Heartlines Summer 2014

Casa Pacifica Reaches Its 20th Anniversary!
increasing the number of
n July 18th
lives the agency touches
twenty years
each year. In the last 20
ago six children
years more than 25,000
– four boys and
children/youth have been
two girls – walked
admitted into one of the
through Casa
agency’s 17 therapeutic
Pacifica’s front doors
programs – all bringing
and into the intake
with them substantial
area of the
challenges and significant
Casa Pacifica's gymnasium and administrative building under construction.
needs. Here’s a look at
Building. Immediately
facility staffed by competent and caring
where we started and where we are today.
following a medical screening in the Health
professionals. They have benefitted enormously
Clinic they were ushered to brand new
from the services
cottages, introduced to just trained cottage
they received
staff, and hours later following a hot shower
here and
Children Served Annually 324
and a scrumptious meal, they were tucked into
Services Delivered
Campus Only
Throughout Ventura
bed with clean sheets and comforters.
they formed.
& Santa Barbara Counties
Casa Pacifica’s
By the first full month, the six children admitted
“alumni” are
Campus Only
Campus, Camarillo (Flynn),
on that first day of operations were joined by
now in their 20s
Santa Barbara, Santa Maria
another 65 children – many having been exposed
and 30s and the
to extreme trauma which required removal
agency is
from home. Some exhibited unmanageable and
hearing from
Largest Event
100 (at Pierpont) 5,000 at CSU Channel Islands
destructive behaviors. All came with complex
many of them.
$4.5 million
$30 million
emotional and behavioral needs. Reflecting the
In fact, a number
reaction of most
of them created
children to the
their own Casa Pacifica Facebook page. Here’s
Most important to this 20-year success,
beauty and newness
a recent interchange from that page reminiscing
however, is the amazing support of the
of the campus,
about their time on campus:
President’s Message
community -- thousands of volunteers helping
however, one boy on
CEO’s Message
to make the kids lives better, thousands more
his second day
“The staff members who really cared are the
Page 2
participating in one or more of our premier
commented “I can’t
true heroes and champions who dedicated their
fundraising events, and of course those who
believe people care
Annual Fundraising
lives to help us kids break free from the darkness
provide their financial support as well.
about us this much.”
Page 6
and despair and slowly discover ourselves and
Casa Pacifica has come a long way in its first
the warm light of trust and love....God bless
twenty years and we look forward to
Wine, Food &
Casa Pacifica.” And the response, “I too will
continuing our mission with the successful
Brew Festival
never EVER forget that place and especially the
completion of our current $21 million Building
5,300 children and
Page 8 - 11
great people who helped change and reshape
New Foundations of Hope Capital Campaign –
youth have crossed
our future for the better.”
positioning us to meet the future needs and
Angels & Amigos
challenges of our communities’ most vulnerable
threshold to receive
Page 12 & 13
Six years after opening, Casa Pacifica expanded
children and families for the next twenty years.
its services off campus and into the community
Upcoming Events
services and reside
– to homes, and neighborhoods – significantly
Page 16
on our state-of-art
Summer 2014
Vo l u m e 1 4 • N u m b e r 1
From the President of the Board of Directors
s the cover story for this issue of Heartlines joyfully acknowledges, Casa Pacifica
has reached the milestone of 20 years of providing its therapeutic, compassionate, lifechanging programs and services to our communities’ most vulnerable children and families.
Twenty years – the time it takes to bear a child and watch him or her grow to a young adult
who is attending college and choosing his future life path. I find it an interesting parallel that
Casa Pacifica currently finds itself in the midst of a capital campaign defining its ‘future life
path,’ expanding and improving not only its campus facilities, but the
programs and services it administers as well.
Keets Cassar
Just as young adults depend on their families to nurture and support them
as they grow to adulthood, independence, and success, Casa Pacifica has
had the privilege of having the foundational support of its own loving
family – the community – made up of caring individuals, businesses,
corporations, and foundations. Their support is seen in a plethora of ways
such as the kind efforts of on-campus volunteers Pat McDonough and
Rose Larson who have served as the nonpublic school’s librarians since
2006. Or through Eagle Scouts projects that have brought our campus improvements such as
the BMX bicycle track and a walking labyrinth. It is seen in the unselfish and dedicated gifts of
time, expertise, and then more time from our wonderful Angels, who host the four children’s
parties each year and organize our major fundraising events; and the Amigos who in addition
to time and expertise, mentor our children during their 32 fun-filled weekends over the year.
Then, of course, there are is the financial generosity of so many who ensure Casa Pacifica has
the resources it needs. And there is so much more, I couldn’t begin to mention it all.
On behalf of Casa Pacifica and the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the thousands of
individuals who have not only supported Casa Pacifica and its mission for the past twenty years
(even longer for our founders who envisioned Casa Pacifica so long ago) but have expanded,
enriched, inspired, supported, believed-in, and cared for Casa Pacifica and its children. You
have enabled us to offer so much more to the children Casa Pacifica serves than we could have
ever hoped. Thank you for your kindness, your compassion, your dedication, but most of all
thank you for being our unwavering support – our own family.
From the Chief Executive Officer
ince Casa Pacifica officially launched the Building New Foundations of Hope Capital
Campaign at the Founders Day celebration last October the campaign has experienced
several milestones. Most recently, in June we received an exciting $3 million investment
from the County of Ventura. This significant donation combined with Campaign gifts
already received – most notably a remarkable $5 million pledge from the Wood-Claeyssens
Foundation - have put us at close to two-thirds of our $21 million goal.
It goes without saying that this campus “build out” is the most significant project we have
undertaken since we opened in 1994 – replacing temporary, modular buildings and adding
more capacity for beds, “outpatient” services, and for strengthening infrastructure. The
Board of Directors has authorized construction to begin when we reach 85% of the goal;
another $4.5 million needed to be raised on top of the $13.5 million now in hand. Our
best estimates place ground breaking sometime this fall.
For the last 20 years Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families has provided critically
needed services to the most vulnerable and challenging children in our region. We have
admitted into one of our programs more than 25,000 children and youth. In our first year
of operation we cared for 350 children entirely on our campus in Camarillo. This year we
will serve over 4,500 children and youth in every community throughout Santa Barbara and
Ventura Counties. Our 17 different nationally accredited programs are all geared to help
children with the most complex emotional and behavioral needs achieve their potential and
live the most productive lives possible. I believe our work strengthens our community and,
ultimately, improves the quality of life here on the Central Coast. Though we have offices
in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and Camarillo to support the services we provide in the
community, our Camarillo campus remains our hub and our “heart.”
But, twenty years of providing emergency shelter care and residential
treatment to thousands of traumatized children and youth with
extreme needs has taken its toll. We have responded to the ever
increasing demands for our services by adding temporary, modular
buildings and by using every possible nook and cranny in existing
buildings – some for purposes not intended. Quite simply, we
have outgrown and over-used the buildings on campus.
Steven E. Elson, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
And so, we have launched the Building New Foundations
of Hope capital campaign to replace temporary modular
structures, expand an existing classroom building, and add
new buildings to the campus (seven in all) – 55,050 sq. ft.
of total new construction. In addition, we will repurpose the
current administration building for “outpatient” services
exclusively. With the Building New Foundations of Hope
Capital Campaign we are acting today to meet demands that
will inevitably arise from our community tomorrow – preparing us to continue as a leader
in our field for the next 20 years.
For more information about the Building New Foundations of Hope Capital Campaign,
please contact Carrie Hughes at (805) 366-4011.
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Therapy Dog Updates - Archie, Baker, Tess and Otis!
rchie is quite the athlete these days as the senior member of Casa Pacifica’s therapy
dog team. To help his joints and muscles stay in their best condition and strength,
Archie visits his friends at the Barkley Pet Hotel and Spa in Westlake Village for
hydrotherapy and laser treatments twice a week. The Barkley is connected with the Westlake
Village Animal Hospital and Archie’s veterinarian Dr. Steve Rosenstein. Archie spends an hour
in the water tank treadmill walking at an easy pace that is gentle on Archie’s joints while the
water provides him buoyancy and its resistance works his muscles a little harder than walking
outside the tank. After his workout Archie’s joints receive laser treatment to help break down
any arthritic build up. The therapies have worked wonders with Archie’s range of movement
and strength, and it is obvious he is feeling great by his perky spirit!
On a more serious note, we are happy to announce that Baker has responded well to heart
surgery which was performed in February. Baker was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect
and without surgery could have died at
any moment. Dr. Imari Waterman of
Advance Veterinary Care Center, a
veterinary cardiology specialist,
performed the surgery with a team
of three other doctors. Baker was the
largest dog she had ever operated on.
It was touch-and-go during the fourhour operation. After a day in recovery
it was joyfully apparent that the surgery
had improved Baker’s condition
substantially. Baker will now live a
much healthier life, though he will
need to remain on medication and will
require check ups at regular intervals.
After two days in the hospital Baker
returned to work, and minus some
slight discomfort where the incision
was made in his leg to insert the
Baker licks cupcake frosting from
operating tools, he is back to his
his nose during his 2-year
birthday celebration.
happy-go-lucky, loveable self!
Tess is a bittersweet story. While a sweet, loving girl, especially with Casa Pacifica’s children,
her personality was showing to be one that would be much happier in a home setting with
one family, rather than the hustle and bustle that comes with working on Casa Pacifica’s
campus. She was doing her job, but it was clear she wasn’t happy. Tess has now gone to live
with Casa Pacifica’s Facilities Manager where she is has settled right in and loves being the
sole family dog (the only competition is two cats), going long walks, and guarding her new
home and family. While we miss her here on campus, it has been a wonderful transition for
Tess and we are glad to hear she is so happy and where she belongs.
Casa Pacifica's Therapy dogs pictured with their generous donors.
Seated: Mary Tesoro and Bettina Chandler
Back row: Cheryl Broome, John Broome, and Dianna Baker
Dogs left to right: Tess, Otis, Baker and Archie (in front)
Finally, as you can surmise from the title of this article – Casa Pacifica has a new therapy
dog, Otis Chandler Bing! Otis came to Casa Pacifica in April at 8 weeks old and in the three
short months he’s been here has already grown to weigh 86 lbs.! Like Archie with his
‘assistant’ Vicki Murphy, Otis goes home at night with Josh Lepore, the CITY Program’s
Clinical Supervisor, but returns to Casa Pacifica each weekday to learn the ropes of being a
therapy dog from his fellow canine therapists. He’s catching on fast, and as you can
imagine, the kids love to visit Otis! Casa Pacifica is grateful to have these furry, loving souls
on our campus to provide their unique, special brand of healing to our children and youth!
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Community News
hen Four Seasons Hotel managers from around the world came to the Four
Seasons Hotel Westlake Village for a week-long workshop, they took a day off to
spend time giving to the community - and Casa Pacifica’s children were the lucky
recipients. The managers hosted a World Carnival Day in Casa Pacifica’s gymnasium that
featured delicious food prepared by a talented chef from one the Four Seasons Hotels,
Four Seasons Hotel managers from locations around the world join Casa Pacifica’s Sara Hidalgo (Volunteer
Coordinator), Carrie Hughes (Director of Development), and Vicki Murphy (Chief Advancement Officer) seated center - for a group photo following a very successful World Carnival Day in Casa Pacifica’s gymnasium.
A Casa Pacifica child receives encouragement
from a Four Seasons Hotel manager as he ‘fishes’
for prizes using a pole with a magnet attached
to the bottom of the line.
game booths with traditional carnival
games and prizes (including gift cards to
Target and other fun stores, stuffed
animals, and CDs), and live entertainment
by The Fiddlers of Ojai and a female duo
that played country western music. Casa
Pacifica’s children had a great time testing
their skills at the games, chowing down on
pizza and other delicious food, and some
of the more outgoing youth joined the
performers on stage and sang along
beautifully. It was a very happy and
memorable day for our kids and we are
very grateful to the Four Seasons Hotel
Westlake Village and all the kind, warm,
happy managers who put in so much
effort to create such a fantastic event for
the children. Thank you!
