342.7 BOW
342.73 BAR
385.097 SOL
385.09748 TRE
398 KOR
590 CHR
590.7 COL
591 WOL
598.09 ALS
598.0974 SMI
598.2 HEI
598.239 WAK
598.297 KAU
599.097 RUE
599.097 SMI
599.74 FOR
632 GRA
632.9 CAR
636.9 KOS
639 KOR
641.5 BAR
641.5 THR
647 PEN
647.947 SHU
Bowen, Catherine
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Solomon, Brian
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Korson, George
Christiansen, Per
Colker, Rachel
Wolf, Dave
Alsop, Fred J.
Alsop, Fred J.
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Ford, Barbara
Graham, Frank
Carson, Rachel
Kosack, Joe
Korber, Kathy & Hal
Bartlett, Virginia K.
Miracle at Philadelphia
The Founding
Railroads of Pennsylvania
Railroads of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Songs and Legends
Encyclopedia of Animals
The Pittsburgh Zoo: A 100-Year History
Pennsylvania Wildlife Illustrated
Birds of the Mid-Atlantic
Birds of North America/Eastern Region
North American Ducks, Geese & Swans
Birds of Pennsylvania
Lives of North American Birds
Furbearing Animals of North America
The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals
Black Bear/The Spirit of the Wilderness
Since Silent Spring
Silent Spring
The Pennsylvania Game Commission 1895-1995
Pennsylvania Wildlife: A Viewer’s Guide
Pickles and Pretzels
Three Rivers Cookbook III
Pennsylvania Cook Book
Pennsylvania Bed & Breakfast Guide and Cookbook
Shughart, Karen
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791.06 JAC
791.06 URB
796.51 CRA
796.51 MIT
917.3 ARN
917.3 COO
917.3 NAT
917.3 NAT
917.3 REA
917.3 SAX
917.3 VIS
917.304 CAN
917.304 MOR
917.4 BOW
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Cramer, Ben
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Cook, Anthony E.
National Geographic Society
Mary Cassatt
American Impressionism
The World’s Wildest Roller Coasters
Images of America/Kennywood
More Kennywood Memories
The Roller Coaster Lover’s Companion
Pennsylvania Hiking Trails
Backpacking Pennsylvania, 37 Great Hikes
Over 1000 Amazing Places To Go In North America
The Cook Forest
Vacationland U.S.A.
National Parks of the U.S.A.
Off the Beaten Path
Mountains Without Handrails
Visiting Our Past/America’s Historylands
North American Indian Landmarks
The Most Scenic Drives in America
The Middle Atlantic States
A Guidebook to Historic Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh: The Story of a City 1750-1865
The Pennsylvania Sampler
Pennsylvania Curiosities
Only In Pittsburgh
Polish Hill Remembered
Reader’s Digest
Sax, Joseph L.
Cantor, George
Reader’s Digest
Bowen, Ezra
Smith, Helene
Ackermann, Marjorie
Baldwin, Leland D.
Beers, Paul B.
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917.48 O’NE
917.48 PHI
917.48 REG
917.48 SCH
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917.48 SMO
917.48 TOK
917.481 WAL
973 COM
973.2 HAM
973.26 CHI
973.3 AME
973.3 MAR
973.26 STE
973.7 COF
974.7 EVE
974.8 ANS
974.8 BAL
974.8 BUC
974.8 FRE
974.8 GAL
974.8 GRA
974.8 GUT
974.8 HAR
974.8 HUT
974.8 IRW
974.8 KLE
974.8 KRA
974.8 KUS
974.8 MIL
974.8 MIL
974.8 MIL
974.8 OAK
974.8 PEN
O’Neill, Brian
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Miller, Randall M.
Miller, E. Willard
Milhous, Katherine
Oakley, Amy
Peterson, Edwin L.
The Paris of Appalachia
Insiders’ Guide/Pittsburgh
The Names of Pittsburgh
Backroads of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania 24/7
Pittsburgh/An Urban Portrait
Hopewell Village
Documents of American History
The French and Indian Wars
The French and Indian War
The American Revolution
The War for Independence
Clash of Empires
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Catskills/From Wilderness to Woodstock
The Women of Troy Hill
Pittsburgh The Story of a City
Planting of Civilization in Western Pennsylvania
The Land in the Fork/Pittsburgh 1753-1914
The Johnston Flood
Keystone: A History of Pennsylvania
Our Roots Grow Deeper Than We Know
The Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch
Wild & Scenic Pennsylvania
Our Pennsylvania
A History of Pennsylvania
The Puzzles of Amish Life
The Allegheny River
Pennsylvania/Keystone to Progress
Through These Arches/The Story of Independence Hall
Our Pennsylvania/Keys to the Keystone State
Penn’s Woods West
Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
The Keystone State
Mountain Laurel
Ruffed Grouse
974.8 SCH
974.8 SMI
974.8 STE
974.8 VAN
974.8 WAL
974.8 WAL
974.80 SEI
974.802 WIL
974.877 DOL
974.877 McC
974.886 COL
974.886 KID
974.886 LOR
974.886 O’ME
975.3 ELI
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Wallace, Paul
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Soderlund, Jean R.
Dolson, Hildegarde
McCullough, David
Collins, John
Kidney, Walter C.
Lorant, Stefan
O’Meara, Walter
Elish, Dan
Goldberg, Alfred
Everyday Life in Colonial Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh/Then and Now
Pennsylvania/Birthplace of a Nation
Life and Architecture in Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania/Seed of a Nation
Indians in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Yesterday & Today
William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania 1680-1684
Disaster at Johnstown/The Great Flood
The Johnstown Flood
Stringtown on the Pike
Pittsburgh’s Bridges/Architecture and Engineering
Pittsburgh/The Story of an American City
Guns at the Forks
Washington, D.C.
Pentagon 9/11
PRINT 92’s
92 CAR
92 CAR
92 CAR
92 CAR
92 WAR
92 WAR
Lear, Linda
Presnall, Judith
Henricksson, John
Sterling, Philip
Colacello, Bob
Trétiack, Philippe
Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson
Sea and Earth/The Life of Rachel Carson
Holy Terror/Andy Warhol Close Up
Andy Warhol
VID 791.06 KEN
VID 791.06 ROL
VID 917.48 FLY
VID 917.48 SPI
VID 917.48 STR
DVD 973.26 AND
DVD 973.3 AME
DVD 974.8 PEN
Kennywood Memories
Roller Coaster!
Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere!
The Spirit of Pittsburgh
The Strip Show
The War That Made America
The American Revolution
Discoveries…America Pennsylvania
Portrait of an Artist/Andy Warhol
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WEB RESOURCES (continued) - Connecting You With Wildlife - Explore PA’s Outdoors: Where to Go – Pennsylvanians and the Environment “Keeping Pennsylvania Growing” Explore the States Welcome to Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government Center for Dairy Excellence The 50 States - Pennsylvania History - The Story of Oil in Pennsylvania
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