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Presentation Title:
“Understanding & Implementing Pro-Active Energy Management”
We know that saving energy is important and sometimes is a corporate mandate, but with the lean
operation of business today, Energy Management tends to be a very reactive task and done through
looking through the rearview mirror. Why is energy use and/or costs suddenly increasing? Wait, how
long has this actually been going on? How much energy should we be using? These are common
questions from facilities throughout the country as facility managers crane their necks trying to figure
out what happened.
What if you could make the shift to proactive energy management? Understand where you are now
with your energy usage and focus on what the view is through the windshield. Design future projects
and improvements with the understanding of what the energy impact will be rather than “It will save us
a lot”. Now that is an amazing concept. But what does a pro-active plan look like? How do I get
management to “Buy In” and who fulfills the role? This presentation will work to answer these questions
and others as well as develop the framework to understanding & implementing a pro-active energy
management plan at your facility.
Eric DeVries Bio (picture attached):
As the President of E3M Solutions, Eric DeVries has walked with companies from 1,000 ft2 retail, to
300,000+ ft2 offices and 1,000,000+ ft2 manufacturing facilities through all stages of energy efficiency &
management. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Calvin College and has gone for
additional training and certifications as a Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
and Certified Demand Side Manager (CDSM). His expertise & experience includes energy auditing,
mechanical & electrical engineering, energy project implementation, energy master planning and
contract energy manager responsibilities in many of the lower 48 states. In 2012, he was awarded the
Region III “Young Energy Professional of the Year” by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
Thanks and I look forward to presenting along with our next IFMA meeting.
Eric DeVries, PE, CEM®
President / Energy Management Engineer
C: 616.690.6361