The National Charity League held
its 5th annual blanket-making
event at Casa Pacifica.
Approximately 200 Ticktocker girls
(ages 12-18 years) and 75
mothers from NCL chapters in
Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los
Angeles Counties gathered in Casa
Pacifica’s gymnasium to create nosew blankets from a colorful
variety of fleece fabrics, fringing
and knotting the edges together.
300 blankets in all were created
for Casa Pacifica’s children and
families. In addition, approximately
Ticktockers Quinn Conahan, Savannah Owens,
300 bags were filled with baby
and Julia Wilson take a moment to pose with
supplies and essentials for Operation
inspirational speaker Lauren Cook.
Homefront, an organization that helps
expectant mothers. A special guest
speaker and former NCL Ticktocker, Lauren Cook, presented an inspirational talk based
on her book “The Sunny Side Up: Celebrating Happiness” about maintaining a positive
outlook on life and the importance of and satisfaction garnered in serving others. It was a
great afternoon of fun and
camaraderie, and Casa Pacifica and
its children are grateful for the
generous efforts of the NCL
Ticktockers and mothers – and of
course for all the blankets too!
Several employees from Lowe’s
Oxnard store spent a day on campus
improving and planting the space
reserved for an herb garden on Casa
Pacifica’s Stepping Stone houses
property. Part of the Lowe’s Heroes
program, which is dedicated to
“improving our community,” the men
and women enclosed the circular
Lowe's employees install a gate and fencing
garden with a waist-high white picket
surrounding the herb garden.
fence and two gates (to keep Baker
from eating what grows), digging up and replacing the soil with new enriched dirt, and
planting herb seeds. The center of the garden was reserved for a charming cement bird
bath surrounded by beautiful flowers in the bed below. Lowe’s generously covered all the
costs of the materials, which we are grateful for, and we thank all the wonderful employees
who donated their time, expertise, and sweat to the project. The garden looks great!
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Community News
The Ventura
Student Body
decided to hold its
first-ever Talent
Show and named
Casa Pacifica as
the beneficiary to
receive a portion
of the proceeds
raised from ticket
sales. Casa
Manager Amber
Landis-Stover was
on hand to share
Talent contest winners receive their prizes at the
Casa Pacifica’s
Ventura College Student Body Talent Show.
story, its mission
and its children,
and she also served as one of the judges for the event. It was a rousing evening with a
wide variety of acts and a very supportive audience! Our thanks goes to the VCASB for
their generosity and compassion, to all the competitors for sharing their talents, and
to everyone involved in the evening for making a difference in the lives of Casa
Pacifica’s children!
Approximately 25 employees
from NRG Energy’s Ormand
Beach and Mandalay Bay
plants came to Casa Pacifica
for a day of volunteering cleaning up and beautifying
the campus’ labyrinth sacred
space. With all the needed
supplies in tow, the group
started the day with a quick
warm up session of
NRG employees before getting to work painting the labyrinth.
calisthenics and stretches.
After surveying the area and
reviewing safety concerns, they got to work cleaning the surface of the labyrinth. The
group then painted favorite quotes, phrases, and images of inspiration that had
supported their own personal challenges onto the path. It was a great team building day
for the employees and as one of them stated, “I feel like I left a part of myself behind for
the kids.” In addition to their beautiful work on the labyrinth, the group also gave a
monetary donation of $1,000. Thank you to all the NRG employees for spending a day
to inspire and support our children and youth!
For their annual Red Day, a day to give back to the community, Keller Williams brought
nearly 100 volunteers from its office and associated businesses – agents, brokers,
mortgage bankers, escrow company employees –for a day of planting and sprucing up
Casa Pacifica’s garden
areas. Up at the
Stepping Stone
transitional living
houses that front
Casa Pacifica they
planted a succulent
garden and filled a
large number of 10’
long wooden planter
boxes surrounding
the houses with
beautiful plants. On
campus they weeded
and cleaned Casa
Pacifica’s vegetable
garden and renovated
Keller Williams Red Day Volunteers.
and replaced broken
pavers which they had installed during last year’s Red Day event. One of the realtors set
up a GoPro camera to capture the day’s goings-on and posted it on YouTube (set to the
song “Happy” by Pharrell) showcasing all the wonderful red-shirted volunteers smiling
away and making a beautiful difference on Casa Pacifica’s campus. Thank you to Keller
Williams and all the Red Day volunteers for their time, love, and hard work to make Casa
Pacifica’s campus a
beautiful, happy place for
our children and youth!
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
Two NRG employees
paint inspriing phrases
on the labyrinth path.
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Planned Giving
Gifts of Life Insurance: Getting Started
ife insurance is an asset you may not think of donating to Casa Pacifica until you hear
how powerful, practical and simple it can be.
How It Works
When you own a life insurance policy with accumulated cash value, you're essentially sitting
on a pile of money. When the original purpose for the protection no longer applies—such as
to educate children now grown or to provide financial security for a spouse now deceased—
your life insurance can be redirected to help support a worthwhile cause. One option is
simply to name Casa Pacifica as the primary beneficiary. (Naming us as beneficiary while you
retain ownership of the policy, however, does not qualify you for an income tax deduction.)
Or, you can name us as the beneficiary and also assign us ownership of the policy as a
current charitable gift. Doing so provides you tax benefits as outlined below.
How You Benefit
When you assign us ownership of a life insurance policy and also name us as the beneficiary,
the following good things happen:
• You receive an income tax charitable deduction, available under most circumstances.
• You realize tax savings from use of the deduction, and these savings can be invested
for future income.
• You reduce your future estate tax liability.
Did you know?
If you are concerned that supporting our work will reduce your family's inheritance, a new
life insurance policy equal to your charitable gift can replace the value of your loved ones'
Donating a New Policy
Perhaps you don't own an existing policy but still realize how beneficial giving life insurance
can be. If so, you can—in most states—purchase a new insurance policy and name a qualified
charity like ours as the beneficiary and owner of the policy. Rather than paying premiums to
the insurance company, you make tax-deductible cash gifts to cover the annual premiums.
Even greater leverage is possible when two donors, usually spouses, purchase a two-life
second-to-die policy. With two lifetimes before the payment of death benefits, a future gift
to us will cost you even less.
Please feel free to contact Carrie Hughes at (805) 366-4011 or [email protected] with any questions you may have.
This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney. Figures cited in examples are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change. References to estate and income taxes apply to
federal taxes only. State income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results. Copyright © The Stelter Company, All rights reserved.
Annual Fundraising Goal: $3,100,000
Casa Pacifica gratefully recognizes the following foundations, businesses, and organizations for grants.
Grants Received during the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Pentair Foundation
Amgen Foundation
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Kathryne Beynon Fdn.
Blue Shield of California Fdn.
Pentair Foundation
Procter & Gamble
Venoco Community Partnership
Women’s Legacy Fund
Livingston Memorial Fdn.
Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation
Comerica Charitable Fdn.
VCCF-Community Resource Grant
City of Westlake Village
Scripps Howard Fdn.
Christopher P. Foukes Memorial Fund
Walmart Store 3170
Lewis Greenwood Fdn.
Pentair Foundation
Limoneira Foundation
Sam’s Club (Walmart)-Store 6455
Walmart Store 3147
Walmart Store 5664
Wells Fargo Community Partnership
Georgianna & Richard Daskias Fund
Casa Pacifica needs
$33 per day per child
in private funds.
*Fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Thank You To
Our Generous Donors!
$5,000,000 and up
The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999
Bettina Chandler
County of Ventura
$500,000 - $999,999
$250,000 - $499,999
William H. & Jewell Gerald Powell
Wells Fargo
For more information
on the campaign or to
make a donation,
Sean & Dianna Baker
Ken & Susan Bauer
John & Cheryl Broome
Margaret Tiplady Burgess
$100,000 - $249,999
California United Bank
In Honor of John Spoor Broome, Jr.,
& In Memory of
John Spoor Broome
Barbara Meister –
In Memory of Larry Meister
The Estate of John & Judy Quinn
Kirsten & Dan Selleck
Helen Caldwell –
In Memory of C.M.
“Morrie” Caldwell
Hugh & Keets Cassar
$50,000 - $99,999
Kristin & Michael Eaton
Granite Construction
Bill & Elise Kearney
Alison & Peter Ratcliffe
Sage Publications, Inc.
Stefanie & Timothy Wennes
David E. Wood &
Elizabeth M. Rice
please contact Carrie Hughes,
Director of Development
and Public Relations
at (805) 366-4011
Stephanie & Daniel Carmi
Rebeca R. Elliott
Steven Elson
or via email:
[email protected]
$25,000 - $49,999
Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP
Alan & Jana Fletcher
Patricia Howard
Joan & Timothy Jones
Doug & Lorraine Mazza
Sherwood Country Club
Shealen & Rob Wynner
$10,000 - $24,999
Marni Brook
Charles & Eloise Cohen
Wayne & Barbara Davey
Geoff & Marlene Dean
Dick & Terry Goodrich
Richard & Amy Hernandez
Donors as of August 13, 2014.
Vicki & Dennis Murphy
Reza & Marla Razzaghipour
Stacy & Kerry Roscoe
Richard & Jane Rush
March1st, 2014-June 30th 2014
Marika Collins-Chhun
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Murphy
Ms. Carrie Hughes and
Mr. David C. Paneiko
Amigos Board of Directors
Mr. and Mrs. Corey W. Ballaban
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. William Burgos
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Eaton
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Elson
Mr. Rob Ettenger
Arlene Jakes and Mitchell Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic N. Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty B. Gautier
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gould
Shirley Mac Neu and Frank Haviland
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Higashi
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl M. Ito
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jeffery
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kirschbaum
Betty S. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Murphy
Mr. Edward L. O'Brien and
Mrs. Parry A. Weet O'Brien
Ms. Carrie Hughes and
Mr. David C. Paneiko
Ms. Terri Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Purkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rakestraw
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schalk
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yamamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Young
Ronald and Christiane Starratt
Charitable Account
David and Rae Wiener Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rakestraw
Mrs. Carolyn S. Berenson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Broslow
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bustard
Mr. Anthony Calcara
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Ms. Suzanne Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Epstein
Mr. Fred C. Ferro
Mr. and Mrs. William Kearney
Mr. and Ms. Jerome L. Marie
Ottavio's Italian Restaurant Ric's Restaurant and Sports Lounge
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pfeiler
Mrs. Phyllius Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rakestraw
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Winters
Ms. Corrine L. Draper
Ms. Carrie Hughes and
Mr. David C. Paneiko
Mr. Todd Piccus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams
Mrs. Patricia Peebles
Ms. Faith Cosby
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edwards
Ms. Lynn Kenton
Mrs. Anita Pulido
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tyhurst
Dr. Michael Hogan and
Dr. Rosalind C. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Andrews
Mr. Daniel Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Burlage
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chien
Dr. Michael Hogan and
Dr. Rosalind C. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Murphy
Ms. Carrie Hughes and
Mr. David C. Paneiko
Mr. James H. Roberts
Mr. William Sutman
Mr. Alan D. Wessel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Goodkin
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. Baker
Mr. Manuel Antonio
Ms. Debbie Chari
Ms. Ann Marie Lee
Robin Lyles
Ms. YuSon Shin
Mr. Eric Shulman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stern
Mr. Samuel McMillan
The Trade Desk
Mr. Frank Bellinghiere, Esq.
