Examinations: Using the General Purpose Answer Sheet (GPAS

Using the General Purpose
Answer Sheet (GPAS240R)
Entering Information
Use a pencil and eraser.
You MUST be able to erase to correct mistakes.
Shade the circle corresponding to the answer completely
and carefully:
Erase marks fully.
Crossing out an answer will result in the question being marked
wrong even if you also shade in the correct answer.
Name and Student ID details
These are entered on the BACK of the answer
sheet (shown):
Student ID
Student ID number:
Enter your Student ID number in
the Identification No. section.
Make sure you start at the box
under ‘A’
Shade the circles containing the
digits of your ID number as
Make sure all 8 digits of your
Student ID are entered and the
shaded circles line up
Print your name (family name
first) in the spaces at the top of the
name section.
Leave a space between each
Shade the circles containing the
letters of your name as shown.
It does not matter if there is
insufficient room for all your
names; it’s the family name that is
most important.
Answering questions:
Start here
Start answering questions
from #1 on the FRONT of
the answer sheet (shown).
Continue onto the back of
the sheet if there are more
than 120 questions.
‘True’ or ‘False’ Answers
Should a question require a ‘True’ or
‘False’ answer the A and B cells are used.
– A cell is used for ‘True’
– B cell is used for ‘False’
Don’t bend or fold the answer sheet
Don’t place any additional marks on the answer