PlateTech.LOGIC Cutsheet (Process Clr):Biz.Logic Cutsheet

SKIDATA Factsheet
This software application is
a License Plate Recognition,
auditing, and reporting tool.
It integrates the SKIDATA
Parking.LOGIC and
APT450.Logic access
control systems with INEXZAMIR’s Insignia plate
number detection system.
Picture may vary from actual product.
• License
Plate Recognition Details Report
• Mismatches
• Unexited
Vehicles Report
• Confidence
Levels Report
• Captures
vehicle and plate images during entry and exit.
• Validates
matching entry and exit plate numbers during
• Allows
the option to require a supervisor/or cashier to
review vehicle images in the case of mismatched plate
• Improves
your customer service by using vehicle images
for fee-dispute resolution.
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