March1st, 2014-June 30th 2014
LEADER ($20,000+)
Beynon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Powell
Union Bank Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Van Huisen
CHAMPION ($5,000+)
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Babineau
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Bauer
BB&H Benefit Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Borgeson
Cassar Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cassar
Mrs. Bettina Chandler
Chivaroli & Associates
Mr. Rick Chivaroli
The Collection at Riverpark
Comerica Bank
Conico Oil
Mr. Robert Dawson
Del Sol Harvesting
DW Berry Farm
Essex Property Trust, Inc.
Fairis Hansen Trust
Ferguson Case Orr Paterson, LLP
Five Star Bookkeeping
Heritage Oaks Bank
Dr. Michael Hogan and
Dr. Rosalind C. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl M. Ito
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kearney
Livingston Memorial Foundation
LPL Financial
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Malchicoff
Ms. Patti J. Morgan
Oxnard Hyundai
The Patio Restaurant at Players
Club Casino
Rio Farms
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Ronald and Christiane Starratt
Charitable Account
Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson
Star of CA
Stream Co
Summit Pools & Spas
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Tesoro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turnage
Wyvern Ranch
PROTECTOR ($1,000+)
360 Group International, Inc.
AAA Propane Service, Inc.
Absolute Analysis
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Aby
Aces & 8's Casino Nights
Alliance Residential
Amgen Foundation c/o Cybergrants
Anderson Kill
Angels Board
Ms. Lisa Baluz
Bank of America Foundation
Mr. Bruce J. Barrios
Mr. Donald R. Belless
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Block
Mr. and Mrs. Ty Brann
Ms. Marni Brook
Mr. David N. Burrow
California United Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Case, Esq.
Celestine Stone Tile, Inc.
Central Coast Properties
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Charbonneau
City National Bank
City of Westlake Village
Coast Maritime Services, Inc.
Community Memorial Health System
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Davey
Ms. Christine Diaz
Dole Food Company, Inc.
Dullam Nursery
E. J. Harrison & Sons, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Eaton
Mrs. Rebeca R. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Eriksson
Ms. Robyn Eykjlan
Mr. Jorge Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fletcher
Gardena Nursery
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gillio
Ms. Adelina Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Graffeo
Ms. Sandra Guillen
Mr. and Mrs. Myron G. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Higashi
Mr. Husam Hishmeh
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Hochschild
Ms. Heather J. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hogan
Hogan Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hong
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Hopps
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Hopps
Ms. Carrie Hughes and Mr. David Paneiko
Mrs. Carolyn R. Huntsinger
Mr. Michael Kari
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kirkpatrick
Mr. William H. Kracht
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Kroll
The Honorable Susan K. Lacey
and Mr. Edward J. Lacey
Mr. James P. Lacey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry LeVasseur
Lewis Greenwood Foundation
Mr. Arthur S. Maidman and
Ms. Laura A. Kinney
Mrs. Barbara S. Meister
Mission Produce, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Moll
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley / The Hopps Group
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Murphy
Neiman Marcus
Oilfield Electric Company, Inc
Omega Technologies
Pacific Maritime Association/I.L.W.U.
Pacific RoRo Stevedoring/Wallenius
Wilhelmsen Logistics
Pacifica Institute of Cosmetic &
Reconstructive Surgery
Mr. Thomas R. Petersen
Ports America
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rakestraw
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Reza Razzaghipour
Robin Reed
Ms. Elizabeth Rice
Ms. Vada Rogers
Dr. Sharon R. Saivar
Santa Rosa Transplant Cooperative, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Schoolland
David and Mimi Scott
Scripps Howard Foundation
SDG Russell Ranch Associates
SDI Industries
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Selleck
Selleck Development Group, Inc.
Shum Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Singleton
Ms. Susanne Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Stymacher
Sunnyland Nursery LLC
Venco Western
Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group
Walmart Store 6455
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Walsh
Mr. Ross C. Weaver
Wells Fargo Community Support
United Way Campaign
Mr. David Wood and Ms. Elizabeth Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wynner
Ms. Laura Zapien
MENTOR ($500 - $999)
AAR Manufacturing
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Albaugh
Amigos Board of Directors
Candice Cerro and Michael Aragon
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. Baker
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Mr. Keith E. Barton
Ms. Sharon Brien
Kerrey and Christopher Bumgarner
Dr. and Mrs. William Burgos
Camarillo Center For Spiritual Living
Ms. Marian Cargnino
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Carmi
Ms. Cheryl Cassidy Lambert
CBC Federal Credit Union
Ms. Karen Chamberlin
Ms. Courtney Clark
Mr. Sean Clark
CAPT and Mrs. Brick Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Crisostomo
David and Rae Wiener Foundation
Mr. Timothy C. Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Dyer
East Farms
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Elliott, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Elson
Ms. Lindi Ensminger
Ms. Suzy Ensminger
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Esquivel
Ms. Caroline M. Finn
Rene Garcia Hoed
Garrett Johnson Transport
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gaughan
Global Power Products
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Godinez
Ms. Irma Granados
Ms. Carol M. Greeby
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Guntner
Ms. Siobhain Hill and Mr. Tom O'Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Huber
Mr. Charles Volk and Mrs. Kathy K.
Ms. Teresta M. Kearin
Mr. Erick Kuskie
Mrs. Karen Latourell-Merriman
Mr. Alfonso J. Lopez
Mr. Mark A. Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Marks
Ms. Rachel McMurtry
Mr. Keith Melman
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mervyn
Jingle Mitchell
Mr. Miguel Morell
Naumann Ranch
Mr. Edward L. O'Brien and
Mrs. Parry A. Weet O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Palay
Mrs. Anita Pulido
Mr. Johnny R. Rangel
Mr. James H. Roberts
Rotary Club of Moorpark #671
Ms. Clarissa M. Schuyler
Taraneh Sharif
Mr. Seth R. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Stone
Ms. Karina J. Tapia
Mr. William L. Warburton and
Mrs. Sheila Warburton
Ms. Jaelee J. Watanabe
Ms. Debra Wilson
Mr. Steve Yapp
FRIEND ($250 - $499)
Ms. Nicole Abrahamson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Acosta
Mr. Sergio M. Acuna, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ahern
Ms. Berta Akimtsev
Ms. Sandra J. Alvarado
Mr. Roger Alves
Ms. Nancy Amorteguy
Hon. Nancy L. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Baccelli
Mr. Derek Y. Bacon
Mr. Terry R. Bailey
Ms. and Mr. Tani Baldonado
Mr. Samuel D. Ballou
Mrs. Penny Barnds
Mr. David Bauman
Ms. Emily A. Beam
Camren Beattie
Mr. Dave Behling
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferey S. Bell
Mr. Jon Beltran
Mr. Daniel Bergman
Robin Biermann
Ms. Ericka Bigger
Mr. Jonathan D. Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bolyog
Mr. and Mrs. George Boskovich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Boyd
Ms. Maryl Bregman
Mr. Roger W. Brooks
Ms. Melodie Brown
Ms. Colleen Buckley
Ms. Carolyn Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Burlage
Mr. and Mrs. Westley P. Busch
Mr. Sam Campa
Ms. Christine Cardoso-Moore
Keily Carlson
Mr. Scott Carlson
Ms. Mindy Carson
Ms. Angela Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Catlin
Marika Collins-Chhun
Ms. Catherina T. Chiechi
Mr. Jason Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Clarke
Ms. Amy W. Clausi
Ms. Cristie L. Clifford
Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics
Mr. Tim Conlon
Mr. and Mrs. John Corona
Ms. Melina Cosio
Country Squire Mobile Home Park
Mr. Donald Covarrubias
Ms. Mary A. Cralley
Ms. Lisa A. Craner
Mr. Steven Curtis
Ms. Tammy Cushman-Czabala
Ms. Pia Dahlsten
Mr. Mike Darcy
Mr. Michael W. Dawson
Ms. Sheri DeJong
Ms. Diane Dhillon
Ms. Jennie Dockey
Mr. Mark Dominguez
Ms. April Donohue
Mr. Colin Duong
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dwyer
Ashley N. Edling
Ms. Linda Edwards
Mr. Roger Eladli
Mr. David B. Ellis
Elson Law Firm
Mr. Anthony W. Esquivel
Mr. Gregory J. Exler
Mr. Timothy J. Fabrey
Mr. Peter T. Favero
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ferro
Mrs. Laurie L. Figueroa
Mr. Carlos Flores
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Fox
Mr. Matt Fraser
Mr. Carlos Funes
Mr. and Mrs. John Galaviz
Mr. Ray Galaviz
Ms. Christina Galloway
Ms. Sandra J. Garcia
Tenley Garcia
Ms. Joy Garza
Ms. Brigitte Geissel
Mr. Floyd B. Gill
Ms. Cathy Gintjee
Girls on a Mission
Ms. Lori Glass
Ms. Edith E. Gonzalez
Ms. Tezra Gooding
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Graham
Mr. Ryan W. Graham
Mr. William R. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Greenwood
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Grenier
Ms. Julie M. Griffin
Ms. Karen B. Grives
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Guillen
Mr. James T. Haase
Mr. Leo Hamill
Ms. Shelley Hanna
Ms. Leslie G. Hardt
Ms. Patty Harrington
Jamie L. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Corben Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hebert
Mr. Sean D. Henggeler
Ms. Denise Hernandez
Mr. Christopher M. Herzog
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hintz
Mr. Ted A. Hiscocks
Ms. Karen Hoffmann
Ms. Christina Hogue
Ms. Cindy Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamen W. Howseman
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hunnicutt
Ms. Claudia Imhof
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Lou D. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jensen
Ms. Rebecca J. Job
Ms. Christie J. Johnson
Mr. Jason R. Johnson
Mr. Kurt A. Johnson
Ms. Leslie A. Johnson
Mr. Alwick A. Jonas
Ms. Carol A. Jones
Mr. Eric S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Justice
Mr. Randy Kaplan-James
Ms. Shawnaa Kasper
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kennamer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Ketelhut
Mr. Matthew Keyworth
Ms. Amy King
Mr. Keith B. Kowasz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Kozik
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kullback
Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Kussin
Ms. Christine LaSalle
Ms. Bree A. Laubacher
Ms. Rebecca Lefler
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Lo Presti
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Loft
Ms. Yrenka Lolli-Sunderlin
Ms. Tonetta Lone Elk and Mr. Elijah Willis
Mr. Garrett Lopez
Ms. Xiomara Lopez
Los Cerritos Middle School
Love Heals
Lucas Transplant Company, LLC
Ms. Diane M. Maag
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Madden
Jamie A. Mahoney
Dr. and Mrs. Albert D. Marley
Ms. Candace Martinez
Ms. Sharon McAlexander
Ms. Becky Mccarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. McClurg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. McClurg
Ms. Christa Mcconathy
Mr. Kevin McConnell
Ms. Hillary McLoughlin
Dr. Mark Merriman
Ms. Alyssa Mervyn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mervyn
Ms. Rachel L. Messinger
Ms. Jennifer Meyers
Ms. Kimberly Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Adnan C. Mneimne
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Montanari
Moorpark Brokerage Insurance Services, Inc.
