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Catholic Charities of Central
Minnesota is involved with many
charitable programs. One of which is
Share the Spirit, designed to help
make the season merrier for families
in need, during the 2014 Christmas
season the program was able to
have all families adopted.
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ATS participated in spreading the joy
of the season. The local family ATS
adopted provided a thoughtful gift of
their own by thanking ATS. Although
it was not necessary, the family gave
ATS much more than a simple thank
you. Detailing the depth of the
extensive generosity they received
and appreciation for the much
needed gifts, the family wanted
everyone to know how blessed they
Truck Idling
By Josh Loy
Each Wednesday of the week I
discuss with new drivers the effects
of idle on a truck at the ATS
Orientation Class. The feedback I
receive from drivers in the discussion
can range greatly. Some drivers are
diligent about reducing idle, some
see it as a necessary evil, while
others are not concerned one way or
the other – simply part of being a
professional driver. There are points
to recognize with each view,
however when the weather gets
extreme, either hot or cold, it can
play havoc with a truck.
A great example of how high idle
affects your truck is the emissions
systems; we are talking: DPF’s, NOx
sensors, etc., and in general the
ability to do a regen when prompted.
Cold weather leads to high idle
times. While the truck idles it
continues to push particulate matter
or “ash” into the filter causing it to
build up. Many times drivers will
wake up and go straight to driving
without doing a regen and that ash
which was collected continues to
build to the point where eventually
the truck will derate and shutdown.
Not only does high idle affect the
truck’s emissions, but reduced fuel
economy, and engine wear will also
occur - generally losing money each
time you stop and leave the truck
running. It is always in your best
interest to limit truck idle as much as
possible. Here are some tips and
facts to help you lower truck idle
- If you leave your truck, shut it
off. Just a ½ hour of excessive
idling before or after a 100 mile
trip can reduce mpg
consumption by about one-third.
- An idling truck engine uses
about 1 gallon of fuel per hour.
- Carry warm clothes or invest in
a cold-rated sleeping bag to help
minimize amount of time you
need to keep your truck idling.
- If you do have to idle make
sure to do a manual regen in the
morning before you roll to burn
off any built up matter in the DPF
- Use auxiliary heaters when
Keep in mind that an engine wears
out twice as fast when idling
compared to normal operation. One
hour of unnecessary idling a day,
over the course of a year, adds the
equivalent of 26,000 road miles to
engine wear.
Be safe out there!
Josh Loy
Road Service Manager
ATS Celebrates 60th Anniversary
2015 marks the 60th year in business
as a transportation provider for
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. The
year will be marked with celebrations.
Included in the commemoration will be
the drivers, contractors and employees
of ATS, as well as customers, vendors
and its community based philanthropy.
The theme for the celebration will be
“Milestones”. Harold Anderson, founder of Anderson
Trucking Service, returned from World
War II in 1945, as a highly decorated
Captain in the Army Air Corps, having
flown 29 successful missions in the
European corridor. Upon his return
from the war, he was eager to continue
his career, transportation. On January
3, 1955, ATS commenced business
with two active drivers, two usable
trucks, five partial trailers and an old
wooden warehouse with a 12 foot by
12 foot office. The employees
consisted of two drivers, one mechanic
and one dispatcher. Guided by his
values, Harold commenced business
with a passion for providing
exceptional service to ATS’ customers.
From that humble beginning ATS
has grown to be the 41st largest for
hire carrier in North America. Rollie
Anderson has followed in his father’s
footsteps, learning about the
transportation industry by starting out
in the ATS maintenance shop at 14
years old, attending the University of
Minnesota and serving in the United
States Air Force.
Today, Rollie works side by side with
his brother, James Anderson, their
sons, Brent Anderson and Scott
Anderson respectively, a dedicated
management team to direct the day
to day operations, as well as
hundreds of hard working drivers,
contractors and employees who
carry out the task of successful
freight delivery each and every day.
The same spirit of Mission, Vision
and Values that Harold Anderson
established in 1955 is, 60 years later,
still alive and well at ATS. Although
equipment is bigger, highways have
more lanes, loads are more complex
and information is moving at
gigabytes per second, the foundation
of who Anderson Trucking Service is
remains the same.
