TCCA and TC wire Introduction

TCCA wire
(1).CCA covered with the tin layer
(2).good conductivity
(3).rigid and annealed
(4).SGS standard
TCCA is CCA covered with a layer of tin which featured of the small density of aluminium and the good conductivity of copper.
First Generation products CCA Wire, with its quality high-intensity copper cladding, and aluminum core, combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the light weight of aluminum.
It can be used for inner conductor of coaxial cable and appliance cable.
(1) Copper clad aluminum wire is featured of both the small density of aluminum and the good conductivity of copper.
(2) Copper clad aluminum wire is produced with the production process of cladding welding drawing method, by cladding planished copper belt concentrically on the outer surface of the
aluminum line, via several times of drawing and heat treatment to meet customers’ technical requirement on line diameter, mechanics and electrics capacity.
(3) Its’ resistivity are 0.02743 /m and 0.02676 /m.
(4) It’s nominal density are 3.32 g/cm . and 3.63 g/cm .
(5) It is (37-40)% of fine copper lead. Aspect ratio with same specification and weight is 1:2.5-2.7.
(6) It has the advantages of :
(a)small density of aluminium
(b)good conductivity of copper
(c)high signal transmission property
(d)light weight
(e)low production cost
(7) The application landscapes:
TCCA is widely used in transmission of the television signal, transmission of high capacity communication network, control of the signal cable(like alarm cable), the cable of light
vehicle, the cable welding, emergency mobile cable, television drive wire, deflecting coil, ballast coil, Automobile wireing Harness, screen shield braid wire, Enameled Wire and so on.
A. In high signal transmission, it is applied to:
a. Standard Material of Conductor in CATV Coaxial Cable
b. 50 Ohm Radio Frequency Aerial
c.Leaky Cable
d.Data Cable
e.Soft Coaxial Radio Frequency Cable
B. In power transmission and LF signal transmission, it can be applied to:
Twisted Pair Power Cable Control Cable Building Cotton Covered Wire Busbar & Other
C. In special electromagnetic wire, it can be applied to :
a. Coils or windings in computers
b. Mobile communication equipments
c. Spaceflight & aviation and military industry instruments
The specific physical characters of TCCA
Specific resistance
(g/cm 3 )
Tensile strength
(8) Tinned Copper clad aluminum wire more advantages :
Ω. mm 2 /m)
TCCA wire is produced by international advanced welding technology. The copper adopts the pure copper with 99.97% above density, copper layer is of high density, and good
conductivity; Copper layer and Aluminium core combined well and have good concentric degree.
Under the same conditions as in weight and diameter, the length of copper clad aluminum wire is 2.6 times than the pure copper's length 2.6 : 1. This will greatly reduce the cost of
production lines. And copper clad aluminum wire can reduce the raw-materials largely for the buyer.
Compared with the pure copper, TCCA is of no value for the thieves.Because the separation between the copper clad Aluminium and Alumium layer is almost impossible. Therefore, it
can add security.
TCCA wire is more malleable than copper, and doesn't bear insulating oxide like Aluminium. So copper clad aluminum wire is easier to take into processing and have better conductive.
TCCA wire has light weight and it is convenient to transport and install. so it can reduce the labor
TC (Tinned Copper wire)
detailed features:
1. tin copper has excellent weldability, plating a uniform tin layer on the surface of copper,
2. it can still keep good solderability for long-term storage. It has eximious anticorrosion performance.
3. It has smooth surface and flexibility
4. stable and reliable performance, high quality
5.surface brightness even, without off color, tin, shading, .
6. line diameter torelence is ± 0.01 mm allows
7. tin plating thickness: thin,0.2-2.5 mm: In plating
8. elong tensile: ≥ 15% (or according to customer's request)
9. repeatedly bend: 4 times
10.tinned copper wire
11.ISO-9001 Approved.
12.SGS Certificate
13.Oxygen-free copper wire
It can be used as lead wire of various electronic components, such as fixed resistors, film capacitors and ceramic capacitor and all kinds of cables.
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