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The United States
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At GE, we put our ideas to work. Taking them off the
paper, out of the lab and into the world. Engineers,
scientists, teachers, leaders and doers, all sharing a
belief that things can be made to work better. It’s why
we come to work every day. To build, power, move and
cure the world. We are at work making the world work
Billerica, Massachusetts
• Measurement & Control Headquarters
GE Businesses in the region
Houston, Texas
• Drilling & Surface Headquarters
• GE Oil & Gas Training Center
• Measurement & Control Customer Application Center
• Downhole Technology Lab
• Drilling Manufacturing and Assembly
• High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Facility
Minden, Nevada
• Measurement & Control Customer Application Center
• GE Aviation
• GE Capital
• GE Energy Management
• GE Global Software Center
• GE Healthcare
• GE Home & Business Solutions
• GE Oil & Gas
• GE Power & Water
• GE Transportation
• GE Global Research
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GE Oil & Gas in the
United States
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Artificial Lift Manufacturing and Assembly
• GE Oil & Gas Global Research Center
Shawnee, Oklahoma
• Pressure Control Manufacturing and Assembly
Lufkin, Texas
• Artificial Lift Manufacturing and Assembly
• Gearbox Design and Manufacturing
Number of locations
Number of employees
Number of locations
Number of employees
Training Centers
Customer Application
3300 N. Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas 77032-3411
Houston, Texas
12221 North Houston Rosslyn Road
Houston, Texas 77086
Increasing equipment
performance for the global
North Sam Houston Parkway East
This 120 acre location includes a technology center
and manufacturing facility that covers a selection of
drilling and surface products. Established in 1978, its
current capabilities cover designing, manufacturing
and testing of our elastomer pressure control products.
Activities consist of elastomeric compound formulation
and molding of proprietary Hydril contract rubber and
rubberover-metal products.
North Sam Houston Parkway
Key Technologies
• Pressure control products
• Elastomeric compounds
and products
• Hydril Pressure Control
rubber and rubber-overmetal products
• Turboexpanders
Key Technologies
• Surface wellhead systems
• Gate valves, chokes,
• Subsea wellhead systems
• Specialty connectors & pipe
• Research & Development
• Riser fabrication facility
• SC&P roll-thru facility
• SSPE/TLP testing &
assembly facility
• Mudline suspension systems
• Subsea production systems
• Tension leg & spar platform
• Capital drilling equipment
• Valve cell (Six Sigma quality
machine tools)
North Houston Rosslyn Road
This facility is the administrative center for GE Oil & Gas
operations in the Western Hemisphere and the primary
service base supporting the Gulf of Mexico and other
western regions. It is also the Center of Excellence
for GE Oil & Gas VetcoGray surface wellhead and
flow control equipment and provides our full range
of VetcoGray products. The site covers a total area of
50 acres, with extensive facilities including outdoor
storage, indoor warehouse, manufacturing, fabrication,
R&D, testing and assembly.
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North Houston Rosslyn Road
Jacintoport Boulevard
Key Technologies
• High-speed reciprocating
Oil & Gas Learning Center
Houston, Texas
Growing global &
local talent
GE Oil & Gas Learning Center
The GE Oil & Gas Learning Center is designed to support
advance training and development for its customers
and employees. Training at the facility focuses on
technical and leadership skills aimed to meet the
changing needs and growing global demand for drilling
technologies. The 50,000 ft2 site is GE’s premier training
facility for oil and gas in the US.
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3300 N. Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas 77032
Port Northwest Facility
Houston, Texas
16240 Port Northwest Drive, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77041
Relentless focus on
innovation & collaboration
Port Northwest
This location includes 150,000 ft2 of manufacturing
facilities and offices. Several of the Natural Gas
Solutions (NGS) product lines are manufactured here
including: Dresser™ Meters, Texsteam™ Pumps, RCS™
and Andco™ Actuators. This facility is also home to the
executive offices for NGS and Roots™ blowers.
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Key Technologies
• Dresser Meters
• Texsteam Pumps
• RCS & Andco Actuators
Deer Park, Texas
1250 Hall Court
Deer Park, Texas 77537
Global support for parts,
distribution and more
Deer Park
The Deer Park aftermarket support center covers
nearly 73,500 ft2 and provides field services, repairs,
loose assembly, parts and rapid response for our
Masoneilan™ control valves and instrumentation
and Consolidated™ safety valves. These products are
produced by the Measurement & Control business of
GE Oil & Gas.
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Key Technologies
• Masoneilan control valves &
• Consolidated safety valves
Lufkin, Texas
601 S. Raguet
Lufkin, Texas 75902
Delivering reliability,
dependability and value
Artificial Lift Manufacturing and Services
Lufkin Industries joined the GE Oil & Gas family in 2013,
adding leading artificial lift and gear technology to
the company’s broad portfolio of solutions that are
powering the future of the oil and gas industry.
Lufkin technology and services are well known for
reliability, dependability and value in the artificial
lift industry. Customers around the globe efficiently
extract crude oil and other fluids from wells with a full
range of precision engineered artificial lift technologies
including rod lift, hydraulic lift, plunger lift, gas lift, and
progressing cavity pumps. These products and services
join GE’s existing electric submersible pumps solutions
to strengthen the GE artificial lift portfolio.
Power Transmission
Since the 1930s, Lufkin has designed and manufactured
high performance, precision engineered gear drives
for a diverse range of applications. Lufkin’s gear
technology is enhanced by RMT precision bearings
products. RMT’s advanced tilting pad, fixed pad,
pressure dam, multi-lobed and plain journal bearing
designs allows for higher loads and higher speeds.
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Key Technologies
• Hydraulic lift
• Gas lift
• Plunger lift
• Rod lift
• Progressing Cavity Pumps
• Well automation technology
• Engineered gears & bearings
Shawnee, Oklahoma
14311 North Highway 177
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804
Manufacturing innovative,
high specification surface
equipment solutions
Pressure Control
The GE Oil & Gas, Pressure Control business supports
global operators with key manufacturing and service
locations. The 160,000 ft2 Shawnee manufacturing
facility was established to manufacture, assemble,
test, and repair surface wellhead and production tree
equipment. Site credentials include ISO 9001:2008,
ISO/TS 29001, API specification Q1 registered, and API
licensed certified for API 6A products.
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Key Technologies
• Surface wellhead systems
• Gate valves
• Choke valves
• Actuators
Innovation in the
United States
Oklahoma City,
Creating jobs and fueling
innovation locally
GE Oil & Gas Global Research Center
A new Global Research Center dedicated to driving
innovation and technological advancements in the
oil and gas industry will be built in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. The new facility, which is GE’s first sectorspecific center, represents a $110 million investment
that will initially focus on technologies that enable safe,
efficient and reliable extraction of unconventional oil
and gas.
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• Niskayuna, NY US
• Bangalore, India
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Shanghai, China
• Munich, Germany
• San Ramon, CA US