Business ACH/Wire Make and Collect Payments Fast, Easy and Safe

Member Business Services
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Providing transfer
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Business ACH/Wire
Make and Collect Payments Fast, Easy and Safe
At WPCU, our Member Business Services team wants to make sure that
our members have the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive
business environment. That’s why we provide a complete suite of products
and services upon which every business relies, including online ACH and
Wire Transfer services.
Features and Benefits
Financial transfers are important pieces of the day-to-day operations of
any business. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits provided by WPCU
transfer services:
ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transfers
•Give businesses the ability to collect payments from customers and
clients as well as process vendor and employee payroll payments.
•Allow businesses to schedule future-dated payments.
•Provide a complete payment history that businesses can review
and manage.
•Eliminate the need for physical checks – all payments are made electronically.
•Use WPCU’s Online Banking system – there is no additional login information for businesses to maintain. One website, one platform.
Wire Transfers
•One of the fastest ways for businesses to transfer money, wire transfers provide members the ability to use WPCU’s Online Banking system to submit wire requests – there’s no need to visit or call a Member Center.
•Save payee information for use with future wire transactions.
•Eliminate the need for business members to sign each time they use a wire transfer.
Start Transferring Funds Today!
To take advantage of all the features and benefits WPCU transfers have to
offer, simply apply for ACH and/or Wire Transfer services at any Member
Center or by contacting WPCU Member Business Services at (800) 762-0047.
Once your application is received and approved, you’ll be able to start setting
up and receiving transfers in 1-2 business days.
Application and credit approval required.
federally insured
by ncua
(800) 762-0047