Notes about Light Light energy travels in a straight line

Notes about Light
 Light energy travels in a straight line from its source.
 Light can travel through empty space where there is no air.
 Light travels very quickly (300,000 km/sec) but it slows down as it
passes through water and glass.
 We cannot see all light waves. Visible light falls in the middle of the
spectrum and is made of up Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo,
and Violet (Roy G Biv)
 The light we see is considered white light. It is made up of all the colors
of the rainbow. Light can, however, pass through materials that separate
the colors. A good example of this is a prism.
 Light can be absorbed (taken in by an object), transmitted (passes
through), reflected (bounces back) or refracted (bends).
 Light rays are reflected at the same angle that they hit.
 Light is refracted (bent) as it passes through lenses and water.
Eyeglasses, contacts, microscopes, overhead machines, telescopes and
cameras all use lenses that refract light rays.
 Light passing through is refracted.
 Light not passing through is reflected.
 Light taken in is absorbed.
 When light passes through something, its direction CAN change and the
speed will slow down.