Yamaha Warrior Radix Light Instruction Manual

Exclusively by HighTechSpeed, LLC
Congratulations on purchasing the most advanced tail light available on the
market. HighTechSpeed was the original inventor of integrated LED tail
lights in 2000. We have been making them longer than anyone, and have
been the consistent pioneer of the latest technologies, highest brightness
and most features. Radix Lights are made in the USA!
HighTechSpeed Radix lights feature:
50Mhz integrated “System on Chip” microprocessor controller
Full protection against reverse connection, over voltage, over current
Full Bright technology continuously adjusts LED current ensuring maximum
brightness under all ambient and internal temperature conditions.
User selectable effects for brake lights, turn signals and running lights
The latest high-intensity power LED’s from Cree and Philips/Lumileds
Full surface mount technology construction for long life and high reliability
Over 3,000 available lumens of light output
User selectable brightness levels
With proper use, your Radix Light will provide years of trouble free use.
Please read the quick start guide on the following page before installing your
Radix Light. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for
Step 1:
Disconnect the negative battery terminal whenever working on any vehicle and
ensure the vehicle is level and stable
Step 2:
Under the rear fender you will find 4 nuts, remove these and the tail light
assembly will come loose. Disconnect the plug and remove the assembly.
Step 3:
Install the Radix Light into the assembly. You will have the OEM connector, plus
three extra wires. The green and brown wires are your left and right blinker wires
and will connect to the positive (switched) side of your existing turn signals. The
gray wire is the programming wire. This wire will be connected to +12 Volts when
programming the light. See programming section on following page.
Step 4:
Connect the Radix Light connector to the factory brake light connector. Then
connect the green wire to your left turn signal positive wire, and connect the
brown wire to the right turn signal positive wire.
Step 5:
If you wish you reprogram the light occasionally, ensure the gray wire is accessible
(it can be coiled and taped to the back of the light, or run along beside the OEM
wiring to a switch). Alternatively, check out our SPS – simple programming switch
Step 6:
Re-install the tail light into position and tighten the nuts. That’s it – you’re done!
The Radix Light comes pre-programmed at a medium intensity level and with the
“stock” pattern which mimics the factory light function. The running light, brake
light, and turn signal patterns and effects are all user-adjustable, as is the
intensity of the light.
To change the patterns for brake and turn signal
Turn on the power with the PROGRAM wire off (no voltage). After the power is
on, apply power (+12V) to the program wire. With power on the program wire,
each time you apply the brake, it will change to the next pattern and will show it
to you on the light. When you reach the last pattern, the Radix Light will return to
the first pattern.
Each time you apply the turn signal, it will change to the next pattern and will
show it on the light. When you reach the last pattern, the Radix Light will return
to the first pattern. When you find the pattern you like, simply remove power
from the program wire – that’s it. Your light will save this pattern permanently
until you change it again.
To change the running light pattern
Turn on power with the PROGRAM wire off (no voltage). After the tail light turns
on, apply power to the PROGRAM wire, then remove power (turn it on, then off).
When you remove power, the running light will change to the next pattern.
When you reach the last pattern, it will cycle through to the first one again.
To adjust the brightness
Warning: The Radix Light comes from the factory pre-set at a “brighter than stock,
but reasonable” brightness level. We recommend leaving the light at this level.
However, for customers who wish to change the brightness level, it is adjustable.
You must be very careful and ensure compliance with all laws when adjusting your
Radix Light settings, especially the brightness levels.
Turn on power to the light with power (+12V) on the program wire. When the
light starts, it will detect the PROGRAM wire was turned on at startup and will
enter brightness adjust mode – leave the PROGRAM wire connected to +12V
while you make adjustments. Hold down the brake, and then use the left and
right signals to adjust brightness. Each activation of the right signal increases
brightness by 5%. Each activation of the left signal decreases brightness by 5%.
The light will only allow brightness programming for 10 seconds after start-up.
This is a safety feature – in case you forget to disconnect power from the
PROGRAM wire, your light will not be changing intensity as you ride. If you do not
achieve the level you want within 10 seconds, simply turn off power completely
(turn off your ignition), then repeat the process and pick up where you left off.
The Radix Light at full brightness is EXTREMELY BRIGHT. The light is capable of
over 3,000 lumens of light. This is more than 25 times the brightness of the stock
operating the vehicle off road, or running a demonstration, or are in emergency
services and are allowed intense lights on your vehicle.
It is a common misconception that “more brightness = more safety”. That is not
true if you are blinding drivers behind you. Please be reasonable if you adjust the
brightness settings and ensure compliance with all laws that apply to you.
By installing this product, you agree and accept the following warranty policy.
Limited Warranty
All HighTechSpeed, LLC products are warrantied against defects in parts and workmanship under
normal use and correct installation for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If any returned
product is found to be defective as described above, the product will be repaired or replaced at the
sole discretion of HighTechSpeed, LLC. This shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser and
the sole liability of HighTechSpeed, LLC to the extent permitted by law, the foregoing is exclusive
and in lieu of all other warranties or representations whether expressed or implied, including any
implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall HighTechSpeed, LLC be liable for
special or consequential damages. This warranty does not cover damage outside of normal use as
mentioned above, including but not limited to accident damage, fire or theft, or damage determined
to be outside of the normal use of the product. Any modifications to the product that could interfere
with its operation in any way voids the warranty. Tampering or removal of a "warranty void if
removed" sticker will void your warranty. Any attempt at repairing the product voids the warranty.
Warranty Procedure
In order to obtain warranty repair or replacement, you must follow the following procedure:
1. Contact HighTechSpeed either by phone or email, and request an RMA (return merchandise
2. Send the product, along with proof of purchase including purchase date to:
8 Federal Way, Unit 4
Groveland, MA 01834
Include the RMA form in the box
3. We will repair or replace your product, and return the unit to you (usually within 14 days).
Please include an email address or phone number that we can contact you at should the
need arise.
4. Warranty return units must be received within 14 days after the RMA is issued.
5. Be sure to accurately describe the problem you are experiencing on the RMA form.
General Terms and Conditions
The following general terms and conditions apply to all HighTechSpeed, LLC products:
1. If your product is not under warranty, it may still be repairable. Please contact us by phone or
email to discuss possible options to repair your product.
2. Warranty returns without an RMA number or without dated proof of purchase cannot be
honored under our warranty policy.
3. We must receive your product back before we can ship a replacement unit. We cannot
ship replacement parts in advance of receiving warranty claim parts back. NO
We are proud that our products are made in the USA, by American workers. We
are also proud of our service and support. We will do our best to take care of any
issues in a reasonable and fair manner.
If you have any issues and need support, please contact us by one of the
Phone (9am-5pm EST)
888.40.SPEED (888.407.7333)
978.945.0429 (Fax)
+1 978 600 8222 (international)
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