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Form of Tender,
Drawing No.,
Section #
Addendum No. 2
January 22, 2016
C1. There is likely an existing municipal water main not noted on Drawings and crossing the rail corridor in the
vicinity of Station 99+956. It is expected to be below the limit of excavation for track works, Contractor to locate,
expose and confirm the location and nature of the water main in the presence of the Consultant.
Form of Tender 2.0
Appendix D, page
1 of 9
A. The reference section requires the bidder to
complete a minimum of eight (8) reference projects
however on page 8 of 24 instructions to bidders it
mentions minimum of two as a General. Are we to
assume the remaining Appendix D reference
projects are for the Subcontractors?
A. Yes, unless the Bidder is designating a Subcontractor for that
portion of Work. Refer to revised Form of Tender issued as part of this
B. If a Subcontractor is being designated for these requirements,
please ensure that the CCDC 11 shows all of the requirements stated
in Appendix “D” – Bidders Qualifications. And state in Appendix D –
B. If so, it mentions that the subcontractors in see CCDC 11 attached for that particular Reference Project No.
Appendix G shall provide a CCDC11 with their
experience but also that the Bidder shall complete C. Yes.
Appendix “E”? (assuming this should say Appendix
Addendum No. 2 PT-2015-RF-082
-2“D”? (as Appendix E is the Agreement to Bond.)
C. In Appendix G page 2 of 5 to page 5 of 5, the
General Contractor is to indicate whether they are
using a subcontractor and name them here and the
subcontractor is to provide a CCDC11, does the
Bidder still need to indicate on an Appendix D the
subcontractor?, it seems redundant, please clarify.
Form of Tender 5.0
Appendix G, Page
1 of 5
Under Supporting Documentation the last box states Refer to revised Form of Tender issued as part of this Addendum.
that a Bidder shall provide a completed Appendix
“E”, the Appendix “E” is the Agreement to Bond,
should this not be Appendix “D”?
Schedule of Prices
Upon downloading the above Contract PT-2015-RF- This is a CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract and these are Provisional
082, the only Schedule of Prices that downloaded Items.
were two items for Provisional Items, where are the
rest of the items for the tender?
E-001 to E-028
The cables in this project are very long and
extremely heavy.
Unless noted specifically on Drawings splicing shall be avoid where it
practically possible.
These cables would take a long time to install. To
be installed in one run would require multiple days
of continuous work and leaving reels and cables
strung along the job site over nights. I am not sure
this is possible due to the restrictions on this job
Metrolinx explicitly prohibits any splices below the grade.
Due to the number of manholes containing sharp
90’s we would need to use these as pull
points. That means we would have over 300m Cu
wire being pulled out of manholes and laid along the
Addendum No. 2 PT-2015-RF-082
Thank for your proposal aiming improvement of constructability and
potential saving. However Metrolinx directives shall be always
Splicing of existing and new cables is allowed only where indicted on
-3track to be re-fed into the manhole. During this
time the cable would be subject to damage through
unnecessary manhandling and potentially dragging
along rocks or tracks.
The weight of this run is approx. 10lbs per
foot. When you’re looking at a run that’s over 2200
I am not sure anyone has equipment capable of
pulling this cable through without risk of damage
and if you try and pull it conductor at a time I am
not sure the cable manufacturers will like the
amount of pulling tension required to install.
I would like to propose 3 splices at strategic
manholes and using epoxy filled 3M splice kits,
tested before and after each splice is completed or
another approved splicing method by Metrolinx
This would allow the installation of the cables to be
done in an efficient manner, less chance of wire
being left out of a manhole or conduit overnight,
less cable being pulled off reels and refed meaning
less potential damage during installation, The
lengths would be manageable on reasonably sized
reels, less chance of wire being damaged by the
tension on the cable because of weight. Less risk of
cable being strung all over the tracks during train
Electrical General 16010
Page 2
Addendum No. 2 PT-2015-RF-082
Upgrade of existing 4000kva main transformers. The original transformer has been manufactured by Northern
Please provide the name of the existing transformer Transformer.
manufacturer and transformer information.
Transformer data refer to added Attachment #9 – Northern
Transformer Nameplate issued as part of this Addendum.
Electrical General 16010
Page 3
Upgrade of existing 600v main switchgear. Please The original switchgear manufactured by Siemens Canada.
provide the name of the existing main switchgear
Feeder breaker and other details refer to added Attachments #10
manufacturer and existing breaker information.
through #12 issued as part of this Addendum - attached picture of
nameplate and copy of manufacturers’ Drawings aecasts-001-1b and
Electrical General 16010
Page 3
Please provide Johnson Control contact information.
Johnson Control Inc. Contacts:
1. Account manager is Reaz Usmanali Phone: 416 885 3041,
E-mail: [email protected]
2. Application Engineer Henry.W.Togeretz Phone 905 730 9706,
E-mail: [email protected]
Electrical General 16010 k.12, Please provide Specification for “folding work Foldable workspace is 25mm thick with minimal dimensions 760mm x
Page 7
space”. Please provide requirements for other 610mm as indicated on E-009.
“pieces of furniture”. Could these be provided by a
Furniture includes only the lectern and workspace as noted on E-009.
Cash Allowance carried by the General contractor?
3, Please provide the approved UPS manufacturers.
16261 part
2 a.i
Any manufacturer of industrial grade UPS which meets the
specification. However UPS shall be certified for use in emergency
lighting applications.
Metrolinx policy precludes naming of specific manufacturers.
Electrical Dwg E012
2, Please provide the approved Dry Type Transformer Any manufacturer of Dry transformer which meets Specification.
16271 Part manufacturers.
Metrolinx policy precludes naming of specific manufacturers.
1 a.vii
Please provide Specifications for Outdoor pole Refer Section 16505 regarding HPD ballasts and HPD lamps. Fixture is
mounted fixture “S1”.
to match the exiting as indicated on Drawing.
Detailed information on existing fixtures is not available.
Addendum No. 2 PT-2015-RF-082
-5For tender propose assume that the fixture are industrial grade HPS
Addendum No. 2 PT-2015-RF-082
Note # 10 on Drawing E-004 & panel schedule LP-A
on Drawing E-010 indicate this panel is to remain &
existing breakers to be replaced, Note#11 on
Drawing E-004 says panel LP-A is to be replaced
with a new panel. Please clarify if panel LP-A is to
be replaced with new or is it existing to remain.
LP-A shall be replaced with new as indicated in Note# 11 on Drawing
E-004 and on panelboard schedule on Drawing E-010. Note#10 on
Drawing E-004 specifies that the new panel LP-A shall serve all
existing loads and all new loads as indicated on panelboard schedule
on Drawing E-010.