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Common Areas
Healthcare Lighting & Controls Solutions
Common areas are about
Shared Hope
Healing involves more than just the patient. Wellness is
about more than just the physical. And healthcare is more than
just the clinical.
Acuity Brands believes that lighting can positively affect the
perceptions, moods and attitudes of both patients and their
important support system of family and friends. Shared spaces
should not feel intimidating or overly institutional. They should
feel as much like home as is practical and possible. These are
areas of respite where patients, supportive loved ones and
staff can recharge. Places where family and friends gather to
support one another through trying moments. Places that
should inspire optimism.
Lighting conveys a welcoming sense of community in lobbies
and entrance halls, enabling wayfinding, while highlighting
architectural features and accenting local, relevant artwork.
Soft, diffuse lighting creates a welcome feeling in waiting areas.
Daylighting controls facilitate energy and maintenance savings,
while occupants bask in the uplifting effect of natural light.
2 | Warehouse & Logistics Lighting Solutions
Specify linear recessed lights for
clean, glare-free corridors
The Open Recessed system delivers clean, serene
lines of light through the corridor without the visual
distraction of seams, debris or glare.
Discreet light with independent controls
mean flexibility for any space
Natural light to support the visual needs of
building occupants
With its floating, visually unobtrusive form, the suspended Peerless®
Open luminaire allows users to select the perfect light level for any
activity. Independently controlled direct and indirect lighting and
integrated daylight or occupancy sensors are features that add
versatility to any space.
Research supports daylighting’s positive effect on building
performance – and on our health, too. Ceiling-mounted
photosensors, like the nLight Daylight Harvesting Photocell, dim
electric lighting when daylight is abundant, helping to maximize
energy savings.
Waiting Room
Entrance areas make a statement.
Inviting spaces offer respite, community
and hope.
First impressions matter. Often, perhaps preoccupied by
health status or diagnostic concerns, someone walking into a
healthcare facility may not be directly attuned to his or her
immediate environment. Yet that space still exerts a crucial
influence. Is this facility well-maintained? State-of-the-art? Is a
sense of community apparent? Visual cues can create an
emotional response.
Calming or distracting? When people are sitting still, their
immediate surroundings become even more noticeable.
Waiting rooms that are comfortable and home-like rejuvenate
tired spirits. Luminaires should enhance a room’s personality
rather than feel sterile or clinical.
Acuity Brands lighting and controls solutions can help to
enhance those responses. Aim point source downlights where
you want the eye to follow. Get creative with ambient
illumination using modern Slot and suspended luminaires.
Craft an effect not possible through architecture alone. Then
employ integral controls to deliver layers of lighting that
makes sense for level of available natural light, time of day
and activity level.
Natural light is a mood enhancer. Daylight harvesting — done
right — takes advantage of available sunlight. In response to
natural light, the Acuity Brands nLight system smoothly
transitions luminaire output across defined zones to avoid
flickering and steppiness. Graceful dimming, consistent fade
rates, no flicker. A comfortable blend of natural light and
constantly adapting electric light. No perceivable boundary
between them. Elegant forms, high quality light and
ingenious controls. Function that complements form.
Wait quietly, perform tasks
without glare
Balancing task illuminance and spatial brightness,
the VT Series LED provides effective light for
occupants without sacrificing visual comfort.
Stylish, not sterile, pendants
evoke a hospitable ambience
Benno pendants add rich dimension and style
to any waiting room, countering any clinical feel
to the space. These pendants offer effective
illumination without glare.
Soft light, soft curves greet visitors
The Forms LED Benno wall sconce’s soft,
luminance and gentle curves make this space
welcoming for occupants.
Which impression will you create?
Use control systems to gracefully ramp up intensity of
lighting systems at daybreak. Bring up the lumen output of
downlights to awaken senses. Deliver more light in seating
areas to enable reading and paperwork. Inspire. Cheer.
Harvest the sun, reducing the intensity of electrical light to
compensate for abundant daylight. Integral controls lower
electric light intensity in sunlit zones. Smart daylight sensors
can subtly adjust lighting system intensity as daylight enters
the space from skylights and fenestration.
CAT5e Control Cable
nLight Enabled Fixture(s)
Acuity Brands luminaires
with embedded controls
for switching & dimming
Relay Pack(s)
Provides switching &
dimming for non-nLight
enabled fixtures
Control Scenarios
WallPod Switches
Provides manual
adjustment of lighting; units
have large intuitive buttons
Lighting & Controls Solutions for Healthcare | Common Areas
Photocell Sensors
Adds daylight harvesting
by dimming lights in areas
where daylight is present
Network Control
Areas can be connected to
facility-wide system for timed
control & status monitoring
Combine dimming controls time clocks and occupancy
sensors to bring light levels down. Selectively use light to
make architectural details stand out. Consider how the space
is viewed from outside. Set sensors to register activity to
raise ambient light levels for passers through.
Control Scenarios
Fully Lit
Waiting rooms should be spaces where design-driven
choices that are easy to clean and maintain can take a front
seat. Acuity Brands offers a compelling range of diverse and
beautiful luminaires.
Daylight Harvesting
Natural light has been shown to have a direct correlation
with positive states of mind. Acuity Brands offers systems
that seamlessly blend electric and natural light, helping to
create more pleasing, organic moods in spaces that can be
fraught with tension.
As LED luminaires are rapidly becoming the industry
standard, precision control is paramount. Acuity eldoLED
drivers set new standards for ultra-smooth, flicker-free
dimming with configurable, intuitive control.
The integrated sensor in the VT LED makes this high-performing
luminaire even smarter. Fixtures can unobtrusively adapt to cues in
the space, changing intensity in response to daylight or occupancy
conditions without additional equipment.
Typical 4-Bit Dimming
16 steps — not smooth
The eye will see a discrete series
of brightness changes
eldoLED 20-Bit Dimming
1,048,576 steps — ultra-smooth
The eye sees a remarkably
smooth and graceful transition
Unparalleled eldoLED drivers enable natural, flicker-free
dimming for optimum occupant comfort and control.
CAT5e Control
nLight Enabled Fixture(s)
Acuity Brands luminaires
with embedded controls
for switching & dimming
Relay Pack(s)
Provides switching &
dimming for non-nLight
enabled fixtures
WallPod Switches
Provides manual
adjustment of lighting;
units have large
intuitive buttons
Photocell Sensor
Adds daylight harvesting
by dimming lights when
daylight is present
Occupancy Sensors
Dims or turns lights
off automatically when
area is vacant
Network Control
Areas can be
connected to facilitywide system for timed
control & status
Smart solutions that simply work.
Additional Products:
Slot 2, 4 LED Pendant,
Surface & Wall Fixtures
Incito™ 2” Series
Wall Sconce w/braille
Vellum LED
Linear Suspended
Vellum LED
Vellum LED
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additional tools and services.
Acuity Brands Services
Visual® Lighting Software
Acuity Brands offers customer financing
Perform lighting calculations, complete
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lighting renderings and analyze lighting’s
experience the energy and expanded
lifecycle costs with our Visual® lighting
capabilities of LED lighting and remain
software. Visual combines lighting and
cash flow positive from year one.
energy-calculation tools with powerful
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3D-modeling software to simplify
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economic analyses.
A+ Certified solutions from Acuity Brands help you quickly and
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