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Manual for digibuddy Powerbank - mobile charging station with USB-Port
- Li-Ion 24,4Wh - white
ATTENTION! Read the instructions completely and carefully. They contain important notes for usage and it is part of the
product. Keep this document for later look-up!
Safety instructions
ATTENTION! Only skilled and trained electricians may disassemble and assemble the product’s housing.
DANGER! Risk of life by electric shock! Avoid contacting mains voltages by all means!
ATTENTION! Risk of burning by overloading! Attend to the maximum output currents of the product before use!
ATTENTION! Risk of short-circuit!
Contacts must never be bridged! Do not put things into ventilation slots or ports! Never cover ventilation slots!
ATTENTION! Risk of injury by stumbling! Always attend to safe cable installation!
NOTICE! Use only in dry condition and do not leave it unattended.
unattended This product is not suited for children.
Description and Function
Your digibuddy powerbank is a mobile charger for devices that support USB charging. Charge your smart phone, your mp3-player
mp3 player or your navigation system – anywhere – without a plug socket!
The powerbank DB-6610 can be charged with any USB power supply
upply unit.
Before you charge a devise with DB-6610 please check the specifications to see if your devise is compatible. If you are not sure please ask your specialist retailer.
Use this powerbank with dedicated connection, cables and adaptors only.
The powerbanks output current is 1.0A or 2.0A.. Please make sure that this does not exceed the maximum
current consumption of your device.
Connection and Operating
To charge your powerbank connect one end of the included micro-USB
micro USB cable to the powerbank (Input) and the other end to an according USB power supply unit.
Use power supply units with a maximum output of 1A.
The status LED indicates that charging is in progress.
To check the charged state from the powerbank, press the button on the side from the powerbank one time.
(LED lights up continuously: 1 LED = more than 25% charged / 2 LED = more than 50% charged / 3 LED = more than 75% charged / 4 LED = fully charged)
To charge your device with the powerbank connect it to the powerbank (Output) using your device’s USB cable.
The device starts to charge automatically. If it doesn’t
doesn start automatically, press the button on the side from the powerbank
bank one time to start the charge.
Disconnect all cables after use.
Warranty and Responsibility
As the manufacturer has no influence on installation, warranty only applies to the product itself.
The manufacturer is not liable for damages to persons or property caused by improper installation, maintenance or operation, that are not described in this manual.
Do not modify or alter the product or its accessories.
Any use other than described in this user’s manual is not permitted and causes loss of warranty, loss of guarantee, and non-liability.
We reserve our right for misprints and changes of the device, packing, or user`s manual.
Disposal Instructions
According to the European WEEE directive, electrical and electronic equipment must not be disposed with consumers waste. Its components must be recycled or disposed apart from each
other. Otherwise contaminative and hazardous substances can pollute our environment.
You as a consumer are committed by law to dispose electrical and electronic devices to the producer, the dealer, or public collecting
collecting points at the end of the devices lifetime for free. Particulars
are regulated
gulated in national right. The symbol on the product, in the user`s manual, or at the packaging alludes to these terms. With this kind of waste separation, application, and waste disposal
of used devices you achieve an important share to environmental protection.
WEEE Directive: 2012/19/EU
DE 15939684
Model number
Item number
Input voltage / current (Input) Micro-USB
5V / 1A DC
Output voltage / current USB 1
5V / 1A DC
Output voltage / current USB 2
5V / 2A DC
Output voltage / current USB (combined on all ports)
5V / 2A
6600 mAh
Scope of supply
Powerbank / Micro-USB
USB charging cable
Ca. 180 g
Dimensions (L/B/H)
94/62/22 mm
digibuddy is a brand of ONNI-TEC GmbH
Onni-Tec GmbH • Broyhansweg 28 • 31199 Diekholzen • •