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National Instruments
Employ Your Imagination
From the company’s inception more than 35 years ago, National Instruments has grown
from a three-man operation based out of the founders’ homes to an international
corporation with more than 5,500 employees. As the company continues to grow, the
entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation and early success of NI remains entrenched
in the company. NI maintains a fun and innovative corporate culture by recruiting the best
and the brightest employees and motivating them in a work-hard, play-hard environment.
Discover the opportunities National Instruments offers as you employ your imagination.
Company Overview
National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design,
prototype and deploy systems for test, control and embedded design applications. Using
NI LabVIEW open graphical programming software and modular hardware, customers at
more than 30,000 companies annually simplify development, increase productivity and
dramatically reduce time-to-market. From testing next-generation gaming, to controlling the
world’s largest instruments, to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers
continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people. NI customers
use NI software and hardware tools to research, design, manufacture, test and improve a
wide array of products and services. By creating innovative tools, NI gives its customers a
better solution for measuring and automating the world around them. The NI strategy is to
innovate, constantly improve and deliver a steady stream of new products that deliver
greater productivity and higher value to customers.
National Instruments in the UK & Ireland
In the UK & Ireland, NI is headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, providing local sales,
marketing and support, and has been recognised by the Great Place to Work® Institute
as one of the 50 Best Workplaces in the UK for the last six years. Winning this award
reflects the hard work each NI employee contributes in creating the company’s unique
corporate culture, which gives all employees the opportunity to work–hard and
play–hard. NI in the UK is full of talented people, committed to the company’s success,
who have fun helping to build one of the UK’s leading providers of measurement and
automation technologies and one of its best workplaces.
committed to continuing to grow an inspiring work environment
that areemphasises
individuality, innovation, respect, growth and ownership.
Our ‘people advantage’ – hiring the best and brightest, creating a great
work environment and offering superior employee development – is central
to the long-term success of all NI stakeholders, creating and sustaining
competitive advantage for us.
Robert Morton, BSc, MEng – UK & Ireland Managing Director
hen I left university, I thought it might be a challenge to find a technical role at an engineering
and enjoy a vibrant, dynamic work environment. When I looked at NI, I was really
impressed to see that they list in the UK’s 50 Best Workplaces. What I appreciate most about
the culture at NI is that you are given responsibility early on in your career. During my time at
NI I have been able to take on a variety of roles each of which have given me a new range of
experiences. I now have a complete range of skills from technical sales & leading a sales team
to in-depth technical expertise with a series of different platforms & tools.
Internal Sales Engineer – 10 Months
Mahdieh Ghoddusi, University of Reading – MEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering
Inside Sales Engineering Team Leader – 2 years
Applications Engineer – 10 Months+
working at NI I have learnt a huge amount about real world engineering. I constantly work
with different technologies with different customers and industries; from complex embedded
systems to lab experiments generating huge amounts of data, it really keeps you on your toes! As
well as this I have had the opportunity to present to customers from small classes of 6 up to 500
people at NIDays and you are always encouraged to push yourself further.
James McNally, Loughborough University – MEng (Hons) Systems Engineering
Applications Engineer Intern – 12 Months
Applications Engineer Graduate – 12 Months
Applications Engineering Specialist – 1 Month+
have been working at NI for less than 2 years and during that time I’ve been given numerous
to develop myself as a person and develop my career. National Instruments is full of
fantastic people and the company is based on a culture of hard work but also fun and enjoyment. My
work challenges me on a daily basis, whether this is through delivering a formal training course for
customers, troubleshooting problems in a complex system or liaising with our customers to specify
a system that meets their stringent requirements. It’s also satisfying to know that I’m always going
to be rewarded and recognised for my hard work.
Christian Hartshorne, Cardiff University – MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Studies
Applications Engineer – 7 Months
AE Team Leader – 14 Months
Internal Sales Engineering Rotation– 1 Month+
when looking for an industrial placement, I wanted a role that would be diverse and
provide an insight into industry. National Instruments provided this and more, it was a great
internship where everyone is willing to help, in and outside work. Upon returning as a graduate,
NI has been challenging, rewarding and great fun! I have really enjoyed interacting with
customers on technical issues through different mediums as well as mentoring and providing
leadership to others within the department. Every time I look back it always amazes me how
much I have achieved so far. I look forward to developing my engineering career further at NI.
Ashish Naik, Loughborough University – BSc (Hons) Engineering Physics
Applications Engineer Intern – 12 months
Applications Engineer Graduate – 6 Months
Applications Engineer Team Leader – 5 Months+
The Engineering Leadership Programme for Graduates
Your career at NI starts with the Engineering Leadership Programme (ELP), the entry point and training scheme for
graduate engineers. The ELP is focused on delivering the future leaders of the NI business. It is made up of two
departments in the UK: Applications Engineering and Internal Sales. As part of the ELP, you will spend time working
in one or both of these departments to support the business and learn about the company, products and customers.
Both roles provide development opportunities in a fast-paced, challenging environment.
Engineering Leadership Programme
Support Customers. Develop Leaders.