Mr. Steve R. Mooshagian
Ms. Angela Morgan
Ms. Lori Morris
Ms. Nancy Myers
Ms. Wendy Nachazel
Dr. Diane C. Narhi
Mr. Eric Nelissen
Ms. Phyllis A. Newport
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oliver
Mr. David Otis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Padilla
Ms. Yvonne Parker
Ms. Terri Parks
Archyaporn Paroongsup
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Paschen
Dr. Bradley K. Patterson
Ms. Jonelle L. Perez
Hon. Steven & Diane Perren
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pfannes
Mr. Todd Piccus
Ms. Mary C. Poling
Mrs. Melanie Pozez Blumberg
Ms. Lucy Prieto
Ms. Colleen Puckett
Mr. Curtis Rausch
Ms. Crystal Reagan
Mr. Steven J. Redard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reed
Ashley Ribeiro
RJ Performance
Mr. Chuck R. Rodems
Mr. and Ms. Eric Rolph
Ms. Lisa Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Janusz Rusek
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rush
Mr. Alfred Salinas
Ms. Traci A. Salmon
Mr. Andrew Salter
Ashley Samaniego
Mr. Paul Sanders
Mr. Scot Sandoval
Mr. William Santangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schlegel
Ms. Shannon E. Schneider
Mr. Gabriel Schwind
Mr. Evan R. Seccombe
Mr. Richard A. Seibert
Tani Baldonado and Mehran Shiralipour
Ona Shiroyama
Ms. Linda Shueh
Ms. Monica Sides
Mr. Jim Siebers
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Silvey
Ms. Liz Simpson
Mrs. Ellen F. Smith
Mr. Greg Smith
Harper Smith
Ms. Suzanne A. Smith
Ms. Noretha V. Smither
Ms. Sara Snyder
So. Cal. Steel Inc.
Ms. Vivian Soto
Ms. Kimberly A. St. John
Ms. Isobel Standridge
Ms. Lita C. Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stemple
Robin and Kendon Studebaker
Ms. Karen Stuebing
Ms. Emily Sutton
Mr. Brian D. Sweetland
Ms. Kathy Swor
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Tabata
Kristen K. Templeton
Ms. Leslie S. Thomas
Ms. Mindy L. Thompson
Mr. Rodney Thompson
Ms. Laura Toler
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tuck
Mr. Christopher J. Ullrich
United Way of Santa Barbara County
Urbane Cafe
Ms. Amanda Urias
Ms. Mary Urias
Ms. Tamera M. Urquhart
Ms. Angelica L. Valencia
Mr. Carlos Vasquez
Mr. James Wagner
Ms. Jodi Wagner
Felix Wang
Ms. Christina Ward
Mr. Todd F. Watanabe
Ms. Betsy E. Weisz-Spadaro
Mr. and Mrs. Corey J. Wendt
Ms. Rebecca C. Whalen
Khaliqa T. Wheatley
Ms. Yvonne Whitefield
Mr. Michael Wilk
Ms. Penelope J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David Willis
Ms. Kathleen D. Wilson
Ms. Susan Wolf
Ms. Lori Woodley
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wotman
Mr. Mark Yakimisky
Lupe M. Zamora
Dr. and Mrs. Glen Abergel
Mr. Roger G. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams
Ms. Sally Adelblue
Ms. Lynne A. Adelman
Nayeli Aguirre
Ahern Construction
Ms. Jennifer N. Alargunsoro
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Alderete
Ms. Laqueta Alexander
Ms. Janis Allen
Ms. Simone Aloisio
Ms. Kenisha Amar
Amgen Political Action Committee
Match Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Andrews
Mr. Manuel Antonio
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Aparicio
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Aparicio
Mr. Sean Ardoin
Ms. Susan Armstrong
Mr. Tommy Arnold
Ms. Linda K. A. Ash Vogel
Ms. Katie Auborn
Mr. Jonathan Avila
Ms. Veronica Avila
Ms. Terese A. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Corey W. Ballaban
Mr. Frank Bellinghiere, Esq.
Ms. Denise D. Beltran
Mr. Nathan Beltran
Ms. Nicole Beltran
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bemis
Ms. Kayla M. Benado
Ms. Laurie Benink
Mrs. Carolyn S. Berenson
Mr. David W. Berkey
Mr. and Mrs. Andy W. Binsley
Ms. Jennifer G. Bispo
Ms. Maria Bouchard
Ms. Lisa Bowman
Ms. Patty Brenneman
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Brignardello
Ms. Debbie Bronson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Broslow
Mr. David M. Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bucholtz
Ms. Lara Buckley
Mr. Dennis Bulmer
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burdette
Mr. Joseph Burdullis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burg
Amanda Atkins and Chris Burns
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bustard
Mr. Anthony Calcara
Camarillo Recycling, Inc.
Mr. Glen Campbell
Ms. Heather K. Campbell
Ms. Heather Cantwell
Mr. and Mrs. Stan J. Capelli
Mr. Ryan J. Capriccio
Ms. Karina Capristo
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carmi
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Carroll
Ms. Debby Casillas
Ms. Irma Casillas
Mr. Adrian Castaneda
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Castillo
Ms. Ana Cerros
Chaffee Tile & Stone
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chamberlain
Channel Islands Veterinary Hospitals
Ms. Debbie Chari
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Chess
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chien
Ms. Claire Closson
Mr. Jeffrey W. Cohen
Ms. Suzanne Cohen
Ms. Jennifer Cola
Ms. Lynn E. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Collier
Ms. Claire Collins-Chhun
Mr. Denis Conkey
Mrs. Patricia B. Cordover
Corona Landscape & Decorative Borders
Ms. Teresa T. Cortez
Ms. Faith Cosby
Mr. Roger J. Couture, Jr.
Ms. Tanya Craft
Ms. Christina Crostic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Crudup, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cundiff
Mr. Brendon Cussio
Ms. Lynne Dan
Mr. Jeffrey G. Dann
Dr. William A. Davies
Mr. Octavio De La O
Ms. Jennifer A. De Santiago
Ms. April C. DeBlauw
Ms. Kymberly A. DeGenaro
Paul and Gilbert Delagnes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. DeMaille
Ms. Danielle Derrick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Diggs
Mr. William Dilfer
Jourdain Dion
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dombrowski
Ms. Blanca X. Dominguez
Mary Williams and William Doubek
Ms. Corrine L. Draper
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Duffner
Mrs. and Mr. Esperanza Durazo
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Durazo
Edison International
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edwards
Mr. Mark L. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egbert
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Tod M. Elliott
Ms. Rochelle Elwell
Ms. Jennifer Eman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Englestad
Enterprise Rent A Car - Simi Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Entzel
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Epstein
Mr. Robert S. Escobar
Mr. Rob Ettenger
Ms. Jean Everett
Mr. David Excell
Mr. Dennis F. Fandey
Ms. Chemayne J. Faulconer
Dr. Irina Feldman
Ms. Stephanie Feller
Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalo Fernandez
Ms. Gay H. Ferrante
Mr. Fred C. Ferro
Ms. Sharon J. Fitzsimmons
Mr. John Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Fowkes
Ms. Suzanne Franc
Arlene Jakes and Mitchell Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Friedman
Ms. Sheila Fundaburk
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic N. Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Manny Gallardo
Mr. Alan J. Gamroth
Mr. Agustin Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty B. Gautier
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Gelso
Gen Hawk Construction
Gerie's Fashion Closet
Mrs. Michelle A. Gibson
Kaycee Gilbert
Girl Scout Of CA Central Coast Troop 60385
Ms. Yasmin Gohar
Ms. Sharon Goodenough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Goodkin
Cynthia Gortner
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gortner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Greenstein
Ms. Marcie Griffiths
Ms. Diane M. Grippo
Lauren Gulbrand
Indira Gupta
Mrs. Mary Guy
Ms. Joanne Haas
Cris B. Hagen
Ms. Alicia Haglund
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halcomb
Ms. Jessica Halloran
Ms. Lori Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Harris
Ms. Diane F. Harrison
Ms. Sheila Hart
Mr. Jacob G. Harwood
Ms. Lisa J. Hashimoto
Ms. Catherine J. Hatch
Shirley Mac Neu and Frank Haviland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hayden
Ms. Jolyn K. Haye
Ms. Beatriz R. Herrera
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herrera
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Higashi
Ms. Christine Hill
Hishmeh Enterprises
Mr. Steve Holt
Mr. Steve N. Holt and Ms. Karen Kwan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holt
Ms. Shannon Houston
Ms. and Mr. Blanca E. Huizar-Salazar
Ms. Wanda K. Hull
Mr. Nick Jabbour
Mr. Juan Jaime
Mr. and Mrs. David Jaks
Jaks Marketing Group
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jamieson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jeffery
Mr. James Jernigan
Ms. Dinuvia A. Jimenez
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Johnson
Ms. Diane Johnson
Mr. Matthew C. Johnson
Mr. Brad Jones
Ms. Jackie Jones
Ms. Jennifer Jones
Ms. Shirley J. Jorgensen
Mr. Jack Kaiser
Ms. Anna Karas
Mr. Matthew Kasenga
Ms. Michelle R. Kates
Ms. Pamela A. Keller
Mr. Gary Kelman
Mr. David Kemp
Ms. Lynn Kenton
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kirschbaum
Ms. Jeanette A. Kroner
Nalini Lall
Mr. Jon Stover and
Mrs. Amber Landis-Stover
Mr. Matthew Larsen
Las Posas Veterinary Medical Center
Ms. Ann Marie Lee
Mr. Mark Lefko
Ms. Barbara Leighty
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Leong
Ms. Deanna Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Levy
Ms. Debi Lewis
Limelight Innovations L.L.C.
Ms. Chantelle M. Limon
Mr. Edward W. Lipnickas
Livingston Construction, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Locklear
Sonia Garza and Joe Locklear
Ms. Joanne Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lombardo
Mr. Andre E. Long
Mr. Steven H. Low
Mr. and Mrs. Al Lowe
Robin Lyles
Mr. Manuel Macias
Ms. Cynthia L. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Madsen
Ms. Danielle Magdalena
Ms. Laurie Mann
Fady A. Mansi
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Marie
Mr. Greg Marien
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Markiewicz
Ms. Rochelle Marshall
Ms. Susan Marshall
Ms. Dominique Martinez
Ms. Julianna Martinez
Mr. Robert Matesevac
Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Kris C. Mavity
Maximillian at the Strand
Mrs. Michelle Maye
Ms. Anita Mays
Mr. Tom Mccarthy
Mr. Ryan McCleery
Mr. and Mrs. John Mcclelland
Ms. Terray McGee
Ms. Marjorie McGill
Mr. Samuel McMillan
Kelly McNaughten
Meadow Gardens
Mr. James Meaney
Mr. Derrick Means
Mr. Joseph Mendoza
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mercurio
Jamie Meyer
Mr. Kevin L. Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Milla
Ms. Darci D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Minear
Ms. Ana Miranda
Ms. Marilyn Miravete-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mitnick
Mr. David Mitsuuchi
Ana Urrutia and Gaby Montelongo
Ms. Laura Montoya
Mr. Craig Moore
Ms. Jean M. Moore
Ms. Martha J. Moore
Ms. Tamara L. Moore
Ms. DeeAnna Moreno
Guadalupe Moreno
Ms. Margarita Moreno
Ms. Victoria Mouradian
Ms. Katherine Mueller
Pat Munger
Ms. Paula S. Munoz
Mrs. Diana Myers
Mr. Shawn M. Nakamura
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nash
Ms. Tamika C. Noelle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O'Malia
OPI Products Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Ortiz
Ottavi's - Ric's
Ms. Bridgette Overstreet
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Owens
Ms. Jennifer Page
Ms. Sue Palos
Mr. Barry Parker
Ms. Michelle Parr
Ms. Paula Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Paschen, Sr.