The timeless mission, vision and
values established 60 years ago
continue as business cornerstones
for ATS. Rollie Anderson, CEO of
ATS said “Our anniversary theme
‘milestones’ is very appropriate for
this celebration. ATS’ first business
relationship and milestone was
hauling granite for Cold Spring
Granite Company. Many
accomplishments have been
reached over these 60 years. My
brother Jim and I have been honored
to carry on the legacy that was
started by our father, Harold
Anderson, in 1955. That legacy now
continues on to the third generation
through my son, Brent Anderson and
nephew, Scott Anderson.”
2015 ATS
The ATS Scholarship Program was
designed to assist our employees with
education-related costs as they support
their family members in pursuing higher
education. In recognition of their efforts,
ATS is offering an annual scholarship
program with awards totaling up to
$10,000 each year.
Up to three $1,000 Scholarships will be
awarded to high school seniors enrolling
in an undergraduate program in the Fall,
immediately following High School
Up to $7,000 in additional scholarship
funds will be awarded to students who
are enrolled in their second, third, or
fourth year of a post-high school
undergraduate program in the Fall
(current year)
Eligible applicants must be- A dependent child and/or spouse of an
employee or contracted driver of ATS or
the Anderson Family of Companies.
- Pursuing a post-high school 2-year or
4-year degree program
- Enrolled in an accredited educational
*Must be employed or have an active
contract with ATS or Anderson Family of
Companies at the time the scholarship is
Awarding the Scholarship:
- Scholarship recipients will be chosen by
May 1 of each year. GPA, participation
in activities/clubs employment
experience, and essay content will be
factors in determining the recipients of
the scholarships
- A transcript or a letter verifying
enrollment in a post high school
educational institution will be required
prior to issuance of the scholarship
- Scholarship checks will be sent directly
to the educational institution and may be
used for tuition, housing and/or books
- Applicants will be accepted annually
from February 9 to April 13th
What’s News
ATS Presented
Recognition Award
ATS Members Build
For its contribution to Tanner’s Team
Foundation of Central Minnesota, ATS
was recognized for its generosity,
donations and support.
Many team building activities occur
in the boardrooms or offices of
corporate businesses. That
stereotype has experienced a 180
degree turn when Human Resources
Recruiter, Michael Therrien and
West Shop Manager, Bob Arnold
decided to connect by going fishing.
L-R: Rollie Anderson and John Fuls
Created in memory of Tanner Fuls, the
foundation works as a team to
financially help families in Central
Minnesota who have children with life
threatening illnesses. By helping
families cover housing, transportation,
and household expenses incurred
during their child’s care and treatment.
Tanner’s Team helps to ease the
burden of day-to-day operations.
Rollie Anderson was presented the
award by Foundation President and
ATS Heavy Haul Carrier
Representative, John Fuls.
January 2nd provided an eventful
evening for the two members of ATS
as they limited out on perch in
approximately an hour and a half.
Arnold put it best when he said, “It
was a great time had by all; we were
marking fish and having fun.” After
reaching their limit on perch they set
their sights on catching walleye, but
had no luck in catching them.
Driver Referral
Program Business
Anniversary Edition
As we celebrate 60 years of
business, it is important to remember
who we are, how we got here, and
where we are going.
To highlight this sentiment, ATS will
be releasing a special edition of The
Herald. In the Anniversary issue of
the newsletter we will highlight
members of ATS who put forth
dedicated years of service towards
Anderson Trucking and witnessed
the growth of the company, along
with much more. Be sure to get your
copy when they come out!
If you know an experienced driver
that wants to be a part of our team,
make sure you reward yourself with
this referral program. First, use the
Driver Referral Business Card to
acquire $20.00 for each driver that
fills out an application, and then if
they certify, you will be rewarded
with $1,000.00!!!
After 60 Years, It’s Time to Celebrate!
By Jim Anderson
Read Me & Win
a business to breaking the inertia on
a huge flywheel:
“Pushing with great effort, you get
the flywheel to inch forward, moving
almost undetectably at first. You
keep pushing and, after two or three
hours of persistent effort, you get the
flywheel to complete one entire turn.
The "Read Me and Win" Contest is
open to ATS Employees and
Contractors. Correct entries will
receive one of the new ATS Logo
caps (pictured) or a similar style
when they arrive.
You keep pushing, and the flywheel
begins to move a bit faster. . . .You
keep pushing. Then at some point,
breakthrough! The momentum of the
thing kicks in your favor, hurling the
flywheel forward, turn after turn . . .
whoosh! . . . its own heavy weight
working for you.
