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Altus Dynamics ERP
Altus Dynamics ERP is a public and non-profit sector Enterprise Resource Planning solution
that understands how non-profit and public sector organization’s work while easily scaling
to your organization’s needs. Altus Dynamics ERP addresses all your core operational
needs from Accounting, Budgeting, Reporting, CRM to HR and Payroll. With Altus
Dynamics ERP you will have powerful tools to manage, process and report on your data.
See what’s most relevant Sometimes, less really is more and that’s the experience users get with Altus Dynamic ERP’s Role Tailored
interfaces. Users see their relevant information, key performance indicators and personalized pages for their productivity benefits. There
are dozens of ‘role centres’ built into the solution so no matter what you will be using the solution for, it will present the most relevant
information for you all on one dashboard.
Maintain the highest level of accountability Siloed information is one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s organizations, and
one of the major causes of operational inefficiency. Altus Dynamics ERP provides on a single solution, sharing information, minimizing
the number of applications to support and ensuring every transaction is captured and available for reporting and analysis.
True integration with Microsoft solutions There are many ERP solutions on the market but only Altus Dynamics ERP based solutions
can boast true native integration into standard business tools such as Outlook, Microsoft Excel and OneNote.
Save time and money Altus Dynamics offers a solution that helps to streamline key operational processes. For example, use employee
portals to accelerate your procurement, time and expense or HR processes. With Altus Dynamics Employee Portals, employees gain
faster insight into financial performance, eliminate a paper trail by automating purchasing and payment request and help HR processes
like absence management, .
Altus Dynamics ERP is the only Canadian based Non-profit and Public Sector ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV
2013. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to ERP – a platform built on a strong product foundation created to deliver
new levels of user value through faster, more efficient implementations, compelling new and enhanced application functionality,
and unparalleled levels of customer choice on how to deploy and access the solution.
With Altus Dynamics ERP, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 you can:
Gain end-to-end visibility and greater control over what’s going on in your organization, helping your people make smart, timely
decisions and get more done. Powerful application functionality like Cash Flow Forecast, Cost Accounting, Assembly Management,
Timeline Visualization, and other capabilities like improved query and charting enhance data access, analysis, and presentation for more
users. This fosters deeper insight into the operations and processes that drive your organization, helping you to gain greater control.
Get ahead of changing conditions, and stay ahead, by streamlining your organizational processes. This helps you control expenses,
improve budgetary control, and help your organization run more efficiently.
Optimize your IT investments and shorten the time to value with a flexible solution that’s simple to learn and use. Microsoft Dynamics
NAV 2013 works like and with other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, and with other business software
you may already use.
The reassurance of the highest quality product. Altus Dynamics ERP is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), meaning it has passed
the very highest standards for Microsoft Partner created Product.
All of this improves the visibility you have into, and control over, your finances and beyond throughout the organization.
Altus Dynamics ERP
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Accounting: Gain greater visibility and insight into how your organization is performing by monitoring budgeted and actual operating costs,
available budgets, departments, and projects. Increase your analysis capabilities through advanced GL segmentation and reporting.
Synchronize cost information with the general ledger and allocate costs to different cost centers and objects. Spot budget variances as soon
as they occur and take appropriate action.
Budgeting: Analyze and track your budgets throughout your year and take action quickly. Understand your current budget position, make
adjustments and track reasons, and share budget performance in real time and on demand. Create multiple budgets for different time
periods and export to excel for any further analysis or review.
Accounts Payable: track vendors, invoices and easily generate batches for AP management. Leverage electronic fund transfer with email
remittance advances for streamlined payment processes.
Accounts Receivable: integrate all your AR requirements. Create sale invoices, credit memo’s, and leverage robust reporting like customer
Project Tracking: setup, track and report on financial aspects of your projects and grants. Define your projects, project specifics, deliverables,
contacts, status, budget and funding sources. Tie all these capabilities directly into your GL for simplified financial management.
Asset Management: track your assets, locations, construction in progress, depreciation method. Integrate all your asset data directly in the
GL, AP and purchasing. Gain insight into status through robust reporting.
