Go Green LED Alternatives LLC.

Go Green LED
Alternatives LLC.
Company Overview
Go Green LED Alternatives (“Go
Green”) is a leading diversity
supplier using cutting edge
innovations to deliver significant
value quickly. Go Green provides
companies with complete solutions
to integrate eco-friendly energy
savings technology and services
centered around LED & Security
Company Goal
To deliver maximum LED efficiency
for businesses and schools by
creating an energy-efficient
program that improves operations,
saves money and helps the planet
Company History
Go Green LED Alternatives was
established in 2008 by Ms. Sandra
Goeken, a pioneering veteran of the
LED industry.
Best of Breed Partners Come Together To
Deliver Disruptive Operational Costs
Savings, Energy Savings, Utility Incentive
Capture & Future Proofing Value via OneStop-Shop Financing, Products &
Wireless Automation
Sandra Goeken
Sandra has over 39 years of
experience in business startups, as
President, CEO or Board Member
for AirFone, Railfone, FTD Floral
Network, and In-Flight Phone. She
has founded 10 companies
She is Founder & CEO of Go Green
LED Alternatives, LLC. which is
registered with the CPUC Utility
Supplier Diversity Program
Clearing House as a WBE.
Go Green LED Alternatives
6621 St. Rte. 71
Yorkville, IL 60506
Phone: (630) 551-1533
Fax: (630) 554-8518
CPUC Preferred Vendors Clearing House
Woman Owned Business
Integration of Energy Storage,
Demand/Response, Security
Solutions and Wireless Controls
into LED lighting
Partners with customers to help
them leverage the PR benefits of
‘Going Green’
One-stop source of information
on Federal, State and private
programs to assist public and
private entities acquire funding
for energy conservation
Innovative financing solutions
Reduce carbon footprint by
reducing overall demand for
Assist with utility company
Turn-Key Installation services
Create sustainability and initiative
reports to quantify and track
Procurement experience in
Title 24 compliance and
understanding of regulatory
a brand name product line of PolyBrite
International, Inc., and the patent holder of
the very first LED light bulb used for general
lighting (Ambient Lighting)
offers real-time energy management
solutions for monitoring and controlling
electrical thus saving considerable time and
is the holder of the earliest patents for
placing radios inside light fixtures, both LED,
Fluorescent or any switching type lighting like
Metal-Halide or High and Low Pressure
Sodium as well as Self Powered Sensors.
provides a new and innovative way to store
energy using an advanced Li-Ion for Grid
Level solutions all the way down to integral
light fixture based solutions.
provides DoD utilized secure IT
implementation and Open ADR certified
automation solutions to enable huge
incentive capture and bill savings from
utilities and grid operators through Demand
provides the Ultimate Locking system.
Providing protection for municipal,
industrial and commercial applications.
maximizes revenue for tower, pole top and
building owners who seek to capitalize on
small cells and or Distributed Antennae
Systems (DAS).
With Several Locations Nationally
and Internationally we are here to
serve you
Yorkville, IL
Folsom, CA
Miami, Fl
Orlando, FL
Springfield, MO
Greenwich, NY
Houston, TX
Arlington, VA
Prague, Czech Republic