With more tires rolling beneath the
ATS logo than ever before, it’s time to
ponder where we are and where we
came from.
I was four years old when Anderson
Trucking Service incorporated, old
enough to remember Dad going to
work at a 12 x 12 office attached to
that rickety old wood frame loading
shed on Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud.
A fine fellow named Art was the lone
dispatcher for many years, and a nice
neighbor lady named Florence was the
only secretary for a while. The fleet
consisted of five used trucks. The
loads were granite monuments and
face stones designed for public and
commercial buildings.
That was many truckloads ago with
incremental progress from 1955 to
today. An outsider driving by our
corporate office or passing an ATS
truck pulling a section of a wind tower
may think that ATS was perhaps a
dozen years or perhaps a couple
decades in the making. Not so! Not in
the trucking business, hardly in any
The flywheel image captures the
overall feel of what it was like inside
the companies as they went from
good to great. No matter how
dramatic the end result, the good to
great transformations never
happened in one fell swoop. There
was no single defining action, no
grand program, no one killer
innovation, no solitary lucky break,
no wrenching revolution. Good to
great comes about by a cumulative
process—step by step, action by
action, decision by decision, turn by
turn of the flywheel—that adds up to
sustained and spectacular results.” 1
My purpose in quoting Good to Great
seeks not to persuade anyone that
ATS is a “Great” company. Collins
accurately illustrates what I have
observed over 60 years. Today,
Anderson Trucking Service
continues as the culmination of
numerous tedious strides over many
yesterdays. And that, my friends, is a
very good reason to celebrate!
Jim Collins, Good to Great (New York:
HarperCollins Publishers, 2001), pp. 164-165
In his bestseller, Good to Great, Jim
Collins compares the initial stages of
Thanks and keep on reading “The
Herald.” Contestants are only
eligible to win once every six (6)
And the winners are...
Jose Arevalo
Scott Brady
Jonathan Migliara
Nikki Neumiller
Russ Berg
James Parker
Sean Dwyer
Samuel Conley
Melody Haase
Corinne Danielson
Gene Janssen
Roderick Turner
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Rolling Along
of ATS
What’s News
By Rollie Anderson
-It was “The Year of the Driver” with
weekly meetings. Many initiatives
came out of the recommendations
and questions at these meetings.
We appreciate all of the driver
involvement in making this possible.
-The addition of Paul Pfeiffer as
Corporate Chief Financial Officer
provided additional leadership to the
-I am proud of the performance of
each business unit in 2014.
This time of the year I like to provide
an overview of ATS, or as I like to
call it, the “State of ATS.” It has
become somewhat of an annual
event, much like the President’s
State of the Union Address. Let’s
begin by looking back on significant
events in 2014, and then move
forward to what we see for 2015.
Significant Events for ATS in 2014
-2014 was the 3rd best revenue
performance in company history,
totaling over $862 million, surpassed
by only 2012 with $920 million and
2008 with $894 million.
- Revenue growth for all business
units was 16.6% exceeding our
revenue goal of 16%, led by more
than 22% growth in the St. Cloud
companies. 4 of the 10 operating
companies surpassed both their
revenue and profit budgets in 2014
(ATS Inc, ATS Heavy Haul, SunBelt
and Energy)
- It was positive to see truck growth
(organic growth), especially in ATS
Inc. where it was well beyond the
budgeted truck growth.
- Energy projected a year-end truck
growth of 29%, surpassing that with
54% actual year end truck growth,
and budgeted revenue growth of
13%, surpassing that with 36%
revenue growth.
-There was a strong “Wind” market,
producing the second highest wind
revenue in our history.
Outlook for ATS in 2015
As we look ahead to 2015 we feel it
will be a strong year, however, there
are some headwinds that we must
Due to the decline in commodity
markets (corn, beans, crude oil, and
metal prices) there will be a decline
in agricultural equipment and oil
related industries. On the other hand,
we expect Wind to have a strong
presence in 2015.
It will be a year of investment as our
capital budget is the largest in ATS
history, with almost $100 million
being invested in new plant and
equipment. The revenue goal for
2015 is $978 million, which is 14%
higher than 2014. ATS will continue
to seek acquisition of companies in
defined niches, knowledge,
geography and industry which meet
our selection criteria.
