2016 Answer Sheet Instructions

2016 Alabama Statewide High School Mathematics Contest
Answer Sheet Instructions
Your answer sheets will be scored by a scanning machine, and the scores will be compiled by
hand. If there are errors in the information that you enter on this sheet, then your score may not
be correctly computed, your score may not be correctly associated with your name or your school’s
team, and your score may not be properly reported to you and your team sponsor. Please pay close
attention to the following instructions.
1. Print your school name on TOP of the NAME: box IN ALL CAPS.
School Name Here
2. Print your full name IN ALL CAPS in the name box. If we can’t read it, we can’t correctly
report your scores!
3. In the SUBJECT: field, print the name of the exam you are taking (Algebra II and Trig,
Geometry or Comprehensive).
4. Leave the fields TEST NO., DATE, PERIOD and STUDENT ID blank.
5. Fill in the Version Box as follows.
• For Algebra II & Trigonometry, shade A.
• For Geometry, shade B.
• For Comprehensive, shade C.
We do not need your division for the Comprehensive exam.
6. Do NOT use any answer numbered 51 - 100.
7. A copy of an answer sheet is included on the next page. Official answer sheets will be
distributed at the site.