EIA Summary of Results for Death Serious Injury

Equality Impact Assessment
Summary of Results
Policy / Procedure Being Summarised:
Death or Serious Injury in Police Custody
Owning Department:
Date EIA Completed:
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What are the Purpose and the Intended Outcomes of the Policy / Procedure under
The purpose of this SOP is to offer clear guidance to custody staff, operational officers and
investigating officers in the event of a death in police custody.
The intended outcome is to ensure there is clarity in policy and procedures and support for officers
dealing with such an incident and as a result relevant staff will be better informed, more confident
and able to deal with a death in custody in a professional, appropriate and sensitive manner.
Part A:
Summary of Analysis / Decisions:
What the Assessment Found and Actions Already Taken:
It has been identified there are many cultural and religious issues relating to the manner in which the
deceased’s body is dealt with. The requirement of a Post Mortem examination maybe directly at odds
with the religious beliefs of the deceased and their next of kin.
Individuals and NOK whose first language is not English may not fully understand the processes,
which are taking place. This will have a similar impact on members of the community who suffer from
certain disabilities- Sight and Hearing impaired, learning difficulties etc
In relation to the issues highlighted above, by following guidance within the SOP to refer to the
Sudden Death SOP, Interpreting and translating SOP, Appropriate Adult SOP, Family Liaison SOP,
Police Scotland - Diversity Handbook and the COPFS Diversity Team or their Cultural Awareness
Guide will allow officers to deal with them in a manner in which any disadvantage can be eliminated
or limited.
Where the death itself has occurred in circumstances that may give rise to community tensions, then
early consideration may also have to be given to adopting a media strategy and Community Impact
Part B:
Summary of Implementation / Monitoring:
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What Else we Plan to do and How we Intend to Check that it’s Been Done:
Owning Department will monitor changes in legislation/circumstances which may affect the SOP and
assess how these changes may impact on the protected groups.
In addition they will be responsible for the cyclical review of both SOP and EIA