We will once again make this “The
Year of the Driver” communicating
with our drivers and contractors to
hear their concerns and provide
response to them.
We will celebrate ATS’ 60th year in
business during 2015. I am thankful
to the employees, drivers and
contractors for their efforts and
support over these 60 years. This
milestone is possible through the
combined efforts of everyone
associated with ATS, and I am
sincerely grateful to each and every
one who has contributed to our
ATS Pledges to
In honor of its 60th anniversary, ATS
has donated $1,000,000 to the St.
Cloud Area Family YMCA.
The donation is dedicated to the
employees, for their efforts over the
years, and to the St. Cloud
community for the excellent
environment provided for our
company, employees and families to
grow and succeed. The partnership
will aid in the construction of YMCA’s
new and modern facility that will
further enhance the St. Cloud area,
which is breaking ground this year.
“We are excited about this project
and its potential impact to ATS
employees and their families, the
organization, and the overall
community,” said Scott Anderson.
Casual Day for
By Kelly Minnick
Each month ATS corporate holds a
casual day for charity. The charity
selected for January was Place of
Hope. Like many of our casual day
charities, Place of Hope was
submitted by an employee.
Employees raised $708 for the
month’s casual day for charity. ATS
contributed $350 so our grand total
was $1058.
What’s News
ATS Employees Contribute to Fighting Hunger
Q&A with Brent
Members of ATS contributed in the
annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of
Service Packaging Event, held on
Saturday, January 24th at Celebration
Lutheran Church in Sartell, MN. The
volunteer effort commemorates
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of
What does ATS’ 60 years of
business mean to you?
Kids Fighting Hunger is a volunteerdriven effort to package and
distribute humanitarian relief in
communities worldwide where there
is a direct need for support.
L-R: Sierra Nelson, Erick Mumm,
Josh Porwoll, Aaron Zimmer
L-R: Cory Link, Allie Delong, Mary
Volkers, Ben Delong, Rick Stark, Jon
Schave, Jake Black
The non-profit of Central Minnesota
believe that every person can make
a difference in the fight against
hunger that exists nationally and
globally. Knowing that everyone can
impact this fight, the Kids Fighting
Hunger Program was created to give
people the opportunity to participate
in food distribution.
Answer from Brent:
When I think about 60 years of
doing business, I think about a
substantial accomplishment. Less
than 25% of all businesses created
make it past 15 years. The second
facet that comes to my mind is 3
generations of family. I think of the
old picture of my Great
Grandfather, Elmer and
Grandfather, Harold with a team of
horses. It reminds me of hard work
and determination to build a
company out of nothing. I also think
of the faces of many people that
have been involved in the business
since the beginning. We have
drivers and other staff that have
worked for ATS over 40 of those 60
years. Their commitment and
dedication is very much
appreciated. So, 60 years to me is
all about family, people and the
determination to make it happen.
ATS Retirees
Diane Chirhart:
Data Entry Clerk
2006-2015, 8+ years of service
Spotlight on Safety
Injury Prevention
By Jack Johnson
With the intention of raising
awareness and focusing on
prevention, our goal is to reduce or
eliminate injuries for this hazardous
period of time during 2015, as there
are seasonal reoccurring patterns.
Be aware of your surroundings to
identify hazards that you are facing.
Be pro-active to protect yourself from
injury. Correct Personal Protective
Equipment can help you prevent
physical and financial injury.
Slips on ice
Falls from a trailer or an
elevated position
Be aware when the temperatures
allow the ice to start melting, the
standing water above the ice makes
walking on surfaces such as parking
lots, sidewalks, surfaces in general
very difficult.
Questions or considerations:
Are you using 3 points of contact
when getting on or off the trailer?
The standing water may then freeze
overnight to create more ice as a slip
hazard in the morning during your
pre-trip inspection or walk to a
Preventative measures:
Being in a hurry will result in walking
too fast or running which increases
the chances of a slip, trip or fall.
Taking shortcuts, not watching where
one is going, using a cell phone,
carrying materials which obstructs
the vision, wearing sunglasses in
low-lit areas, not using designated
walkways, and speed are common
elements in many injuries.
Injuries can “hurt” in many ways
including physically, financially and
emotionally. If you have ‘down time’
due an injury your payments don’t go
Shoes can play a big part in
preventing falls. The slickness of the
soles and the type of heels worn by
you, need to be evaluated.