Extending the Reach through Employee Self Service Portal: Empower users
throughout your organization to access Altus Dynamics ERP from virtually any
device that supports a web browser. Altus Dynamics portals are pre-defined,
simplified version of ERP, allows more employees, especially occasional users, easy,
security enhanced access to relevant information like HR data, purchasing, financial
reporting, and deposits. Altus portals you gain access to Microsoft SharePoint, you
can also set up websites to share Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 data and
information, such as pages and reports, with more people inside and outside the
organization. Any changes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 pages on a SharePoint
site are updated instantly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.
Human Resources: track all your employees, their profile, positions, qualifications and their expiry dates and next training date. Manage your
appraisals, staff training and learning. Track time and attendance for staff and leverage the Altus Dynamics Portals for staff to request time
off, submit expenses, and update their profile to reduce a paper trial.
Position Management: track position qualifications, related rates, pay structures, employers, unions and pay cycles. Use position
management to define the reporting structure of positions, job evaluation history and details. Leverage built in workflows to streamline
position management processes like HR requests, and employee set up.
Payroll: leverage a robust payroll engine to manage all your payroll calculation needs. Streamline your processes by leveraging integration to
the GL and AP. Track employee benefits and allocate payroll for fast processing.
Health & Safety: track your health and safety incidents required by WSIB. Store claims with the employee records with full historical viewing.
Union Management: track your job, position, and job evaluation based on union requirements. Track all your collective agreements,
grievances, harassment register, layoff and discipline.
Altus Dynamics ERP
©Altus Dynamics 2013
Employee Scheduling: manage schedules for locations and employees. Manage unlimited weekly rotations and templates with real time
scheduling and integration to training and registration. Simplify your scheduling needs with the ability to copy schedules, replace an entry,
change employees and look at schedule statuses. Integrate your scheduling needs with employee payroll.
Employee Time & Expense: streamline your processes with the help of employee time and expense. Employees enter their time and
expense through the Altus Dynamics Employee Portal. Employees can define their time entry, assign an approver and submit for approval.
Managers easily review time sheets and approve.
Labour Allocation – allocate salaries across accounting objectives. Capture a complete audit trail of your labour cost adjustments. Easily
generate commitments on labour costs.
Reporting Enhancements: Take advantage of new reporting enhancements made possible by the tight integration of Microsoft Dynamics
NAV 2013, Microsoft Excel, and other Microsoft technologies to help boost productivity for more users and drive decision-making processes
for better control.
Microsoft OneNote Integration is supported by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, so you can use this flexible productivity tool on a role
specific basis for tasks such as creating Help and Information messaging, and for sharing information, including photos, videos, and other
“unstructured” information, more efficiently.
Role Tailored User Experience Enhancements expand Role Tailored functionality for users through improved charting capabilities and other
productivity enhancements.
End-User Charting: Take advantage of unique charting and visualization
capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to help users see and understand
data from across your organization, and then to take prompt, informed action.
Flexible, configurable chart types and charting capabilities give users a simple
way to drill down into details from a chart or visualization, fostering improved
analysis and better control. With new configuration and data aggregation tools
and more chart types available in the RoleTailored client, it’s possible to add a
chart to individual Role Centers or other areas within the application, change
the chart definition, show it in three dimensions, flip its axis, and print it. And
you can add a FactBox that contains a chart, which can be customized.
Grouping on Pages: New functionality enables display of content in tabular
Query: A “data pump” capability improves impromptu reporting through
improved access to data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or, via web services,
to data in other applications such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot.
CRM: gain advanced CRM capabilities through Dynamics CRM that ties directly to Altus Dynamics ERP. Leverage CRM for your needs in
donor management, event management, member management, contact management, learning management and registrations. See our
CRM fact sheet for more details on this capability.
Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) have demonstrated development quality and compatibility
with the Microsoft Dynamics product on which they run by passing rigorous software testing for Microsoft Dynamics.
For customers, CfMD helps identify Microsoft Dynamics solutions that have been tested for compatibility, meet high
quality standards, and are successfully used by existing customers
Altus Dynamics ERP
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