuits EMC Task Force and is the co‐
author of the SAE J1752 series of standards. Mr. North has
three patents for EMC test development and has co‐
on IC RF Emissions and EMC test
written several p
development that were presented at IEEE Symposiums.
Mr. North has more than 20 years of experience in EMC
and is a senior member of the IEEE.
Dale Sanders
Dale Sanders received his BSEE from the University of
Michigan‐Dearborn in 2003. While at the University he
worked with the Engineering Department to build an EMC
lab and develop coarse criteria. He currently continues to
volunteer his time at the University to advance the EMC
program. Prior to college he served on active duty in the U.
S Marine
M i
i Field
Fi ld Artillery
A till
R d
Fi Direction
Di ti
Control, and Meteorology. During college he worked as an
IC Design Engineer at Xilinx, Inc. and upon graduation
joined X2Y Attenuators, LLC as an Applications Engineer.
His experience includes IC design, layout, and validation,
component evaluation, test fixture design, PCB layout,
EMC testing,
d filter
d i
H is
i an active
i member
b off
the IEEE EMC Society, SAE EMC Committee and SAE IC
EMC Task Force. Mr. Sanders has authored 10+ technical
papers published in numerous symposiums around the
world as well as numerous technical application notes and
presentations. Mr. Sanders has been consulting with
Jastech EMC for 5+ years.
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Typical approach to EMC – it is ignored until problems occur.
y EMC is NOT a vehicle functionality problem – component/module y
designers don’t realize impact of functionality on vehicle.
EMC is seen as a test requirement not a hardware design criteria.
EMC Test Labs have the expertise to fix DC motors that fail requirements.
EMC compliance is seen as a cost and packaging burden.
Many electro‐mechanical system designers lack basic EMC concepts.
y Most consumer & automotive motors have historically filtered the AM & FM radio bands for long duration motors only.
y Research initiatives y Assume next generation technologies and/or software eliminates need for basic EMC engineering.
y Ignore EMC issues and assume they will be addressed at production.
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y DC motors are a broad brand frequency noise source from kH GH kHz to GHz. y Mil Std 461E has requirements from 10kHz to 10GHz.
y Brush commutated motors can be looked at as high frequency spark gap between the brushes and commentator.
h b h
y Electrically commutated (Brushless) motors have FETs with switching times that contain broad frequency content.
y Increased vehicle electronics and communication devices have increased operating frequency bands in vehicles.
y Motor EMI suppression lowers ambient noise of the vehicle thus increasing signal‐to‐noise ratio thresholds for other on‐vehicle electronics.
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Jastech EMC Consulting can reduce cost and vehicle timing associated with EMC design development compliance & production
with EMC design, development, compliance & production.
y Research
y Characterization of EMC vehicle environments of motors
y EMC interface for University research initiatives y
y DC Motor Development & Implementation
y System Integrator – EMC & electronics functionality liaison for y
University researchers
Motor supplier
Module supplier
OEM Specify design guidelines of motors for EMC compliance
y Motor pre‐test & evaluation by Jastech EMC Consulting
y EMC filter design & prototype (new & existing motors)
y Test Lab Interface
y Write, specify and/or review EMC Test Plans
y Independent onsite management and review
y FMEA of EMC filters in motors
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Ji M
Jim Muccioli
i li
Email: [email protected]‐
Cell: 248‐895‐0394
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Filter Design
Radiated Emissions (RE)
Conducted Emissions (CE)
( )
Conducted Transients (CT)
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Customer Prototype
Jastech Customer Design
EMC Non compliant (Mil Std 461E)
EMC Non‐compliant (Mil Std 461E)
EMC Compliant (Mil Std 461E)
EMC Compliant (Mil‐Std 461E)
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y (2) Different Manufacturers
y 30dB pre‐amp used
Manufacturer #2
Manufacturer #1
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30dB pre‐amp used
330dB pre‐amp used
30dB pre‐amp used
30dB pre
amp used
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y (3) Different Manufacturers
y (2) Different Manufacturers
Manufacturer #1
Manufacturer #3
Manufacturer #1 – 30dB pre‐amp used
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Manufacturer #2
Manufacturer #2
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Note: (3) Brushes, (2) Speeds
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12V Motor
Production Filter
Production Filter
No Filter
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