Non-slip shoes, work boots or
temporary traction devices for your
footwear such as YakTrax (available
to you in the on-line ATS company
store), will assist with positive
traction on most ice conditions.
Are your hands free?
Is the lighting sufficient?
When looking at the specific injuries
versus frequency, there are two
reoccurring categories that stand out.
Is the working area clean and clear
from trip hazards?
-Slips on ice.
-Falls from trailers.
Do you have appropriate footwear on
for the conditions?
Are the steps of the tractor clean and
clear of mud or ice?
Park in well-lit conditions, so you are
able to see all high-risk slip areas.
Conduct inspections of your work
zone for slip and trip hazards.
Take small steps when in slick
conditions. Shortening your stride
reduces the forward force which is
often the cause of the slip.
Make use of a slow shuffle while
working in extremely slick conditions
Could you ask for assistance when
there is a need to be in or on the
Could you look for an opportunity to
help another worker?
As a summary, it doesn’t HURT to be
aware of your surroundings.
If an injury occurs seek medical
attention. If needed, call ATS Claims
What’s News
Generational Photo Documents ATS’ Progress
Early this year the Anderson family
members posed for the 4th in a series
of generational photos which have
visually documented the ATS story of
progress and continuity. This
updated photo was commissioned
for two reasons. One was to carry on
the rich tradition of this historical
documentation which depicts the
current generation of ATS tractor
equipment together with the
Anderson family management team.
The other reason was to honor of the
60th anniversary of ATS, which is
being celebrated this year.
The first photo in the series was
taken in 1987 and depicts Harold
and Rollie Anderson standing in front
of a 1988 Freightliner cab-overengine and a conventional FLD, both
baby blue in color. The conventional
tractor was a truck for the Varco
Pruden Fleet that was managed at
the time by the ATS Evansville,
Wisconsin terminal.
The second in the series portrays
Harold, Rollie, Brent and Scott
Anderson taken in 1998. They are
pictured with unit 15266, a 1999
Freightliner FLD 120 and 15251, a
1999 Freightliner Classic XL.
The third photo was taken in late
2006 and shows Rollie, Jim, Brent
and Scott Anderson posing with
tractor 19590, a 2007 Freightliner
Classic XL and unit 19711, a 2007
Peterbilt 379.
The most current photo in this series
was taken in January of this year.
Rollie, Jim, Brent and Scott are
pictured with unit 11361, a 2015
Freightliner 122 SD and unit 17578,
a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia
All photos were taken in a hangar at
the St Cloud Airport. The
photographer was Joel Butowski
Photography of St Cloud, MN.
What’s News
Emma Vallery’s Story
ATS Specialized driver, Dan Vallery
was able to share a unique
experience with his daughter, Emma
this past summer. For one week she
was a passenger with her father.
What was supposed to be a normal
week on the job for Dan turned into a
memory of a lifetime for him and his
daughter, Emma.
Emma not only shared the story with
her classmates by writing and
depicting the experience, the writing
turned out to also be a Christmas gift
for her father, Dan.
On our way home we stopped to buy
presents or souvenirs. We bought a
lot of stuff for my mom. The next day
when we got home my mom was so
surprised. She was happy we got the
candy she loved, salt water taffy!
She also got a new coffee mug. I got
to ride my ATV again that sounds
like a rocket! I also got to finally
sleep in my own bed. I was happy
because I was squished in the same
bed with my dad for a week. I still
had a fun time on the road, but it was
great to be home.
Semi-Truck Business
By: Emma Vallery, daughter of Dan
Rrr! Rrr! I heard the roar of my dad’s
semi-truck as he drove up the
driveway. I felt so much excitement, I
smelled so much diesel. I was so
During the summer of 2014, I was at
home and my dad came home in his
huge truck. He told me I was coming
on the road with him. My dad’s truck
sounded like thunder! My dad is a
truck driver. He transports John
Deere tractors and other big things.
On the first day we went to go get
tractors. I watched him chain them
on the flat bed. A lot of times I also
got to talk on the CB radio. I got to
talk to a lot of truck drivers. Some
days we got to go to restaurants at
truck stops, when we were not in the
mood to make dinner.
Also, sometimes we got to go to the
game room to play games. We even
played games and watched movies
on my dad’s Xbox which was fun too.
