Electric Machinery, 6/e Spreadsheet Tools for Engineers: Excel, 2/e

Electric Machinery, 6/e
Tablo of Contents
ISBN: 0071121935
Price: £21.99
Authors: A.E. Fitzgerald, Charles Kingsley, Stephen Umans (both of Massachusetts Institute of
Pub date: August 2002
New edition (previous ISBN 0071126112)
Description: The exciting new sixth edition of this book has been extensively updated while retaining
the emphasis on fundamental principles and physical understanding that has been its outstanding
feature. It is intended for a junior or senior level course in electric machinery, and contains not only the
fundamentals, but some more rigorous material for those instructors wanting to cover more advanced
topics. New chapters topics include power electronics as well as speed and torque control of DC and
AC motors. This edition has also been expanded with additional examples and practice problems.
• The popular interactive computer software MATLAB has been introduced in both examples
and practice problems. Also, chapter-ending problems have been added which specifically
require the use of MATLAB. An icon has been placed in the margin to indicate those places
where MATLAB is used.
• The chapter on single- and two-phase motors now includes a generalized analytical
formulation for unsymmetrical two-phase induction machines, which is then applied to the
general case of a single-phase induction motor running off both its main and auxiliary
winding. This formulation is unique to this title and is not found in other text books.
• A website for this book includes a downloadable version of the solutions manual, passwordprotected for instructors. It also contains a set of PowerPoint slides for instructors to use in
their lectures.
Spreadsheet Tools for Engineers: Excel, 2/e
ISBN: 0071199764
Price: £28.99
Author: Byron Gottfried (University of Pittsburgh)
Pub date: September 2002
New edition (previous ISBN 0071183477)
Description: This best-selling Spreadsheet book provides excellent coverage of all versions of Excel
including the latest version, Excel 2002.
• Instructors and students are given a comprehensive coverage of analytical techniques from
which to choose and learn.
• The book combines fundamentals of Excel with engineering problem-solving methodology.
• Many new and revised problems and examples are given.
Foundations of Engineering, 2/e
ISBN: 0071195610
Price: £32.99
Authors: Mark Holtzapple, W. Dan Reece (both of Texas A&M University)
New edition (previous ISBN 007246240X)
Pub date: September 2002
Description: This book gives engineering students a solid foundation for all their future coursework. It
provides an overview to the engineering profession, an introduction to the skills they will need to
develop, as well as fundamental engineering topics such as thermodynamics, rate processes and
Newton’s laws. An important aspect of the book’s approach is the method of engineering accounting,
which casts the basic conservation laws (e.g., of energy or mass) as simple “accounting” procedures.
This is a unifying concept that helps problem-solving across all engineering disciplines.