Canon New LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 Full HD Digital

【For Immediate Release】
10 February, 2015
Canon New LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 Full HD Digital Camcorders
Incorporating Wi-Fi/NFC Instant Wireless Sharing, High Zoom Power,
Compact Design, Simple Operation and a Host of New Functions for
Easy Enjoyment of High Quality Video Shooting
Canon today announces the new LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 Full HD Digital
Camcorders that feature advanced imaging technologies, 32x optical zoom power,
compact design, easy operation and a host of new functions including Frame Assist,
File Lock and fast/slow motion recording to simplify the shooting process, making
them the perfect camcorders for all family members to enjoy easy and fun shooting of
high quality home videos! LEGRIA HF R66 supports Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
function 1 and NFC for direct connection to Android devices, allowing easy live
previewing, uploading of videos to social networking sites2 as well as live monitoring
and remote control via internet from smart devices when out3, making it easy to keep
an eye on home. LEGRIA HF R606 newly supports FlashAir™ Wi-Fi card for easy
viewing of videos stored in the card directly and wirelessly from smart devices. In
addition, both camcorders also offer a Baby Mode that supports 3 sets of registration
for easy recording of each baby’s growth and precious moments.
Easy Shooting and Sharing with Wi-Fi Wireless Networking Function1 for Live
Monitoring and Video Uploading
LEGRIA HF R66 supports Wi-Fi Wireless Networking function, making it easy to
share high quality videos anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy one-stop convenience to
view, save and share videos to social networking sites such as Facebook and
YouTube directly on smart devices2 over a Wi-Fi network, or upload via Canon Image
Gateway server when out. The camcorder supports MP4 video format for hassle-free
direct playback or upload via smart devices without file conversion.
The compatibility of Wi-Fi Wireless Networking function depends on the mobile device and operating
Supports iOS6 or above, “Movie Uploader” app must be installed; or Android 4.0 or above using
explorer for playback
"CameraAccess plus” app must be installed on smart devices. Mobile data will be consumed when
controlling and monitoring via internet; router must support Global IP Address acquisition and UPnP
With the live monitoring feature, you can perform remote control and live monitoring
via internet from your smart devices3, making it convenient and easy to keep an eye
on home when out, or take care of babies while sparing time for housework. When
installed on the supported Pan Table CT-V14, the camcorder can shoot within a 200º
horizontal panning range for a wider coverage. The Pan Table also supports 20º
manual adjustments in up/down direction to cater to different environment.
NFC Connection for Direct and Easy Video Transfer and Sharing
LEGRIA HF R66 newly supports NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy onetouch connection to Android devices or wireless photo storage device Connect
Station CS100. Simply turn on the NFC function on your Android device and touch
your device to the NFC icon on the camcorder body, the “CameraAccess plus”
application5 installed on your device will be launched automatically, making remote
controlling and video sharing easier and quicker than ever. In addition, videos
captured by the camcorder can be sent to Connect Station CS1006 quickly via NFC.
With ample storage capacity, you can centralize all your videos in one place and
enjoy easy video viewing on TV and smart devices at full HD resolution.
New Frame Assist Function for Easy Capture of Distant Subject
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 offer a new Frame Assist function to help users
capture distant moving subjects with ease. When a subject goes out of the frame
during telephoto shooting, simply hold down the “Search” icon on the touch monitor
and the camcorder will quickly zoom out to help relocate the subject. After you have
reframed the subject, release the icon and the camcorder will zoom back in to its
original zoom position to continue the shooting.
New Fast/Slow Motion Recording for More Interesting Video Effects
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 feature new fast and slow motion recording function
in full HD MP4 format at up to 1200x faster and 0.5x slower, offering versatile
imaging effects for different stories. Stunning videos showing slow-motioned action
scenes with added cinematic tension or interesting fast motion effect can be created
with ease.
Optional accessory
Pre-installation on Android devices is required
Optional device
Baby Mode Supporting 3 Sets of Registration for Easy Recording of Precious
Growth Journey
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 offer a Baby Mode that supports 3 sets of registration
to help parents capture all the precious growth moments for each baby in an
organized way, also enabling convenient management and playback of baby’s videos.