One day when we were driving we
decided to tell ghost stories
What’s News
ATS Recruiting
Awards Driver
Laredo Terminal
Congratulations to Michael Lee. Lee,
an ATS Specialized driver, was the
winner of ATS’ first ever $5,000
referral drawing. The names of all
ATS drivers who participated in the
4th quarter referral contest, 2014
were included in this drawing. The
cash prize is a reward for proactively
spreading the word about ATS to
professional drivers and referring
their application to ATS. The contest
took place from October 1, 2014 to
December 31, 2014. Lee was
awarded his $5,000 prize at ATS
corporate office on January 19,
2015. ATS thanks Lee for his effort
and hope that he enjoys his wellearned reward! Joe Goering, VP
Driver Recruiting added his
sentiment upon Lee’s award
ATS Specialized underwent a
mandatory C-TPAT (Customs- Trade
Partnership against Terrorism)
validation at our Laredo, TX facility
on November 19, 2014.
Holding a C-TPAT certification
means our company is committed to
protecting our country against
terrorism by ensuring loads from
other countries are secure and free
of contraband when traveling through
the United States. C-TPAT requires
participating organizations to go
through a validation process every 4
years; the validation process is
conducted by an assigned C-TPAT
specialist. They are looking for
consistent efforts to improve security
policies and procedures that may
also be recommended and or
required by the C-TPAT program.
C-TPAT Specialist Bob Zylstra,
assigned to ATS Specialized and his
colleague David Chen visited our
yard in Laredo, TX to conduct the
validation. Bob and David reviewed
documented security procedures as
well as physical security measures
that demonstrate we are doing
everything possible to support and
show our commitment to the C-TPAT
program and the security of the
United States. ATS Specialized
successfully passed the validation
and is certified for another 4 years.
Chelsea Terwey – Customs Compliance
L-R: Rollie Anderson, Michael Lee and
Brent Anderson
“First, great work and congratulations
Michael! Also, thanks to everyone
who participated in this program. The
quality and retention of the drivers
being referred from our own is a
night and day difference. No one
knows who ATS really is better than
our contractors and drivers. Imagine
the impacts to ATS if each of our
drivers referred just ONE driver each
year. Contractors and drivers - we
need the help - and remember each
driver is $1000 in your pocket! Stay
connected on both and our
drive4ats Facebook page,” said Joe
L-R: Josh Loy, Chelsea Terwey, Angela Wainwright, Bob Zylstra, C-TPAT
Specialist, David Chen, C-TPAT Specialist and Raul Vasquez.
What’s News
60th Anniversary Events
Thank you to all who participated in
the most recent Flashback Friday
events. Our 60th Anniversary logo
enhances our theme, Milestones, as
it marks a diamond anniversary for
ATS Presents Gift to
March 23 - Milestone Monday
April 24 - Flashback Friday
May 18 - Milestone Monday
June 26 - Flashback Friday
July 20 - Milestone Monday
August 21 - Flashback Friday
September 21 - Milestone Monday
October 23 - Flashback Friday
November 23 - Milestone Monday
There will be many more events
throughout 2015 and we hope you
are able to participate and enjoy
them! Many events will take place at
ATS corporate during the day, as
well as other, larger events
scheduled outside of normal work
hours which we also hope you
We will be sure to notify through all
possible mediums (print, intranet and
email) to make you aware of each
and every festivity that comes along.
December 18 - Flashback Friday
Summer Picnic:
Thursday, June 25
Outdoor Movie Night:
Thursday, August 13
Gala Celebration
Saturday, November 21
River’s Edge Convention Center
Mark your calendar for each event!
The Driver Referral Fishing Contest,
A Sure Catch is a reward in and of
itself for drivers. Fishing on the open
water of Lake of the Woods, building
camaraderie with ATS leaders, as
well as a week’s wages during the
trip culminate into a wonderful return
for spreading the word about ATS.
For Cory Ransom, the award goes
further for his intuitive fishing skills.
Cory Ransom, a member of ATS’
dedicated van fleet was the lucky
driver that caught the largest fish in
2014’s A Sure Catch. His reward, his
fish properly mounted on a piece of
drift wood. While setting up his
fishing rod Ransom noticed a lure
with a distinct red plaid design. When
he finally snagged the fish he could
tell it was aggressive, “The fish took
the hook, but I reeled it slowly and let
it fight,” said Ransom. When the fish
was brought to the surface, the boat
attendant netted the fish, and inside
was a 29 inch walleye.