Ms. Carma Pawlewicz
Ms. Amelia Pecsok
Mrs. Patricia Peebles
Ms. Patricia E. Perez
Tracy Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Person
Mr. and Mrs. Atis Petersons
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pfeiler
Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Pierce
Ms. Lorraine Pizano
Ms. Erin M. Pohl
Ms. Kayla M. Pope
Ms. Lisa K. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Pryce
Mrs. Phyllius Puckett
Neal Pulido
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Purkin
Ms. Sharon E. Radcliffe
Ms. Marni Rader
Mr. Christopher Radoumis
Ms. Cindy B. Ramirez
Ms. Dorothy Ramirez
Rocio Ramirez
Mr. Roy Ramos
Ms. Vicki Raven
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Reason
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Redard
Ms. Jeannette E. Redding
Mr. John M. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Reis
Ms. Valerie Reveles
Ms. Sandra Reyes
Ms. Karen Reynolds
Lauren A. Rezai
Ms. Karen R. Rich
Ms. Karen P. Roberts
Ms. Kathleen Rock
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Rodriguez
Ms. Susan Rohlfing
Ms. Kimberly A. Ronneberg
Royalty Biker Riding Club
Mr. and Ms. Francisco A. Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Sampietro
Ms. Johanna L. Sanchez
Ms. Kathryn Sarris
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schalk
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schmeer
Ms. Jessica L. Schneider
Ms. Kristi M. Schoeld
Ms. Kathryn L. Schumacher
Ms. Kristin L. Scott
Ms. Mary J. Seebach
Mr. Stephen A. Segovia
Ms. Belva R. Settles
Mr. Zachary Seufert
Seven Arrows Elementary School
Shelley's Fashion Inc.
Ms. YuSon Shin
Ms. Sherry S. Shirk
Mr. Eric Shulman
Ms. Jennifer Shultz
Mrs. Kimberly Siegert
Ms. Stephanie Siewert
Jairo Siles
Ms. Alicia Simpson
Ms. Cathy D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith
Ms. Judy A. Smith
Mr. Scott Smith
Ms. Vicki Smither
Ms. Sylvia Soto
Ms. Lisa M. Sparrow
Ms. Kim L. Spencer
Mr. Adam Sperber and
Mrs. Cheri Elson Sperber
Ms. Arielle Sperber
Mr. Joseph Spillane
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Ms. Kim Staback
Ms. Robin W. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stern
Ms. Sandra Stevens Kehr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoddard
Mr. Steven C. Stoddard
Ms. Janet C. Strem
Mr. and Mrs. John Stubblefield
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sudd
Ms. Lisa M. Suppa
Mr. William Sutman
Ms. Patti A. Suttle
Ms. Jennifer Switzky
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Tallman
Ms. Lila Tavakoli
The Trade Desk
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thiessen
Ms. Juliana Thiessen
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Thomas
Treasured Accessory
Ms. Marsha Tryforos
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tuck
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Turnage
Ms. Cathy Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tyhurst
United Way California Capital Region
United Way of Los Angeles County
United Way of Ventura County
Ms. Teresa A. Urquidez
Mr. Jonathan T. Uyemori
Mr. Lennie Uyemori
Yadira Valencia
Mr. Mark Varela
Mr. and Ms. Athan Vegos
Ms. Melissa M. Villafuerte
Vincent J. Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Vinolus
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando R. Vivero
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vocke
Mr. Brian Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Wall, Jr.
Ms. Jill Warnick
Watson Distributing
Ms. Amanda Webb
Ms. Kristin Webberley
Ms. Jane L. Weblemoe
Ms. Mary A. Weeks
Ms. Carol J. Weggesser
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weidenweber
Ms. Krista Weissmuller
Mr. Alan D. Wessel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery B. Whitaker
Dr. and Mrs. David K. White, Jr.
Mr. Michael Wilde
Ms. Shelly E. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Winters
Ms. Rebecca Wismann
Wood Ranch BBQ &
Grill Corporation - Agoura Hills
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yamamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Leadman Yep
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Young
Mr. Michael J. Zabarsky
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zierhut
Dr. and Mrs. Kim D. Zussman
March 1st, 2014-June 30th 2014
14 Hands Winery
247 Pop-Up
805 Bar & Grilled Cheese
805 Brewing Company
AB Caffe Services
Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic
of Jonathan Breslow
NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE
Agoura Feed, Inc.
Aldabella Winery
Allison's Country Cafe
Alma Sol Winery
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Aquarium of the Pacific
Bamboo Steak House
Mrs. Dolores Banta
The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barlowe
Ms. Penny Barnds
Barrelhouse 101
Mrs. Joan Bates
Bella Victorian Vineyard Bistro
Ms. Suzanne Bellnschi
Bianchi Vineyards
Big Brand Tire - Camarillo
Billy D'z Backyard BBQ
BJ's Restaurant & Brewery
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Blake
Bloom Honey, LP
Blueberry Hill Newfoundlands
Bodyworks by Myrna
Bourassa Vineyards
Bradford Renaissance Portraits
Bread Basket Cake Company
Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. James Brewer
Brophy Bros. Restaurant and Clam Bar
Dr. and Mrs. William Burgos
Busy Bee
Cafe Fiore
Café Firenze
California Lutheran University Community Service Center
California Pizza Kitchen - Ventura
Camarillo Pilates
Camarillo Yoga Center
Cambria Winery and Vineyards
Cantara Cellars
Canteen Vending of Coastal California, Inc.
The Cappuccino Club
Cara's Gems
Celebrate Sweetly
Celtic Carma Salon & Spa
Charn Thai Restaurant
Chateau Ste Michelle
Chef Stroh's Pestos
Chocolats Du Calibressan, Inc
Mrs. Miriam Chuntz
Cisco's - Westlake Village
City Shopper Publications
Cline Cellars
CLU Community Service Center
Coastal Grill
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Cold Stone Creamery
Colour Bar
Conejo Players Theater
Conjured Up Creations Shawn McMaster Magic & Mayhem
Constellation Brands (Kim Crawford last year Wild Horse)
Corner Bakery Café
Corner Bakery Cafe - Thousand Oaks
Create Studio
Crunchies Food Company LLC
C-Street Restaurant / Crowne Plaza Hotel
Cumulus Media Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Danza
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dawson
Deseo Lash & Skin Studio
Desert Adventures
Design It In Wood
Discovery Ventura
DJ's California Catering
Don Sebastiani & Sons
Don's Smokin' Salmon
Dream Dinners Ventura
DV8 Cellars
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Eaton
Eden Canyon Vineyards
Edible Ojai & Ventura County
Eggs 'N' Things Restaurant
Embassy Suites Hotel at
Mandalay Beach Resort
Embody Wellness
Enegren Brewing Company
Ensemble Theater Company
Etiquette of Ventura County
Ferraro's Italian Restaurant
Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort
Fetzer Vineyards
Figueroa Brewing Co.
Fire Island Grill
Fireman's Brew, Inc.
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
First Crush Winery
Ms. Linda Fitzgerald
Five Star Bookkeeping
Four Brix Winery
Fox Fine Jewelry
Fresco II Restaurant
Frost It Cupcakery
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Garelik
Ms. Kimberly Germaine
Gillean McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Gilliland
Girl Scout Troop 60019
Girl Scout Troop 63024
Girl Scouts of Central Coast Troop 60508
Gold Coast Broadcasting LLC
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Granat
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Grenier
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Groden
The Growing Company
Gull Wings Children's Museum
Hair Free Forever
Halper Fine Art
Hampton Inn & Suites
Hangar 24 Brewery
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Harris
Hearts Of Jade
Herzog Wine Cellars
Himalaya - Cuisine of Nepal, India
Hitching Post II Restaurant
Hitching Post II Winery
Home Furniture Company, Inc.
Hop Aboard Trolley
Horse Healing Adventures
The Huntington Library,
Art Collections and Botanical Garden
I Would Rather Be Baking Co.
Imerys Filtration Minerals
INancy IMages
In-N-Out Burger
Institution Ale
Island Brewing Company
Island Packers
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl M. Ito
IV Lions
J Hamilton Wines
Jaks Marketing Group
Jamba Juice - Thousand Oaks
Mr. David James
Jason Flame's Tang Soo Do University
JD Morgan Center (UCLA Athletics)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Volk
Jettlynn Winery
Jinky's Café - Sherman Oaks
Jinky's Kanan Café
Just Blown Away
Mr. Christopher C. Keating, II
KEYT Channel 3 ABC
Kiamie Wine Cellars
Kim Pagano Show
KO Studio Westlake
Mr. and Mrs. Reza Koliai
Ms. Henriette Kuehne
La Paz
Lab Brewing Company
Labyrinth Winery
Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie
Laetitia Vineyard & Winery
Lake Arrowhead
Lakeside Hair Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Landau
Laraneta Winery & Olive Oils
Larsen's Grill Steakhouse
Las Posas Veterinary Medical Center
Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins
Le Creuset at Camarillo Premium Outlets
Le Creuset of America
Le Vigne Winery
Legoland California
Let's Get Cookin'
Lisa's Nails
Mrs. Karen Long
Lori's Original Lemonade
Love Bites Raw Confections
Love Heals
Love Your Pet
Mrs. Lee A. Lubrano
Lure Fish House - Camarillo
Mad Hatters of Emeritus of Camarillo
Magnavino Cellars
Main Course Catering
Malibu Conference Center at Calamigos
Malibu Family Wines
Malibu High School
MarieNatie Cosmetics
The Mark It Place
Market Broiler Restaurants
Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc
Marmalade Café - Corporate
Mastro 's Steakhouse
Mastro's Ocean Club Malibu
Meathead Movers
Ms. Rita Mercado
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mercurio
Michael Kelley Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Michael
Mrs. Debra Mikus
Mrs. Robin Millard
Millesime Cellars
Masooma Mirza
Missy's Cupcake Creations
Murad, Inc
Museum of Ventura County
Nakamura Farms
National Charity League
Neiman Marcus
Newf Surfboard Net
Mr. and Mrs. John Nielsen
Ninkasi Brewing Company
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nuvino - Kretek International
The Oaks at Ojai Spa
Mr. Edward L. O'Brien and
Mrs. Parry A. Weet O'Brien
Oilfield Electric Company, Inc
Old Town Cafe / Bella Capri Inn & Suites
One Hope Wine
Ms. Kathy O'Neil
Ottavio's Italian Restaurant
P Portrait | Custom Portrait Design
P.F. Chang's China Bistro - Thousand Oaks
Pacific Beverage Company
Pacifica Institute of Cosmetic &
Reconstructive Surgery
The Painted Cabernet
Ms. Sue Palos
Panaro Brothers Winery
Panera Bread Bakery Café - Thousand Oaks
Paramount Pictures Studio
Ms. Terri Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Paschen, Sr.
The Patio Restaurant at Players Club
Ms. Sandi Patterson
Paul Martin's American Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Perlman
Mrs. Debra Pezzini
Photography by Joel
The Piano Place
Pierpont Elementary School PTA
Plated Events by Chef Jason
Pomar Junction
Port Hueneme Marine Supply
Posh Hair and Skin Studio
Power Machinery Center
Prayers Of Grace
Premier Martial Arts
Presidio Winery
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co.
