Field Evaluation Services

Field Evaluation Services
Field Evaluation Services from a leading
OSHA-Accredited Nationally Recognized
Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
Experts in the Evaluation and
Labeling of Unlisted Domestic and International Equipment
• Accredited by OSHA and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory • Evaluation to Relevant UL, ANSI, CSA and NFPA Standards
• Evaluation to NEC (National Electrical Code),
• CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) and SPE 1000 Requirements
• Engineering Team with Vast Product Knowledge
• Offices Throughout North America
• Next-Day Service
• 24-Hour Hotline
Expert Evaluation and
Regulatory Assessment
Today, many local jurisdictions in
the U.S and in Canada will not allow
unlisted or unlabeled equipment to
be installed or used at manufacturing
and commercial sites within their
boundaries. For responsive, costeffective solutions, equipment
manufacturers and buyers can turn to
TUV Rheinland of North America,
Inc. We provide on-site, on-call field
evaluation and assessment services.
help reduce the risks of electrical,
fire, mechanical and other potential
safety hazards. We work with our
clients to help provide corrective
actions when non-compliance issues
are found during the inspection.
Our team of highly trained,
regionally based experts performs
the most comprehensive inspections
and safety evaluations in the
industry, backed by a history of
testing, inspection and certification.
We work with you to ensure that
your industrial equipment and
machinery complies with local, state
and federal regulatory agencies.
We can also cost-effectively service
manufacturers outside of the U.S.
that ship their equipment to buyers
in the United States or Canada.
TÜVRheinland® engineers in
Asia or Europe can perform the
preliminary evaluation at the point
of origin, with the final evaluation
being conducted at the installation
site by our U.S. or Canadian field
evaluation team. Our worldwide
staff of TÜVRheinland® engineers
has extensive training and
experience with U.S. and Canadian
requirements and are knowledgeable
in the language and culture of
their region. Therefore, we can
significantly reduce time and travel
costs and pass on the savings to you.
Having TÜVRheinland® provide
Field Evaluation and Special
Inspection Services will help identify
and minimize possible liabilities that can otherwise be “hidden” in
your equipment.
Our engineers are familiar with both
U.S. and foreign equipment and will
know where to look for problems to
Field Evaluation Services
Let Us Be Your Single Source for Field Evaluation,
Testing and Certification Services
Our Customers Are:
• Machine Manufacturers
• ITE Manufacturers
• Telecommunications &
Audio Manufacturers
• Semiconductor Manufacturers
• Hospitals & Medical Offices
• Food Preparers & Processors
• Printers & Packagers
• Renewable Energy
(Solar, Wind & Fuel Cell)
Manufacturers & Providers
• Lighting Manufacturers
• Audio/Video Equipment Manufacturers
Our Services Include:
• On-Site Evaluations
• Pre-Purchase Assessments
• Re-Inspections of Repairs
• Auditing & Documentation
• Certification & Labeling
• Liability Reduction
• NRTL Certification
Our Engineers Are:
• Highly Trained
• Detail Oriented
• Safety Proficient
• Available & Accessible
• IAEI Inspectors
Our Strengths Are:
• Global Recognition
• Extensive Service Portfolio
– Canada SCC
– Worldwide Scope
• Cost-Effective Services
• Fast & Accurate Execution
• Timely Certification
…And More!
Member of IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors)
Member of ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials)
Member of ACIL (American Council of Independent Laboratories)
TÜVRheinland® is the world leader in independent testing and
assessment services. The $1.5 billion corporation is comprised of
an international network of 13,300 employees at over 490 locations
in 61 countries and serves most industry sectors and markets
worldwide. With North American headquarters in Boston, Mass.,
TUV Rheinland North America Holding, Inc. has additional offices
throughout North America.
North American Headquarters
12 Commerce Road
Newtown, CT 06470
Int’l +1 203-426-0888
United States
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