The catch and event itself, was a
wonderful time to remember for
Ransom. “It was a great experience,
the people were great and the time
we spent on the water was amazing.
Plus, we arrived there by private jet!
It was just a great experience!” As for
Ransom’s walleye, he plans to place
it right above his fireplace with the
lure he personally picked out,
hanging from its mouth.
ATS is again partnering with TA/Petro – the
Trailer PM/DOT Program is back for 2015!
Each time you bring an ATS trailer in for a
PM/DOT service at a TA/Petro, you will receive
a $10 food voucher (on your TA rewards card)
that can be used at any TA-Petro full-service
restaurant locations!
Be sure to take advantage of these savings!
L-R: Joe Goering, Brent Anderson, Cory
Ransom, Jeff Pothoff, Mark St. Germain
Dining, Drivers & Dialogue
Answers for frequently asked questions at weekly driver lunch meetings:
What are the specific functions
of Macro 16 and how does it
differ from Macro 24?
What hours are drivers able to
get in touch with the OD Permit
There have been several questions
regarding the Macro 16, which is the
Trailer Maintenance Report. This
screen is sent to a truck when a
trailer has been dropped and noted
that a trailer repair is needed. The
information provided by the driver on
Macro 16 is sent to Road Service
who determines the severity of the
problem and whether the trailer
needs to be fixed immediately or if it
can be routed to a shop.
Flatbed drivers are to contact their
Fleet Managers with permit
questions and they will pass the
information along to the Permit
Coordinator. Drivers can also send
Mobile Com messages directly to the
Permit Coordinator. Heavy Haul
drivers can go directly to the Permit
Coordinator or contact their Fleet
When filling out Macro 16, it is
important to be specific as to the
repair needed, i.e. exact tire needing
repair, which light is out, etc. It is
important to emphasize that Macro
16’s are typically used for dropped
For loads you are still under please
send a Macro 24, and we will
address those issues as a
breakdown, rather than a dropped
trailer repair. Should you have any
questions related to when/how to use
the Macro 16, always feel free to
contact Road Service for guidance.
The permit department is staffed:
7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
8:00 am to Noon on Saturday
After business hours drivers can call
extended coverage staff. If the
extended coverage staff cannot help
them, extended coverage will contact
the Permit Manager for assistance.
Driver lunches are held at the
corporate office in St. Cloud
every Tuesday and Thursday.
Please be sure to attend one
when in St. Cloud.
Your input and feedback is
important to us!
We’re looking for new photos to be
used on our website and in other
corporate advertising and materials.
Prizes: 1st = $150.00, 2nd = $100.00
3rd & 4th = $75.00
5th & 6th = $50.00
Photos need to include the ATS
truck and/or load from any ATS
division. All photos submitted will be
considered. Photos may include
standard truck shots or action
This contest is open to all ATS
employees and contractors. Send
your photos to:
Read Me & Win Contest Questions!
1. What foundation presented Rollie Anderson with its Recognition Award?
2. What traction device can help prevent you from slipping on icy surfaces?
3. What guided Harold Anderson to launch his business?
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Attn: Photo Contest
PO Box 1377
St. Cloud, MN 56302-1377
High resolution digital photos are
preferred (mega-pixels).
Send file to [email protected]
Good Luck! The answers can be found within the articles of this Herald edition. Send
your answers to:
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Attn: Read Me and Win Contest
PO Box 1377
St. Cloud, MN 56302-1377
OR E-Mail your answers NOW to: [email protected] to include your
name, truck number, and division (If applicable) in the E-mail.
ATS will judge the photos and the
decisions will be final. All photos will
be considered. Submitted photos
become the property of ATS and will
not be returned. ATS reserves the
right to discontinue or modify the
contest at any time.
Recruiting Focus
“The Tools to Make a Better Life.”
Michael Ben-Dror grew up in New
York City, the son of an advertising
executive. After working as a parts
manager at a Porsche dealer, he
spent some time in a manufacturing
plant and then doing courier work.
He eventually decided to give
trucking a try, at the urging of a
friend who was a driver. Twenty-two
years later, Ben-Dror says he’s found
what he was looking for as a lease
operator working in the ATS Van
Padwrap Division.