Mrs. Mariah Prouse
PRP Wine International
Queen Beads at the Guild
Quintessential Wines
Ranch Hand BBQ
Ranchita Canyon Vineyard
Red Blossom Sales Inc
Red Lobster
Red O Restaurant
Red's BBQ
Residence Inn by Marriott River Ridge
The Rhumb Line
Right Way Chimney Service
Roadrunner Shuttle and Limousine Service
Robert Hall Winery
Roclord Studio
Romano's Macaroni Grill - Simi Valley
Ms. Reisa B. Ross
Rubicon Theatre Company
RVision International
Sage Room Osteria Bar & Grill
Sagebrush Annies
Mrs. Soodabeh S. Sahba-Moghaddas
Mrs. Sandra Salinas
The San Francisco Giants Major League
Baseball Team
San Vicente Cellars
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Zoo
Scarlett Belle Cruises
Mrs. Jo Schuler
Scosche Industries, Inc
Scott Cellars
Scratch Food Truck
Sea Glass Fine Art
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Selleck
Sephora - The Oaks
SFA Design
Shanghai Beer Garden
Ms. Allison Shapiro
Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shlapak
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Silvey
Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson
Sly's Seafood
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith
Mr. Scott W. Smith
Mr. Jason Smither
Smog City Brewing
So Cal Photo Lounge /
The Wedding Music DJs
Social Tap Ventura
Soto - Sherman Oaks
Southern Wine & Spirits
Squashed Grapes
Ms. Susanne Steiner
Stella & Dot
Stone Pine Estate / Sagebrush Annies
StoneFire Grill - Westlake Village
Strey Cellars
The Sugar Lab
Summerland Winery
Sunland Vintage Cellars
Surf Brewery
Sushi Fresh Ventura
Suzanne's Cuisine
Sweet Arleen's Cupcakes & Bread Pudding
Tablas Creek Vineyard
Mr. Thomas Taketa
Tap IT Brewing Co
Mr. Bob Taylor
The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar
Thirty One Gifts - Christine Oler
Thirty One Gifts - Theresa Rein
Thirty One Gifts Jennifer Berger
Thomas Fallon Photography
Mrs. Sandy Thomas
Ms. Holly N. Thompson
Tierra Sur
Tolosa Winery
A Total Diva Designs
Total Wine & More
The Tower Club
Trader Joe's - Camarillo
Trader Joe's - Ventura
Triunfo Creek Vineyards
Trupart Manufacturing, Inc
Twenty 88 Restaurant & Martini Lounge
Mrs. Jasmine Tylman-Mikiewicz
University Glen (CSUCI)
Urbane Cafe
Valley Bakery
Valley Crest Trees
Value Click Media / Commission Junction
VC Reporter
VC Wine Association
Ventura College
Ventura County Star
Ventura Harbor Comedy Club
Ventura Rental Party Center
Village Commons Market
Vina Robles
Vinemark Cellars, LLC
Vista Pacific Dental Care
Viva La Pasta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vogeler
Ms. Rita Vyas
Wades Wines
The Watermark On Main
Wente Family Estates
West Coast Derby Knockouts
Westlake Village Animal Hospital
Wild Horse Winery and Vineyards
Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing
Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Corporation Agoura Hills
Word Memories
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wynner
Xylitol USA, Inc.
The Yacht Club at Channel Islands Harbor
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yamamoto
Yolanda's Mexican Cafe
Young's Market
Zaca Mesa Winery & Vineyards
Zodiac Aerospace
Dr. and Mrs. Kim D. Zussman
Heartlines is a project of the
Casa Pacifica Development
Department. We strive for accuracy.
If you feel an omission has been
made in a donor or sponsor listing
please contact our department at
(805) 445-7800 so we may
correct our records.
1722 S. Lewis Road, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone (805) 445-7800 • FAX (805) 987-7237
Welcome Newest Corporate Leader
Union Bank
Platinum Level
or 150 years, Union Bank has been serving as a trusted partner to individuals
and business owners by providing financial solutions with integrity, outstanding
customer service, and a proactive approach to client needs.With more than 420
banking offices, Union Bank’s financial stability combined with a communitybanking approach sets the bank apart from other financial institutions.
We are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers,
providing everyone who comes through our doors with the best possible service.
We are also committed to building healthy communities. Through the Union Bank
Foundation, the bank invests in the communities it serves by providing loans,
grants, community outreach, and volunteer hours to local nonprofit organizations.
Our investments in our local communities focus on four areas: community
economic development, affordable housing, education, and the environment.
For more information visit www.unionbank.com.
Silver Level
Why Become A Corporate Leader?
ecoming a Corporate Leader means making a difference in families’ lives
and in the future of our society. Casa Pacifica’s programs protect, engage,
and teach children and their families how to develop the competence and
confidence they need to manage their own lives and achieve their highest
potential. Corporate Leader funds sponsor Casa Pacifica’s various fundraising
events – the Wine, Food & Brew Festival, Spotlight on Style Fashion Show and
Care for Kids Golf Classic Tournament - events which raise substantial funds each
year to support Casa Pacifica’s campus-based and community-based programs
and services to abused, neglected, and at-risk children. Corporate Leaders are
listed in all advertising materials for each event which they sponsor, including ads
in print media, promotions in social media and e-blasts, as well as acknowledgement
in each issue of Heartlines, providing exposure for Corporate Leaders to thousands
of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County residents.
Bronze Level
For more information about Casa Pacifica's Corporate Leader Program,
please contact Carrie Hughes at (805) 366-4011 or email
[email protected]
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Wine, Food & Brew Festival – The Name Wasn’t The Only Thing New This Year!
n recognition of the growing
popularity around the country for
specialty beers, the Angels Wine &
Food Festival adopted a new name
this year - the Wine, Food & Brew
Festival! The Festival took place June
1st on California State University
Channel Islands’ beautiful campus
and was once again hosted by the
Zarley and Van Huisen Families, and
joining them this year – Union Bank.
As always, guests enjoyed sampling a
wonderful range of delicious food
creations from 85 restaurants,
caterers, bakeries, specialty food
shops, and superb wines, brews, and
beverages from over 150 wineries, breweries, and beverage vendors. The Festival, we are
proud to announce, raised over $450,000 (net), a record amount, to support Casa Pacifica
Centers for Children and Families’ valuable services to Ventura County’s abused, neglected
and at-risk children and their families!
Congratulations to
our 2014 Winners of the
Competition Winners!
1st Place: Institution Ale
Maple Brown Restraint
2nd Place: FirestoneWalker
Brewing Co.
Easy Jack-Session IPA
3rd Place: Island Brewing Co.
King Tide-Double IPA
In keeping with the name change, the Festival
held its first ever ‘Best in Fest’ beer competition
for its independent, craft, and microbrew
exhibitors. The competition was judged a month
ahead of time and the winning brew was
celebrated the day of the Festival. “Since the
number of Festival exhibitors featuring specialty
beers has grown steadily over the past few years
and people’s interest in beer is reaching toward a
level equal to connoisseurs of wine, it was a
logical step to add a
competition just for the
brews,” shared Carrie
Hughes, Casa Pacifica’s
Director of Development
& Public Relations, “We
are excited to have
launched this new event!”
Chef Dinner – which was hosted by
the Cassar Family and took place on
the Friday night preceding the Festival.
Guests enjoyed a nine-course meal
prepared by previous Yummie
competition winners, pairing each course with its own special wine selection from local
winemakers. One course was paired with the winning brew of the “Best in Fest” beer
competition. The evening also featured Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean and his
impeccable humor as the Master of Ceremonies, as well as live entertainment, and small
silent and live auctions. A special highlight of the evening was each of the participating
chefs spoke about their recipes and shared some special kitchen knowledge with the
guests. The Yummie Top Chef Dinner raised nearly $20,000 and was a tremendous hit.
The dinner guests are already looking forward
to next year’s event. (See page 9 for photos
and list of participating chefs)
Wells Fargo once again generously sponsored
the Festival’s VIP Lounge which featured its
own delicious fare prepared by Plated Events
by Chef Jason Collis, wine from Malibu Family
Wines, the Anheuser Busch Belgium Beer
Garden, and entertainment by perennial
favorite band Sound Effect. VIP guests also
enjoyed a special welcome champagne
reception hosted by Mastro’s Restaurant
before entering the festival grounds featuring
exclusive entertainment and yummy
hors d’oeurves.
An exciting day of live entertainment, sponsored by The Patio Restaurant at Players
Casino, presented fabulous performances by Benise and His Band of Gypsys (who were
accompanied by captivating aerial artists) and Wes Quave
Live – a multi-decade cover band that had guests filling the
dance floor. Bruce Barrios – the best DJ in Ventura County
– served as the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for the day.
The addition of Living Vines performers this year roaming
the grounds fascinated everyone with their exotic beauty.
Festival-goers also enjoyed perusing an extensive silent
auction of themed baskets and a sports memorabilia booth.
In addition to the new
name and the beer
competition, the Wine,
Food & Brew Festival held
its first-ever special
dinner – the Yummie Top
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
Many guests took advantage of the special “Safe Ride
Home” shuttle service offered by Roadrunner Shuttle &
Limousine, which provided door-to-festival-to-door rides.
For those who decided during the event that they shouldn’t
drive home, there was a last minute service offered by the
Safe Ride Home program as well.
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
The Winners
Culinary Competition
The 4th annual Yummie culinary competition showcased
exhibiting Festival chefs’ entries, judged in either a Savory or
Sweet category based on flavor, presentation, innovation, and
quality. Entries were sampled by a panel of celebrity chef
judges, television, radio, and print media personalities and
food columnists, and were judged based on which chef’s dish
they felt was the “Yummiest.”
Congratulations to our 2014 Winners of the YUMMIES
The Dinner
Thank you to our Yummie Top Chef Dinner Participants
for creating a wonderful evening!
Chef Jason Collis • Plated Events by Chef Jason
Chef Oscar A. Ledesma • Mastro’s Ocean Club Malibu
Chef Ernie Borjas • The Yacht Club at Channel Islands Harbor
Chef Nic Manocchio • University Glen Corporation at CSUCI
Chef Tim Kilcoyne • Scratch Food Truck
Chef Luis Martinez • C-Street Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Chef Gabe Garcia • Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars
Pastry Chef Anastashia Chavez • Barrel House 101
Missy Drayton-Benado • Missy’s Cupcake Creations
Barry Davis • Cold Stone Creamery
Ferrari Carano
Magnavino Cellars
Summerland Winery
Institution Ale Co.
Tolosa Winery
Herzog Wine Cellars
Cantara Cellars
The Cappuccino Club
Twenty88 Restaurant & Bar
1st Place: Chef Gabe Garcia of Tierra Sur (Now Two-Time 1st Place Winner)
Cold Smoked Hamachi with beet butter, sweet and sour leeks, & dried citrus
2nd Place: Chef Rachel Holst of Main Course California
Cherry Smoked Short Ribs with whipped potatoes and crisped kale
3rd Place: Chef Robin Higa of Market Broiler
Seared Sea Scallop with mixed green salad
1st Place: Head Pastry Chef Anastashia Chavez of Barrelhouse 101
(Now Two-Time 1st Place Winner)
Berry Balsamic Cheesecake comprised of layers of genoise, mascarpone
cheesecake, and chocolate ganache with mixed berry preserves, infused
with Duchess Sour Red Ale and Rozendal’s Aged Balsamic Vinegar
2nd Place: Chef Allison Davis of The Sugar Lab
Key Lime Pie with a cinnamon graham cracker crust holding a creamy and
smooth key lime filling and topped with a toasted meringue
3rd Place: Chef Ernie Borjas of The Yacht Club at Channel Islands Harbor
Paradise Lava – a baklava-styled treat comprised of secret ingredients
As always, the funds raised by the Wine, Food & Brew Festival will help Casa Pacifica
in meeting the $3.1 million in private funds the agency must raise to fill the gap
between what it receives through government contracts and what it actually costs to
run its programs and services.
Casa Pacifica is very grateful to the Festival’s generous Hosts, the Zarley Family, the
Van Huisen Family and Union Bank; to Wells Fargo, the VIP Lounge Sponsor; to the
Patio Restaurant at the Players Casino, the Entertainment Sponsor; to Mastro’s
Steakhouse who hosted the VIP Entrance Reception; to each of the generous Festival
sponsors; to the hundreds of volunteers who organized, set-up, cleaned-up, and so
much more; and especially to all the members of this year’s Wine, Food & Brew Festival
Committee who worked tirelessly to perfect every detail of this important, fun-filled,
fabulous food and wine tasting fundraising festival for Casa Pacifica and its children.
It was once again a wonderfully successful day in every way!
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Thank You...
asa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families would like to
recognize and thank the Casa Pacifica Angels, the Zarley &
Van Huisen Families, Union Bank, Wells Fargo, the Wine Food & Brew Festival Committee,
CSU Channel Islands, and all the sponsors, businesses, individuals, Board of Directors,
Amigos, and volunteers of the 21st Annual Casa Pacifica Angels Wine Food & Brew Festival.