When Baby Mode is on, the camcorders will select the most suitable settings
automatically including Intelligent IS mode and 3-sec Pre REC mode to ensure the
cutest faces are captured. After shooting, you can add age, height and weight
stamps to the videos for more attractive results. Videos shot in Baby Mode will be
automatically saved in a dedicated Baby Album, separated from the regular videos
for easy management. This also allows easy playback of baby’s videos in
chronological order to let you savor the precious growth journey with family and
Canon 32x Optical Zoom and 57x Advanced Zoom HD Video Lens for Flexible
Capture of Both Close-up and Distant Images
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 are equipped with Canon 32x Optical Zoom and 57x
Advanced Zoom HD video lens, offering powerful tele-video recording capability for
more creative possibilities. The lens also offers a 32.5mm wide-end to enable the
inclusion of more surrounding elements to enrich the composition. Configured in 10
elements in 7 groups, the lens features aspherical lens element that can effectively
correct aberrations and image distortion to guarantee image sharpness in HD quality.
DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor for Steady Videos in High Quality
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 incorporate DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor for
quick processing of massive HD data and supports multitasking. DIGIC DV 4
supports minimum subject illumination at 4 lux for easy production of sharp and
bright videos with minimized noise even in dim environment, enhancing the
camcorders’ performance at nightime or indoor.
5-axis Dynamic Image Stabilization System for All-Direction Image Stability
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 support 5-axis Dynamic Image Stabilization System
for effective correction of camcorder movements across 5 axes, including tilt
movements along the horizontal, vertical and lateral axis, and up-down or left-right
shift movements. This guarantees high level of image stability in all situations.
Furthermore, image distortion due to tilt movements along the horizontal, vertical and
lateral axis can be substantially reduced, ensuring exceptional video performance
even shooting with a handheld camcorder while walking.
Versatile Video Formats for Different Scenes and Needs
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 support a range of video formats for selection
according to different scenes and needs. Full HD recording in 1920 x 1080 resolution
is supported for exceptional video quality, and MP4 format with maximum 35Mbps
recording bit rate is available for clear capture of true-to-life videos with fine details.
Both camcorders also support full HD videos in 50p under AVCHD or MP4 format,
ideal for motion subjects such as sports or dance performance. Blur-free images can
be ensured, resulting in high quality videos showing clear movements.
Full HD Recording in Versatile Media and FlashAir™ 7 Wi-Fi card for Easy
Wireless Browsing
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 use SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards as
recording media to bring more flexible recording capacity. Unconstrained recording
can be achieved simply by replacing the memory cards. In addition, LEGRIA HF
R606 newly supports FlashAir™ Wi-Fi card, allowing easy viewing of MP4 videos
and photos stored in the card using the FlashAir™ application or browser on your
smart device via a Wi-Fi wireless network. The dual memory camcorder LEGRIA HF
R66 features a built-in 8GB Flash Memory and supports Relay Recording function.
When the Flash Memory is used up, it will automatically switch to SD, SDHC or
SDXC memory cards to continue the recording, ensuring no single moment will be
missed even for long time recording.
New File Lock Function for Simplified Video Management
LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 offer a new File Lock function to help users protect
important video files, preventing any accidental deletion, alteration or editing of the
The Canon’s new LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 Full HD Digital Camcorders will be
available for sale on 11 February with suggested retail prices of HK$3,280 and
HK$2,780 respectively.
FlashAir™ is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation
Accessories for LEGRIA HF R66 and HF R606 and respective suggested retail prices
are as follows:
BP-718 Battery Pack
BP-727 Battery Pack
CA-100 Power Adapter
CG-700 Battery Charger
UA-100 USB Adapter (for HF R66 only)
IFC-400 PCU USB Cable
HTC-100 HDMI cable
STV-250N Stereo Video Cable
CT-V1 Pan Table (for HF R66 only)
SC-2000 Camcorder Soft Case
Suggested Retail Price
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