Internal Sales
Applications Engineering
Learn how customers use NI
products in their applications
Provide technical post-sales support
to the customer base
Deliver professional training courses
to customers
Work with Field Sales to develop
proof of concepts for customers
Learn about the commercial needs of
engineering and scientific applications
Understand customer requirements
and match these to NI products
Provide technical pre-sales support
to the customer base
Work with a Field Sales Engineer
to manage a sales territory
As part of both departments you will:
Present at seminars and conferences throughout the UK
Take the chance to rotate between the Applications Engineer and Internal Sales
departments, as well as the opportunity to work with Technical Marketing
Receive comprehensive ongoing training throughout your time in the ELP
Work with customers to write case studies for innovative applications
Career Development
You will be expected to take ownership of your own career development. Throughout the ELP, there will be
opportunities to work on a variety of challenges which enhance your training and advance your career. The ELP
is not a fixed-length programme; your rate of progression will depend on you and your own drive to accelerate
your opportunities and development.
So what is next after the ELP?
Field Sales
This is a field based role where
you spend most of your time
visiting different engineering
customers in a given area.
Use your technical, business
and team working skills by
demonstrating and applying
NI technology to help resolve
customers engineering problems.
Systems Engineering
Technical Marketing
Engineering Specialist
In this role you will be a technical
expert in a certain product group.
You will use your expert
knowledge to provide in depth
advice on NI products as well as
developing and delivering proof
of concepts onsite to help
customers understand how
NI technology can help resolve
their engineering challenges.
In Technical Marketing you work
with NI’s latest products. Use your
technical knowledge to create
demos, seminars, a variety of
content and events to help ensure
that NI’s products and vision are
effectively communicated to both
customers and internal colleagues.
As an Applications Engineering
Specialist you will work to support
customers who have complex NI
systems. As part of this you will
visit customers’ onsite to help
them get started and architect their
systems. In addition you will
provide technical expertise and
support to the Applications
Engineering team.
The Engineering Leadership Programme for Interns
As an engineering intern at NI, you will be part of our Engineering Leadership Programme and work in the AE group,
receiving much of the same training and experience as our graduates. Interns in the ELP work for 12 months and,
during that time, you can expect to develop your problem solving skills, your commercial awareness and your ability to
present, giving you a big advantage over your peers when you return to university. NI also offers support to selected
students once they have returned to university, through sponsorship, advice or tools for your university projects.
As an ELP Intern you will:
Receive training in key NI technologies, including measurement and instrumentation
technology and graphical programming with LabVIEW
Learn about our products, customer needs and markets by providing creative
and timely solutions to customers' technical issues
Work on challenging projects, such as developing a proof-of-concept LabVIEW
program to assist a Field Sales Engineer with a key customer or developing
marketing materials
Develop presentation skills through delivery of technical material both internally
and externally at seminars and trade shows
Develop leadership, communication and problem solving skills through team work
to prepare you for a career in Engineering
Have the opportunity to work in the Internal Sales Department and with
Technical Marketing
When looking for a placement I wanted to ensure that the job would be diverse, and in that
respect NI has been perfect. The broad variety of companies which I have worked with whilst at
NI has made for an excellent experience. Also, due to the work here being so varied, if you have
a specific field of interest, mine being motorsport, you can pursue that. For example I have
worked at the Formula Student event this year at Silverstone racetrack. I have also been very
impressed with the way that NI doesn’t treat you any differently than a graduate; we all get the
same training and work opportunities and this equality extends across the whole company.
Rhys Bowley
– Rhys Bowley, University of Cardiff – BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
When looking for a placement I wanted to find a job that would broaden my skills and
introduce me to new concepts, whilst working in a friendly and fun environment. National
Instruments has definitely done this. I have been able to develop my engineering skills by
working with a wide range of engineers and problems, through group and individual
projects, event support, training and teaching. During my time at NI I also spent 2 months
as part of the Inside Sales department and this combined with my work as an Applications
Engineer has contributed to a fantastic experience which I think will prove to be very useful
in the final 2 years of my degree and later in my career.
Stephanie Limb
– Stephanie Limb, University of Surrey – MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
The ELP Projects
As part of the ELP, there is the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects to help gain teamwork and technical
skills, with the end result being a product demo to be used for trade shows, seminars or customer events.
Application Engineering Projects
Nintendo® Wii® Automated Test System
Having been asked to create an automated test system,
the team of Application Engineers used NI LabVIEW and
NI TestStand to test the Nintendo® Wii® remote controllers.
An intuitive Wii®-like interface was used to fully automate the
verification of the controllers’ Bluetooth®, accelerometer,
rumble, speakers and the infrared camera.
As an added bonus the whole system is then controlled with
a Wii® Nunchuk®.
Inside Sales Engineering Projects
Turbine-Blade Tip Clearance Sensor
The aim of the project was to understand customer needs
in developing a test system for a Turbine-Blade Tip
Clearance sensor.
Using NI tools they created a fully working proof of concept,
submitted a professional proposal document and conducted
a sales presentation to management.
The winning team developed a height adjustable magnetic
pendulum suspended over a sensor, with working electronic
circuitry to interface with a NI PXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator
and a NI Digitiser.
