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Coolfire IV Instruction Manual
Switching ON/OFF device:
1. Ensure that the ON/OFF switch located on the underside of the Coolfire is in the ON position
2. Suppress the activation button located on the side of the Coolfire 3 times in quick succession
3. To switch OFF repeat the above
4. It is recommended when the Coolfire is not in use that the ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position
Switching between Variable Voltage and Wattage mode:
1. Wattage mode is ‘+’
2. Voltage mode is ‘-‘
3. To enter either mode press and hold the activation button along correct button for your chosen mode for 3
4. The screen will then flash in the selected mode
5. To change the setting press the ‘+’ button to increase or the ‘—‘to decrease your chosen setting
6. Once the maximum setting has been reach the Coolfire will recycling back to the lowest setting
Ohm meter, Battery Level Indicator & Puff Counter:
1. Press and hold both the ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons simultaneously and the screen will display the resistance (top left) of the
attached atomiser, the remaining battery voltage (bottom left) and how many puffs since the Coolfire was last
turned off
Battery LED Indicator:
1. GEEEN LED light = fully charged
2. YELLOW LED light = half capacity
3. RED LED light = charging required immediately
1. Using the MICRO USB CABLE supplied connect your Coolfire to your chosen power source (if using a mains charger
it is recommended to use a high quality charger)
2. Once connected to your chosen power source the LED indicator will blink from RED to YELLOW to GREEN
3. Once fully charged the LED indicator will turn GREEN (charging takes approximately 4 hours
4. If the LED indicator blinks RED for 8 seconds the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and will automatically power
Please Note:
1. The Coolfire will only fire variable wattage or variable voltage depending on the last chosen setting. It will not fire
2. If there is a connection problem with the atomiser, or the resistance is more than 9.9V the screen will display
‘CHECK ATOMISER’’ and will not fire. Please remove your chosen Clearomiser and make sure the atomiser is
securely in position
3. To flip the display screen press and hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons for 3 seconds
4. If the activation button is held for 15 seconds or longer the Coolfire LED indicator will flash and stop firing until the
button is released and pressed again