“The pay is good and the lease
program lined up with what I wanted,
like being able to have my wife ride
along with me and getting to drive a
new truck every 2 years or so. I get a
$4,000 completion bonus every year
and I always go for a new truck! I
knew I wanted to work in padwrap,
and ATS was a good move for me
since they offered so many options,”
he said. And I really like getting to
travel to places I’ve never seen. I get
to play tourist and get paid for it!”
“ATS was the right fit for me. They’ve
given me the tools to be able to
create a better life. Nine years ago, I
came here looking for a more stable
company to work for. I was renting
an apartment and driving a 10-yearold-car. Driving for ATS has given
me the financial ability to reach my
goals. Today, I own a house and
drive a late-model car. ATS was the
best choice for me,” says Ben-Dror,
who is currently in his 8th lease with
the St. Cloud based company.
“It’s really a good place to work.
They’ve got an open-door policy with
their drivers. If I need to talk to
someone, I can call and talk to the
head of the van division. They treat
me with respect and even ask me for
my opinion on things,” Ben-Dror said.
“I’ve found what I was looking for. I’m
very happy I made the decision to
come to ATS!”
Million Milestones
Driver Hall of Fame
Every now and then something
happens that truly warrants our
attention. At ATS, it is our “Million
Mile Drivers”.
diligent efforts, along many others
who have since retired.
In recognition of drivers that
continually structure safety into their
career, ATS inducts them into its
Driver Hall of Fame upon achieving
one million safe miles driven.
12 drivers – 2 million miles
The program has been around since
1990. The induction serves as a
thank you to the many drivers
executing the integrity and
responsibility that makes them an
ATS driver.
63 drivers – 1 million miles
3 drivers – 3 million miles
The honoree is recognized through a
photo for each million mile achieved.
The photos are then placed in the
hall outside of the ATS Safety
Department. If you’re a driver
stopping through or an employee at
ATS corporate be sure to take a look
at the remarkable amount of drivers
that have reached this plateau.
Through 2014 there were 78 active
drivers that were recognized for the
Photo Contest
1st Quarter Winners
1st Place- $150 - Justin B. - 11279
2nd Place- $100 - Christopher W. - 82341
Photo Contest
1st Quarter Winners
3rd Place- $75 - Dennis S. - 82555
4th Place- $75 - Jeffery L. - 82339
Photo Contest
1st Quarter Winners
5th Place- $50 - Joe C. - 82250
6th Place- $50 – Daniel V. - 82432
Photo Contest
1st Quarter Escort Winners
1st Place- $100 - Dwight Patterson, Pilot Pros LLC
2nd Place- $50 - John Koncelik, Roadstone South Co.
Driver Referral Fishing Contest
Contest Rules
Referral Period: August 1, 2014 - July 15, 2015
In order to be eligible to refer a driver to ATS you have to be a current Company Driver, or Independent Contractor with ATS.
Contest Description:
Each winner will receive an all-expense paid Walleye fishing trip. (Dates and location to be announced at a later time)
ATS will choose 10 randomly selected drivers, along with the top 4 referring drivers from each division, as well as, the top
Fleet Manager from each Division to win an ALL EXPENSE paid trip to the Sportsman’s Lodge on Lake of the Woods in
Baudette, MN. This trip is hosted by the owners and senior management team of ATS including CEO, Rollie Anderson,
Executive VP, Scott Anderson, COO, Brent Anderson and President, Jake Wood. "This is our 3rd year of hosting this contest
and each year takes this trip to new levels of fun and excitement,” said Scott Anderson.
This trip includes a private air charter, deluxe accommodations, custom shirts and caps. ATS also offers ONE WEEK’S gross
pay for each winning driver. "We want each driver to relax, have fun and create memories. The week's pay helps to take the
worry out of making a truck payment or paying bills at home," said Rollie Anderson.
Contest Rules:
You must have a MINIMUM OF 3 DRIVER REFERRALS to qualify for the fishing trip drawing. Each driver referred and
certified during this contest period will each count as one “Ticket in the hat” for the drawing.
If you refer 3 drivers that get certified, your name goes into the drawing three (3) times. If you refer 5 drivers that get certified,
your name goes into the drawing five (5) times and so on. No limit to the amount of entries for a driver.
The top 2 active drivers from each of the Operating units with the most referrals are guaranteed a spot on the fishing trip! The
2 qualifying divisions are ATS Specialized (Including Heavy Haul) and ATS Inc./Van division.