The NI myDAQ Project
The NI myDAQ product shows that myDAQ and LabVIEW can
be used to teach electronics and to prove theories within a
university environment.
The project was also a chance to learn more about NI technologies,
specifically the NI myDAQ and also an opportunity to demonstrate
engineering principles.
Examples of the applications include; the myDAQ Security System,
featuring a pressure pad and motion sensor and the myPOD; which
is a stereo audio amplifier and a graphic equaliser.
Student Design Contest
Are you using LabVIEW in your project? If you are an undergraduate student, why not enter your application into the
NI Student Design Contest, showcasing the most innovative student applications. With the chance to win £500, plus
the opportunity to present at NIDays and be published online on ni.com, all you need to do is submit your completed
projects, high resolution photos and a video or academic poster.
For more information, and to download the author packet, visit uk.ni.com/studentdesign
Follow NI UK & Ireland on Facebook and Twitter
Engineering Scholarship Programme
The NI Engineering Scholarship Programme is available to students studying an Engineering, Computer Science or
Physics Degree. This programme allows students who have shown outstanding academic achievement to develop
their professional engineering career.
In order to be eligible for the NI Engineering Scholarship Programme, you must be in your first year of study and be on
track for a 2.1 or higher in your studies. Scholarship students will be awarded £1500 for their second year of study as
well as being provided with an NI mentor who will keep you up-to-date with company news.
Successful candidates will join NI for a 1 year paid industrial placement and may then be offered a full-time role in our
Engineering Leadership Programme after graduation.
To apply visit uk.ni.com/careers/scholarship
Who Uses NI Technology?
Designing and Implementing a Control System for an Electric Supercar
When the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team departed from Alaska to begin
their 16,000 mile journey on the Pan-American Highway, they did so in an
electric sports car powered, in part, by NI LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO. RGE is
a student-led project at Imperial College London that aims to demonstrate the
potential of zero-emission cars.
They use a fully electric powertrain that can achieve a top speed of 120 mph and
the car also has a unique twin-motor electric drive system, which makes it
possible for the car to travel further than any other electric car before needing to
be recharged.
Performing Structural Health Monitoring of the Olympic Venues
Using NI LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO
The loss of life and property in catastrophic events such as earthquakes,
hurricanes, fires, or bomb blasts is mainly the result of damages to or the collapse
of structures. Consequently, engineers worldwide are continually trying to validate
structural models and iterate structural designs to reduce tragedies caused by
these types of events.
Civil engineers building the Olympic venues in China, including the iconic
“Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium in Beijing, used the LabVIEW graphical
programming environment and CompactRIO hardware platform to design a
highly accurate structural health monitoring (SHM) system with time-based
GPS synchronisation to monitor structures at critical points.
At the heart of the NI graphical system design platform is LabVIEW, a programming
environment used by engineers and scientists worldwide to tackle both simple and
complex challenges across a variety of industries. The intuitive nature of LabVIEW
makes it easy for educators and researchers to incorporate the software in a range
of courses and applications. Please visit us at ni.com/labview
See how engineers and scientists worldwide are using NI tools to increase productivity,
reduce cost and improve everyday life at uk.ni.com/casestudies
National Instruments UK & Ireland
Contact us today to launch your engineering career at National Instruments. We offer engineering
graduates a world-class training and development programme, a competitive compensation
package and a challenging role at one of the UK’s Great Places to Work.
About Newbury
Newbury in Berkshire is a market town situated in the centre of Southern England,
easily accessible from the M4 and A34, and at the heart of the Thames Valley
technology corridor – home to companies including Vodafone, Intel and Microsoft.
Newbury has regular direct rail connections that get you into London Paddington
within an hour.
What We Look For
Candidates for the ELP will have achieved a minimum of second class degree in engineering or science-related field,
such as electronic engineering, physics or mechatronics. In the ELP, it is not just about having the right grades; we
also find that many of our most successful recruits have the following traits in common:
NI is a technology company, releasing innovative
products at a rapid rate. Engineers at NI thrive on
the challenge to stay in touch with this technology
and be the expert advisors to our customers.
At NI, not only do we need our engineers to have great
technical skills, they also need to be geeks with
social skills, and have the ability to communicate
effectively with customers and colleagues.
At NI, you will need to take ownership of your own
career and drive its development. Engineers at NI
also need to be able to take responsibility for tasks
and decision making.
Problem Solving
Customer Focus
Passion for Technology
Careers at NI often involve early responsibility and
sometimes rapid progression. We look for people
who relish this challenge.
Customers come to us for help, whether for a new
or existing system. Engineers at NI must be able to
Making our customer successful is key to our
business growth. Engineers at NI have to be
quickly analyse the nature of the problem and think
committed to going the extra mile to ensure that
creatively to provide a solution.
our customers are satisfied.
How to Apply
To apply for any of these positions, please send your CV to [email protected] and refer to the ELP or ELP
Internship positions in your email title. Find out how National Instruments people, products, technology and vision
comes together at ni.com/company
>> Learn more about careers at NI in the UK at uk.ni.com/careers
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