The Casa Pacifica Angels Wine, Food & Brew Festival raised $450,000 (net) toward the
$3.1 million Casa Pacifica needs to raise this year in private donations. Each year, as part
of its public/private partnership, Casa Pacifica must raise between 10%-12% of its budget to
fill-the-gap between what governmental funding it receives and the actual costs of providing
Our Sponsors
Entertainment • $16,500
The Patio Restaurant at Players Casino
Champagne • $15,000
Ventura Rental Party Center
Burgundy • $10,000
The Collection Riverpark
Darvik Productions
Luners Production Services
Cabernet Sauvignon • $7,500
Essex Property Trust, Inc./
Tierra Vista Apartment Homes
Event Essentials
Leigh & Stan Jensen
Meathead Movers
Merlot • $5,000
AAA Propane Service, Inc.
BB&H Benefit Designs
Bruce Barrios Productions
Susan & Ken Bauer
Chumash Indians of
Kalawashaq Village
Chivaroli & Associates, Inc.
Compulink Business Systems
Conico Oil
D&S Berry Farms/
D.W. Berry Farms, Inc.
Del Sol Harvesting Inc.
Five Star Bookkeeping
Gills Onions
Harrison Industries
Heritage Oaks Bank
Lisa West & David Jaffe
Jaks Marketing Group
LPL Financial, Patti Morgan, CFP
Montecito Bank & Trust
Stephanie & Wesley Morgan
Oxnard Hyundai
Jewel Gerald & Bill Powell/
Roz Warner, M.D. &
Michael Hogan, M.D.
Premier Event Productions
Procter & Gamble Paper Company
Santa Rosa Transplant
Summit Pool & Spas
Wyvern Ranch
Pinot Noir • $2,500
Community Memorial Health System
Fran & Ed Elson
The Growing Company
Michael W. McCarthy, DDS
Sandy & Bill Puchlevic
Skating Plus
Kim & Steve Singleton
United Agencies Inc. Insurance
Ventura Signs & Screen Printing
Vintage Production California, LLC
Westerlay Orchids
Visit www.cpwineandfoodfestival.com
to view the online Dining Guide, YUMMIES Competition
winners and see photos of this year's exciting event.
its wide variety of high quality programs and services to the most vulnerable children in our
community, and their families. If you would like more information about Casa Pacifica, please
visit the website at www.casapacifica.org.
Chardonnay • $1,500
360 Group International, Inc.
Aces & Eights Casino Nights
Baxter Health Care
California Giant Berry Farms
Celestine Stone Tile
City National Bank
Barbara & Wayne Davey
Fence Factory Rentals
Donna & Peter Hochschild
Carolyn Huntsinger
Lee & Associates
Mission Produce
Morgan Stanley/The Hopps Group/
Lydia Hopps & Ben Hopps, CFP®
Neiman Marcus
Oilfield Electric & Motor
Omega Technologies/
John & Kathryn Schoolland
Pacifica Institute of Cosmetic Surgery
Robert S. Improta, M.D.
& Daniel G. Kolder, M.D.
June & Clay Paschen
Produce Available
Slaughter & Reagan, LLP
Star of CA
Venco Western, Inc.
Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group
West Coast Air Conditioning
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
Courtyard by Marriott, Camarillo
Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Service
VIP Entrance
Mastro’s Steakhouse
Tom and Sandy’s 805
Acorn Camarillo
Axxess Ventura
CSQ Magazine
Coupons AND MORE
Cumulus Media
KHAY • 100.7
Edible Ojai & Ventura County
Fox 11 • KKFX
Gold Coast Broadcasting, LLC
KVTA • 1590 AM
Live • 105.5 FM
Q104.7 FM
Radio Formula • 1400 AM
Rewind • 95.9 FM
KEYT News Channel 3
The Kim Pagano Show
Marketing Maven
Pacific Coast Business Times
Society Magazine
Ventura County Reporter/
Ventana Monthly
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Ventura County Star
Ventura County West
Wide Eyed Productions
Our Vendors
247 Pop-Up
805 Bar & Grilled Cheese
Bamboo Steak House
Billy D'z Backyard BBQ
BJ's Restaurant and Brewery
Bread Basket Cake Company
Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Brophy Bros. Restaurant and Clam Bar
Cafe Fiore
Cafe Firenze
California Pizza Kitchen
Charn Thai Restaurant
Chef Stroh's Pesto
Ciscos Mexican Resturant
Coastal Grill
Cold Stone Creamery
Corner Bakery Café
Crunchies Food Company
Discovery Ventura
DJ's California Catering
Don's Smokin' Salmon
Fresco 2 On The Marina
I Would Rather Be Baking Co.
Jinky's Cafe
KIND Healthy Snacks
Ladyface Ale Companie
Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins
Le Creuset
Love Bites Raw Confections
Mastro's Steakhouse
Missy's Cupcake Creations
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Old Town Cafe
Panera Bread
Paul Martin's
PF Chang's China Bistro
Plated Events by Chef Jason
Ranch Hand BBQ
Red Lobster
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Scarlett Belle Cruises
Shanghai Beer Garden
Shave It
Social Tap Ventura
Stacked Restaurants
Stonefire Grill
Sushi Fresh Ventura
Sweet Arleen's
The Hitching Post II Restaurant
The Lab Brewing Co.
The Landing Grill And Sushi Bar
The Patio at Players Casino
The Tower Club
Trader Joe's
Triunfo Creek Vineyards
Twenty88 Martini Lounge
Urbane Cafe
Valley Bakery
Ventura Comedy Club
Watermark on Main
Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill
Yolanda's Mexican Cafe
14 Hands Winery
Aldabella Winery
Alma Sol Winery
Bianchi Vineyards
Cantara Cellars
Chateau St. Michelle
Don Sebastiani & Sons
DV 8 Cellars
Eden Canyon Vineyards
Fetzer Vineyard
Four Brix Winery
Herzog Wine Cellars
J. Hamilton Wines
Jettlynn Winery
Kiamie Wine Cellars
La Paz
Labyrinth Winery
Laraneta Winery
Magnavino Cellars
Malibu/Semler Wines
One Hope Wines
Panaro Brothers Winery
Pomar Junction
Quintessential Wines
Ranchita Canyon Vineyard
Robert Hall Winery
San Vicente Cellars
Scarlett Belle Cruises
Scott Cellars
Stone Pine Estate/Sagebrush Annies
Squashed Grapes
Strey Cellars
Summerland Winery
Sunland Vintage Winery
& Tasting Room
The Hitching Post II Winery
Tolosa Winery
Total Wine & More
Triunfo Creek Vineyards
VC Wine Association
Village Commons Market
Vina Robles Vineyard
Vinemark Cellars, LLC
Wades Wines
Wente Wines
Wild Horse Winery
Wine Plus
Wineries and Vineyards
June 7th, 2015
Save The Date!
Casa Pacifica Angels 22nd Annual
Wine, Food & Brew Festival
Hosted by The Zarley Family, Van Huisen Family & Union Bank
presented by Constellation Brands
Wineries and Vineyards
presented by Southern Wine & Spirits
Wineries and Vineyards
presented by The Wine Group
Wineries and Vineyards
presented by Wades Wines
Wineries and Vineyards
presented by Young's Market
Zaca Mesa Winery & Vineyards
805 Brewing Company
AB Caffe Services
Anchor California Lager
Anchor IPA
Anheuser Busch Belgium
Beer Garden
BJ's Restaurant & Brewery
Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Canteen Vending
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Enegren Brewing Company
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.
Firemans Brew
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Golden Road 329
Golden Road Heal the Bay
Goose Island 312 Pale Ale
Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat
Goose Island IPA
Goose Island Pere Jac
Goose Island Sophie Par
Hangar 24
Hubert's Lemonade
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Institution Ale
Island Brewing Company
Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer
Kona Big Wave
Kona Brewing Co.
Kona Castaway
Kona Fire Rock
Ladyface Ale Companie
Lori's Original Lemonade
Mastro's Steakhouse-Water
Ninkasi Brewing Company
Ninkasi Total Domination
Ninkasi Tricerahops
Pacific Beverage Co.
Rouge 7 Chipotle
Rouge 7 Hop
Shanghai Beer Garden
Shock Top Belgium White
Shock Top Raspberry
Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Ale
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Smog City Brewing
Sparkling Ice
Stella Artios
Stella Cidre
Surf Brewery
Tap IT Ale Camino
Tap IT Double IPA
The Lab Brewing Co.
Wolf Creek Brewery
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Anheuser-Busch Belgium Beer Garden
Stella Artois
Stella Artois Cidre
Johnny Appleseed Cider
Malibu Family Wines
Mastro's Steakhouse - Water
Plated Events by Chef Jason
Mastro's Steakhouse
Nakamura Farms
Opolo Vineyards
Red Blossom Sales
Badoit Sparkling Water
Estrella Damm
IBC Soft Drinks
Mastro's Steakhouse - Water
Seven Daughters Wines
San Pellegrino
Le Creuset
Pro Signature Memorabilia, LLC
So Cal Photo Lounge & The
Wedding DJ's
A Total Diva Designs
Wells Fargo Stage Coach
Barbara Ito • President
Dee Dee Beltran
Susan Burgos
Patricia Cordover
Eileen Gould
Melanie Higashi
Cindy Jaks
Kathy Jeffers-Volk
Parry Weet O'Brien
Terri Parks
Lori Silvey
Debbie Simpson
Sandy Stevens Kehr
Marilyn Stoddard
Patty Turnage
Jennifer White
Shealen Wynner
Theresa Yamamoto
Oksana Zussman
Angels News
Angels Luncheon and Board Installation
he Casa Pacifica’s Angels enjoyed a fun afternoon at the May Social and installation of new Angels
Board members on May 8th at the Westlake Village Inn. In addition to a delicious luncheon and
visiting with a great group of women, the afternoon featured a special presentation by Frances Elson, a
lifetime Casa Pacifica Angel and talented fused glass artist. Fran has served on the Angels Board several
times over the years, including as its President as well as in other positions. She has also co-chaired the
Spotlight on Style Fashion Show and currently is a co-chair of the Yummies culinary competition at the
Wine, Food & Brew Festival each year.
Fran’s artwork is stunning to see and inevitably people ask her “How Do You Do That?” which also
happened to be the title of her presentation. Fran’s talk was, in her words, “an expression of my love
for this art medium and a description of some of the techniques I employ in creating my works.” One
of her amazing pieces of art, “Gemma,” a 24” x 18” sculpture of a beautiful woman, was donated by
Fran for an opportunity drawing during the luncheon. Her talk was fascinating and had
everyone captivated with her unique artistic vision and style.
It was a great day and Casa Pacifica is happy to welcome its new Angels Board for 2014-2015!
Fran Elson and her fused glass
sculpture, titled “Gemma”.
Dennis Murphy • President
Neiman Marcus presents the Spotlight on Style Fashion Show
The Casa Pacifica Angels and
Vicki Murphy
Chief Advancement Officer
& Director of Alumni Services
Carrie L. Hughes
Director of Development
& Public Relations
Amber Landis-Stover
Development Manager
Robin Horne
New Media Content Manager
Kris Mavity
Data Base Coordinator
Michelle Maye
Development Associate
Sara Hidalgo
Volunteer Coordinator
Juliana Thiessen
Development & Events Coordinator
Robin Steinberg
Grant Writer
Neiman Marcus
invite you to
Spotlight on Style Fashion Show & Luncheon
Hosted by Ken & Susan Bauer
Saturday, November 22, 2014
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village
Tickets available online for $150 per person, advanced purchase only.
or sponsorship opportunities or for more information please
contact Casa Pacifica’s Development and Events Coordinator
Juliana Thiessen at (805) 366-4014 or email
[email protected]
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Amigos News
The Amigos are 10 Years Old!
n April the Amigos celebrated’ the 10th
anniversary of their first event ever held
for the children – a fun-filled afternoon
called “Bulldog Day.” The Amigos was
the dream of Dennis Murphy who with
Tim New and a few of his other friends
wanted to start a group that would
provide fun activities for the kids to
enjoy, along with mentoring-style
support, while serving as positive adult
male role models for youth who had
very few such men in their lives. The
Amigos started with a few events each
year. Over time the activities became
guided by areas demonstrated to be
lacking in the children’s lives – skills they
might learn naturally if they were living
at home with their parents. So there
sprung up the annual “Lifeguard Day”
teaching water safety; and a car clinic
spawned from a youth asking where to
put gasoline in a car while pointing to
the engine during an Amigo classic car
show; and a bicycle clinic hosted by a
bicycle racer that taught how to fix a
bicycle chain and a flat tire; and many
others. The Amigos now hold more than
30 events each year – at least two
activities each month – offering a wide
range of activities from Pinewood Derby
Outdoor movie night
racing, hiking, and beach days to fishing,
bike rides, team building days, and
sports clinics (soccer, football, basketball)
to cheerleading camp, softball games,
kite flying, astronomy nights, and
outdoor movie nights. And each year the
Amigos head up the incredible Haunted
Maze at the Halloween Party.
The Amigos have expanded and grown
over the ten years to now include both
men and women. The group is an
integral part of Casa Pacifica’s fabric–
bringing its own unique, caring, and
joyful style to Casa Pacifica’s mission to
provide hope and help to the deserving
children Casa Pacifica serves. We are
endlessly grateful to Dennis Murphy, Tim
New, and to all the Amigos who have
made a tangible, direct difference in the
lives of our children and we thank them
for their unselfish dedication; their
bright, infectious spirits; and their
incomparable love and compassion for
our children and youth. Congratulations
on 10 years of great fun – we look
forward to the next decade!
Amigos softball game
Water is always a part of Lifeguard Day even during a relay race!
A close tricycle race during
a team-building day.
Pinewood Derby racers
Tim New & Dennis “Murf” Murphy
Cheerleading clinic
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Pack-A-Backpack Wish List
The 2014 Casa Pacifica Happy Days Prom
Casa Pacifica’s kids
dancing the night
away at the 1950sthemed prom.
Angels Susan Burgos, Oksana
Zussman, and Terri Parks – the
Children’s Events Co-chairs pose next to a beautiful, bright
red, convertible mustang at
the Casa Pacifica prom.
The children were thrilled
to have In-N-Out Burger
for their prom night dinner.
elp Casa Pacifica prepare its children for the
upcoming school year! Donate the following
school supplies needed all year long!
Backpacks/Duffle Bags
Three Ring Binders
Composition Notebooks
Pocket Folders
Pens (various colors)
Scientific Calculators
Index Cards
Correction Tape
Pencil Pouches
Subject Dividers
Hygiene Products
Flash Drives
Graphing Calculators
Members of the West
Coast Derby Knockouts
Roller Derby team,
including Casa Pacifica’s
own Dominique Martinez
(second from left),
delivered the kids’
delicious In-N-Out burger
dinners just like the old
car hops from the ‘50s –
on roller skates!
Graph Paper
Socks, Assorted Sizes
Underwear, Assorted
College Ruled
Notebook Paper
Spiral Notebooks
Gift Cards:
Barnes & Noble
Office Depot
Donations may be dropped off at Casa Pacifica Mon.-Fri.
between the hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm.
Casa Pacifica Thanks Volunteers and Donors at Special Luncheon
n April, National Volunteer Month, Casa Pacifica thanked its much-loved
and appreciated volunteers for their time and efforts in improving,
expanding, and enriching the lives of
the children at Casa Pacifica. Invitees included oncampus volunteers, Angels and Amigos, holiday
season donors, community groups and businesses
who completed community service projects on
campus, individuals and businesses donating to the
Children’s Events parties, and fundraising event
Stephanie Carmi &
Mark Donalson
The 2013 on-Campus Volunteer of the Year award
was presented to Mark Donalson who for many
years now has donated his time to teach volleyball
and run volleyball clinics for our youth.
The Angel of the Year Award was given to Cindy Jaks for her unselfish
dedication over the past 13 years serving on the Angels Board, fundraising
event committees (most recently chairing the Restaurant Committee for the
Wine, Food & Brew Festival), and sharing her marketing expertise creating all
of Casa Pacifica’s marketing materials.
Stephanie Carmi was presented the Amigo of the Year Award for her
dedication to maintaining the Amigos membership records; hosting, along with
her Amigo husband Dan, Amigo Poker Nights at their home; and attending
and helping with numerous Amigos events.
Barbara Ito & Cindy Jaks
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
It was a great afternoon and our congratulations and tremendous gratitude go
to all our wonderful volunteers and donors who each make a difference in the
lives of Casa Pacifica’s children!
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
New and Retired Board Members
asa Pacifica is sorry to lose the talents of four greatly valued
individuals who retired from Casa Pacifica’s Board of Directors
in the past several months – Alan Fletcher, Dan Selleck, Doug Mazza,
and Margie Cochrane. We are very grateful to each of these generous
people for the tireless gift of their time and expertise given to Casa
Pacifica and we thank them for the responsibility they accepted to
guide the agency, look out for its financial well-being, foster its
growth, and to ensure that its mission to provide hope and help
to vulnerable children and families continues to be fulfilled.
The Board is pleased to announce the addition
of three new members to its ranks.
technology firm called Stellar Connect in early 2014 and is currently in
the works of founding another. In addition, Mike owns a real estate
development firm called Hammer Granite focused on small-scale
development projects.
Mike was introduced to Casa Pacifica 14 years ago when his company
was asked to help with Casa Pacifica’s network. He and his wife,
Kristin, fell in love with the organization and “have been hooked ever
since.” “We believe the agency serves one of the most important
needs in our community and we are proud to be associated with the
amazing people who carry out their mission everyday.” Kristin has
volunteered on campus and served on the Angels Board.
The Eatons have two children, Anna and John, 12 year old twins.
While most of his time is consumed with family (the way he likes it),
Mike also loves to exercise and ride his mountain bike. A resident of
Thousand Oaks for 44 years, he says he is constantly reminded of how
lucky they are to live here.
Heidi Whitcomb is a second generation
co-owner of Ventura Rental Inc. and Ventura
Rental Party Center, overseeing the latter
since the early 1980s. She has designed and
coordinated thousands of projects ranging
from intimate family gatherings to events
hosting in excess of 8,000 guests. A firm
believer in community involvement, Heidi and her team regularly
orchestrate events for entities such as Relay for Life, Ojai Music
Festival, Casa Pacifica’s Wine, Food & Brew Festival, and several
other nonprofits.
Heidi is a member and Programs Director of the National Association
of Catering Executives and has been recognized by her peers with many
awards over the years including the 2011 coveted “President’s Award”
(a national service award given to one outstanding member who is a
leader exemplifying selfless giving), and last year’s prestigious title of
“Event Professional of the Year.” Heidi also holds memberships in the
International Special Events Society and the American Rental Association.
Currently, Heidi serves on the Board of the Community Memorial
Healthcare Foundation, and she has been an on-campus volunteer in
Casa Pacifica’s nonpublic school for many years.
Heidi and Mike, her husband of 31 years, reside
in Ojai with their animals, which include a
beehive and fourteen chickens.
Michael Eaton describes himself as “a bit of a
serial entrepreneur.” He founded two different
IT services firms – Atticus in 1997 and
Cloudworks in 2006 – both of which were
acquired in 2011. He started another
Terri Parks has had a long career in software and
information systems management, first with
Xerox, and fourteen years with Amgen until she
retired in May 2013. In her last position as IS
Director, Terri was the Program Manager for a
global $59 million, 4-year program that delivered
a first-of-its-kind Customer Relationship
Management system to over 600 users across
20+ countries. She managed her GCOIS
department’s project portfolio and was
responsible for the resource allocation of over 110 full time employees.
She also facilitated budget and project portfolio prioritization process,
consisting of over 50 projects, with a total budget of over $41 million.
A founding member of several strategic committees at Amgen, Terri
was responsible for providing governance, standards, guidance,
establishing best practices, etc., to both commercial and corporate
communications staff, and was a key contributor to development and
deployment of new project management methodologies.
Terri is an active member of the California Polytechnic University, San
Luis Obispo advisory board for the Women’s Engineering Program, and
is a past member of the Cal Poly Pomona Computer Science advisory
board. Terri and her team from Amgen have partnered with the
Angels for many years to help design and decorate three of the
Children’s Parties each year, with Terri personally providing the gift
bags the children receive at each event. Terri is a resident of Camarillo.
w w w . c a s a p a c i f i c a . o r g
8 0 5 - 4 4 5 - 7 8 0 0
Keets Cassar • President
Rosalind C. Warner, M.D. • Vice President
Wayne A. Davey • Treasurer
John S. Broome, Jr. • Assistant Treasurer
Robert E. Wynner • Secretary
David E. Wood, Esq. •
Immediate Past President
Sean A. Baker
Kenneth W. Bauer
Marni Brook
Jenna M. Burkey
Brick Conners
Geoff Dean
Michael Eaton
Rebeca Elliott
Donna Barranco Fisher
Brian Gilpatrick
Richard H. Goodrich
Richard J. Hernandez
Terri Parks
William H. Powell
Sheila Rakestraw
Peter Ratcliffe
Reza Razzaghipour
Richard R. Rush, Ph.D.
Ellen F. Smith
Heidi Whitcomb
Steven E. Elson, Ph.D.
Helen M. Caldwell
Bettina Chandler
Gary F. Farr
Richard H. Goodrich
Honorable Joe Hadden
Carolyn Huntsinger
William J. Kearney
Susan K. Lacey
Dorothy Jue Lee
Sheldon Malchicoff
Barbara S. Meister
Richard M. Norman, Esq.
Priscilla Partridge de Garcia, Ed.D.
G.S. “Gib” Poiry
Joseph L. Priske
Timothy P. Wolfe
Nonprofit Org.
US Postage
Oxnard, CA
Permit #1734
1722 S. Lewis Road, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone (805) 445-7800 • FAX (805) 987-7237
Address Service Requested
Casa Pacifica Launches TEAM ARCHIE!
asa Pacifica invites you to become a member of its new Team Archie! Team
Archie members are valuable donors who make a minimum annual gift of $50 to
support the Archie Fund. The Archie Fund helps cover unusual expenses that arise for
Casa Pacifica’s kids beyond their basic needs – needs such as class rings and senior
portraits for the graduating high school seniors, the cost of anesthesia for a dental
procedure not covered by Medi-Cal, travel expenses for a parent who lives far away to
visit their child as part of his treatment, and so much more! Members who give $1,000
or more qualify as “Big Dog” members and receive a special gift from Archie’s online
store’s special branded merchandise (www.archiethetherapydog.com). The Archie Fund
covered more than $25,000 in expenses last year and our needs continue to grow.
Please join today visiting www.archiethetherapydog.com,
or by going to www.casapacifica.org and clicking on
“Ways to give.”
If you have any questions about Team Archie, or if you
would like to join via phone, please call Vicki Murphy,
Chief Advancement Officer & Director of Alumni
Relations at (805) 366-4010. Archie would love to
have you as a member of his team!
Keep in Touch:
Casa Pacifica Angels Spotlight on Style Fashion Show
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
9:30 am
Presented by Neiman Marcus Topanga
Hosted by Ken and Susan Bauer
Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village
Casa Pacifica Angels 22nd Annual Wine, Food & Brew Festival
Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Hosted by The Zarley Family, The Van Huisen Family & Union Bank
California State University Channel Islands
23rd Annual Care for Kids Golf Classic
Monday, July 13th, 2015
8:00 am
Spanish Hills Golf & Country Club